Tongue Lashings

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“Sharleen, you have three seconds to strip, lay naked before me, or… I will rip these clothes from your flesh.” Joss explained calmly. His almond eyes flickered with power, the power he has over me.

“What of my story Joss? Don’t you like it?” I asked. I was right in the middle of reading an erotic tale of a master slave relationship aloud to him.

“Oh I enjoy your story. One.” He said low, demanding crossing his arms against the bare muscles of his hairless chest. I set the book aside marking my page and pulled my blue jeans and black panties off. I knew he really would rip it all off of me. My struggling would only encourage him to rip the material from me.


I slid my black shirt and bra over my head. Brown hair flung to my bare shoulders. Joss smiled and said “Three.” as he spread my legs apart. I of course resisted now that my clothes were gone. I couldn’t possibly allow him him to believe I would just cave to all of his demands. Besides It’s not much fun without foreplay and he like my disobedience at times.

“How am I supposed to read if you are doing that?” I semi whimpered looking up from the rim of my glasses, pressing my legs together harder as his strong hands only half attempted to bring my knees apart.

“Practice.” He replied a sly grin played a crossed his face. His eyes twinkled. Was it anticipation? Or just what he knew he could do to me? “Keep reading” Joss bent down low kissing my inner thigh. I let one leg fall slightly open. After all I did enjoy his lips. I proceeded to read the story aloud. It was a tale of spanking. I don’t much care for spankings, it was more the power bahis firmaları the man had over the woman in test. She wanted to try spanking. What the girl didn’t realize was that her husband/master aloud a friend to do it in front of four other guests at a dinner party.

Oh that feels nice. When did Joss get there? I hesitated several times attempting not to concentrate on his tongue lashings to my sensitive clit. I had to be stronger and keep my mind off… oh but I can’t help liking the soft velvet whip he used to torment me, lapping away with such ease and eagerness. I read a few more lines aloud concentrating harder on every word which blurred with every passing stroke of his slick tongue. I looked at the words on the page. Where was I? Oh there. I can handle this, look only a few short paragraphs left. Mmm…… that’s really good.

I finally finished and let my legs spread as far open as possible and still I wanted them further apart. I watched his head move gently between my legs. Listened to the sound of his generous lashings, then closed my eyes in pleasure. No real words needed to be said between us. Just reactions. Hip movements up and down. His hands held me firmly only adding to my pleasure. I was teetering on the edge. The soft pressure building gently up swaying soft groans from my lips.

The tightness in the pit of my stomach caught my breath. I was so close. I held my breath to increase the tension of my sweet bud. I concentrated solely on the lapping of my clit. Damn my legs for not spreading wider! So close, I’m just on the verge of tipping into total ecstasy. H switched positions. What? Wait! kaçak iddaa He needs to go back. I opened my eyes partway. He was half watching half concentrating.

“Oh right there.” I said gruffly. It only took three strokes and heat welled up inside me. My breath came faster, my scent was all around me, musky. I’m so close. My own juices slid down the left side cheek of my ass.

“That’s it.” I squeezed his hand and held my breath again. I came so close-I could feel the first spasms. My clit throbbed in anticipation. My hands clung to him and the bed sheet. My legs spread so far they hurt. Again he switched position.

“Oh.” I whimpered. What was he trying to do to me? Drive me insane? I let my breath out slow, but it came back in a gasp. My clit pounded so hard. My legs shook from the pleasure. I wanted him to get me off with his tongue. That sweet, soft, slick morsel protruding from his soft full lips. Again he hit my sweet spot. I arched in retaliation. Lash after exquisite lash he brought me closer to the awaited climax.

My legs shook uncontrolled. I glanced at him briefly. He was watching my reactions, that only made it harder for me to control anything. My only thought lie on the throbbing between my legs and the soft laps driving me so close to a common goal. Orgasm. I felt the swell of my vaginal lips. I was tormented twice already. I wanted to cum so bad I could taste it. I felt the heat everywhere-from my bare toes up to my hard nipples.

I knew it wasn’t hard for him to tell how close I truly was. He took charge of my hips with his hands and demanded they follow his lead back and forth. He lashed and kaçak bahis licked pleading with my clit. I was right there. The spasms began, my legs gave out, all my muscles tensed in anticipation. Yet for a third time he switched positions! This time sitting up. I wanted to scream, pull his head back down, and demand he finished what he started. I unclenched my fists and tried to control my breathing. I concentrated on the rise and fall of my chest. My skin looked flushed. My nipples protruded from small mounds. I wanted to cum so badly. Joss watched me regain my composure. At least all but my shaking legs.

“I want to watch you fuck yourself.” Was all that came from lips moistened with my juices. I slid out my favorite toy. A pink rabbit. I got up, washed it, then slinked back into bed.

“Would you like me to keep my eyes open? I asked as I slid the vibrator into my wet pussy. I felt it move slowly between my thighs. I adjusted the vibrations to mid level. It felt incredible to have something penetrate me.

“Yes, and tell me when you get close to cumming Sharleen.”

“Alright.” It didn’t take me long after the whipping my clit had just experienced. “I’m really close Joss.” I said softly watching his eyes. I had to pull the vibrator away for a few seconds or I’d cum right then. Before I knew it, he had his bulging dick whipped out before my lips. I closed my eyes and aloud him entry to my waiting, wanting mouth. Almost the instant his head became fully submerged between my lips, I pushed the vibrator in hard and deep then turned it full force. I came hard and unexpectedly. Every spasm was strong and wanting more. My muscles tightened around the play-toy-my mouth full of cock only intensified the feeling. He thrust in and out of my wet mouth until every spasm had ceased. It was a glorious night, One I will remember for a lifetime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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