Toy Land Sex-R-Us Ch. 01

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Hi, my name is Freddie and I design and build custom homes, at least, I used to design and build custom homes. I’m retired now. I made enough money on building homes that I retired early. Now, I live at the end of a very private and exclusive cul-de-sac and am proud of the fact that I built all the homes on my street.

There are seven beautiful homes on our street with each house located on nearly a three acre lot and with each home custom designed by me and the buyer. Although each house is uniquely different, they are not all so different that they do not blend with the architecture of the others. My house is dead center of the horseshoe. We all have 3 bedroom 2 ½ bathroom homes that run around 3,000 square feet, which is more than enough room for two people.

It is a beautiful area where I live. The air is fresh and the scenery is pure country with lush meadows with wild flowers, rolling hills, and mature trees filled with nature. Just a short drive to town supplies me everything that I need. We have a grocery store, hardware store, gas station, bakery, small market for fresh local farm grown produce, and what else do you really need? If you must, a short drive on the highway will take you to the mega-mall where there’s a Wal-Mart. Only, canlı bahis I’m tired of malls, highways, and driving anywhere.

I love my neighbors. We are all very close friends and there is a reason for that, which I will get to later in the story. Only, I am so happy how this private community of ours evolved. It almost didn’t happen and certainly was not the way how I had envisioned it. Let me begin by telling you some of the history.

Originally, I bought this large lot of land years ago, a twenty acre parcel on speculation that one day, I would build twenty high end homes for those who could afford it and who were over 55-years-old. I figured that the money that I made from this development was my nest egg. In the back of my mind, I had envisioned building my own little retirement community for when I retired. Only, nothing ever works out as planned. The township torpedoed my plans. An outsider of sorts, probably, I could have gotten the appropriate permits had I greased lots of hands. Still, there was no guarantee that bribery would work anyway. New to the neighborhood, certainly, it is illegal and could backfire on me with me playing the patsy and going to jail for bribing a public official.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to get the permits bahis siteleri to build my dream community. The township wanted me to build low cost housing for the poor. They told me that out of the twenty homes that I built, 25% of them or 5 homes had to be affordable housing. Fuck them. I don’t want any poor people living next door to me on my street. The whole purpose of my land exercise was, when I was ready to retire, to surround myself with the people who I want to live with for the rest of my life and to move away from the undesirables. Hey, I built enough homes for the poor. Now, it’s my turn to build my own dream house. I deserve it.

Building only seven homes is how I got around the township’s stupid ordinance. For some reason, seven homes is the magic number for an exemption written more than 100 years ago and grandfathered in this particular town. Now, instead of each house having one acre of land, each house has nearly three acres of land. Although it certainly made the cost of each home more expensive, we like it this way. It keeps out the riff raft and protects our scenic view, as all the homes have great, private vistas of the lake. Now, that all twenty acres is developed, no one else can build near our community.

Originally, bahis şirketleri the township had put me in a tight spot. I was troubled as what to do with twenty acres of land on which that I could not build the retirement community that I wanted without first having to satisfy their freaking ordinance. I was so pissed that I decided that I would build one home, my home. Yet, when I realized how much that would cost me, I could not afford such an extravagance as having my home sitting on twenty acres of prime development land. The land was too valuable to waste like that and there was no way that I was going to sell any of it. With my luck, had I parceled it off and sold it, they would have built a shopping mall or a recreational facility for the elderly.

I was at a loss of what to do. The land sat vacant for a number of years before I decided to develop it, no matter what the cost. It was with the coaxing of my friends, especially after they saw the view that my land had of the private lake that made me excited about a housing project, again.

I hired a lawyer to do some research and he was the one who found the real estate development loophole. At first, it did not occur to me, but as I thought about the lucky number seven, six is the number of close friends that I have and when you add me to the equation, that’s seven, not counting their spouses of course, which brings the total to fourteen. Bingo! I put my development plan to action.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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