Tracey and I Take Five Pt. 03

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Once back in the living room the mood was relaxed and we enjoyed some chat for a bit. Both Tracey and I had decided on not popping any outfits or lingerie on. Instead we only wore our high heels and I also had my silver anklet on around my right ankle.

Tracey looked stunning. Her freshly tanned body fully on display. Her heavy, big, suckable tits bouncing freely and her stunning legs being accentuated in her stripper style, sluts heels.

The guys were all perfect gents, showering us with affection, kindness and ensuring our glasses remained topped up of our drinks.

They had all popped their boxers back on, something both Tracey and I have noticed is how generally uncomfortable men are at being naked around each other (unless during the fun times.)

After maybe three quarters of an hour or so the chat got a bit more heated with both Tracey and I being complimented on our bodies again, on our legs, tits (Tracey in particular!) and our ‘peach like’ arses.

We took all the sexy compliments giving the guys all praise for their stamina, their skill with their tongues and of course on how they used their cocks so well.

Cocksure of himself Tony asked how much his cock had been enjoyable.

We both continued massaging his ego saying we had, ‘creamed all over his cock,’ with Tracey adding, “I want to try to take the gorgeous fucking thing up my arse.”

I laughed telling her, “You’re a mucky bitch aren’t you!”

“Pot and kettle?” she laughed back at me.

We were now gearing up for the final session and each of the guys had been taking the chance to feel us up, gently at first, but now getting more fervent in their touches.

All of their boxers showed clear signs of life, their collective inches of meat swelling for us to admire and enjoy again.

“Getting you boys going again are we?” Tracey teasingly asked, looking at their stiffening cocks and licking her lips.

Tony was the first to remove his boxers, sporting a solid looking semi erection, his huge cock looking good enough to fucking devour.

The others quickly followed suit and soon they were all naked and touching their growing pricks as Tracey and I danced closely together.

We were soon nibbling each other’s ears as I felt my friends hands all over my bare arse.

I reciprocated, feeling her gorgeous big arse up, then we slowly began to kiss each other’s lips until we parted our mouths and dove into each other for a full on deep wet, tongue lashing snog.

Tracey was panting as I felt her massive tits up as we kissed. Her hand snaked down my stomach to my wet cunt. Instinctively I opened my legs, a good obedient slutwife always does!

She found my wet slit and ran a finger along my crack. I moaned as she flicked my clit.

“I want to taste you again,” I panted as she expertly worked my hard clit between her finger and thumb.

She moaned in delight as I allowed her access to my open cunny, as she worked two fingers up me. I suckled on her big swinging tits frantically as she fingered me out.

My legs opened wider for her, my heels dug into the carpet.

“Oh yes,” I heard Phil say from the sidelines. “A proper lezzie show.”

Tracey kept working on my sopping twat as I sucked, licked, kissed and groped her titties.

“Let me eat you out babes, ” I pleaded to her.

“Mmmm love you too!” she eagerly replied.

On withdrawing her goo coated fingers from my frothing gash, we shared the sticky, sweet delights together. Licking the juice from her two fingers, before deeply snogging each other again.

We were soon led onto the floor, a cushion from one of the chairs being provided for Traceys head as she lay back and parted her stunning legs.

“Eat my pussy bitch,” she laughed at me.

I smiled back as I made my way between her tanned thighs. All the men were now either sat or standing around watching us, all wanking slowly on hardening cocks. Enjoying the prelude.

I worked my way on top of her, as our bodies slid together. We kissed again, then I slowly licked her neck and ears, working my way with my wet tongue down her neck onto erotik film izle her huge tits again.

Sucking them some more as I slowly encircled her nipples, biting them, chewing them. Savouring my best friend’s voluptuous body.

I then worked my way down her stomach, licking her belly button before my tongue lapped over her shaved, swollen pussy mound.

She had her legs very wide by now, her stunning legs spread for me to gain access to her sopping wet snatch.

“Eat me out Anna please,” she begged looking at me.

I positioned myself between her legs and began licking at her outer labia. Her cunt spread for me like a rose petal. I toyed with her, licking her gash length, dipping my tongue into her wet open hole, before really getting to work on her soaking quim.

As I was licking her cunt out and dining on her rock hard clitty, they guys took turns in feeling her tits up and in feeling my arse and pussy up.

I slobbered over her cunny, sucking, nibbling and biting her clit till it fucking throbbed.

“Let me eat your cunt too, ” Tracey panted. “Let’s give the boys a 69 show.”

I licked at her sopping gash for a little longer, before we climbed into a delightful 69 position.

We ate each others cunts like sex mad sluts. Probing each other’s holes with our tongues, kissing each other’s pussy lips, sucking and tasting each other deeply.

Whilst we performed for the guys they were all rock hard and slowly wanking their swollen prick lengths.

“I want my fucking tongue up your arse too,” I filthily said to my best friend.

We slid out of the 69 position and Tracey’s legs were spread wide by two of the men as she lay back on the carpet.

This gave me great access to her not only her wet, open slit but also her puckered asshole as well.

“Oh fuck yes Anna. Rim me,” she pleaded.

I did as asked, willingly licking my best friends arsehole and probing her bum with my tongue.

I lapped away at her arse as she was having her huge tits suckled on by Frank and Bill.

I had two fingers plunged up my aching wet cunt, from behind, Tony obliging me as I continued to rim my friend out.

“I want to see them all fuck you babes,” I said in between licks of her pussy and arsehole.

“I want to watch them all fucking you.”

This was the queue for Tracey to enjoy all five guys at once.

“Oh fuck yes,” she said in reply. “I want that big fucking cock to take my arsehole Anna.”

Tony was smiling like the Cheshire cat. I smiled back at him. “Are you gonna DP my slutty friend then?” I asked playing with my clit at the same time. “Are you all gonna fuck her as I watch and play with myself?”

The guys were eager. Tracey was soon helped up to her feet.

We kissed as she was moved into position and then I took a seat watching and jilling with my pussy.

Tony sat on the settee and Tracey was positioned standing over him. His cock was standing to attention as Tracey nervously was taking position to ride him.

“I think I may need some lube to get that up my arse,” she giggled.

“I’m sure I have some vaseline somewhere,” Tom said as he quickly left to head to his bathroom.

“Just fuck me for a bit then babes,” Tracey smiled at Tony as she slid her hot pussy lips onto his cockhead. “Get that thing up me and fuck me.”

I watched as my friend eased her wet cunny down onto his cock, slowly taking each inch.

“Oh fuck yes, that’s it you slut,” Tony mumbled as she slammed down to take his full cocklength up her twat.

I was sitting with my legs spread wide. My heels dangling over the chair arms as I slowly finger fucked myself.

Phil quickly fed Tracey his cock and she was now riding up and down on Tony as she sucked on him as well.

“Take those cocks you fucking whore,” Bill said wanking himself watching and enjoying the action.

Phil slapped Tracey around her face with his hard on before feeding it back to her again. She licked his bell end and then swallowed his full length.

Tom returned from upstairs with a tub of vaseline in his hand.

“Oh I see you couldn’t wait, film izle ” he laughed.

Tracey was now bouncing up and down, Phils cock at her face again.

“I want my arse stuffed. Fucking take me,” she was pleading.

Tony eased her off his cock, it glistened with her pussy juice. She got on all fours and licked and sucked his cock clean as Tom lubed her arsehole up with some vaseline and slipped a finger up it.

“Just getting you opened up a little,” he quipped.

Tracey kept on sucking Tony’s massive cock.

Looking across at the scene had me creaming my cunt. “I want something to fuck myself with as I watch,” I said in between plowing my fanny with my fingers.

Bill quickly went to the kitchen and returned with two large veggies. A big carrot and a nice thick courgette.

“Oh fuck yes,” I smiled. “Give me them and get fucking that slut as I watch.”

Tracey laughed as she rose up and once again positioned her arse over Tony’s cock.

Slowly she eased her puckered hole onto the tip.

“Ease it in gently please babes,” she said. “Take me slow.”

I was now teasing my pussy lips by rubbing the courgette up and down my slit, my legs wide and both still hooked over the arms of the chair.

Tracey eased down slowly, her arse was now being split open by Tony’s huge cockhead.

“Oh yes, slowly please,” she again begged. Sliding down her arse began to take his cock.

“Fuck your arse is so tight,” he said as she took the first two or three inches.

“Oh god yes,” she breathed heavily.

“Take it all you whore,” Bill said to her as the guys all watched in anticipation. Inch by inch her asshole took Tony’s cock.

“Fucking sit on it all,” I spat as I now slammed the big green veggie up my snatch and began to fuck myself.

“A little bit more,” Tony said as he supported Tracey in sliding right down on him. He was now fully up her arse, all his solid eight or more inches. Traceys legs trembled.

“Oh fucking hell yes, oh god,” she moaned in delight. Biting her lip in pleasure.

I was now fucking pounding my cunt harder and faster.

“Now fucking fill her up,” I said aloud. “I wanna see you take them all babes.”

Tracey smiled at me. “Go on babes fuck yourself hard for me, oh god Anna he’s so fucking big up my arse.”

The action moved on at a rapid pace now. With Tracey impaled on Tony’s big cock, Tom moved in front of her.

“I’m going first up that beautiful wet cunt,” he announced.

“Oh god yes, fucking fill me,” Tracey spat out.

She leant back slightly, her stunning legs spread as Tom positioned himself in front of her. His cock was red, swollen and hard like granite. He simply slid it up her slit to wet it then fed it easily up her splayed cunny.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she panted as she was now stuffed anally and vaginally with two very hard cocks.

Bill and Frank moved to her side and she was keenly guided to take them in her hands.

“Fill her mouth,” I almost ordered, my cunt was now frothing white goo all over the courgette as I slid it out my pussy then slammed it back up to the hilt.

Phil needed no telling. He stood on the sofa and Tracey took his cock in her mouth as he slapped her face then wanked into her face. Slowly she took his firm length into her mouth.

Seeing my best friend enjoying all five men, two penetrating her, two being wanked off by her and one feeding her his cock had me climaxing.

“Oh fuck Tracey, I’m fucking cumming,” I told her as I wanked myself silly with the veggie, faster and harder.

My cunt started spraying its creamy batter as I came off heavily.

Tracey was now being fucked in earnest by Tom, his cock pistoned in and out of her as Tony slowly rode her up and down on his cock too.

“You fucking slut,” I said as I was cumming. “Oh god Tracey, go on fuck them, fuck them all babes.”

Phil looked over at me and called me a, ‘dirty married whore,’ as I was climaxing.

“I want cock too,” I pleaded as my climax was subsiding, my legs trembling like Traceys had been moments earlier.

“Let’s DP the two horny bitches side seks filmi izle by side,” Tony said.

With this I was moved over beside my friend and Bill sat down beside Tony.

“Get it up my arse,” I practically begged him.

I moved over his rigid cock and slowly eased my wet arse onto his cock.

My arse is used to a good length and so I slid down him easier than Tracey had taken Tony.

Once his full prick was up me, Phil moved in front and took my splayed, red, swollen cunt with ease. He slammed his prick length up me in one movement.

Frank stood back. “You look fucking amazing you two,” he said. “Two sluts full of cock.”

As we were given a good hard seeing too, Tracey and I kissed each other, leaning over to kiss deeply.

“I’m cumming off,” Tracey said as she started to climax on the two lengths she was receiving.

“I’m gonna spunk up,” Tom quickly announced.

“Cum with me then,” Tracey asked. “Cum with me you dirty fucker.”

As Tracey was cumming on their cocks Tom started to spunk up. He was cumming deep up her pussy as she was fucked hard by him and still rode Tony’s cock.

“Fill my fucking fanny,” she swore at him.

“I’m fucking cumming too,” Phil said as he continued pounding my cunt, spraying my womb with his man fat.

“Spunk up me then you bastard,” I said. “Fucking fill my married cunt up.”

He kept screwing me hard and fast and I could feel his seed shooting deep up inside me.

Once he and Tom had finished cumming, they slid their softening cocks out of our pussies at the same time.

Our well fucked cunts were gaping, wide, red and dripping spunk.

“Fucking cum as well,” Tracey said to Tony kissing him fiercely as she she said so.

Ho rode her up and down on his cock, anally fucking her harder and harder. Bouncing her up and down, her big pendulous tits swinging and her hair bobbing all over the place.

Bill repeated the same with me as he began to really pound my ass as well.

“Oh fuck,” Tony said as he quickly raised Tracey off his full cock length, her arse gaping as he pulled out. He then started spunking all over her fucked cunt and tummy.

Spurt after spurt shot over her gorgeous mound and well splayed pussy.

Bill said he was going to explode too and he did the same as Tony, withdrawing from my arse to shoot his muck all over my wet, wide, bald cunt and legs. His ropes shot up hitting my tummy and then a few spurts shot up hitting my thighs.

Frank was now wanking furiously, ” I want to paint your fucking whore faces,” he said to us.

Tracey and I knew what to do. Quickly we got onto the floor, spunk pissing out our fannies and running down our snatches, legs and stomachs.

Frank began to cum off as we kissed each other. Our tongues lashing into each other’s mouths as his spunk jettisoned across our faces and lips.

In between kisses we got spurts of hot jizz landing on our lips and tongues. We mashed it into our snogging session, savouring the spunk along with our deep French kissing session.

Frank finished off by splashing a good spunk rope right on Traceys cheek. I licked it off immediately then kissed her again so we could share the salty, sticky warm delight.

Once Frank finished cumming, Tracey and I began to clean each other up, to put on a final show for the guys.

We lapped, licked and eagerly ate the cum from each other’s stomachs and legs. Then we once more got into a nice 69 to eat the cum off each other’s pussy’s mounds, pussy lips and eat the spunk from each other’s well fucked cunts.

Both naked save for our heels and my anklet, both cumsluts, both taking delight in what had been a fantastic session with these five older, horny men.

The guys watched eagerly and then once finished we kissed each of them in turn, a good sensual kissing session to say thank you before we showered once more, then once dressed settled into a nice chat and a few drinks with our older lotharios.

We all agreed it had been great fun and all agreed we would repeat the session again.

Tracey and I added that Louise. Our friend from down south would love the fun we had enjoyed.

Hopefully once this horrible virus is over and we can all get back to some normality then Tracey, Louise and I can have more dirty fun with the five guys and maybe a few more as well.

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