Two Ladies

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My wife and I have been married for a number of years now and everything is pretty comfortable, including our sex life. We know what turns the other on and have the confidence to please each other. Well at least I thought we did.

Last night I was home alone, my wife Terry, was off with a girlfriend. Enjoying the time alone I had crawled into bed and was quietly reading a book.

About 10:00 pm Terry and her friend Michelle came home. Nothing unusual about that, the two of them can gab for hours at a time. Terry came down the hall and came into the bedroom “Just popping in to see that your night was good?” Her blue eyes were shimmering as she spoke to me.

“Yea, its been kind of quiet and I’ve just been reading.” I replied.

“Good, Michelle and I are just going to have a glass of wine and call it a night. Do you want some?”

“Sure, that would be great.” I said.

As Terry left I couldn’t help, but watch her ass walk out of the room. After all these years it still turned me on in those tight jeans. A couple of minutes later she came back with my wine and a big smile. She gave me my wine; a peck on the cheek and off she went to visit with her friend.

I could hear the quiet chatter of two friends as I sipped my wine and read my book. They sounded like they were having a good time. The wine was good and my mood very relaxed, I decided one more glass and then off to bed. I got up, put on some shorts and went fill my glass.

As I came into the room, the girls stopped talking and were looking very sheepish. Knowing I had interrupted something private I smiled got my glass filled and went back to the bedroom.

A little while later I could hear Michelle coming down the hall. She opened the door and was obviously a little drunk. “Hon, we drank too much can you pull out the hide abed for Michelle?”

“Sure dear, no problem.” As I got out of bed I could feel Terry’s eyes looking at my cock. I put on some shorts and went to the spare room to pull the bed out. Terry came in with some sheets with Michelle in tow, together we made the bed up together. Just as we were finishing she said, “Michelle and I were talking about how you trim my pussy, and well, would you be upset if I showed her how it looks.”

She turned beet red and was obviously very embarrassed by even asking the question.

“Well sure I guess, but we haven’t done that for a couple of months when did you want to show her.” I asked quietly.

“Tonight, and she wants to watch” Terry added quickly.

I was speechless and I wasn’t sure where this was going. “Umm, are you sure, I mean if you want this sure I will.” I couldn’t believe what my wife was saying. Now I should mention we are getting older and not everything is the way it was when we were in out twenties, but I still find her very attractive and she defiantly knows how to turn me on.

“Yes, I’m sure, a little nervous, but sure.” Terry’s wonderful blue eyes were searching for some reassurance from me. I came over to her and gave her a soft hug and light kiss on the lips.

“Why don’t I go and get the stuff ready and you get Michelle.” I said with a confident smile on my face.

I quickly got a canlı bahis towel out and laid it on the bed and got some hot water ready for our adventure.

The girls came in very quietly and holding hands. The both of them were very nervous. Michelle I must admit looked very fetching in one of my old t-shirts. She is about 5’5″ 135 pounds with light brown hair. She always has a smile on her face which highlights her green eyes.

I grabbed Terry’s hand and told her to take off her nightie and lay down on the towel. Her eyes got big for a second, but she did as I asked. Michelle kind of stood there, not sure what to do.

I looked up at her and said in a low soothing voice, “Why don’t you come over beside Terry on the bed and then you can see what I’m doing.” Again with hardly a whisper she nodded her head and she came over and sat beside Terry on the bed.

Both girls were so quiet and nervous I just went about my business putting a warm face cloth on Michelle’s pussy and then getting some shaving cream ready. I looked up at Terry and she had her eyes closed and small content smile on her face.

I creamed up her pussy with the shaving gel and then looked at Michelle. Her eyes were locked on Terry’s pussy and you could see her nipples getting hard under the t-shirt.

I’m sure a big grin was coming across my face as I asked Terry, “You want me to do anything in particular here.”

“No, honey, whatever you want tonight.” She quietly replied.

I took my razor and started at the top outside corner and began to remove all the hair down to her vulva. My goal was to make a small inverted triangle that pointed down towards the top of her slit. Terry has dark thick hair on her pussy and when we do this the remaining hair contrasts so nicely against her pale skin.

I went along the top making the upper base of the triangle and then started to come down to clean up between her leg and vulva. To do this I actually have to her spread her legs apart to get the skin taught and her pussy often opens up. This time was no exception and you could see the moisture starting to flow.

I glanced up and could see that Michelle had obviously noticed this as well as she was starting to get quite flushed.

I finished up by taking a clean face cloth and wiped all the left over hairs and soap away.

“There Michelle, that’s all there is to it.” Terry said with a little more confidence than she had before. She had reached down and was fluffing the remaining hair. “How does it look?” She asked her friend.

“Wow, it looks beautiful. I can’t wait to try that myself.”

Terry quickly piped up, “Well why not right now?”

Both Michelle and I looked at each other than at Terry.

“Umm, well I don’t know, ughh, I guess.” Michelle said shyly.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Ok then, Jack you go and get some more water and I will get Michelle ready.”

I wondered off and got some more water and a fresh blade. When I got back Michelle was laying on the towel naked and Terry was holding her hand sitting beside her.

Michelle had wonderful full breasts with areola that were a much lighter pink than my wife’s. My eyes wondered bahis siteleri down her thin waist to her pussy. Now her pubic hair was a much lighter color than my wife’s, but it had obviously never been trimmed. The hairs were long and they covered her entire crotch region.

“Well, Michelle is there anything you want me to do special here?” I asked quietly.

There was a couple of seconds of quiet as I looked into her eyes and then she said, “Umm, no you do whatever you want Jack.”

I was a little nervous, this was the first pussy I had touched since I was a young man, but I got the face cloth out and laid it on her crotch and then got the gel ready. As I removed the cloth and started to apply the gel and work up lather my hand worked its way down into the outer edge of her vagina. She slowly spread her legs so that I could get a good lather up all over.

I looked up and the girls were holding hands, resting them on Michelle’s belly and Terry was quietly stroking Michelle’s hair.

This time I decided the quick and easy was probably the best. So I started on the outside and with long strokes took off the hair. When I was done, all that was left was a thin strip of hair that went up from her clit hood for an inch or so.

I was wiping away the gel and I looked up to see the girls were no longer holding hands. Michelle had reached down and was slowly caressing Terry’s inner thigh, just below her freshly shaved pussy. Terry meanwhile was caressing Michelle’s outer breast.

I quietly finished what I was doing and took a step back to see what would happen next. Terry seeing I was done leaned down and quietly kissed Michelle on the lips. The kiss was eagerly returned and you could just see some tongues quietly caressing some lips.

By now Michelle’s hand was touching my wife’s hairless vulva and she moved to spread her legs wider apart. Terry’s pussy opened and you could see the moisture glisten in the subdued light of our bedroom. Michelle hesitantly took a finger and started to explore the slick hole, slowly pushing her finger inside Terry.

They broke their kiss and looked lovingly into each other’s eyes and then Terry lay back as Michelle sat up and brought her hand from behind Terry’s head and started to play with her nipples.

Terry has very thick nipples and when they get excite they stand straight up. Sometimes it takes a bit of work for them to do this, but not tonight. They stood straight up and seemed thicker than usual. Terry’s breathing was becoming very deep and hard. She gently guided Michelle’s head to her breasts and almost forced her to suck them.

Michelle alternated from one breast to the other and the nipples stayed hard as they glistened from her saliva. Michelle then took a finger and got it all slick with pussy juice. She slowly brought it up to Terry’s clit. She started to rub it and Terry lifted her hips to get more pressure on it. It didn’t take long and you could see my wife close her eyes with anticipation of an orgasm. She arched her back and almost screamed with relief as the waves of pleasure surged through her.

Michelle lay down beside her and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. Terry opened bahis şirketleri her eyes and started to caress her friend’s breasts. The nipples started to harden, unlike Terry’s they weren’t very thick, but boy were they ever long.

Terry started to flick a finger at them; Michelle gently gasped and closed her eyes. As Terry flicked she would alternate and then wet a finger and caress the swollen nipple. Then she started to pull at them. Michelle would lift a shoulder to lift her breast and then Terry would let go.

Finally Terry lay down and began to kiss Michelle’s breasts. She took her hand at the same time and began to caress the newly shaved vulva of Michelle. You could see the juice wanting to mix with something and Terry expertly spread Michelle’s pussy lips. She slid her fingers up and Michelle’s clit popped up and was fully exposed. You could almost see it throb searching for a release.

It didn’t have to wait long as Terry shifted in the bed and brought her head to Michelle’s clit. Terry’s tongue began to flick across the pink clit and Michelle was slowly caressing Terry’s ass as the pleasure began to increase. Michelle’s had grabbed my wife’s ass check as an orgasm began to rock her body.

As it subsided Terry lay down beside her and whispered something in her ear. Michelle nodded and kissed my wife.

“Jack, can you come here please.” My wife asked.

I walked over with a hard on like you wouldn’t believe. I stood by the bed and my wife reached up my shorts to caress my hard cock. “Mmm, its nice and hard, do you want to fuck me know?” She asked with a touch of devil in her dancing eyes.

“Oh god, yes.” I responded quickly.

“Well dear I’m actually not going to fuck you tonight,” she said as she pulled my shorts down and with a devilish smile she continued with “but you are going to fuck Michelle. She has never had the feeling of being fucked after being shaved and I don’t want her to wait one day to find out how wonderful it feels.” She was slowly caressing my balls as she said this.

I didn’t know what to say, and then Terry grabbed my hard cock and pulled me down towards Michelle’s pussy. I looked at her not sure what was happening and she rubbed the head of my penis along Michelle’s wet slit. It was so smooth and slick I could feel her warmth.

I looked at Michelle and she looked to be in heaven. “Jack, its time.” my wife said. Michelle pulled her legs back opening up for me and Terry slowly guided my cock in.

I slid it in slowly, Michelle was so tight and hot. I began to rock back and forth very unhurriedly, enjoying the feel of this new pussy. I had lost track of Terry and then I noticed she was facing me and beginning to squat on Michelle’s face.

She leaned forward and kissed me. Her tongue instantly entered my mouth and I could feel her breathing quicken as Michelle worked her pussy. I almost instantly felt an electric shock hit my cock and I picked up speed, I started to pound her pussy, my cock desperately wanting to get a release.

Terry started to pull at her nipples as another orgasm began to build for her. In no time we were all cumming. The release was incredible. I hadn’t dropped a load like that in years. Our room was quiet except for the heavy breathing as we tried to catch our breath. I reluctantly pulled out of my wife’s friend and I looked down to see my fresh semen seeping out of this tight pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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