Uninvited Guests

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It has been suggested I post my fur stories in Fetishes.

The stories in this category are most all far too cruel, rough and demeaning for my writings.

If you don’t get the fur thing don’t read this story or post your lame response.

This story cannot be posted elsewhere without my authorization.

Two girls with fur seduction and their future in mind leading to a different kind of life and relationships.


I had a party this Saturday night, the first since my divorce well over a year ago. I had dated a number of times but to no avail in terms of a repeat date or anyone of interest. Just have not found any woman I care for or that loves fur in the same way as me. It’s pretty obvious to anyone that I love fur since I have it all around the house as pillows, throws, spreads and, of course, I wear fur often now as well.

My ex wife had no inclination at all to fur which I think was as much a reason for the incompatibility as anything. My Ex also had animosity to our marriage despite, or maybe because of, my business success? We married at College Graduation and I was very successful right away. I certainly did not slight her with time or attention. I’m sure there was some sound reason for her despising me in the end but she never revealed it to me.

Love for another is so elusive at times. You think it is for sure and poof it vanishes. In hindsight I’m surprised it lasted two years and at least I’m quite young enough for a second pass at it.

All my friends brought every available and attractive woman in town to this party I believe but none ended up in my bed last night nor even a future date.

They all seemed to be interested in themselves and nothing else except for the one that just talked about the vicissitudes of marriage when she found out I was divorced. What a downer. Another was an avowed PETA member. I asked her to leave soon after arriving. Something like, if you have a problem with fur get the hell out! What a wasted evening.

A few were too drunk to drive home so they slept it off in the spare Bed Rooms and the Living Room. Most were gone or were about to leave when I got up. Trish, my Book Keeper and the last to leave said there were a couple of strange girls in the guest room where she had slept. She said I was in for a big surprise.

As I went in to rouse them I found two young girls nude in the Arctic Fox fur spread embracing in their sleep. I do not recall seeing them at the party last night but I remember seeing and speaking with them at the Mall a couple of times.

One was petite with long dark thick auburn hair looking barely a teen and the other was taller and slight to medium build with a rich natural sandy blond hair also long and very thick. The petite was pressed against the taller girl and the taller had well formed moderate sized breasts with wonderful large brown bulbous areola and fat nipples.

The petite was sleeping with her face resting between the breasts of the taller so I couldn’t see her breast clearly, her hair flowing over the tall ones breasts and face. The taller had her hand on the head and in the hair of the petite. They were obviously quite comfortable with each other and quite an erotic vision.

The desire for what I saw was overwhelming and my cock stiffened, pulsing and I was about to cum in my pants. I was totally unprepared to deal with this situation as if one could be. It was all I could do to resist fondling them, fondling myself or getting into bed with them.

As I turned to leave the tall girl woke and sat up in bed waking the petite, pulling the spread around her and covering her friend swallowing the two in the thick richness of the fur.

She said “Please don’t hurt us and let us stay for a while.”

I said “Of course I wouldn’t hurt you and you should get up and get dressed. You need to explain what you are doing here.”

I might have sounded harsher than I intended, maybe in overcompensation for the sexual excitement I was actually feeling. What an incredible fur scene!

I went into the Kitchen to make breakfast for three. After a while they came in with furs wrapped around their still naked bodies.

Right after my divorce I had gotten some very nice women’s furs on eBay mainly because they were relatively cheap for the quality and I needed some fur in my life immediately. Since getting my custom made “male” furs and household furs I rarely use them now except for one or two.

The Girls must have discovered them rooting around in the Guest Room Closet which is where I keep them. Since I had not cared about size in my purchases some of them more-or-less fit the girls. I use that term loosely.

Mary, the petite, had on a short Red Fox jacket with red lining inside out with a generous full fur hood up over her head and fitting rather large on her but leaving her fully exposed from the butt down. What a delicate dark muff with sweet puffy labia you have Little Foxy Red Riding Hood. Mary güvenilir bahis was making no attempt to cover her breasts, smothering her face in the Fox hood. They were true tiny and petite tits with sweet little pink nipples being well fondled with Fox also.

Shelly the tall had my full big sleeved large dark brown Sable coat turned inside-out draped over her shoulders leaving her marvelous breasts and beautiful large nipples fully exposed and surrounded by the Sable.

This is my first, used, Sable that I got recently and I use it often. It was in my Bed Room closet. Shelly was obviously getting off on the very over sized Sable, fondling her breasts with the Sable and following her very hard, erect nipples projecting out like artillery projectiles as she came into the Kitchen.

They came directly over to me, Shelly waving her gorgeous hair like a flag and embraced me between them, pressing breasts, furs and everything else against me. They catch on quickly as I was shaking and about to cum in my pants again. My hands were automatically running through their gorgeous lush hair and in their furs and bodies as they were slowly rubbing their bodies against mine.

“We heard you are a very nice and gentle man and we are very much in need of protection and a secure place to live.” They sure get to the point in a hurry.

They are still stroking their bodies and me with the furs and beginning to run their hands into my crotch groping for my handle as they talk to me.

They are obviously in a very sexually aroused state themselves, starting to breath quicker and heavier. Shelly has started stroking her vagina with the Sable, shaking slightly and quietly moaning as she does. I’m going out of my mind with desire, holding back cuming all over myself. We’re all three about to go off like roman candles.

This is way too erotic a situation with no questions answered.

Totally against my overwhelming desires I said “Sit and eat.”

Oh god, it’s been so long since I’ve had a good lay, and in fur with two gorgeous young girls yet!!

“We need to talk about this. After all I don’t know who you are or if you are under age?”

They still made no effort at modesty but never-the-less handed me an envelope with some documents in it and two Driver’s Permits.

(Shelly)”We just turned 18 and have started in College. We have been planning this for a long time. Mary and I have been close friends since we were very small and had clung to each other for protection since our Mothers nor anyone else would protect us from our Fathers and the Priest’s sexual advances. We grew dependent on each other and love each other. It isn’t that we don’t like boys but they have wanted to screw us from very early also. We each have had safe sex a couple of times with boys but we were totally unsatisfied and our Fathers have been trying for years to screw us and we have managed to avoid them with each other’s intervention.”

(Mary)”Several years ago a High School boyfriend who had worked for you had told us about you so we have investigated you for several years now and actually talked to you at the Mall a couple of times.”

“I remember. I found it interesting at the time that two High School girls would want to actually talk to an adult. You were both quite intelligent and engaging as I recall.”

(Shelly) “Thank you. We knew about your divorce and we are sorry for you but we were happy for us when we found out and had hoped you would not find another girlfriend before we could pull off our 18th birthday plan for you to be our Guardian. We will do what ever you wish to stay with you since we know you will not harm or hurt us. We left everything behind except for the clothes we wore over here plus the papers. Or books and other things are at College in our lockers.”

They were sitting with their hands on each others thighs, stroking the others fur at the same time still fondling themselves with their own furs. Shelly had increased her crotch fur stroking and getting quite stimulated. They had clearly never encountered or had fur in their lives before. Shelly is trying to entice me I am sure but it has reached a level where she is getting out of control.

“If you don’t slow down Shelly you’re going over the edge and I can’t help you until we are done with our conversation.” She backed it off and started to calm down. They are way beyond sexy and erotic and I am having a very difficult time holding myself together. No wonder they have been sex targets.

“What do you want aside from protection?”

(Shelly)”We want to get a college education and are willing to work for it. Any house work or anything at your Office?”

(Mary)”We will meet your sexual desires out of gratitude. Besides we think we like you a lot all ready and would do it anyway.”

“You’re lesbians right?”

(Mary)”We don’t know other than our dependence on each other. We are not attracted to other girls or lesbians if that means anything but türkçe bahis we find each others’ bodies to be very pleasurable and we know how to satisfy each others sexual and emotional needs. On the other hand we have had a crush on you since last talking to you in the Mall.”

(Shelly)”We do know how to pleasure each other without hurting the other. It has helped to ward of the depression and loneliness of our situation. Also it was a means of thwarting our male adversaries. We do like men in principal and find the idea of sex with a man exciting. It is just that our experiences have been very bad. We do find you very sexy and we are very attracted to you.”

“You say you want to go to College? How did you do in school?”

(Mary)”We are both straight A students so far in College and both of us have tuition scholarships but we know that alone won’t cut it. We are already having a very hard time financially.”

“Very impressive. Smart as well as sexy.”

Shelly and Mary were now hugging each other out of habit or insecurity? It was very arousing as they gently touched and continued fur fondling each other and themselves in an obviously gratifying way. It was like they were doing it subconsciously but were also increasing there efforts to seduce me.

“You have succeeded girls and I am about to loose it now.”

They were suddenly aware of my staring at their activities and they both blushed. Mary then leans over to Shelly and takes her whole tit into her mouth and sucks it out to the marvelous bulbous nipple squeezing and sucking it in her lips. Shelly lets out a soft long moan at which they get up and sit on each side of me. I was mesmerized and shaking over this vision, totally helpless with excitement and anticipation.

They undressed me almost without my realizing it as they kiss me all over in a most erotic way continuing to fondle each other then both briefly sucking and kissing the head of my very stiff and dripping cock.

(Mary, smiling) “Boy am I going to love playing with this beautiful toy.”

We were in my bed as if transported. Furs from all over the house and closets were on my bed. That must have happened prior to them getting to the Kitchen when Shelly got the Sable.

They had me on my back with my cock in Mary’s mouth hardly before I could comprehend anything. What a beautiful sight with her sweet petite lips sliding down the entire length of my engorged cock. They were in control and I was loving it.

Shelly laid over my chest as she began kissing me with the most penetrating wet kisses I had ever experienced. She is still wrapped in the Sable falling over me as well, her marvelous nipples pressing into my chest. She was also stroking my body all over with other furs as I ran my hands through her gorgeous and lush hair as we kissed.

I could feel Mary’s soft hair laying and brushing over my stomach and thighs as she caressed my tip with her tongue and pumping my rod full length in her mouth. She had me ejaculating taking in all my juices as Shelly was fondling and kissing me. My moans of pleasure sounded like they were coming from somewhere else mixed with the sucking sounds of Mary’s lips. I was in such a state of ecstasy.

Mary began alternating from my cock to sucking and fondling Shelly’s vagina as she lay straddled over my body. Shelly was responding with pleasurable moans as was I stimulating our kissing, more like mouth fucking by then. We were consuming each other passionately amidst our orgasms.

I hardly realized it when Mary had slid my boner inside Shelly. Shelly was gasping and moaning with pleasure and climaxing almost immediately and uncontrollably with Mary having already sucked and fondled Shelly and me to orgasm. Mary had moved around and spread her wet vagina from her own orgasms over my face. I sucked Mary deeply and stroked her sensitive spot with my tongue. Mary quivered and moaned and began rocking on my face slightly as I sucked hard on her clitoris.

Shelly had sat up over my cock and was pumping up and down for all she was worth her beautiful firm breasts bouncing ever so lightly as she pumped me to my great delight. Mary and Shelly were fur fondling each other as I continued ejaculating into Shelly. She moaned and groaned at her orgasms, her juices mixed with my cum flowing onto my stomach. I was still on my back having grabbed Mary under her arms and swung her around. Shelly slipped off me and as she did I slid Mary down on my well lubricated cock. I then pumped her up and down like lifting weights she is so light and small. She is willingly so submissive being very turned on to getting forcibly screwed.

Shelly started fur fondling her and Mary was moaning weakly and shivering with a string of small orgasms. Shelly focused on totally pleasuring Mary with the fur and fondling everything that was not already occupied with my cock or other attention. I increased the force and speed of my dropping her and Mary suddenly shook violently with güvenilir bahis siteleri a massive climax beginning to bounce up and down under her own power on my cock screaming as she did. She suddenly went limp and collapsed on my chest like a fur coat being dropped with my cock still deep in her. Mary continued to quiver and shake from her orgasms.

Shelly continued to fur fondle her including me all over. I kissed and stroked her body with fur as well. She smiled and kisses me softly and sweetly. I give her a series of long and penetrating kisses. Mary is moaning with pleasure of the afterglow. Shelly lays down beside me on her stomach moving around on the fur as she does and kisses me around the face and neck fondling both Mary and me with the Sable. Shelly is still very turned on and extremely excited.

(Shelly) “Please! What ever you want!!”

“Do I have a choice?” as I felt Shelly’s mouth envelope my cock with her hair all over me and Mary kissing me so sweetly while fondling my whole body with fur, dragging her hair over my body as she did.

I ejaculated once more when I thought there was nothing left.

“OK, OK. I surrender.”

They both sat up in the bed and hugged me fondling me with fur and holding my cock in both their hands like a ceremonial scepter in a pact saying .. “You would not regret this.”

They then hugged and kissed each other over my cock passionately, giving my cock one more suck each and began to rollover in the fur pleasuring each other.

They are clearly getting into the furs in a big way extremely excited and obviously enjoying their pleasures.

As they lay in the furs with Mary on top and both their vagina’s staring me in the face. I swung over and slid between their legs slipping a big Fox pillow under Shelly’s butt to get them lined up with my cock. I then kneel into both their wonderful cheeky butts, alternating screwing each as they pleasured and fur fondle each other. They were clearly enjoying this with mutual moans and sighing. It was fucking heaven.

I wrapped myself in the Sable, fur fondling them as I screwed them both as much as I could three or four strokes at a time for each and not too fast. This kept them both highly aroused and very turned on together at the same level of near orgasm. They were both screaming for more on the verge but just short of orgasm as they kissed and fur fondled each other both extremely excited. I kept this up for quite a while, trying to see if I could set a record for the longest continuous arousal. They were going out of their minds with excitement and stimulation, begging for an orgasm, almost, almost, almost, almost there.

I finally brought Mary and then Shelly to orgasm. Mary came with eight strokes nearly bringing Shelly to orgasm with her gyrations on top of her. Two strokes and Shelly exploded violently as they kissed with unbelievable passion. I gave her twelve strokes for her final pleasure and my explosive ejaculation as she screamed with excitement clamping down on my cock, milking it for every drop as I continued stroking in her. I gave Mary a couple of wet whacks with my juices still dripping from Shelly so she wouldn’t feel left out.

We all collapsed exhausted in the fur and were all totally satiated in a group embrace.

We dressed, more-or-less, in furs and sat huddled close together on the Living Room couch in a Lynx spread and pillows with coffee having a conversation, still stroking and fondling each other, running my hands through their hair and they still fondled my cock.

We talked about future arrangements now that we had sexually sealed the deal. I gave them the larger of the other Bed Rooms as theirs and permanent use of the Study.

I agreed to fund the rest of their education above their Scholarships and living expenses in exchange for full housekeeping until their skills were adequate for work in the Office or other jobs.

Mary slid over and straddled my cock kissing me while taking my stiff cock into her.

“Thank you and you will not regret this for a moment.” She was into an orgasm almost instantly and into a dream state of sexual pleasure. Her pleasure and enthusiasm at getting screwed is clear and very erotic. I hold her in my arms fondling her wrapped in the Lynx spread as she slowly slides and quivers from orgasm to orgasm slowly rising and falling on my stiff cock quietly moaning in her sweet small voice. She is obviously liking very much this males’ screwing her … or is she screwing me?

Shelly was masturbating with the Sable embracing, fur fondling and kissing us clearly enjoying the fur experience and getting off at watching and feeling Mary and I in our pleasures.

Mary finally looks up at me as she slows, rotating ever so slightly on my cock with the dreamiest gaze I have ever encountered and we kiss in the longest and sweetest kiss. It is a feeling of the culmination of her orgasms, mouth fucking me, flowing into me through her kisses as she shoots her tongue deep into my mouth. I had a wonderful, seemingly eternally long and soft ejaculation and orgasm as we kissed and she held me tight in her soft vagina gently squeezing my cock. I just got beautifully and sensually seduced.

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