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I’m my wife R.E.Ahna’s little sissy cumeater. I am part of a sperm recycling program.

My cumeating started when R.E.Ahna read an article stating that sissy males are very susceptible to weakening sperm. And that the best way to keep a sissy male’s sperm strong was to ingest it.

Sissy men’s sperm can weaken due to panty wearing and other feminine activities. By eating their own sperm, sissys reinvest spermal properties into their digestive system which eventually move into their reproductive system thereby strengthening their next load.

This is the human sperm recycling program where sperm is used over and over. I didn’t believe it, but went with it. R.E.Ahna always gets her way anyway, so there was no point in ever fighting it.

Recently, R.E.Ahna saw this video that claimed a better use for sissy sperm recycling called sperm upcycling. The video claimed that putting sperm in a sissys’ rectum produced a better product than the original and offered considerable improvements in other areas of sissyhood.

According to the video, the sissy sperm penetrates the porous rectum much more efficiently than through the stomach lining and produces more positive results with: increased patience, calmer demeanor, increased vocabulary and productivity. Of course, to me, this was utter nonsense. Ridiculous.

“One month. I want you on this plan for one month. Then we’ll discuss what we see in the results,” R.E.Ahna ordered.

I had to agree. It’s not like I had a choice. My first thought was the ‘how’. How would my sperm end up in güvenilir bahis my rectum?

This was already figured out. I was now to squirt my cum into a condom. After the rubber was full and bloating from my orgasm, R.E.Ahna cut the tip and squeezed my entire load into a plastic syringe. Then I had to bend over while she inserted the syringe into my butt. She pressed the plunger through the full barrel and next thing you know I was ‘cumming’ into my own ass.

“You’ll do this yourself next time,” she informed me, “while I watch.”

And whether or not this improved anything, I could tell right away that R.E.Ahna liked this new submission exercise a lot and it would be tough to change her mind about not practicing upcycling.

I was uncomfortable with how some of the cum would drip out of my ass. When I mentioned this, R.E.Ahna gave me two options: panty liners or patience. The panty liners would soak up the secretions or I could lie down and give the sperm more time to penetrate the porous rectal lining. I wasn’t down with panty liners, so I chose patience. But these secretions meant dirty sissy panties, so R.E.Ahna had me do laundry more frequently. Her thongs seemed more soiled lately, too. When I got worked up about increased laundry, she quickly added cleaning toilets to my choir list. So, I calmly accepted adding toilets to my choir list.

R.E.Ahna was having so much fun watching this I was now beating off into a condom every night for her amusement. Then I had to insert my sperm into my own butt immediately following. It was like sticking a squirting türkçe bahis finger up my ass. And since I wasn’t eating her cum filled pussy, I asked her about her pleasure.

“You can still eat my pussy, but it’s not going to taste the same. Oh well.”

It did taste different. Very different.

Just before the month was up R.E.Ahna was ready to review the sperm upcycling plan.

Right away, R.E.Ahna pointed out that I was clearly more patient. Like, look how I patiently waited for my butt to completely soak up my cum each night. And, she added, I was much more calm. The more R.E.Ahna bossed me around and added to my choir list, she has noticed how calmly I’d accepted. For example, when she required that I wear a maids’ uniform while cleaning, I calmly said, ‘yes dear’.

And even though she admitted that it was hard to detect if my vocabulary had improved, my domestic productivity has skyrocketed. That meant–R.E.Ahna noted–that I had measurable improvement in three of the four areas! She stated that we weren’t reverting back to old ways when the month was over and she changed my nickname from cumeater to cumbutt. She boasted of new ways she was getting her satisfaction and loved how I was tapping into my sissy feminine side more.

R.E.Ahna continued with her online research. She expressed that studies were showing that a human applicator was producing superior results to sperm upcycling than plastic syringes. We’d need to advance to this next stage to continue to improve my overall gains, I should be receiving my daily dose of rectal sperm from güvenilir bahis siteleri a human applicator. I was confused by the terminology and sought clarification.

“Are you saying that, like…a real man would…would be inserting his sperm into my rectum? Like through his penis?” I raised my voice.

“Duh, yes. Of course, silly. A human applicator is a male penis!”

“No, no!” I was no longer calm. “I’m not for this.”

“Well, that’s fine, but it isn’t really up to you, now is it?”

“I don’t want someone else in our marriage to be part of our sex life.”

“Who said anything about sex? He just comes over and cums in your ass. It’s not a big deal. Besides, it’s too late for that. You’ve been eating Clarence’s sperm from my pussy for weeks now. You didn’t complain about that.”

She continued laying this all out.

“This is all for your own good. I’ve read that you should continue to ingest sperm, too. That we shouldn’t have stopped. Your loads were needed rectally. I had no choice really. It’s all just been for your own good. Clarence’s buddy is on his way over to test out human application.”

My arguments were met with sound reasoning I couldn’t refute. R.E.Ahna made the case clear. First, I need to learn to stay calm; a stronger male’s sperm penetrating my rectal cavity will immediately help with that. Second, if I kept arguing against keeping my sperm strong through the advanced techniques of upcycling, then what did I even need to orgasm for? She reasoned that if I refused the human applicator, she’d have to curtail or completely discontinue my orgasms. I certainly didn’t want that outcome, right?

There was a knock at the door. I was still in my maids uniform

“Hi, I’m Simon. I’m here to make a deposit.”

“Bend over,” R.E.Ahna ordered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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