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I am SO pissed off! I woke up late, cut myself shaving then run outside as it started to rain and me without a rain Mac! I am so fed up!

I was having such a great dream too before I woke up to find just how late I’d slept in. All about Jenny. Jenny’s this girl who works in the same block of offices as I do, I noticed her the day I started, she’s so hot, curvy and sensual with eyes that just delve into your soul so damn sexy! It’s her fault I am late.

Well Not physically her but I was having the most wonderful dream about her and I making wild and passionate love together. In fact I have been having this kinda dream since I saw her. Every night she enters my mind and drives me crazy till I wake up.

Before I know it I am in the lift making my way up to the third floor and another day of hoping for a chance to speak to Jenny. We haven’t spoken yet really, but I hear her sweet soft laughter carrying through the hallway all the time and occasionally see her as she sits and gossips with one of the girls in my office.

Pulled from my daydream I notice her as she gets in the lift with me. It’s just us two. She looks wrapped up in her own world as I ask her which floor she wants.

“erm…er third please” she smiles at me distractedly and blushes.

“Third floor it is then. Popular choice. I am going there too!” I grin manically, licking at my lips with nerves groaning inwardly at how crass that sounded. . She’s staring at me so intently. She must think I am a moron.

“Sorry…What did you say?” She asked. I am such an insignificant idiot she doesn’t even listen to me! This day can’t get any worse.

Suddenly the whole lift shook and I feel Jenny’s soft body falling on top of mine as we land in a heap on the floor, the breath is taken from me but not by the fall, by the feeling of her body pressed so close against mine.

“Are you OK?” I ask, not being able to think of anything more original.

“Yes, yes I am fine.” she says as she hurriedly backs away. Oh she must hate me, she moved so quickly to be away from me. No wonder really I am tall and gangly and I have this hair that just seems to get in the way all the time. The gorgeous Jenny is not gonna want plain old me. Nope I should give it up now. She’s totally out of my league.

Suddenly I remember the fact the lift has stopped

“Mmm looks like the lift is stuck.” I say aloud more to myself than to her as I press the emergency button. I wonder how long we’ll be stuck like this. Wow if I didn’t repulse her so much this could be one of my dreams!

“Yes it would seem that way.” She replies to me her voice shaking, I look over to her, watching as she smoothes down her hair and brushes a hair from her face then rests her arms round herself, hugging like I would love to hug that sweet body of hers.

“Hey, you don’t look too good” I reach out and touch her arm as I see every trace of colour leaves her face

“Come over here and sit down” I guide her to the wall and push her gently down, She sits heavily like a woman in a trance. It must be shock. Poor thing. In so much distress and stuck with me. Which can’t help the situation.

I crouch down to look into her eyes, telling her to breath and relax, not wanting to have to deal with a fainted Jenny. She looks back at me and stammers a thank you.

“This is kinda like a nightmare come true and I am a tad nervous” she says to me when she recovers a little colour in her cheeks. Oh great. She does hate me! A nightmare! Well that’s charming; I am only trying to help!!

Before I can get too angry though she continues what she was saying.

“Oh sorry canlı bahis I didn’t mean it like that..oh heck” and she bursts into tears. Sobbing her little heart out. Oh Hell what do I do now? A crying woman, oh I am not good with this kind of thing.

I put my arm awkwardly around her shoulders and reassure her that I knew she didn’t mean it like that.. “Oh Jenny, please don’t cry!” I implore her. I feel so helpless.

“How do you know my name?” She asks as the tears slow to a stop.

“Well,” I blush so pink at this. Damn I shouldn’t have let on I knew her name. “I asked your friend Adele, she told me.”

Great. She probably thinks I am some kind of psychopath stalker now.

“Well you seem to have on up on me.” Jenny’s Green eyes look up at smiling and me she asks “What’s your name?”

“Paul..Paul Hannigan.” I stutter my response and blush some more. Dam it man its not an interview. She didn’t need your last name!

” Nice to meet you Paul Hannigan. I am Jenny Short.”

I wonder if she’s taking the piss but offer my hand for a handshake anyway, she grasps my hand firmly and smiles at me as we shake our acquaintance. I feel a jolt of pure arousal at her touch. We’re only shaking hands but oh God this woman turns me on. As I tell her what a pleasure it is to meet her we both laugh and I see the smile reflected in her eyes, those eyes are so like my own. I wonder if she’s noticed that too.

She relates her bad start to the day, she overslept too and like me today did not start well! I reply with what happened to begin my day and we laugh and joke about it.

She’s having a conversation with ME. And the most peculiar thing is she seems to enjoy it. OK well not be totally repulsed by it then. I know its only conversation but its a start. I could listen to her sexy lilt all day, and then some!

“I’m glad the lift got stuck.”

Did I say that out loud? Oh no. Now I’ve asked or it. Now she thinks I am that psychopathic stalker guy again.

She obviously didn’t hear me the first time or really wants to embarrass the hell out of me, as she wants me to repeat myself. Oh well, in for a penny in for a pound say I!

I am so glad the lift got stuck. I’ve been wanting to talk to you for ages.” My cheeks are so red. I think they’re going to burn my face away. Way to be cool and sophisticate Paul!

” Really?” I hear the total surprise in her voice. Wait for it hear it comes the “that’s so sweet but your an idiot” response.

“I’ve been admiring you from afar myself”

I look up. Did I hear that right? She’s blushing as red as I am and looks so attractive like that. I stutter the beginnings of a response then give up, move my head towards hers and place my lips over those sweet full juicy lips. Hoping to the gods that she isn’t totally repulsed, heave a sigh of relief as I feel her relax into this kiss, wrap my arms around her wanting to hold her make sure she’s real, then I feel her fingers in my hair as my tongue darts out and parts her lips finding her tongue. We kiss so deeply that I think I am going to drown in the feelings of sheer bliss encompassing my whole body.

I break away from that kiss. Gasping for my breath and absent-mindedly tracing my fingers through my hair like she was just doing.

“Oh boy!” I say as my body shudders and shakes. I look up to her and she seems upset,

“I’m sorry, so sorry I didn’t mean to kiss you.” Oh God I was that bad. If she wasn’t totally repulsed before she is now. “No, I did MEAN to kiss you but thought you were kissing me too.”

I let out a peal of relieved laughter; she thinks I am the one repulsed.

“What bahis siteleri are you laughing at? Is there something funny?” she snaps.

“Oh shut up and let me kiss you again.” I say still smiling from relief “A man has to breathe you know!”

I close the space between us and press my body against those sweet curves and resume that kiss with every fibre of my body I fling myself into that kiss all my arousal and wanting and need racing through my lips and I can feel her response equaling my own as my hands roam over her back holding her close not wanting to let go incase she disappears and this turn out to be a dream just kissing her I am totally turned on my cock straining in its confines wanting her, needing her.

I feel her hands running up under my jacket and I break away from her kiss whilst I shrug it off. Its getting way to hot for a jacket in here now anyway. As I throw mine across the confines of the lift she removes hers, letting me see the shape of her beautiful breasts through that blouse.

I press myself against her again needing to feel her pushed up so close against me as I kiss her along her sweet seductive neck, licking and sucking at on spot nestled in the curve there, so intensely losing myself in this raw passion my hands grabbing and pulling at the material between me and her skin, I reach under her top as soon as its released from her skirt moaning as I touch the sweet silky softness of her skin at her waist then Quickly move to undo the buttons.

All sane thoughts leap from my head as I let myself be controlled by my lust being heated further by her fingers over my chest. Each time I pop a button I am rewarded with a pinch of a nipple, that feels so good and when finally I release the last button I realise she’s undoing mine now and I help her and shrug out of its confines;loving the feeling of her pressed against me as I reach round to unhook her bra. Her flesh pressed against mine her soft sweet breasts rubbing over my chest; I can feel her nipples so hard and aroused against me as I break away from her neck and just run my eyes appreciatively over her curves. She’s more beautiful than I even dreamt.

My eyes meet hers and I see how turned on she is, all these racing raging emotions running through me are reflected in her eyes and like a man possessed I have to have her naked before me. I reach for her skirt and undo it letting it fall to the floor.

I get down on my knees and roll down her poor laddered tights pulling down her panties at the same time being driven wild by the sweet heady woman scent of her as I totally remove her last vestige of clothing I kiss her legs, along the outside of her thigh then inside working my way up to her pussy, she parts her legs inviting me in giving me a wonderful view of her wet silken red puffy pussy the ultimate proof of her arousal.

I lick out and tease her lips hearing her moan and gasp and widen my access to her sweetness I let my tongue slip inside her tasting the sweet honey of her, the smell and taste surrounding and encompassing me as I reach up and touch my tongue to the little round clit I hear her groan loudly and feel the shiver run through her body.

I need her. I want her. I have to make love to this vision of beauty and I have to do it now, now before I wake up and it all disappears like a mirage.

I move away and stand up watching her pout but as her eyes flick open she sees I am ridding myself of my last clothing and seeing her eyes widen with delight as I reveal my naked form so ready and aching for her I let out a gasp as I realise she wants me as much as I want her …watching bahis şirketleri entranced as she kneels In front of me…

“wha…what are you doing..” I stammer then I am cut off as I feel her mouth surrounding my hardness. Oh Shit that feels good her hot wet mouth and tongue driving me wild with their movements…

“Jenny!” I cry out and tell her how much I need to feel myself inside her, how I dream of her over and over and I want her so much. Somehow the words flood out of my mouth and cascade over her as she stops her ministrations and I shakily reach for my jacket. I always carry a condom. Not that I ever have use for it but I was a boy scout and I believe in being prepared. I see her eyes devouring me as she arranges herself on the floor for me, using my jacket to prop up her head and spreading those long luscious legs wide for me.Oh fuck! I can’t believe this is happening….

“You’ve dreamt about me huh? I’ve dreamt about you too. In my mind we’ve made love everywhere possible, the office, the beach, in a beautiful four poster and in a cornfield but oh those dreams have nothing on the real thing” she whispers seductively making me groan and whine with arousal.

I move between her legs resting on my knees as a pang of conscience hits me I can’t just do this…she could be in shock, she might not want me like I want her…

.”Jenny?” I say in barely a whisper my voice wrought with conflicting emotions.

“I want you so much but if you’re not ready I can wait. I would wait a lifetime for you if I needed too.”

I feel Jenny’s answer as her fingers grasp gently at my hard cock and guide it to the opening of her sweet, so wet pussy.

“I want you too Paul, I could wait but I don’t want to wait I want to experience what I’ve only dreamed of so far and I want to feel it now!”

I could here the gruffness of her voice knowing she wants me as badly as I want her pushes me into her. I slip in so easily, being enveloped inside her so warm so tight so wet, I start moving in and out of her building up an unstoppable rhythm. Just being inside her is enough to make me cum and I fight hard to resist that, I tell her I know its not perfect and promise to make love to her like we’ve dreamt everywhere we’ve imagined time and time again. I could make love to this woman forever and not grow tired.

I feel her body tighten as I pump harder and faster hearing her moans turning to a guttural scream as her legs pull me harder inside of her and her fingers dig into the flesh of my back as she cum’s over me pushing me over the edge with her. I scream out my pleasure aloud so that the world can hear and I don’t care if they do. I am cumming with the most gorgeous girl I have ever laid eyes on I am thrusting into her naked form and cumming so hard, I want the world to know!

As my orgasm eventually subsides I lay gently over her and rest my head on her shoulder as she hugs me tight.


We are interrupted by the real world and smiling we scramble to get dressed As I tell our rescuers we’re OK just shaken a little.

As the doors fling open and we are greeted by a group of concerned faces all I can do is smile and assure them of our safety. I am in heaven. I just made love to Jenny. Oh and I am gonna do it again soon, now she’s in my blood I am gonna have to fuck her over and over and over. I am addicted to her.

As we walk our separate ways I whisper in her ear

“I’ll meet you at the lift tonight when we finish and I’ll finish off making your dreams come true.”

As I see her grin from ear to ear and blush slightly at the thought, I walk away contented yet frustrated. Now I’ve had a taste of her sweetness I want more Lots more. I sleep walk back to my office day dreaming of Jenny and what I am going to do with her later.

Roll on 6 o’clock say I!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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