Wake You

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Wake You: A Short-Short Story

You’re floating in a warm pool of water. It flows over your skin, caressing you, fondling you, gliding over your skin. Liquid heat, streaming, touching you every inch of your body.

But no, it’s not over your entire body. Amazingly, it’s simply flowing over your cock!

It slides around you, arousing you, warming you, driving you wild. And then the pool of water becomes a stream… a solid stream that tastes you, licks you, teases you. Concentrating on this part free spin of your cock, then that part of your cock, then… Oh!… THAT part of your cock!

But it isn’t water… what is it? You grudgingly begin to wake up, struggling to hold onto the dream, and moan when it is generous to your wants and continues… the direct pressure resumes after the pause, starting at the base of you, slowly moving up the length and across the width of your now-straining prick. You try to mentally direct bonus veren siteler it to give you more satisfaction, to lead the dream. But the dream has a mind of its own, continually teasing you by going everywhere EXCEPT where you want it to go.

The liquid heat then surrounds you again, covering you entirely, lavishing you, adoring you, concentrating on exactly the spot you want and then some. And then it pulls on you, draws on you, tows you in deeper and deeper. You’re drowning… deneme bonusu veren siteler and loving it.

And then there’s a stream within the flood, skittering across a single, tantalizing spot. And you lose it, not able to hold back the tidal wave that crashes through your body. Your tension leaves in a series of pulsing, gratifying explosions. And still the flood pulls on you, drawing every last bit of stress and strain from you, leaving you wonderfully drained and completely satisfied.

You finally allow yourself to waken, still drifting from the dream. And when the weight on your legs finally registers, you slowly open your eyes to see me rising from your finally-softening cock, smiling at you in a silent good morning, and licking my lips in contented gratification…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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