Warm Breezes

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Stepping out from the shower you wrap a towel around your body and head out to the pool. Along the way you grab your magic wand from the bedside drawer. You’ve been planning this afternoon for a while now. Every time you’ve thought of masturbating this past week you’ve held off. You’ve wanted to try your new wand, but you’ve wanted to build the tension inside. Your orgasms are going to be big, and you’re making every preparation to make it perfect. You used a new razor to shave between your legs and your skin there is particularly sensitive. The phone is off the hook, and you’re all alone.

The weather is unseasonably perfect – 84 with a light breeze. It feels even warmer on the patio as the sun bakes the tile by the pool. You lay the soft towel down and prop the back of the lounge up a little. You’re going to want to give yourself an angle to insert that beautiful glass between your legs. Lying in the sun, you take a sip of the wine you brought from the bar. Your closed eyes absorb the warmth. Immediately, a little sweat begins to wet your skin. Yes, this will be just perfect.

With your eyes closed, you take some of the sweat from your belly and wet your fingers. Then, you rub tight circles on your breasts – just the nipples at first. It’s been a while since you’ve laid out completely naked, and the feeling of the breeze between your legs excites you. You spread your legs to put one foot on the warm tile with one leg still on the lounge.

Your nipples are hard now. You know you’re starting to get wet, but you can’t just tell how much. You start to caress your breasts more, and the sweat on your body provides a natural slipperiness. You take another sip of wine.

Your leg swings back and forth partly out of nervous anticipation and partly from sexual excitement. Your breasts swell from your caresses, and continue to glide over your body. You alternate between left and right hand, keeping one on your chest, and gliding another over your stomach and hips. Your toned body is responsive to the touch. Your right hand glides over your hip and it tickles.

You outline the point of your hip with your fingers and the tickle shoots through the inside of your thigh. The images in your mind float to times rolling on your shag rug by the mirror. You wish it were a lover’s fingers over your body now, and in your mind you replace your hands for his. The sensations between your legs intensify as your fingers glide around the sensitive points on your hip. Your fingers dip in between your legs, just along the inside of your groin, and you take poker oyna another sip of wine.

Your skin is slick from the sweat and you lick your fingers to taste the salt. Your fingers trace the outline of your pubis that you’ve shaved so nicely. And you move to the area just on the outside of your labia. Brushing up and down on each side of your inner thigh, you curl your finger to brush it across your pussy. You want to see just how wet you are.

The touch makes you shake, and you instinctively push your hips up to your hand . . . but you’re patient. Yes you’re very wet, but you want this to last. Lightly, your fingers move up and down over your shaved pussy. The smooth skin of your labia makes your body quiver. The hand still massaging your chest moves more strongly, and you move it down between your legs as well…

With both of your hands you glide your fingers up and down the inside of your thighs. A moan wells up in your throat. You spread your legs a little more so your fingers can feather along your sensitive skin. You’re gently brushing at your pussy, reaching down to spread the lips at the opening of your vagina. You feel the wetness between your legs and you want to spread it all over your sex.

Your pussy is getting hot. You could start to finger yourself, but you reach for the wand instead. This begins the journey that will bring tingling release. The wand is nice and warm from the sun, and the hard smoothness reminds you of my cock. The fingers from your left hand gently circle your clit and the excitement is pounding in your heart. You take the wand and suck on it as if it were a cock. The hot glass is going to feel perfect when it glides into your soaked pussy.

Now you move the wand between your legs slipping it up and down your crack. It’s very slippery down there and you work to control the motion. Unlike your other wand, this one has bumps, and you turn the dildo so the curve of the wand traces the curve of your crotch. The tip of the wand is facing down to the opening of your vagina, and you start to move it up and down so the glass bumps rub over your sensitive clit. It feels better than you thought it would.

You spread you legs so that both of your feet are on the ground now and you thrust your hips to meet the hard glass. The ribs on the glass send surges of pleasure through your body. It’s almost too much. You can’t stop moaning to the slow and steady movement of the dong. With one hand you pull the skin away from your hard clit, and with the other you send the wand up and down and back again. canlı poker oyna You hand can feel your love juices flowing all over your pussy and inner thigh. You want to insert the glass into your tunnel, but the pleasure on your clit in driving you mad. You hadn’t planned to cum like this, but it feels so good now you know you will.

The first orgasm is building inside of you and your head is moving back and forth seeking a kiss that’s not there. You imagine it’s a hard cock rubbing up against your clit and you’re moaning loudly. Your hand presses firmly on the glass and quickens its pace. Your swollen sensitive lips surround the glass as it continues to move up and down faster under your active hands.

You take both of your hands now and move the dong rapidly over your dripping love flower. Your hips are bucking to meet the pressure against your clit and you feel the orgasm building between your legs and deep inside your pussy. You’re visions are of lovers hovering over you pumping a cock against your willing slit. You want to plunge the cock inside, but you don’t need that yet. The wand feels unbelievable and the ribs on the glass are sending surges through you that you’ve never felt. The tingling in your heart tells you it’s starting now, and there’s no holding back. You’ve waited this long to build up this big orgasm. The numbing of the body, the tingling of the fingers – it’s starting now.

It’s in your belly and moving through your thighs into your sopping pussy. You’re bucking against the glass, and your hands are moving fast up and down and up and down. No stopping now it’s filling your body and it’s all coming from your clit and it feels amazing. You’re thrusting your hips as if someone is above you and you feel it overwhelm you – you’re going to cum. You’re screaming with the sensations jumping inside you, and you spread your legs as wide as the can go. And that’s it. The electricity fills you and you’re cumming and it’s surging through you. Quaking over your clit and down your legs and you’re still rubbing the dong up and down and the wetness is flowing from your slit to keep up with the frenzied pace of the cock on your pussy. You’re body convulses from the tingling all over you, and you’re still rubbing as waves of numbness cover your sweating body.

You need the cock inside you now, but first you pull the dong away to touch your clit gently. It’s very sensitive and you rub it lightly in circles with your fingers. The wetness between your legs is wonderful and you slide two fingers in your crack to get internet casino them covered in juice. You take a taste of your sweet sex from your fingers and return them to your clit. Your pussy tastes like sex, and it reminds you of sucking a cock after you fuck…

You’re so turned on and so wet that you force yourself to recover quickly. You stick the dong up your pussy with a steady hand curling the glass so it presses your g-spot on the way in. It’s way up inside you, and it feels amazing – thick and hard – filling you. The walls of your pussy are swollen and slick from cumming. You start to move the cock in and out of you with quick motions, but you pause once the dong goes all the way in or all the way out. The quick motion and the ridges send jolts of pleasure through your groin and into your hips. You imagine lovers bumping on top of you with long cocks filling you and pushing up against your cervix . . . so deep inside. Moving the cock in and out of your wet pussy and you push you hips up. You keep doing this even though your hand is shaking from the sensation. With one hand on your clit and one hand pushing the cock you feel a second orgasm building up. A big full body orgasm that starts deep in your pussy – different and more overwhelming than the last one.

Jamming the thick dong deep up your pussy, you keep thrusting your hips pressing harder – banging against the slippery stick and keeping it deep. Your left hand on your clit presses and rubs and slides faster. The wetness of your pussy is all over your hands and the walls of your vagina are thick from the cock moving back and forth inside you. You grab at the cock with your pussy muscles as if you were trying to suck white salty cum out of it. The ridges of the glass continue the bumping that rushes sensations through your body. You get the cock up inside and move it in circles trying to press all over the walls of your love tunnel. The feelings of ecstasy rush through you. You bounce your hips up shaking them every way they can move, and your fingers furiously rub your clit. Your pussy washes in slick juice and you feel a burn of hotness between your legs. You’re cumming again, and you jerk the big glass dong in and out of your pussy as the waves of numbness fill your body. Your moaning is more of a gasp for air and you can barely muster the strength to push the cock inside. Your legs are quivering and your hands are shaking from the overwhelming sensations…

Grimacing from the painful pleasure, you do everything you can to keep moving but the sensations overwhelm you. Slowly, you pull the cock out and replace it gently with your fingers. You need a short break from the big cock, but you need something inside you as well. You take another sip of wine to help calm down and you wipe the dripping sweat from your brow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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