Wednesday Afternoon Massage

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Lauren sighed expansively.

It was Wednesday afternoon. She had snuck out to the Day Spa – a quick little massage would mark the highlight of her week. A small indulgence and a chance to forget about the stressors of work and home, pressing deadlines and maintaining a marriage.

But instead of reveling in the feeling of strong hands running over her tight little body, she was stuck idling in the waiting room. Tapping her foot. Her phone had died, there were no magazines. She was literally dying of boredom.

Apparently the spa staff was having an emergency staff meeting. The receptionist, a lovely little dark haired woman, had gone so far as to lock the front door before disappearing into the back – assuring Lauren and the other waiting patron that it shouldn’t be long – just a small delay.

The other patron.

Lauren allowed her eyes to drift over him just once more.

She had noticed him here before. But, then again, who wouldn’t notice him. Chiseled jaw, fit, broad shoulders, striking eyes. Tall, dark, and handsome – as the saying goes. Cliche, sure, but it suited him. Lauren didn’t know his name, nor anything else about him, of course, other than that he frequented a day spa during the middle of the work week.

The young woman averted her gaze a moment before it turned into a leer, and squirmed deeper into the generous padding of the lounge chair. It was comfy, and that was something, at least.

As a married woman, she really shouldn’t be staring at strange men, anyway. But then again, noticing a handsome man wasn’t so big of a transgression. Her husband occasionally noticed beautiful women, didn’t he? And it wasn’t like she was drooling over the other man – not enough to make him uncomfortable. A victimless crime, and a small one at that.

Lauren saw a movement out of the corner of her eye, but she resisted the urge to glance back towards him.

She didn’t want to think about work. She didn’t want to think about her home life. She was so busy, she wanted to relax. She cast about for something relaxing – something fun to dwell on.

And she kept coming back to the stranger in the corner. She didn’t want to think about what he might smell like. But she did think about it. She didn’t want to think about what he might feel like. But she did think about it. She tried to think about the novel she was reading, but it was full of tall, dark, handsome men and what they like to do with beautiful women. Lauren wasn’t about to sit here and fantasize about sex with tall, dark, handsome men.

She let herself look him over again. He looked so lean and so hard. This time he caught her staring. His piercing eyes met hers, just for a moment. Lauren smiled, then looked away, embarrassed – a little fluttery. She felt her cheeks grow hot and hoped that it wasn’t too obvious.

Finally, she gave in. If she had to choose between being bored or fantasizing about sex – why not fantasize? Still victimless, and barely a crime at all. Lots of people have sex fantasies about handsome strangers in the waiting room of the spa.

She wriggled her hips, just the barest movement, as she cuddled even deeper into the expansive lounge chair and let her eyes drift shut.

She imagined catching his eyes again. She imagined biting her lip. She imagined glacing pointedly at the man’s lap. In her mind’s eye she saw the stranger’s eyes go a little wide. She saw him shift in his chair, and adjust his pants.

She smiled, for real, just to herself. It was a fun thought – to see if she could seduce this man. From total stranger to satisfied lover in a mere handful of minutes.

Lauren couldn’t help but bet she could do it. She was, even if she was being modest, smoking hot. And she knew her way around a seduction. Back in her pre-married days she had been quite good at tripping men into bed with her.

Of course, this was entering dangerous territory. She WAS married, after all. And happily married, too. Lauren glanced around the room. There wasn’t even a clock. How long had they been left waiting? How much longer would they be left waiting?

Lauren tried to resist, but she stole one very last glance at the man. He was, to her surprise, already looking at her. Their eyes met, again.

Lauren bit her lip.

Her heart stopped. She hadn’t intended to do it. It just happened. She glanced down and her face went hot again. She was sure that she was blushing prettily, this time. She glanced nervously güvenilir bahis back up.

The man’s face quirked into a smile. Those beautiful eyes narrowed, just a hair.

Lauren smiled back, and shrugged her shoulders. He gave a half shrug back. Neither broke the gaze.

Unbidden, Lauren’s little fantasy came rushing to the front of her mind. She should have thought of her husband, but she was bad. She thought about this stranger’s cock instead.

And then she ran her tongue over her lip.

Oh. Shit. She definitely hadn’t meant to do that. What on Earth was wrong with her?

The man’s smile broadened into a grin. And he did shift in his chair. And he did adjust his pants. Lauren looked down at his lap and saw an impressive tenting.

A stranger to a lover, in a handful of minutes… A mouthful of minutes.

It was a terrible thought to have, but Lauren was feeling a little mischievous – a little naughty. No harm in a little flirting. It wasn’t like she was actually ever going to touch the man.

Lauren smiled again, bigger this time – her hand drifted up to her mouth. Her lips parted, just a hair. She felt her traitorous tongue dart out and tease the first knuckle of her index finger. She felt her lips drift over her skin.

But of course, Lauren didn’t want to kiss her own skin. She didn’t want to tease something as dainty as her own finger. She felt her other hand reaching up towards the top button of her blouse…

The man across from her glanced towards the door leading into the parlor – checking to see if anyone was coming, and then slouched down in his chair, just a bit. Offering easier access to his pants.

Lauren understood the invitation. She wondered if she really could do it – get a total stranger off.

Lauren stood up.

What the hell was she thinking, she admonished. This wasn’t what she wanted to do. Her heart was pounding, her body was hot.

She looked across the room at the handsome stranger.

There was still time to stop this. Or, at least, there was if she really wanted to.

But also, oh, it was what she wanted to do.

And she took a step towards him, undoing another button or two on her blouse along the way. Letting her hips swing alluringly. Putting her most confident face on – a naugty grin, a smoldering gaze.

And she sank onto her knees in front of him. She placed her hands on his thighs. Of course he didn’t pull away from her touch. In the cool waiting room, the warmth of his body was inviting.

This was bad.

“Hey,” she said coyly to him.

“Hey,” he said gruffly to her.

With that, Lauren reached out and started to undo the man’s belt buckle – slowly, careful to not let the metal pieces rattle around too much. She gently tugged on the zipper, and reached into his pants, pulling his cock out into the world.

He was already fully erect – hot and hard and huge. Lauren made a small growling noise from the back of her throat, and she allowed her hand to gently stroke up and down his shaft.

She met his eyes again as she brought her lips to the tip of his cock. Her hot tongue darted out as she tasted him. She smiled as she began to run her smooth lips over his tip – relishing the sensation. She purred as she felt him thrust up towards her, but she twisted her head to the side, denying him entry.

She let her eyes flutter closed, enjoying the moment. She felt as the man’s big hands started to run through her hair, pulling her head in closer. This time she wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock, teasing him with her tongue as she drew him deeper into her mouth.

He moaned.

Not a quiet, stifled moan.

The stranger gave out a deep, full throated moan. If the pair wasn’t so absorbed, they might have been worried that a moan that loud would draw attention.

Then, he closed his eyes, threw his head back and moaned again. Lauren felt his hands grip her ever more tightly, controlling the pace. Lauren felt his hips rocking up towards her. But mostly Lauren felt his red hot cock between her lips, over her tongue. And she loved it.

The man reached down and began fiddling with the buttons of her blouse. Lauren twisted to give him more access. She pulled her hair to the side and thrust out her chest to give him as much of a view as possible. Shortly after her blouse fell completely open, she felt his fingers slide past her bra – they quickly sought out her nipple and began teasing türkçe bahis it.

This time, Lauren moaned, low and deep in her throat. Not so loud as the man had, if for no other reason that her mouth was full.

Lauren allowed one of her hands to hike her skirt up- her delicate fingers quickly found their way past her underwear, seeking her wetness. In short order, they began circling her clit with electric results. She began to rock her hips into her fingers, in time with the stranger’s motions.

With her other hand, Lauren stroked the stranger’s shaft. Up and down in long smooth strokes. Indulging in the unique juxtaposition of incredible softness with incredible hardness. She flicked her tongue around the head and drew her lips up and down. She let her pace pick up as the man grew more and more eager.

But she wanted more. She began to imagine this big, hard cock filling her pussy. She imagined the man’s powerful hips driving strong thrusts into her. Her hand began to twitch a little faster, and they both started to breathe just a little harder. Lauren looked up at the man’s face. His eyes were squeezed shut, his face lifted upwards. He was starting to look a little flushed. Lauren guessed that she was starting to look a little flushed, too.

They heard a door open, and the clacking of heels against the floor.

In a mad dash the pair leapt apart. Lauren turned her back to the hallway, yanking at her skirt and wiggling her hips, trying to smooth it out. Then frantically going to work on the buttons of her blouse.

The man hurriedly sat upright, yanking his coat into his lap. As an afterthought he pulled out his phone and began to pointedly stare at it.

With shaking hands Lauren got a button done, and then another.

No one came.

Lauren got another button up, and another, and another.

And no one came.

The pair shared a quick nervous glance, and no one came. They heard the footsteps again, and the door again.

And they waited in silence.

Finally, Lauren let out a small, nervous giggle. The man let out a relieved sigh. For all Lauren knew, he had been holding his breath the entire time.

They made eye contact again, gauging each other. They were both flushed and their breathing was still irregular. Neither was certain if the moment could be reclaimed, and so neither made a bold move – and it would have taken a very bold move.

So Lauren returned to her seat. As she did, she heard the man redoing his belt and his zipper.

She sat back down in the plush chair and she tried to get comfortable. She fidgeted. She squirmed. She twisted this way and that. But mostly she dwelled on the heat between her legs and the emptiness in her mouth. And she squirmed and she squirmed and she squirmed.

Across the room, she saw the man move his hand under his coat and adjust himself, and them deliberately place his hand back in the open. He shifted. He adjusted himself again. He shifted again. He stared disinterestedly at his phone. Then at the hallway into the spa. Then at the front door. He looked anywhere and everywhere, but he did not look at Lauren.

A few minutes passed like this. Things were slowly growing more uncomfortable. Neither of the pair were cooling down, and neither of the pair was quite ready to grapple with the enormity of the transgression that had just taken place, and neither of the pair was quite willing to try to restart things – which of course is what they were both actually wishing would happen.

After a time, Lauren gave up on getting comfortable in the chair again. She stood up and began pacing. She walked to the receptionist’s counter, turned, walked to the door, turned. Counter, turn, door, turn, counter. She leaned up against the counter, her back to the room. She spread her hands across the cool, smooth wood.

Behind her, the man spoke, “I think I’m out of time to wait around,” he paused, “Do you see the keys to the front door on the desk?”

Lauren began to look.

And then she felt warm, big, strong hands on her waist. And she felt a warm, thick, hard rod pressing up against her backside. And she sighed in pure bliss. She leaned back into the man, her head coming to rest on his broad, strong chest. One of his hands slid under the hem of her shirt and began to drift over her skin – slowly, teasingly upwards towards her breasts.

The man rumbled something in the back of his throat. It could have been words. It could güvenilir bahis siteleri have just been a growl – Either way, Lauren didn’t care. She was lost in the caresses. So, so happy to be touched again.

The man hiked her skirt up. He pushed her slowly and firmly forwards, bending her over the counter. He deftly pulled her lacy underpants to one side. She was still so slick, and still so swollen. She was desperate to be filled.

And then, oh so slowly, he slid his cock inside her.

Lauren sighed expansively.

He felt even bigger now than he had in her mouth. Bigger and hotter and softer and harder. The man’s big hands gripped Lauren’s dainty waist and he pulled her back against him – thrusting himself deep inside her. Lauren moaned softly, and the man gave out the smallest of grunts.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the man withdrew. And then slowly he thrust back in. And Lauren moaned again.

The man’s pace slowly increased- his hands continuing to guide Lauren’s motions.

Lauren shifted her weight onto one arm, bending over further to allow the man even deeper access, and she slid her other hand back to her clit – stroking in time with the man’s thrusts.

She twisted slightly so that she could look back over her shoulder – watching the man as he fucked her.

He reached out, first sliding his hand up her neck and then gripping her loosely by the chin. He ran his thumb over Lauren’s lips. Lauren automatically parted her lips at the touch, and he ran his thumb over them again. Lauren tried to twist her head away from the finger, but he held her chin firmly, preventing the motion. And her traitorous tongue darted out and her lips parted further. She sucked the thumb in, and she ran her tongue over it. She teased it tenderly with her teeth.

And her hand between her legs began to work more frantically, first circling her clit and then seeking out more and more direct contact.

And of course the man behind her grew more excited, too. His thrusts grew faster and stronger and deeper. His hand on her waist grew tighter.

The world shrank until only they remained. A world of heat and wetness, and of hands and fingers. A world of lips and teeth and tongues.

And the pace quickened.

As Lauren felt her climax building, she began to moan – a breathless, high-pitched gasp. Her motions grew more frantic and wild. She squeezed her eyes shut and her hand worked furiously between her legs. She sucked the man’s thumb deeper into her mouth – so, so happy to be filled at both ends at this moment. She thrust herself ever more firmly up against the man.

And then their private little world exploded. The man’s hips twiched and he groaned as he filled Lauren even more completely. Lauren’s release was even more powerful – she saw stars, she saw colors, she went weak in the knees. Their breath was ragged and their faces and chests were deeply flushed. Lauren leaned back up against the man, and they held each other tightly for a moment.

The man stepped away, and he tucked himself back into his pants.

And then he grabbed the keys off the counter, walked over to the door, and let himself out.

As he was leaving he said, “Do you mind locking it behind me?” And then he stepped out.

Lauren locked the door, and returned the keys to the receptionist’s counter.

And then she settled back into her chair.

She sat for a while in perfect silence and perfect stillness – dwelling on the stellar orgasm.

Lauren was just starting to wrangle with the enormity of this transgression. A little fantasy is perfectly harmless. A little flirting isn’t so bad. Maybe even stealing a quick kiss would be forgivable. But today Lauren had ….

Just as she was starting to make that admission to herself, just as she was starting to well and truly return to reality, Lauren heard footsteps again. The receptionist emerged from the back, followed closely by a masseur – Blond haired, blue eyed, heavily muscled, massive hands – he looked all the more impressive framing the pretty little receptionist. If anything, he was even more beautiful than the stranger was.

“We’re so, so sorry for the delay Lauren. Did Tom have to leave? We’re ready for you now – and we’re going to upgrade your package today, and of course it will all be free. We just can’t thank you enough for bearing with us through that. Steven will be taking very good care of you.”

Looking at this incredible mountain of a man and this delicate young woman, Lauren felt a familiar heat spread through her body. Well, figuring out what to say to her husband could wait.

She might as well indulge in one more fantasy, first.

Lauren stood up.

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