Weekend with Mandy

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It was Thursday afternoon. I grabbed my keys and headed down to the lobby to collect my mail. I was excited for the weekend as Mandy was coming to stay. I always enjoyed my time with Mandy, and she knew how to get me so wet. As I collected my mail, I noticed one of Margaret’s friends who I met at her get together a few weeks ago.

“Hi beautiful.” He said, as we collected our mail.

“Hi, how are you.” I replied.

“Yeah, I’m not bad. What are you up to this weekend?” He asked.

“I have a girlfriend of mine staying for the weekend.”

“I’m having a get together Saturday night. You and your friend are welcome to come along if you’re interested in a little fun.” He said with a smile.

“Sounds good. I’ll check with my girlfriend.” I replied.

“The guys are arriving about six. Hope to see you both.” He said, as he walked off.

I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the apartment, before relaxing on the couch. As I thought about Mandy coming to stay and the invite on Saturday night, I couldn’t resist playing with my pussy. I slid my hand between my legs and felt how wet I was getting. I got up and headed to the bedroom and pulled out a few toys before heading back to the lounge. I put on a movie and made myself comfortable on the floor before turning on my vibrator and softly pressing it against my pussy. Already wet, I slowly slid it inside my pussy as I let out a soft moan. I looked up at the TV, as a group of guys stroked their cocks watching a woman undress on the bed. I started to imagine it was me being surrounded, helpless and ready to be used. I slid the vibrator out of my pussy before grabbing the second toy, which was a large dildo. I spread my legs wide apart and slid the dildo slowly inside me. It felt so good inside my pussy as I slid it in and out slowly. With my pussy full, I grabbed the vibrator and toyed the rim of my arse before easing it inside me. As I fucked my pussy, I turned the vibrator on. The vibration inside my arse felt amazing as my eyes were glued to the TV, wishing it was me being used.

As the guys took turns fucking her arse and pussy, I felt a rush through my body. I could feel myself ready to cum. As I fucked myself harder and deeper, I started moaning with pleasure. All of a sudden, my body froze. I let out a loud moan as my body started to shake, and with vibrator in my arse, the orgasm was intense. After a few minutes, I got up and headed for the shower. I washed myself clean before hopping out and drying myself. I hopped into bed for an early night knowing it was going to be a big weekend.

The next morning, I got up and pottered around the apartment before stripping naked and heading out on the balcony to sunbake. I spent a few hours in the sun before heading in for lunch. It wasn’t long after I had finished eating there was a knock at the door.

“Who is it.” I asked, standing naked behind the door.

“It’s Mandy honey.”

I opened the door and invited her in.

“Honey, just the way I like you, naked.” She said with a smile. “I got out of work early, thought I’d come straight over.”

“I’m glad you did.” I replied. “I was about to head back out on the balcony to sunbake, want to join me?”

“Sure, I’d love to.” She replied.

Mandy headed to the bedroom with her bags and I watched on from the bedroom door as she removed her clothes.

“Just the way I like you honey, naked.” I said with a smile, repeating the words she said to me earlier.

We both headed out on the balcony naked, enjoying the hot sun on our naked bodies.

“We have been invited to a party tomorrow night. One of the guys I met who lives in the building is having a few friends over.” I said, as we laid enjoying the sun. “He asked if we were up for some fun.”

“Sounds good.” Mandy replied.

After a few hours, the sun was starting to go down and we decided to head inside. Still naked, we prepared something to eat while we shared a bottle of wine.

After dinner, we opened another bottle of wine and headed to the lounge. After a while of drinking and chatting, Mandy headed for a shower. She returned about twenty minutes later and sat her naked body on the couch.

“Do you want to watch a movie honey?” Mandy said, as she turned the TV on.

“Sound good, I’ll just have a shower. You know where the movies are; you can choose.” I replied.

I headed to the bathroom and hopped in the shower. I washed my body clean then hopped out drying myself before joining Mandy in the lounge. As I walked in, I noticed Mandy sitting on the couch with the remote waiting for me. I filled our wine glasses before sitting across from Mandy on the second couch. Mandy hit play as we both sat back, relaxed and naked.

Halfway through the movie, Mandy finished her wine and got up off the couch before walking over and sitting beside me.

“I’m not interested in the movie, are you?” She asked, with a seductive look on her face.

Before I could even answer, she moved in close slowly kissing ankara escort me on the lips. Our tongues touched, as we started to kiss passionately, and our hands explored each other’s body. I pulled my lips away and started licking and sucking her perky nipples as my hand ran down between her legs. Her pussy was nice and wet, and as I softly bit her nipple, I slid a finger inside her pussy. After a minute, I slowly moved off the couch and spread her leg before slowly kissing her thigh. I grabbed her legs and pushed them up, then buried my tongue in her pussy. She was so wet and tasted so good. I ran my tongue down and teased the rim of her arse as she let out a soft moan.

“Oh, honey I’m cumming, oh God.” She said, as she pressed my head firmly against her.

As she came, my tongue lathered in her juices, licking every part of her pussy. As she started to relax, I licked my lips before wiping her cum from my chin.

“Come with me.” Mandy said, as she stood up taking my hand.

She led me into the bedroom and pushed me onto the bed. I watched as she opened the top draw of the dresser and removed my blindfold, before kneeling on the bed. She placed the blindfold over my eyes, and I felt a rush of excitement run through my body. With her hands, she guided me up on my hands and knees before I felt her hop off the bed. She quickly returned and I felt her soft tongue slowly teasing my arse. Suddenly, I felt a toy rubbing against my pussy before slowly sliding inside me.

“That feel good?” Mandy said, as I let out a moan.

“God yes.”

After a minute, Mandy rolled me on to my back. I felt her over me, then her wet pussy touched my lips. My tongue ran wild, exploring every part of her. She was so wet, and I could feel her juices all over my lips and running down my chin. As she continued to fuck me with the toy, I couldn’t hold back. I was ready to cum.

“Yeah, yeah, oh honey I’m cumming, don’t stop.” I screamed, before burying my tongue back deep in her pussy.

My body shook as I gripped the sheets. Mandy rubbed her pussy harder against my lips as she started to moan.

“Oh god Toni, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” She moaned.

Her juices gushed all over my lips, and her cum tasted so good. As my tongue touched her sensitive pussy, her body shook.

As Mandy started to relax, she hopped up and laid on the bed cuddling me as I removed the blindfold. We both feel asleep enjoying the warmth of each other’s body.

The next morning, we both woke up and took turns in the shower before having breakfast. We spent the rest of the day on the balcony relaxing in the sun, and before we knew it, it was four o’clock. We came inside and started getting ready for the party. We both hopped in the shower, helping each other wash ourselves clean. The feel of Mandy’s hands on my breasts got me so turned on ready for the night. When we had finished, we hopped out and dried ourselves before working out what to wear. Mandy decided to wear a short black dress with a black g-string and black bra. While I decided to wear a white short dress and my favorite white panties, which barely covered my pussy and a white matching bra.

By the time we got ready, it was time to leave. I grabbed my keys and we headed out the door. We caught the lift down to the floor below and found the apartment.

“I’m nervous.” Mandy said, as she looked at me.

“It will be fun; you’ll have a good time. We always do.” I replied.

I knocked on the door and it didn’t take long before the door opened.

“Hi Toni, come in. Hi I’m Paul.” He said, looking at Mandy.

“Hi, I’m Mandy.” She replied.

“Follow me ladies, I’ll introduce you to a few of my friends.” Paul said.

Paul walked us through the house introducing us. Paul was around fifty years of age, and his friends were between fifty and six years old. I knew I was going to enjoy tonight, being used by a room full of older men was such a turn on, and I was sure Mandy was going to have fun also. When we got to the bar, Paul poured both Mandy and I a drink as we chatted to a few of his friends.

“So Paul, what’s the party for.” I asked.

“The guys and I usually get together every few weeks for a guys night. Watch the footy, play cards and a lot of drinking. Occasional Frank and Margaret join us with a few of their friends, but they are busy tonight. Pity, there’s a few guys who wanted to meet Margaret.” Paul said, as he poured himself a drink.

“So when Frank and Margaret and their friends come over, I bet there’s not much footy and cards going on.” I said, with a laugh.

“Hell no, but I’m sure the guys will be keen to get to know you girls better.” Paul said, with a smile.

Paul sculled his drink before taking Mandy and I by the hand, leading us to the couch. Paul sat in the middle and Mandy and I sat either side of him. Paul turned towards Mandy and started kissing her before turning and kissing me. He ran his hand up my dress, pressing his fingers against my pussy before slowly pushing escort ankara my legs apart and rubbing me nice and slow. All of a sudden, Paul stood up pulling his shorts down revealing his hard cock. He sat back down before continuing to kiss me nice and slow. As Paul pulled his lips away from mine, I noticed the guys in the room standing around watching. A few started to undress and stood in front of Mandy. She looked over at me with a smile before taking hold of a cock in front of her, sucking it nice and slow. Paul got up and knelt between my legs before removing my panties. As his tongue softly touched my pussy, I let out a soft moan. As I looked around the room, most of the guys were now naked, and Mandy and I were ready to be used.

After a few minutes, Paul pulled me up off the couch. He slid the straps of my dress over my shoulders dropping it to the floor before unclipping my bra. As I stood naked, one of the guys sat on the couch and took my hand, guiding me onto his hard cock. As I rode him, he sucked my nipples before squeezing my breasts, which felt so good. I looked over at Mandy, as the guys took turns one by one fucking her mouth.

“Feel good in your tight little pussy?” The guy said, as I rode his cock.

“Fuck yes.” I replied.

All of a sudden, Mandy was helped up off the couch. Her dress and clothes were removed before she was laid down on the table. With her legs spread apart, one of the guys slid his cock deep in her pussy. The guys took turns fucking her, and while they waited, they took turns fucking her mouth.

“You like watching your friend being fucked.” One of the guys said, as I watched Mandy.

“God yes.”

I felt a hand on my back push me forward, then a cock stretches my pussy sliding deep inside me. Now with two cock fucking me hard, I started to moan.

“Oh god, yeah, yeah, harder, I’m going to cum.” I screamed.

The guys held me tight as my body trembled. The guy from behind pulled his cock out and stood back. As I looked around, another guy moved behind me.

“Let’s fill that tight arse of yours.” He said, as he moved close.

I felt my arse being spread as his cock pressed hard against me. His cock was nice and thick, and as he slid inside me, I gripped hold of the couch as I let out a moan.

“Don’t stop, oh god, I’m cumming.” I heard Mandy scream, before another cock started fucking her mouth gagging her moans of pleasure.

After a few minutes of being fucked in the arse and pussy, the guy from behind pulled his cock out and helped me up, before guiding me down on my hands and knees. One of the guys laid down in front of me and pushed my head down. My mouth swallowed his cock, and as I sucked him, I felt another slide deep inside my pussy. I looked up and noticed the guys now had Mandy on her back lying on the floor. The guys took turns lying on top of her fucking her pussy.

“You enjoying being a naughty slut tonight.” Paul said, as he sat on the couch.

“God yes.” I replied.

After a few minutes, I got up. I turned around and mounted Paul backwards, sliding his cock deep in my arse. I looked over at Mandy as the guy slid his cock out of her pussy and hopped up off the floor. Mandy got up and crawled over to the couch and began licking my wet pussy. All of a sudden, I felt my body tense.

“Yeah, yeah, oh god.” I scream, as I came all over her tongue and lips.

One of the guys sat on the couch, guiding Mandy on to his hard cock. As I watch on, Paul pull me back laying me on his chest as another guy moved between my legs, sliding his cock deep inside my pussy. The feeling was amazing as both guys fucked me deep and hard. Mandy was quickly joined by another guy from behind. She let out a loud moan as he joined the other cock inside her pussy. After a minute, Mandy gripped the couch tight as she started to moan.

“Oh fuck, yeah, yeah, I’m cumming.” She screamed, as her body started to shake.

The guys watched on stroking their cocks and before Mandy had finished cumming, the next cock was inside her, fucking her hard. Watching Mandy being used turned me on to the point I was ready to cum again. Paul’s hands squeezed my breast before pinching my nipples and at that point my pussy was ready to explode.

“Don’t stop, harder, fuck me harder, oh God I’m cumming.” I screamed. “Oh fuck.”

After what felt like a minute, I started to relax. Both guys pulled their cocks out and helped me up before another guys took Paul’s place on the couch and guide me on to his hard cock, sliding it inside my arse. I looked over at Mandy, and by the look on her face, I could tell she was enjoying the attention as much as I was.

All of a sudden, Mandy let out a loud moan. I looked over as the guy from behind slowly slid his cock inside Mandy’s arse.

“That feel good?” The guy asked, as he slowly penetrated her.

“Oh fuck yes.” She replied.

After a while of being penetrated by nearly every guy in the room. The guys pulled their cocks out of Mandy and I and ankara escort bayan helped us up. Paul laid me down on my stomach on the floor before he slid his cock in my arse. As he laid on top of me, penetrating me with his hard cock. I slid my hand under me, rubbing Paul’s balls as they slapped against my pussy. I looked up and noticed Mandy on her knees surrounded by hard cocks ready and waiting to be sucked. All of a sudden, I felt Paul’s cock getting hard as he started to moan.

“Oh fuck, fuck, I’m cumming.” Paul moaned, “Oh fuck yeah.”

He shot his cum deep in my arse as his cock pulsated inside me. When he had finished, he slid his cock out and hopped up. Before I knew it, another guy laid on top of me sliding his cock inside my pussy. His cock was much bigger than Paul’s and felt so good as he penetrated me deep and hard.

“Oh yeah baby, in the mouth. Oh fuck yeah.” I heard one of the guys say, as Mandy sucked his cock.

With one hand holding Mandy’s head still, he stroked his cock shooting his cum in to her ready and waiting mouth. She sucked his cock clean before the next guy took his place. As I watched on, I felt the cock in my pussy getting ready to cum.

“Yeah, yeah, oh fuck.” He said, as his cock exploded in my pussy.

“Oh god.” I screamed, as I felt the cum fill my pussy.

As I laid on the floor exhausted, a few more guys took turns fucking my pussy, shooting their cum inside me as I watched Mandy being covered in cum and enjoying every drop.

All of a sudden, I was rolled over on to my back. Mandy laid on the floor beside me as the guys moved in close stroking their cocks. Both keen to feel their warm cum on our bodies, we lay rubbing our wet pussy’s as they took turns moving in shoot their cum covering us both. As the guys finished, Mandy got up on her knees sucking a few of the guys cocks clean. As I laid on the floor covered in cum, I was quickly joined by a few more guys. While Paul and one of his friends held my legs apart, another slid his hard cock inside my pussy. I’d didn’t take long before I felt his cock getting hard, ready to cum.

“Oh, fuck yeah baby, I’m going to fill your pussy. Oh yeah I’m cumming.” He moaned, as he shot his cum deep inside me.

As he finished, he slid his cock out of my pussy and before I knew it, another cock was inside me. Watching Mandy having her mouth fucked and the feeling of their cum and a large cock inside me, my pussy was ready to explode.

“Oh god, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh fuck.” I screamed, as my pussy came all over his cock.

It didn’t take long, and after a few thrusts, he let out a large moan as his cock exploded inside me. I threw my head back as I felt my swollen pussy fill with his cum. As I looked up at Mandy, covered in cum. Paul and his friend let go of my legs. As I laid exhausted, as the rest of the guys gathered around Mandy and I stroking their cocks. As the last of the guys started to moan, I opened my mouth ready to catch their cum as their cocks exploded. I quickly looked up at Mandy on her knees. Two guys stood in front of her shooting their cum into her mouth. As they finished, she swallowed before sucking them clean. Both of us covered in cum and exhausted, Mandy laid on the floor beside me. Paul passed us both a towel and we wiped the cum from our bodies.

After a few minutes, we found our clothes and headed to the bathroom. With my swollen pussy full of cum, I could feel it dripping from my pussy. Once we got into the bathroom, we cleaned ourselves before getting dressed and rejoining the guys out in the lounge. The guys were all dressed and started saying goodbye and thanked Mandy and I for a great night.

After everyone had left, Paul poured us all a drink.

“So ladies, did you have a good time?”

“Sure did.” I replied.

“A very good time.” Mandy said, with a smile.

After a few more drinks and chatting with Paul, Mandy and I headed back to my apartment. We headed straight for the shower helping each other wash ourselves clean. We hopped out and dried ourselves while we chatted about the night, before climbing into bed, resting our swollen pussy’s.

The next morning, I woke to Mandy’s tongue between my legs teasing my pussy. I ran my hands through her hair as I moaned with pleasure. After a minute, I pulled her up towards me guiding her pussy over my mouth. We laid in a sixty-nine position letting our tongues run wild. All of a sudden, my legs started to shake.

“Oh fuck, honey, oh God, I’m cumming.” I moaned, between burying my tongue in her pussy.

“Yeah, yeah, fuck Toni, don’t stop.” She screamed, as she pressed her pussy against my mouth harder.

As we both came, we continued licking and tasting the cum from each other’s pussy. As we both started to relax, Mandy rolled off me and laid on the bed.

“I wish I could taste you every morning.” Mandy said, with a smile.

We laid relaxing for a few minutes before Mandy hopped off the bed and got dressed, before packing her things. I hopped out of bed and put on my dressing gown and joined Mandy in the lounge.

“Sorry I have to go honey.” Mandy said, as she gave me a hug. “I had a great weekend.”

I walked Mandy to the door, giving her a long kiss before saying goodbye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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