What Happens in Vegas Pt. 01

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Author’s Note: This is my Fortieth story! It is inspired by fantasies shared with an online pen pal of mine about what it might be like if we were ever able to meet in person.


We had met online over a year ago.

I was in Canada, mid-thirties, and in a polyamorous marriage. Kyle was in the United States, mid-thirties, and in love with his wife…but falling into the common pitfall of monogamy. Even though they had a relatively active sex life and she indulged his fantasy for role-playing and dressing up, sex often ended up feeling like going through the motions with the very limited sexual acts and positions she was willing to perform or participate in.

It started innocently enough with us messaging online about typical everyday life, but within a week we had moved to texting. By then the tension had started to grow between us as our conversations turned to sex.

Soon enough we were exchanging sexy pictures, then videos of us getting off for each other, and the passion and heat between us grew even more intense.

In my situation with my husband and other partners, I was free to love and fuck anyone I wanted, but it was a freedom Kyle did not have. He confessed he’d had affairs in the past, but it was just about sex, he would never leave his wife. That was fine by me; I had no plans to change my situation and never wanted to fuck up anyone else’s.

We both fantasized about what it would be like to meet up in person, but it was one of those things; it’s fun to think about, and part of you wants to make happen, but you know it never will.

He had a wife and a couple of kids and a full-time job where he worked with his wife. For years he had taken solo trips every year to Vegas to gamble and get away for a while, but as his kids got older vacation time became all about family time, so he couldn’t come to visit me.

I have a full-time job, a husband, three long-term partners, and I take most of my vacation time in November to participate in National Novel Writing Month so it was more possible for me to go to him, but then how does he explain being away for hours at a time to his wife, who he works with?

Then one Monday morning I get a text from him:

K: Two questions…

Guess what I got for my birthday?

What are you doing this Wednesday to Sunday?

M: Ummm…I’m guessing you got some birthday sex!? ­čśë

I’m working on the weekdays and that’s it so far, why?

K: Of course I got birthday sex! We crossed off one of my role-playing fantasies from the board!

But my real gift was that the wife said she felt bad I hadn’t been able to get away to Vegas the last couple years. Life has been so hectic, so she surprised me for my birthday by getting me the time off work, booking my flight and my room!

I fly out this Wednesday morning and back Sunday night. I couldn’t help but wonder if there might be a chance you could fly down, even if just for the weekend.

My pussy throbbed, instantly aroused with the possibility of actually getting to meet him in the flesh. My mind wandered to all the fantasies we had shared over the past year.

Holding myself together to maintain some professionalism at work, I spent the rest of my day rearranging my vacations and booking my flight and hotel.

I didn’t want to put pressure on things by just flying in and showing up at his hotel room. We’d both had enough online dating experience to know that no matter what kind of chemistry you might have online and over text, that it can be a very different story in person.

Kyle’s favorite Vegas hotel was the MGM Grande, so that’s where his wife had booked him. I had only been to Las Vegas once before and I had stayed at the New York New York and had loved the experience. I booked a room there for Wednesday and confirmed with the concierge that there was availability to extend my stay if needed.

It gave both of us the freedom to meet and see if we had the same heat in person that we did virtually. If things went well, I could check out of the NYNY and stay with him the rest of the time at the MGM. Otherwise, I could stay at the NYNY, we could hang out together a bit, but explore the city individually.

The rest of my Monday and Tuesday were a whirlwind of getting things ready for my departure at home and at work. I spent the flight down in a constant state of arousal at the prospect of seeing Kyle in the flesh for the first time. As soon as the plane landed I turned my phone on and saw a text from him.

K: Landed, checked into my hotel room, settled in, showered…I couldn’t help myself, I jacked off in the shower thinking about seeing you.

My cock has been hard all day and I can’t stop thinking about the fact that soon you’ll be here.

Heading down to the casino to distract myself a bit. Let me know once you’ve landed.

M: Just landed! Now waiting for my luggage and am super distracted by the thought of you jacking off in the ostim escort shower. Pretty sure the guy standing beside me heard me moan a little when I read that lol

K: And now I’m sitting at the slot machine with a rock-hard cock. Damnit woman stop being so distracting!

M: Hey man, you started it!

Normally I’d encourage you to jack off again and send me a cum shot…but given that we’re actually in the same city, maybe after lunch, I can help you with that rock hard cock for my dessert

K: Good lord woman, you’re killing me!

M: You’re a big boy, you’ll survive LOL

Just got into a cab heading to my hotel. I’ll check in, have a quick shower, then where do you want to meet up for lunch?

K: would it be presumptuous to suggest Pub 1842 at my hotel?

M: I don’t think it’s presumptuous at all. Aiming for about one hour from now?

K: Sounds good, I’ll try to get this hard-on down so I can stand up and then I’ll head over to the pub in a bit to grab a table and a beer. See you soon!

I wasn’t one to get nervous before a first date or first meeting generally, but I also didn’t usually have over a year of building a rapport and sexual tension with someone before a first meeting. As I had a quick shower to wash away the travel grime, I felt as if my body was vibrating with anticipation.

My general approach in all things is to consider what the best case and worst-case scenarios would be and to accept that reality generally falls somewhere in between. My best-case scenario here was that there would be instant sparks between us, that we would have a good lunch and eat and chat while both thinking about how to get up to his room as fast as possible, and that everything about him would be just as amazing as I had always imagined.

My worst-case scenario here was that there wouldn’t be sparks, that we would have a pleasant chat and then wander the hotel searching for a spot where we could have a secluded attempt at a kiss that didn’t generate any sparks for either of us.

I dried off, put on some eyeliner (the only makeup I ever wear), slipped on an olive-green sundress that I knew showed off my bright red hair and my green eyes, and off I went.

M: In the elevator, heading down to walk over to you right now

K: I may have chugged the first beer, I’m pacing myself with the second one… booth in the far corner to your right when you get here

M: liquoring yourself up are you? LOL

K: trying to numb my nerves, I haven’t felt this nervous about anything in ages

M: crossing the street now, no need to be nervous. I’m just a person, the world is full of them lol

K: Are you nervous?

M: you know my approach to things, so you know I shouldn’t be nervous…but, to be honest…I am a little bit

K: good! That makes me feel a bit better!

Green dress?

M: Yup…I see you

Our eyes met, we both smiled, and as I tucked my phone into my purse and walked towards the booth, I took a couple of slow breaths to try and calm the throbbing in my pussy.

Kyle stood up and gave me a big hug, towering over me, “It’s great to finally meet you McKayla!” the hug lingered a little longer than it needed to, but I was happy to let it linger. His cologne smelled so good, his arms around me felt so strong and safe, and I could have sworn I felt a warmth against my abdomen. It didn’t feel like he’d succeeded in calming his earlier hard-on.

We’d exchanged a bunch of pictures so I knew what he looked like. He was tall, lean and working on building more muscle. He had short cut dark red hair, with a full beard cropped cleanly, and a charming smile. I knew I found him attractive, but I wasn’t prepared for how good he would smell, or how strong his arms holding me tight would be, and the two combined to melt me.

He was the one to pull away and motion for me to sit, “I just asked for water for you, wasn’t sure if you’d want anything to drink or not.”

I ordered a Bellini and we shared some appetizers of veggies, hummus, and soft pretzels as we chatted about safe topics like how both our flights went and how for him going from Texas to Vegas was actually a reprieve from the heat, while for me coming to Vegas from Canada at the end of July felt like walking through the gates of hell. Soon enough the safe topics of chit chat had been covered and we fell silent as we picked at the last bits of veggies from the plate between us.

Never one to shy away from the awkwardness of life, I embraced it, “So, this got kind of awkward all of a sudden, huh?”

Kyle’s face flushed as he downed the last of his beer, “I feel like we should have so much to talk about, we’ve talked almost daily since we met online, but a lot of those topics feel somehow…I don’t know…presumptuous now that you’re sitting right across from me.”

“I get that…and I feel like the building tension and pressure of ‘will we or won’t we’ hanging in the air since we came up with s─▒hhiye escort this crazy scheme isn’t helping make things feel natural or organic either.”

Kyle nodded his agreement, then looked down into his empty beer mug, “We’ve established many times over that you are a lot smarter about relationships and sex and navigating all of this stuff than I am,” he looked up at me, his blue eyes showing the conflict he was struggling with, “so how do you think we should deal with this awkwardness?”

Kyle and I both identified as switches – we could go between dominant and submissive, top and bottom depending on our moods and our partners. Yet, with his wife, unless it was explicitly part of a role-playing scenario they had planned out, he was always dominant, leaving his submissive side unfulfilled.

Because of this, there were times in our texting where it was clear he wanted to tell me something about his sex life or send me pictures of something sexy, but he had a need to be TOLD to do it and not just give it up freely.

Early on I had raised concerns that I would give an order that he would follow because he had been told to, but that he wouldn’t be comfortable with it or would regret it after. He had assured me that he would never blindly take an order and that if anything I told him to do ever pushed any limits or boundaries he would say so immediately. I had trusted him to stay true to his word all this time via text, I had to trust him now in person as well.

We were past the lunch rush and not yet into dinner time so there were only a couple other people in the pub, all too busy on their phones to notice us in the corner.

Never one to shy away from making a move, I finished my Bellini and I moved to sit beside him in the booth. I saw his small smile as I snuggled close and turned to face him. That little smile told me I had made the right decision.

“I think we should deal with this head on. We hugged when I got here, and now you should put your arm around me.”

That little flash of a smile again as he slipped his arm around my shoulders and I snuggled closer to him, my leg pressing against his as my arm moved so my hand could rest on his thigh.

“Now what?” he asked as his fingers gently rubbed my shoulder.

I looked up into his blue eyes and felt my pussy throb as I whispered, “kiss me.”

In the second it took for him to close the gap between us, I saw the flash of desire in his eyes and I knew my own was written clear across my face.

The kiss started soft and tentative, but after a moment my need took over and a small moan escaped my lips. In response, a low, almost growling sound came from Kyle before he pressed his lips against mine harder and full of passion.

Tension and awkwardness vanished and was replaced with desire and need as our lips and tongues battled for supremacy, and Kyle’s hand found its way into my hair. In all our chats he had learned my weaknesses and knew that gentle fingers running through my hair was calming to me, but the second it turned into even a slight tug I became instantly turned on.

My moan broke the kiss as he lightly pulled a fistful of my hair and when I opened my eyes, he was looking down at me with a big grin, “you weren’t joking, you really do like that.”

“Mmm hmm,” my brain couldn’t form words, just noises which came out breathy and light with desire.

Kyle released my hair and gently ran his fingers through it, eliciting a contented little moan as my eyes fluttered.

“So, what now?” he whispered in my ear, his fingers still running through my hair.


Kyle laughed as he pulled his hand away from my hair and put it back on my shoulder, “I’ll give you a second to come back to yourself.”

I looked up at him and ran my fingers through his beard, “or you could just keep kissing me.”

“I could,” he glanced behind me and nodded his head at the waitress, “or we could wrap this up and maybe go somewhere else.”

The waitress came to the table and left the billfold with a knowing smile that made Kyle blush.

“I wonder where we could possibly go,” I said in a not-so-innocent voice.

Kyle quickly filled in the bill to charge it to his room and then turned towards me and ran his fingers through my hair again. My eyes fluttered as my head naturally tipped backward, then he pulled hard and whispered in my ear, “I want to take you up to my room and fuck you so hard right now.”

Between his hand, in my hair and his words in my ear my brain had completely shut down and all I could do was bite my lip and nod my head yes as I looked up at him with need.

“I think we both might need a moment to compose ourselves before we leave the booth though,” Kyle whispered in my ear as he moved my hand up his thigh to feel his hard cock in his jeans.

I’d seen plenty of pictures of his cock and I knew he was larger than most of the men I had been with, but even trapped inside his clothing ankara escort it was impressive and sent a thrill of excitement through my body straight to my throbbing pussy.

“Now I really want to stay in this booth and torture you a little bit,” I whispered in his ear while I traced the lines of his cock with my nails through his jeans.

“Such a tease,” Kyle whispers as he brings his hand back up to my hair and takes a fistful of it, “two can play that game,” he says as my mouth opens in a moan and he stifles it with a passionate kiss.

His hand in my hair, his lips pressed hard against mine and the sensation of his cock beneath my fingers is too much for me and I feel a small orgasm ripple through my aching pussy as my body shakes.

Kyle pulls back and looks down at me, his eyes wide in disbelief, “did you…did you just cum?”

“Mmmhmm,” I nod my head and grin up at him, “just a little one.”

“We have to go upstairs, now!” he almost growled in my ear.

I got out of the booth and saw the clear line of his hard cock in his jeans as he stood up. He pulled his jacket off and held it in front of him as casually as he could, as he grabbed my hand and led me to the elevators.

We got lucky and the doors closed before anyone else could get on and as soon as the doors gave their little ‘ding’ of going up, Kyle turned and bent to kiss me and I noticed the camera in the corner. The idea of security guards watching us turned me on even more as I kissed him back passionately.

“I can’t believe you came in the restaurant,” Kyle whispered as he bent down to kiss my neck, then lower to put his face in my exposed cleavage, “just imagine how hard you’re going to cum once we get upstairs,” his hand moved down to the hemline of my dress and he started sliding his hand up my thigh. Apparently, he didn’t mind the cameras either.

“While I kiss you and pull your hair,” his fingers torturing me as they moved upwards and I spread my legs wide for him, “and my cock is deep inside your pussy,” as the word ‘pussy’ escaped his lips his hand cupped my pussy and he discovered my surprise…I hadn’t worn any panties.

“Oh, you dirty little…,” he paused, then whispered, “wearing this dress with no panties, your sweet little pussy exposed to the world…such a dirty little slut you are” he was massaging my pussy mound but denying me what he knew I so desperately wanted, one of his fingers against my clit or inside me. I was grinding against his hand and making small whimpering sounds. He moved his hand and one of his fingers slipped down, expertly avoiding my clit and not pushing inside, just enough to spread my pussy lips and see how wet I was, “oh god McKayla, your pussy is so fucking wet!”

Kyle pulled his hand out from under my dress and raised it to his lips. He locked eyes with me as he licked my pussy juice off his finger, then he bent down and kissed me with such intensity I felt my lips press against my teeth and the stab of pain just made my body ache for him more.

The elevator dinged and the doors opened, still three more floors to go before we reached Kyle’s suite. A couple got on with a toddler and I moved in front of Kyle to help block the sight of his very obvious situation.

The difference in our height between my 5’6″ and his 6’5″ meant that with me standing in front of him, his cock was pressed against the small of my back. All I had to do was lean back against him and shift back and forth to tease him, which I did for the next three floors.

As soon as we were off the elevator and the door of it closed behind us Kyle smacked my ass, “such a naughty little slut you are! Trying to tease me in an elevator of people…you’re going to pay for that.”

I turned to look at him with my best sweet and innocent expression, “Why I just don’t know what you mean.”

“The fuck you don’t,” he said with a grin as he smacked my ass again, “End of the hall, on the left. Go!”

With every step I took closer to his room I felt myself getting more and more turned on at the prospect of what was about to happen.

I got to the door and Kyle was right behind me, he grabbed my hips and pressed his body against mine from behind, pinning me tightly to the door, “remember what happened in the restaurant? You aren’t the only one who can tease.”

Kyle had crouched down and his cock was now pressed against my ass as he pinned me to the door, “remember all those talks we’ve had, all those deep dark desires we’ve confessed to each other, all the stories about sexual experiences we’ve shared?” his hand was in my hair again, pulling hard as he bent to whisper in my ear, “I know exactly what to do to turn you on,” gently he ran his finger along the side of my neck, sending shivers of pleasure through my whole body, “I know how to bring you to the edge and keep you there if I want to.”

I moaned as I pressed back against his cock, “please,” was the only coherent word I could muster.

“Please what?” Kyle’s voice was mocking as he released me and took a step away from me.

I turned to face him, knowing my hair was a mess, my lip was red from where I kept biting it, and that my need for him was written clear across my face, “Please, Kyle, take me inside your room and fuck me.”

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