What I Saw in the Room

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I move the door as quietly as I could. Not daring to latch it, I leave it an inch ajar. Almost like an x-ray, I don’t see the door, but whats on the other side, as I back away from the scene I just witnessed. Breathing heavily, I knock into a picture frame, barely feeling the pain shoot through my elbow. Standing as still as possible, I stare at the door, listening for the sound of panicked movement on the other side. Theres silence as I try to regain control of my breathing. My heart tries to burst through my chest, and I’m sure the thud is heard beyond the door. Unsure if I want the two beyond to wrench the door open, or if I prefer it to stay closed, I wait for them to make the decision.

“…thought I heard something.” I hear half a sentence uttered from the voice of a familiar man, and my blood boils as I realize the view I saw moments before was no hallucination or mistake. “Put me back in your mouth.”

The second sentence, spoken with much more clarity, nearly makes me gag. Bile reaches my stomach as the next sound invades my ears, the quiet slurping seemingly so loud.

The repeated sounds of his cock slipping in and out of her mouth upsets me, and I take a step to the side, hoping to slip downstairs and out the front door. But once again, hope escapes me, as the floorboards are in league with bastard the room over.

“See how much you can take.” The mans voice speaks, conveniently covering the creak of the floorboards. Or inconveniently. I’m unclear whats worse, silently letting this happen, or interrupting it and seeing more.

I make a decision, probably the wrong one, and stop moving. The floor goes silent, and so does the man, but not before a sharp intake of breath. Unaware, I hold my breath along with him, before he grunts in his ape like way. I’ve never actually heard him grunt like that before, but its fitting. Its the least surprising thing of this situation. My breath returns along with his.

“Fuuuuck.” He pauses and the slurping continues. “You’re getting better at that. By the end of summer maybe you’ll fit my nuts in there too. Eh, chipmunk?”

My mind catches up with who is in the room with him, who he’s using, and the walls blur before me.

Steadying myself on the wall, my vision becomes clear, despite my utter confusion. Didn’t she complain about him just the day before? Didn’t she agree as I called him an asshole, and curse him out along with me? How the fuck did this happen?

“Mmm yeah, suck those nuts.” The voice says gleefully, and adding to the horrific orchestra is the sound of skin slapping on skin. “Your pretty face looks good with cock on it. You know all the boys at Elwood wanna see you like this, right?”

Theres a sickening popping sound, before a female voice cuts me to my core. Its not necessarily the voice itself, or the person it belongs to that cuts me. Its the desire in their voice. Its the fact that I can hear them smiling.

“Do they?” The woman asks, and I swallow involuntarily. Its the way she speaks. Her usual fiery spirit seems so subdued.

“So fucking innocent.” Said the man, and I can tell he’s smiling too. But his smile doesn’t sound happy, it sounds smug and condescending. “Of course they do.” The slapping fills my ears once again. “They all wanna see their meat on your face.”

Unable to see into the room, his words bring an unwanted clarity to my minds eye. The slapping sound reverberates no more, but its not better. Is he simply standing there, his dirty cock resting on her face, his cockhead on her forehead, his balls on her chin? I’m unsure, but what I do know is that he’s smiling smugly as he looks down upon her.

“We don’t have long, or I’d stuff those other lips of yours.” He says, his canlı bahis şirketleri longing and disappointment evident. I never thought I’d hear the disappointment in his voice at not getting to put his cock in her pussy.

“Where do you wanna cum?” She asks, stabbing into my heart once more.

“Mmm yeah lick it.” He said, painting another picture. “No, lick my head… I wanna coat that pretty face and watch it run down, but that’ll have to wait. Mark’ll be home soon. So you’re gonna swallow it. Every drop. I want it all in your belly.”

“I can do that.” The sweet voice, so angelic, agrees to something that felt on the verge of evil.

“And no brushing your teeth, no rinsing, and no mouthwash. I like being on your breath.”

The way he speaks to her makes me sick, and the bile returns. Not just due to the content, and not just the tone. It was the confidence that she would obey that made me truly repulsed.

“What if he talks to me when he gets here?” She asks, hesitant, and ridiculously my spirits rise. Only to be quashed by his laughter.

“And smells me on your breath? Tell him that you’ve been sucking on my sweaty cock and guzzling my cum. Maybe he’ll learn some respect then.”

“Ok then.” She says, chuckling.

Her laughter hits my ears and feels unnatural. Not fake, I’ve just never heard her laugh in that way before.

“So put it back in and fill my throat.” She continued.

He says nothing, and I can’t see him, but I know he’s smiling wickedly as he guides his cock to her clearly eager mouth. My stomach anticipates the moment he reenters her, and judging by his moan of satisfaction, I wasn’t far off.

My overactive, and so far accurate, imagination begins to take hold and suddenly the door between us might as well not be there.

There he stands, towering above her, triumphantly. A victor of nothing, claiming his spoils as he slides deeper into her mouth, stretching her lips. Sitting on her knees below him, she looks up with those blue doe eyes.

The sound of slurping breaches the crack in the door as his cock defiles her salivating mouth, just as the sound defiles my ears. A mixture of slurping and heavy breathing brings more life to the picture in my minds eye.

“Oh fuck yeah.” He says, through his increasingly rapid breathing. “Suck that fucking cock, slut.”

The loud sounds of the fuckers impending orgasm drown out any movement from me, and I slowly move away from the door, but my freedom comes at a cost.

As I move away I get a glimpse of what’s really happening in there, and I’m distraught that its more disgusting than I imagined.

He does indeed stand above her, as she blows him from her knees, his pants and underwear just slightly lowered as his cock protrudes out, halfway down her throat. His hand wrapped around her ponytail, her dirty blonde hair entangled with his fingers, he slides his thick penis out of her mouth. It glistens in the light, her saliva coating nearly every inch of his manhood. He slides it back in, moaning as he does, staring deeply into her eyes, keenly observing her degradation as he uses her throat. Slowly beginning to pump his cock in and out, he watches as half his length disappears between her lips. Tightening his hand around her ponytail, he pushes her head into him as his hips move into her. She gags as every inch of his cock invades her mouth, stretching her to capacity. Still looking up at him, tears form in her eyes and run down her cheeks, as she struggles to hold him that deep inside her. But she does nothing to stop him. She has every opportunity to hit him, muffle the word “no,” or “stop.” She does none of those things. The only movement I see her make is slipping a hand down canlı kaçak iddaa the front of her jeans, frantically rubbing herself as she chokes on his meat. As more tears spill down her cheek, he finally relents and his large cock plops from her mouth with a sickening sound. Drenched with her saliva, strands of spit draped from his cock to her lips, he looks as though his smile will never leave his face.

“You’re a quick learner.” He says, and he pokes her cheek with his fat head. “I’m not surprised. You’re built for cock. Just a slut that didn’t know her place yet.”

Her wrist continues to circle as she teases her other lips, kneeling beneath him, breathing heavily, and smiling through the mess he made on her face.

“Open wide.” He commands, grabbing his cock in his hand, and he starts to stroke himself.

Her rubbing quickens, and she sits up, getting closer to him, opening her mouth as wide as possible, her tongue dangling out to accept his load.

As his stroking quickens, my sense returns and I’m shaken from my dumbstruck reverie. Grunting and groaning, I know he’s close, and I seize my opportunity to slink down the stairs. I head to the front door, still in shock from the depraved scene I bore witness to, and as my hand touches the handle I hear a great bellowing from above.

Shaking the picture of his cream filling her open mouth out of my head, I open the door and bolt out.

I run halfway down the block as fast as I can, trying to leave that moment behind me. Stopping, I turn and look back. The edge of the house is visible from where I stand. And I just stand there staring towards it, seeing nothing but her on her knees, his cock sliding in. I stand there for an uncertain amount of time, just thinking. How can I go back there? How can I just pretend like I didn’t see what I did?

My flight response urges me to continue running down the block and never stop. Just keep running until I pass out and the movie playing in my head shuts off. I tell myself thats what I’ll do… just run away and never come back…

Time lapses as I think it over.

I take a step, but its toward the house, not away. As I reach the walkway I look to the room where it happened, seeing no evidence of them through the window. Sighing deeply, I walk towards the house, turn the knob, brace myself, and walk in.

“Hey.” My sister says to me as I enter. The tears are gone, the spit is gone, but the smile remains etched upon her face, though less wicked. “How was class?”

“I-it-” Its hard to speak, but its harder to look her in the eye.

She looks at me quizzically, her confusion not killing her smile, and then she chuckles.

“What?” She asks.

Oddly, all I can think in that moment is how beautiful she looks. Standing there wearing a simple red t-shirt, blue jeans, her hair in a neat ponytail. I’ve always noticed her beauty and its something thats always bothered me. As soon as she began the ascent to become a woman, I remember I just wanted to protect her. To help her maintain her innocence in a world where I knew every man was looking to take it. I watched my friends eyes dart down whenever they came over, ogling her large chest whenever they could. Her volleyball coach’s eyes planted too firmly on her ass when she got ready to hit the ball. Dads friends chatting her up when they’d had one too many, as their inhibitions lower and they care less that she’s underage. Everywhere I went with her, mens eyes were glued to her curves, and I had to stop myself from imagining what was going through their minds. It always bothered me, but not too much, because she had a good head on her shoulders. She could tell the good guys from the bad, always able to pick out the creeps canlı kaçak bahis and dismiss their attempts. Or so I thought… In the end I was saving someone who didn’t want to be.

“Wow, that bad huh?” She asked, bringing me out of my head.

“Um yeah.” I cleared my throat. “I mean, no, it was… it was fine.”

“Well, give it time and you’ll wish you were back there.”

My throat constricted, immediately thinking that she knew what I’d seen and simply didn’t care.

“Dean saw the dent.” She continued.

“What?” I asked, before realizing what she meant. “Oh. Oh, shit.” But I don’t really care. I’m glad he saw it, and I hope it pissed him off.

“Mark!” Came the fuckers voice from up the stairs. They thunder as he takes heavy steps, and I wonder how they didn’t hear me as I had raced out. “What the fuck did I say?”

Dean, my step-father emerges between the bannisters and my whole body tenses. I nearly start to shake as my eyes lock into his.

“Well?” He raises his voice, and moves towards me, standing too close, looking down. “The car. What the fuck did I say about my car?”

I can’t do it, I can’t meet his eyes and I look away. Sometimes knowledge isn’t power, its a prison. I swallow before I answer.

“Not to drive it.” I say to the ground, hate boiling in my veins.

“And what did you do?” He asked, leaning forward, forcing me to take a step back.

“Dean-” I start, before he cuts me off.

“What did you do?!” He bellows.

I try not to, but I can’t help it. My eyes find themselves darting towards Mellissa, as she stands behind Dean. She’s watching me and smiles weakly at me. I’m not sure what she means by that.

“She can’t help you.” Said Dean. “You can’t run to her this time. Now, what the fuck did you do?”

“I-I drove it.” I say, trying to defiantly meet his gaze, but the wound’s too fresh. I look away.

“You drove it. Thats right. And now you’re gonna wash it, wax it, and clean the interior. And I don’t just mean getting rid of the garbage and vacuuming the mats. No, no, no, you’re gonna clean the leather and the console as well. Understand?”

I stay silent, thinking of all the things I can do to him.

“You don’t like me much. I know that. But I don’t care. This is my house. You live here rent free. I pay for your fucking college.” He pauses for dramatic effect. “Just because I’m married to your mom doesn’t mean I won’t kick you out. And its a few days before she’ll be here to stick up for you, so until then you’re gonna learn some fucking respect. Now, go!”

I think of all the things I can do to him just by opening my mouth as to what I saw. I picture his life crumbling before his eyes. I think of how much fun it would be to wipe that smile permanently off his face, and I nearly smile myself.

But then I think of Mellissa and my mom. I think about how humiliated Mellissa would be knowing that I saw her being used like that. Could our relationship recover from that? And I think about how devastated my mom would be at finding out that her 21 year old daughter fucked her 47 year old husband. Suddenly I don’t feel like smiling.

I start to walk towards the door to the garage, where I know the wax, bucket, and sponge are.

“I’ll help you.” Said Mellissa, and I turn to see her move to follow me. I smile at her, and she smiles back.

“No.” Dean says, drawing both of our attention. “Theres something I need your help with in here, chipmunk. Upstairs.”

Looking at her, I see her blush, and hope she snaps back with one of her usual sarcastic comments, or even just bluntly tells him fuck off like she did a few weeks ago. But she doesn’t.

“Ok.” She says, then looks at me. “Sorry.”

Panic shooting through my entire body, I continue towards the garage. As I open the door, I hear the stairs creak loudly, and I look back to see him walking up behind her, his eyes glued to her plump ass, and a smile etched across his face.

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