What I’m In The Mood For

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The first post on the thread on the Lit Bulletin Board asked, “What are you in the mood for sexually right now?”

I thought about that for a while and discovered that I knew what I was in the mood for. I started to write it down and realized that I had more details about what I was in the mood for than I wanted to post on a bulletin board.

What am I in the mood for sexually right now?


Let me be more specific. I don’t mean that little kiss, lick and a tug that Jenny gives me before she mounts up and rides me like the British were coming. No, I mean one of those blowjobs that serves as a main event.

In fact, I’ll specify that I’d like to have a voluptuous redhead about 15 years younger than I am do this work. I’m not really that picky about body type or hair coloring,, but since this is about my appetite, I think, I can demand anything I want.

Let me say a little more about this woman. Technically, she was a virgin until the spring semester of her junior year in college. She bahçelievler escort was involved in only one extra-curricular activity as a fresh-person and a sophomore – fellating every classmate, frat boy and teaching assistant that she could get to drop his trousers. She gave 88 blowjobs in her first two years of College – six of those in one night at a fraternity party.

She likes giving blowjobs. They make her feel powerful. She doesn’t look at blowjobs as a form of submission, but more like a circus feat. She thinks of it more as cock-taming. She can make a cock stand up and look fierce, or she can make it lie down and whimper, or she can make it do both. She usually makes cocks do both.

I’m in the mood for her to tie my hands to the headboard of her bed and to pull my trousers off. If I asked, she’d tell me that she needs to tie my hands because she doesn’t want me to push or pull her head around while she is performing her specialty. Also she’d say that she doesn’t balgat escort want me to get impatient and take my pleasure into my own hands.

With me stretched out, tied up and stiffening on the bed, she’d put her right hand behind my testicles and tickle them, pulling them toward her. She’d thank me for shaving all the places that she usually likes to lick and suck. She’d suck the shaft of my cock into her mouth and give it a long hard slurp. I’d probably moan a little, and she would say, “Mmm, you taste good.”

She would fall into a rhythmic pattern of sucking and swirling her tongue around on the head of my throbbing cock. The hand that had been pulling on my scrotum would now be wrapped around my cock. She would be simultaneously sucking me and pumping me with her hand.

I wouldn’t be able to do anything but lay there and take it like a man. She would speed up and slow down as she worked with my tool. At least three times, she would bring me to the edge of coming and then ankara escort she would halt and not let me finish.

At some point, with her hand still wrapped around my cock, she would stop and say, “Okay now mister, you owe me some cream. What’s the matter? Can’t you come for me?”

I’d say, “Jeez honey, you have me right on the edge. Just a little more, please.”

Then she would say, “Oh no, you are ready to pop. I’m just going to put one little finger on your prostate and you will cream for me.”

Her left hand – the one which wasn’t still wrapped around the shaft of my cock – would caress my ass cheek, and I’d feel her sliding her palm into my crack, with one finger groping purposefully. I’d think to myself, “This little cock-sucking vixen is going to poke a finger up my ass.”

Just as her finger touched my butthole, I’d cry something aloud. I don’t know what. I’d apply to a deity for mercy or utter some unplanned vulgarity. And I would spurt an enormous jet of semen from my lower abdomen all the way up to my shoulder. She’d tug the shaft of my cock a couple more times and pump out a few more dollops of my cream.

Then, as I lay panting and moaning, she would shake her loose red curls and let out a silvery little laugh and say, “See, I told you that you were ready to come.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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