When You’re Not Home

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I’m sat at home when nobody is home and can feel myself getting hot and horny. I walk upstairs and strip down to my small black mesh thong. My sleek tanned body stretches out on the bed and i let loose my long dark hair. I reach into my drawer and pull out my range of toys.
I start to rub my breasts, cupping them and tweaking the nipples. “Oh it feels good” I moan openly. I dip my fingers into my mouth and slide them down my neck and chest and over my toned stomach. My fingers dip into my pussy under my thong and flick over my clit before diving into my wet pussy. I pull out my satin pillow and lay it next to me. I rub it over my chest as my fingers delve into my wet pussy once more. I sit up and straddle the pillow-still wearing that now soaked thong. I shut my eyes and imagine i’m riding you. My mesh covered pussy slides up and down that pillow so smoothly as you penetrate me again and again. You work my pussy as i mash my pussy onto that poker oyna pillow hard. I toss back my head and scream your name as i feel my orgasm rushing through me.
I pull out that monster strap on. The fourteen inch black cock with the fake balls. I attach it to the end of the pillow and slowly slide off my drenched thong, down my long tanned legs. I ease my pussy down that cock, covering it with sweet scented juices. I cover twelve inches and then rise back up again to the tip before pushing my pussy down it hard and fast managing to cover thirteen inches. I cup my breasts together imagining your hands over my body as i keep fucking you. As i rise up and slam down again faster and faster i feel the pleasure building up in me as once more i force myself down that cock, this time holding fourteen inches in my tight burning pussy. “Yes, Oh yes!” I scream imagining the whole length of your cock held deep in my pussy. I carry on fucking that strap canlı poker oyna on and covering it and the pillow in my juice until once more i scream as i come. “Oh God! Fuck yes!”
As i climb off that strap on i cast it to the side as i pick up my next toy. My trusty vibrator. I switch it on and slide it down to my pussy feeling the vibrations through my fingers. I then hold it tight to my sensitive clit so i can feel the vibrations pulse through my body. I raise my legs in the air and rub it up and down my clit faster and faster. Yes, it feels good, almost as good as your tongue caressing my needy clit. “Ooh!” I moan as i arch my back with all the pleasure i’m having.
I know that i still have one good hard toy to yet use. I clamp that vibrator to my pussy and clit as my third orgasm waves over me. “Oh!” I manage to shout, over and over.
Finally i get up and cross the room, my juices pouring down my legs. I take out the machine i bought internet casino only a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t used it yet and now i’ll try it. I plug in the Sybian. When it’s ready i straddle the huge rubber cock. I’m unsure of the length but i know my horny pussy can handle it. I switch it onto ‘low’. It begins to pump up and down my pussy. I press my hands against the wall to keep my balance. “Mmmm…fuck me harder baby” I moan to you. Your cock fast working my pussy into an even wetter pussy. I reach down and switch the setting to ‘high’.”Uhh uhh uhh uhh uhh” I moan in rhythm with your hard fucking. I can feel my tits bouncing with your vigorous thrusts. My body is beginning to tense as the orgasm builds. My moans and groans are becoming shouts and screams. “Oh fuck yes!” I scream as i climax yet again. The machine still pounds that hard rubber cock into me, prolonging my earth shattering orgasm. At last i reach down and switch off the machine and rise off it. A stream of come rushes down my legs and i wipe off my toys with some tissues. I put them away, until next time.
I walk off to clean myself up before you arrive home. That’s when the real fun begins…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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