Whole Foods Never Felt So Good

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Dedicated to Mr. R. I hope it’s to your liking.

I wished Whole Foods would lower their prices, as I filled the flimsy plastic produce bag. Looking over the other seasonal fruit options, I picked up a peach squeezing to see if it was anywhere near ripe. I brought it to my nose and was rewarded with a sweet perfume. I happened to look up across the bins of the summer’s harvest and noticed a pair of brown eyes watching me. She was in the berry section holding a bag of cherries but she was watching me, a smile playing across her lips.

My gaze slid down taking in her smooth skin and flaring hips. The skirt she was poured into left no doubt her ass was a show stopper. I imagined how squeezing it would feel. She giggled causing me to jerk my attention back to her face. She was blushing as she turned to head into another department. I watched her disappear down an aisle as I put my peach down. It wasn’t ripe. I’d been unconsciously squeezing earlier, lost in my imaginings.

I continued my shopping. Salad… rice … I think I’m out of olive oil. I found the brand I like among the never ending options and turned to put it in my cart. The peach lady was standing next to it. She smiled, leaning into me. I was about to say something but the angle gave me a wonderful view down her tank top. The round tops of her breasts got my full attention. She pulled the bottle of oil that had been right by my head down and put it in her hand basket. “That’s the best kind. Good and slippery”. Her voice was sweet. Smiling, she sauntered off swaying her hips as she turned the corner.

I was at half mast. Didn’t see my Whole Foods run turning out like this. She was interesting. I continued my shopping and saw her at the end of the next aisle. She cebeci escort was bent over, reaching for coffee on the bottom shelf. Something in me stirred. My turn. I left my cart and walked up behind where she half-crouched, watching. As she stood, having retrieved her selection, her ass brushed against my crotch to her surprise.

She quickly turned around startled. Glancing down at my fly and back up blushing at having felt my interest. I smiled at her but didn’t back up. “Excuse me” I said, leaning in close, reaching above her. As close as we were I could feel her body heat and smell her shampoo. I slowly pulled a package of coffee off of the shelf. I didn’t care what kind I just wanted in her personal sphere. Once I’d got what I wanted I waited, looking into her eyes. She licked her lips, no doubt wanting to feel mine on hers.

I chuckled. “Just needed a stiff drink for the morning”. I backed up to my cart and walked out of the aisle noting the pout on her face. She wanted to play. We continued our game of tag, up and down the aisles watching each other and trying to get under the other’s skin. She was making me crazy. A few times I had come close to feeling her ass the way I wanted, only to have her quickly scoot out of my reach with a wink.

In the frozen section I knew she was behind me, waiting for her chance. The glass of the freezer doors let me track her in their reflection. She was watching me. Her hand squeezed her breast momentarily before she approached. Her arm snaked around my waist so she could firmly grasp what she’d been teasing.

Her grip made my cock jump. It felt so good having her hand on me. She purred into my ear “Mmmm it’s like that huh?” I had been ready for her since çukurambar escort she started stalking me in the freezers. I grabbed the hand holding my cock and pulled her in front of me against the cold glass. Shopping cart on one side and pressed in by my body there was nowhere for her to run.

I rubbed my hard cock against her hip growling along the side of her neck “Feel what you do to me, you little tease.” She moaned and began undulating back against my movements. A soft cough, not too far away, brought us both out of our frenzy.

Nodding at the old gentleman by the frozen pizza I backed away from my peach but kept my eyes on hers. She was breathing deeply trying to catch her breath. I watched her start to walk away and gave a low rumble that stopped her in her tracks. I slowly shook my head. We were not finished here. She understood my warning. She slowly walked to the checkout with me stalking behind her, watching her ass and hips rock.

I was on edge and hard. The cashier rang her up and she waited as my items went through. We walked outside silently. Hyper aware of the other’s proximity. I walked to my car and quickly loaded the trunk. Walking around to the passenger’s side I held the door open for her.

She stood, looking a bit uncertain. I held out my hand which she gingerly took and pulled her into my arms and against the car. I held her face and kissed her deeply, tasting her. She melted into me moaning into my mouth. When I broke the kiss she was dazed. “Oh you don’t want to play anymore? Don’t want to get me hard now that no one is here to interrupt”? I slid my hand under her skirt. My other hand rolled her nipple in my fingers. She rubbed her thighs together. I pressed forward ankara escort rocking my hips into her pelvis. “You’re gonna finish what you started”. I kissed up her neck sliding my hand into her hair.

I clenched my fist causing her to open her eyes. I lowered her head and she slid into the car. After closing the door I sank into the driver’s seat and smiled at her cute little face. I drew it to mine and kissed her deeply again. She was worked up as much as I was, her hand sliding up and down the rod trapped in my pants. I unzipped and fished out my cock, which she quickly grabbed. Her mouth descending on it faster than I thought possible.

Her mouth felt so good. She knew how to suck dick. I could feel her cheeks glide along the sides of my shaft while her tongue swirled back and forth circling the tip and extending to lick down toward my balls. She moved and I felt a shiver run my spine. “Oh that’s good. Right there” I sighed as she lapped at the underside of my cock, just below the head and my balls tightened. She bobbed quickly but surely, changing the angle of her head.

“I’m gonna cum baby”. I know she heard me. The only sound in the car was my panting and the lewd noises her mouth made drooling all over my cock. I grabbed her head and pushed her down forcing my dick deeper into her bottomless mouth. I lifted my hips humping into her face. Unable to stall the inevitable, I pulled her off my cock and started stroking like mad.

She lay her head down onto my lap and lifted her tongue expectantly while she watched me with those eyes. I grunted and loosed my cum across her tongue. Another shot across her cheek. Again against her lips. She widened her mouth wanting more. The last bit splattered in a pool on her tongue. I felt like jelly. I sat back against the seat and watched her gather up the cum on her face and slide it into her mouth. When she got all of it, she looked at me and swallowed. Smiling, she licked her fingers and lips and asked “Do you do most of your shopping on Sunday’s?”

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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