With a Wink Ch. 02

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It had been months since me and Jennie (my co-worker at Subway) first made love, my cock shooting its ejaculation into her vagina (that’s exactly what happened; I have no other way of describing it succinctly and I thought it was great, so whatever), and we continued to have sex every Friday that we worked together in the store. We mixed it up as much as possible; sometimes I came in her pussy, sometimes I came in her mouth, sometimes I came on her face, I came on/in her on the floor, on tables, in the cooler, in the freezer, behind the counter…

I was starting to get nervous though, because in spite of the sex that was (in my personal opinion) great, things were starting to get boring. I’m not a terribly creative person and I wanted a way that me and Jennie could take our sex to the next level… but not, she would never go for… THAT…

It was Friday again, and we were closing up the store together. I was trying to be a nice guy for the morning shift and close the store up proper, but the rock-hard boner popping through my zipper made it almost impossible to focus. It was FRIDAY, and if this Friday was anything like the previous ones, I was going to come somewhere inside of Jennie (it was a full moon, which usually meant I would be coming in her mouth, a concept that almost had me creaming in my pants in anticipation, thinking of her warm wet lips wrapped around my shaft as her tongue caressed… well, you get the picture).

Jennie, 19, technically my boss (direct supervisor, anyway), gave by far the best blowjobs I’ve ever had the pleasure of receiving, rotating her head as she bobbed up and down, her tongue doing enough work for two girls as she slobbered up and down my shaft, saliva dripping down onto my balls in the fantastic one-person-tango that culminated in the greatest feeling in the world: unquestioned release, as my semen streamed from my body into her mouth.

Jennie always swallowed (sometimes when I’m drunk I’ve thought about asking her why, since many girls don’t, but I never did; it would appear uncouth, I believe) and each time left me craving for the next full moon…

“Matt!” She snapped, actually angry, and I pulled my hand away from my crotch, where I was lightly, unconsciously, fondling myself, and my head away from my thoughts, and I reassumed my position on my mop; demirlibahçe escort “I thought you said you swept the floor out here? By the door?”

I HAD swept the floor by the door but, being as it was Friday… It wasn’t my best work, to say the least. My mind was kind of on other things.

Jennie crossed her arms over her chest and I could tell she was actually pissed. Uh oh.

“You KNOW the owners have been getting on us about cleaning,” she said, her face a scowl, “and I know DAMN well what you’ve been doing to yourself instead of cleaning… when you think I’m not watching.”


Her face softened, “Matt, just get the work done, that’s all. Don’t get too eager: it doesn’t become you. I mean, God, you think it’s ever easy for ME to wait until closing time to… you know?”

She flicked her tongue in and out like a serpent with a grin and I almost came right there, but I laughed instead, a weird laugh that sounded forced and fake.

“Jesus girl…” I said, wincing partially at her words and partially at my inability to represent real laughter… I was just so focused on one thing…

She laughed back, “Sorry. Just sweep it again and… clean out the fucking cooler!” She rubbed her backside, “The owners want it clean anyways and when you don’t clean it the dirt hurts my ass, I think I still have an olive stuck somewhere in my butt from last time…”

I didn’t try to laugh this time, I just gave her a wave and walked back to the cooler, feeling like a damned retard while she went back to clean the back room.

It wasn’t difficult work to clean the cooler, it just took a little back muscle, and I was done quickly, my bad-back screaming out in pain. I leaned against the wall, catching my breath before I re-swept the floor.

“Dammit Matt!” I heard Jennie yell as she poked her head out from the back room, “What did I just ask you to do?”

“I’m GETTING TO IT,” I yelled back, not thinking, and immediately regretted it. Fuck Matt, don’t bite the hand that feeds…

In about 20 minutes both of us were completely finished with our tasks (and I mean COMPLETELY, the damn place was spotless).

Jennie walked up to me, her hands clasped in front of her.

“Matt?” She asked, actually apprehensive (the most confident woman dikmen escort I knew!).

“Yeah?” I answered, uselessly mopping an already-mopped floor.

“I want to… talk to you… about something.”

I winced inwardly but kept superfluously mopping. She was fucking BORED with me! I knew it! This is the end, Matt, this is the goddamned end!

But then that mischievous grin found its way onto her beautiful face…

Suddenly a car pulled into the Subway parking lot, a small, compact American car… I KNEW this car… the driver is someone I… KNOW…

Jennie gestured out the window.

“I think Natalie could explain it better.”

Natalie… another employee at Subway… I worked with her on Wednesdays. Decent enough body, FANTASTIC ass, take ’em or leave ’em tits, though…

She walked through the door, wearing one of the shortest skirts I’ve ever seen.

“Hi Matt!” She greeted me enthusiastically, sitting down at one of the chairs.

Good lord, she isn’t wearing any underwear, I thought, seeing her pink, completely shaved vagina poking out, trying hard not to stare. I didn’t want to offend Jennie, after all…

Neither one said anything, Natalie just sitting there, smiling, and Jennie, leaning up against the counter, her hips in perfect profile against the dark tile, staring straight at me.

I stood there like a moron for at least a minute, looking back and forth between the two beautiful girls.

Finally Jennie sighed in exasperation: “God Matt…” and walked across the room and grabbed Natalie by the hair and kissed her deep and passionately on the mouth, Natalie’s head pulled back at a 90 degree angle.

“Ohhhhhhh…” I said, “Now I get it.”

Natalie walked up to me, undoing my belt, “Me and Jennie… we’re friends.” She giggled, and I gave her a weird look.

“Oh come off it,” she said, giving me a playful slap, “do you really think you’re the first one we’ve done this to?”

Actually, I had kind of HOPED I was the first guy they had done this to, but I’ll take what I can get.

Jennie walked up behind Natalie, her top discarded on the floor behind her: “I decide the way this one goes,” she said, unclipping Natalie’s bra and fondling breasts that were much better than I had anticipated.

I leaned in ankara escort close to Natalie but paused, almost to her lips. I looked at Jennie questioningly.

“Go ahead, do it!” she said, waving me on.

I kissed Natalie, but never taking my eyes off of Jennie. She slowly stuffed a hand down her black panties beneath her black pants, first a few fingers, then the whole hand, working in and out. I began to kiss Natalie harder, feeling up her pussy as she grabbed and squeezed my dick.

“Suck him,” Jennie said, forcefully.

Natalie pulled away, never taking her eyes off of my dick while I never took my eyes off of Jennie. Natalie pulled my pants down and quickly, almost greedily, began sucking my cock.

I tried not to make a noise with Jennie standing right there, but I let out a few involuntary gasps.

Jennie pulled Natalie off of me, glaring at me; “You know the drill,” she said to Natalie, pointing to me.

“Is it a full moon?” Natalie asked, her innocent face curious.

“Yes, for you.” Jennie hissed, completely in control now.

Natalie laughed and went down on me as Jennie stripped and squatted over my face.

Jennie’s pussy smelled… well… I don’t really know how to describe it. It was PRETTY DAMN FANTASTIC, that’s what I’ll say… Yeah, that’s the ticket. I did everything I could to pay her back for the incredible favor she was doing me in the form of Natalie, possibly a better dick-sucker than Jennie slobbing my knob relentlessly, sending waves of pleasure pulsating throughout my body. I started to make the obligatory groans…

“Are you about to come?” Jennie asked, lifting up off of my face and facing me between her own knees.

“Umm hmm,” I nodded once I had some space.

At my last attempt at communication Natalie sprang off of my penis, her mouth wide, her hand working up and down like a jack-hammer as my dick shot thick ropey strands of come across her face. The ones that landed in her mouth she swallowed eagerly, like a hungry tiger, the rest remaining glistening across her forehead, nose, chin and cheeks.

Jennie, still nude, slide down next to me and kissed me on the mouth, “Merry Christmas,” she said.

“It’s not even December,” I murmured as Natalie walked out of the store without a word, seemingly oblivious to my semen still on her face as she got into her car, reflecting the streetlights. The way Jennie was today, she had probably ordered her not to wash off.

“No shit,” Jennie whispered back, both hands on her breasts, Natalie driving home with my white come glistening on her face.

I couldn’t wait for NEXT Friday…

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