A Beggar’s Social Advancement Ch. 01

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Note of the writer : All my stories are chained and difficult to follow if you haven’t read the previous chapters.

Just a side idea I had when writing Mark’s destiny story that I plan to develop in a full series! I could have made it into just new chapters of this long story but I decided otherwise!

– – –

Shortly after Preeti’s splendid marriage with Gwanendra with their four hundred guests, Leena was still in the palace when she invited Mark and Jodhaa for a private meeting. Such a summons led usually Jodhaa and her husband to always-dirtier adventures and they had grown addicted to them. They were waiting to hear Leena’s new kinky ideas and, in truth, they were just drooling in anticipation when Leena closed the door behind her…

– Good afternoon, Jodhaa and you Mark! I have discussed with Kira and she has told me she is enduring her morning sicknesses but the baby is developing nicely. Did you see him, Mark? She has told me you’ve already chosen a name for him!

– Yes, Leena! I will give him the name of Kishore, in honour of Kyrhan’s grandfather. The Prince seems delighted!

– I understand it and what of you, Jodhaa?

– Nothing special. I was little affected by the morning sicknesses but Kyrhan’s baby is training hard to become a football star! He keeps banging against the wall of my womb and I can’t sleep during my afternoon nap. It gets rather tiring…

– Sorry for you but it won’t be long now

– Are you kidding, Leena? I’ve still four months to go and I already feel as clumsy as an elephant with my bloated belly! I won’t ever be able to attract Kyrhan or Mark back in my bed with my deformed body!

– That’s just what interests me!

– Beg your pardon?

– Do you remember the beggar I found to fuck you…

– The one with the horse cock? It was more than eleven inches long…

– Thirteen and a half to be accurate!

– Maybe! He smelled awful and his body was covered with scabs and abscesses. It was a nightmare! Remember I had to let him fuck me! If you hadn’t plunged him in a disinfection bath, I would never have done it!

– It’s quite true but the poor lad caught my interest. I showed him to the palace doctor. His scabs were rather benign. I had to coat him completely in lotions but, in just three weeks, he was as neat as a baby! Making him take a long soak in a tub was much more difficult and I needed Rajiv’s help to have his hair cut and his nails clipped but, at the end, he was quite decent, the type of guy any girl would kill to have to her arm or in her bed. I had a passport made to his name and I sent him to Europe. In Peter’s company, they have a rather discreet but successful company making porn films. It’s quite shameful here in India but it isn’t in Western countries, if you remember it. I couldn’t associate Kyrhan’s name with such films but Peter had no similar hesitations as long as the company earned enough money! Kumar has become a gold mine! He has even won a prize in a festival in Berlin!

– Impressive, Leena! I’m quite happy for him but how am I concerned?

– I was arriving at it. Our advertising specialists think we should create a buzz around him to boost the sales! The best would be to give him a more classical life, find him a girlfriend so people won’t think he is just a gigantic cock with legs! He is in fact a rather good actor but most people just remember his horse like cock…

– Any aspiring starlet could do the job!

– We tried it but Kumar rejected the idea! He is just interested by a single girl in the world and it’s you, Jodhaa!

– Me!!! But why?

– You were the first girl who opened her legs for him willingly in his life except whores… Most of them just fled away when they saw his huge manhood and now he wants just you!

– I see! What would you want me to do, exactly?

– Rather simple, accompany him to festivals, being photographed to his side, giving a few interviews and showing off your huge belly and saying to reporters that he fucks you every day, that you enjoy it tremendously and that Kumar is the father of the baby you’re carrying. And, of course, you would keep him well fucked!

– But, it’s a pure lie! You perfectly know that the father of my baby is Kyrhan!

– Who cares? Many adventurous girls will line up to be fucked by Kumar and, maybe, one of them will catch his interest and you’ll be free to return here!

– NO, Leena!!!! I don’t want to be supplanted by some wannabe starlet! You’ll have to find a better scenario : Kumar has a very nice cock and he knows how to use it but, if I become officially his girlfriend, it will be on a permanent basis! Whenever I would like or need to return to India, I will just visit some slum and disappear there with the help of some of Kira’s Dalits. I will just put on some very kinky and bright coloured western dress to attract attention and disappear discreetly in some dark room. When I’ll come out, I will wear a dirty saree with the pallu on my head and no journalist will güvenilir bahis imagine the two girls would be the same…

– Hmmmphhh! It’s manageable! We’ll have to ask Kira and Kyrhan but I think they will agree. By the way, your new name for the journalists could be Jodhaa Rao, wife of Kumar Rao… What do you think of it, Mark?

– I just fear that Kumar may steal my dear wife with his huge cock! He may reach places I cannot dream to go to!

– Don’t be too afraid of it! Kyrhan has an even bigger cock and reaches as far as Kumar but he didn’t try to take your wife!

– Ohhh! He could do it quite easily! Just it would be the end of our little community!

Kira really enjoyed Leena’s ideas. She even commented she might want a sample of Kumar’s skills in the future. Kyrhan was no bigot and if Kumar invested his money in India, that was just fine with him. So Leena had a second meeting with Jodhaa and her husband to organize Jodhaa’s arrival…

– Kumar is about to start shooting a film in Ibiza. You could make your first appearance there, just for a few days!

– That would be fine! I never went there!

– There are plenty of dance floors! You should visit another one or two every evening… Just for a few photographs each time but you may stay to the morning if you want!

– Fine for me. I love dancing! Will Mark come along?

– That would be the salt of it! He would be your bodyguard and your jack-of-all-trades! If you have any whimsies, as most pregnant women have, feel free to send him on an errand at whatever moment you choose! Kumar will most certainly want to fuck you repeatedly. Just force him to take some rest before the shootings. It wouldn’t do if he arrived completely exhausted and unable to get a hard on!

– That’s for sure! But what should I pack for the occasion?

– Leave her all your sarees, cholis and kameez! We are going to buy for you quite revealing clothes! I’ve found for you this body clinging vinyl dress. It’s very short, just covering your bum and low cut and I’ve it made especially for your present belly! Please try it. There is also a jersey and Lurex dress! It’s so tight you won’t be able to wear a bra or knickers underneath!

– Look, Leena, it’s so magnificent! It’s exactly my size!

– Sure, I’ve faxed your latest measurements to a shop in Mumbai! I’ve also ordered a very minimum bikini and a veil shirt, one that you should wear without a bra and here are Lauboutin plateau shoes.

– My god! How high are these heels?

– Six inches! You have better get accustomed wearing them : you are flying to Ibiza in just a week! And you’ll have them at your feet most of the time from the moment you arrive there!

Jodhaa’s first attempts were rather clumsy : she stumbled permanently, ready to fall forward but Leena was always there to help her at the last moment. Her steps got rapidly more assured. In the time prescribed by Leena, she was sufficiently trained to get into the plane wearing these impossibly high heels and keeping them for a whole day! She certainly caught the general attention of the other passengers when she entered the ladies’ room in Ibiza and exited from it wearing an outfit that would have made her arrested in many countries for indecent exposure. But there, anything was permissible as long as her tits, ass and pussy were more or less covered! Certainly her present outfit left nothing to the imagination! Mark followed, pulling on the two wallets of her clothes, beauty powders and shoes…

Jodhaa and Mark took a taxi to the shooting place in a nice villa with a superb view, rented for the occasion. She phoned Kumar to inform him of their arrival. They heard a loud scream of excitation, a rush of steps and the door opened violently, banging against its frame. Kumar rushed out. He turned the head around and finally caught Jodhaa in her scandalously reduced outfit. He opened his arms and marched toward her. She extended her arms toward him ant let him pull her into a very tight embrace…

– Jodhaa, at last! I have missed you so much!

– I don’t know how I could have stayed so far from you so long, darling!

These sentences were mostly intended for the ears of the journalists that were there, especially invited by Leena. But they felt like stabs in Mark’s heart! Leena was there chatting with the journalists and she whispered to their ears :

– Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, it’s an unexpected visit… May I present you Jodhaa, the wife of Kumar Rao?

– What? You had never told us he had a wife!

– Sorry, Patrick, you never inquired! Do you think a stud like Kumar could stay alone for a long time?

– But, a specialist told us that people with such huge genitals were usually sterile and that they couldn’t find a girl able to accommodate them!

– Perhaps you haven’t noticed that Jodhaa is pregnant? I can testify she has never asked for medical insemination. And I can tell you I surprised them once : his cock was buried to the hilt in her pussy! He seems türkçe bahis that he has found a girl deep enough for him! Maybe your famous specialist was just short dicked?

The two male journalists just laughed but their self-esteem had taken a blow. Only the female journalist wasn’t convinced : her own boyfriend was well endowed at eleven inches and he always banged against her cervix and it was so painful that she often put an end to their coupling! How could a girl accommodate the monster cock they have seen in the rushes! No, it must be a fake or opticals! It was just impossible! The cameraman and the producer were ogling Jodhaa with their mouth wide open and their cocks in full erection. She was so exciting with her scandalously short dress that they already dreamed of a gangbang there in the middle of the patio! She could be a porn star on her own and the producer imagined the success of a video starring both of them!

Kumar was now kissing deeply Jodhaa, exploring the deepest nooks of her mouth and she was kissing him back feverishly. They reluctantly parted to continue the shooting. When they finished, Jodhaa had prepared for them all Indian cocktails, something quite new for the journalists who bombarded Jodhaa with questions. She told them she lived in India and didn’t want to tell her about her whereabouts as she wanted to live a quiet life, that she had been married to Kumar for three years and she was expecting their first baby, that he fucked her at least two times every day but more on special occasions, things she would have never said to a stranger in normal conditions, although it was completely invented details!

The journalists finally left. Leena congratulated them and told her she had spotted at least four paparazzi with long distance photo devices. She left. Jodhaa decided to make a dive into the large swimming pool. She stripped naked, knowing that the photos would make the first page on many magazines! Kumar joined her and they played in the pool for a quarter of an hour. He then pulled out and lay on the sundeck. Jodhaa followed him and started to fiddle with his cock. She then caressed his balls that were each as big as her fists. Jodhaa phoned to Mark to bring them a bottle of Champagne. Mark arrived soon after, holding two flutes. He looked as calm as an English butler. He kept his upper lip stiff when he saw both of them totally naked. He arrived just at the moment Jodhaa was taking Kumar in her mouth. She deep-throated him avidly. When he was as big as he could be, she pulled away apparently reluctantly and admired Kumar’s magnificent manhood!

One of the paparazzi groaned in stupefaction :

– God, he is an alien monster! His cock must be more than a foot long and twice bigger than my own! And she swallowed him to the hilt! It’s just impossible!

– Hush, fool, they may spot us! You have seen it and there was no possible fraud! Look! She is straddling him now! We will see if she can get him in to the hilt as Mrs Leena has told us!

Effectively, Kumar’s cock was swiftly disappearing into Jodhaa’s pussy. Leena had given her a dildo, just the size of Kumar’s cock. Mark had shoved it ten or twelve times a day in her pussy to ream her conveniently and she had kept it lodged deep in her cunt during their travel from India. She could have requested Kyrhan’s help but she would have been too loose afterwards to give pleasure to Kumar and she desperately wanted him to become really in love with her! More over, it would be so much easier for her to resize to accommodate Mark again!

When she saw the pictures, the female journalist who had interviewed her was flabbergasted : everything that had been said about Kumar had been true! He even stood up, keeping Jodhaa impaled on his cock and jogged two times around the swimming pool before depositing her on a concrete ping-pong table. He started fucking her for his dear life. Jodhaa soon started to scream louder and louder without interruption and her screams could be heard a hundred yards from there by the paparazzi. There was no doubt to be kept : Kumar was owning his wife quite masterfully and she responded to him heartily. The magazines would offer the lucky paparazzi his weight in silver for these pictures!

Mark served them a second flute of Champagne. He looked as impassive as before even though he could see a river of cum oozing out of his wife’s pussy. He didn’t care about it : she was already pregnant, Kumar was clean and there was no risk for the time being! The actor fell into sleep with his cock firmly planted in her pussy. She had her legs locked tightly behind his back? The weather was still quite warm and Mark left them sleeping outdoors with Kumar’s body covering completely Jodhaa’s. At least, she wouldn’t get a cold. He watched their bodies entwined together for a few minutes, and then he nodded pensively and went to his bed on the first floor. Around 3 AM, he was awakened by a noise in the garden. He climbed down to see whether Kumar and Jodhaa needed some help or felt too cold but he discovered güvenilir bahis siteleri they were at it again! He watched them fucking like cats in heat for a few minutes before scolding Jodhaa with a voice imitating Kyrhan’s :

– Leena has told you to let Kumar rest before the shooting. Both of you to bed but in different rooms! Is it understood?

His imitation of Kyrhan must have been quite good as neither Kumar nor Jodhaa protested! He even was bold enough to slap Jodhaa’s buttocks for her breach of Leena’s instructions. She bowed her head down and hurried to her room. Mark had prepared her bed, pinning her name to the door, just as it was in Kyrhan’s harem. She would feel at home! He wondered how far Jodhaa would follow his orders… He went to her bedroom and told her to remove the mattress and sleep directly on the mesh springs on her belly. The mesh would torture her sensitive breasts but she obeyed without problems. Discovering how submissive Jodhaa could be when she was with Kumar offered interesting perspectives to Mark! He went to his bed but left the door open, just in case Jodhaa wanted to disobey once more. He had under his pillow a light strap for children that he intended to use on her buttocks if she dared to visit Kumar. He half hoped she would!

In the morning, Mark seemed to have retrieved his subservience to Kumar’s wishes. He woke up Jodhaa and proposed her to join the actor in his bed through the terrace. He knew that the paparazzi were still there and would love to have Jodhaa naked ambling to return to her Kumar… Mark left her barely enough time for a deep kiss. He came immediately to serve them breakfast in bed. He stayed in the bedroom and he prevented them by his sole presence to move to very intimate activities… Jodhaa choose her jersey dress to accompany Kumar at the film shooting. In the scenario, Kumar should rape anally the actress but when he tried to thrust into her rectum, the girl yelled, pretending he was too big, that it hurt horribly… The film shooting had to be interrupted. Jodhaa had read the script and noticed that the girl had always her face in the pillows. She offered to replace the actress. They had the same build and the switch would be barely visible in the film. A stand in is rather common in films, isn’t it? The director immediately accepted as Jodhaa’s proposal saved a fair sum.

Kumar had informed every one that he had never used Jodhaa’s back passage. So everyone but Mark expected that Jodhaa would suffer dearly when Kumar explored that way but, to the general stupefaction, he entered her even more easily than he had done in her pussy : her back passage was as open as her love tunnel! She had to clench her sphincter muscles desperately around Kumar’s cock to offer him sufficient friction to make him cum. Most porn actors are said never to cum during a film shooting to keep their hardness but Kumar was an exception! The staff applauded when they finished shooting. Jodhaa had been just perfect. The director came back to his idea.

– Jodhaa you are born to be a porn actress, maybe a normal actress. Would you consider a proposal to make a film with Kumar? You would be well paid for it, I promise!

Jodhaa laughed and gave a non-committing answer :

– It’s something you’ll have to discuss with Kumar and Leena, my husband and her boss!

They went to a nightclub in the evening. The bouncer must have seen the pictures in the Internet magazines as he opened for them the VIP lounge and offered them drinks.

– Champagne for you, Mr Kumar, and for you, Miss Jodhaa? It’s a courtesy from the management of the Valparaiso club!

Mark was following them but he hadn’t the privilege of receiving a cup of Champagne or being greeted by the bouncer. The DJ announced their entrance with a profusion of laudatory comments : a new actor now at the top of the box office, Jodhaa, his superb wife who makes us the honour of her first public outing in Ibiza. He requested a standing ovation for both of them. Jodhaa had never envisioned being treated like a star and she turned anxiously toward Mark. He made a circle with his thumb and his index toward her, to tell her it was OK. Completely reassured, she lifted her head and favoured the assistance with a beaming smile. She clung amorously to Kumar’s arm under a deluge of flashes from the smart-phones all around. The advertisement campaign for Kumar was starting nicely. Kumar wasn’t a very good dancer; Mark would have been far better! Jodhaa whispered to her partner she would lead the dance and she did magnificently : she was a natural dancer and had the rhythm in her body.

They danced for two hours and Kumar got swiftly the knack of it. At one AM, they left for the Copacabana dance hall. They were immediately recognized and the director of the club went out to greet them. Jodhaa blushed when she saw on his smart phone a picture of her crossing the terrace in the nude to return to Kumar’s bedroom. Had all the people in the assistance watched all these images taken by the paparazzi? She was now anxious to return to the safety of Kyrhan’s harem! An intruder would be instantly be surrounded by several Dalits of Kira’s team and properly expelled. He would never dare to return without being formally invited!

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