A Big Appetite

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I’ve always loved sex, right from the beginning. Like a lot of other girls, I’m sure, I started with a neighbor boy. I mean, they’re the ones that are convenient when you’re at the age you decide you really, really need to find out what it’s all about. And you know them so you can trust them. Because it’s all a little scary at first. Anyway, Alex was two years older, very quiet and shy. I’m sure it was me and not him that led us through every step. We did it all, from showing each other our privates to touching to oral to actually fucking. I think I knew the moment I saw his erection that I wanted it, wanted to taste it, wanted to feel it inside me. I had looked at lots of porn.

We actually got very good at it, both loving it all a lot. Naked, spending hours doing everything we could; other times finding an odd moment around the corner when we could have a quickie. As shy and quiet as he was and is, I’m sure our having sex helped Alex a lot later when he was at college.

I got to the point I needed even more and added another guy, without Alex ever knowing. I would have sex with one and then a few hours later with the other. And I never stopped. I’ve had lots and lots of sex and have loved it all. I tried to keep from being too sluttish even though I realize that I am a slut. I would generally have one, sometimes two, occasionally even three, guys that I was having sex with and would stay with each of them them for a while. I didn’t go pick up guys in bars for one nighters and don’t think I ever got a bad reputation for being too sexually active, even though I was.

Fortunately, I inherited good genes. I’m attractive. Great body. Tits a little too big for the rest of me, good butt, nice legs, small waist. Pretty enough face, maybe cute would be more honest. I was really blond as a kid, almost white haired, and slowly darkened some over the years until I’m still blond, sort of sun streaked blond, but with a little help nowadays. I keep my pussy shaved so nobody can tell.

Unfortunately, academics was never my strong suit. So I never went to college. Have had to work to earn a living. Was a waitress but moved into retail sales, clerking in a store. I manage to make good enough money to support me. I’m better at getting men to buy than women. I suspect that many of them would love to buy me but instead I have them settle for what I sell them.

Which is how I met Tony. He wanted me and not what I was selling. Oh, he bought stuff but really wanted me. He’s very attractive, very manly. Tall, dark and handsome, the old cliché. With more money that he knows what to do with. I’m fairly sure it’s illegal but I don’t dig into all that. He finally got me. For a weekend first. But now, I’ve lived with him for about three months. A kept woman. I know it’s not smart. He’s married with children so this won’t last forever. But he is so very, very good in bed and is almost insatiable and can get it up over and over, which means he actually meets my huge needs. And he can afford absolutely anything. I live like a princess. Admittedly, it’s a little like the princess locked away in a tower. I don’t have a life anymore except fucking Tony and being spoiled rotten. I read a lot. And that reading is starting to get to me.

We’re now in Italy. In a truly grand hotel. Rome. We’re here because it all has something to do with Tony’s business. I’ve read travel books about Italy. About all kinds of places but since we’re in Italy, Italy is what I think of. I really want to visit a lot of the places I’ve read about. I can visit the ones just blocks away. The Vatican, Trevi fountain and so on, and I have. But there’s a lot more out there and Tony doesn’t want me wandering off very far. Protecting me, probably, but stifling me actually. I’m definitely getting a little itchy about killing time all day waiting for him to come home and fuck me. I need something to do. Back in LA I had a lot of friends and I worked until a couple months ago, it wasn’t a problem. But here, I’m beginning to realize the down side of being a kept woman. Maybe it’s all a mistake.

So I’m sitting at a little table, among a bunch of other tables on what is sort of a very wide sidewalk or colonnade in front of the hotel, having a coke. Just killing time. This guy comes over and asks if he can sit at my table. Asks in English so he must recognize me as American. Hitting one me, most likely. I look at him. He’s tall and pretty slim. Has on shorts, boots, a wide brim hat and carries a backpack. Actually a very good looking guy and obviously in good shape. Looks like someone who’s hiking around. What the heck, I figure. Might make the afternoon more pleasant.

“Sure,” I say, looking him up and down.

“You’re a very pretty girl,” he says as he sits on the chair next to me. Accent of some sort, not an American.

“Thanks,” I reply. “You look like someone backpacking around the country.”

“Yes I am,” he says. “It’s a great way to see the real countryside and how people actually live.”

“How long have you been doing this?”

“Oh, güvenilir bahis I’ve done it most vacations for several years. Have you ever done anything similar?”

I smile. “No, never have. It might be interesting, though. How long are you doing it this year, how much time do you still have?” I’m beginning to remember a guy built like this that I was with for several months a couple years ago. Tall and almost skinny but with a really great cock, sort of long and skinny like his body. I bet this guy is like that.

“Oh, I’ve just started, got to Rome yesterday. I have four weeks off. From here, I think I’ll go to Naples, then Florence, then perhaps Venice. Have you ever traveled in Italy?”

“No, my first time here. I’ve been here just a few days. How do you travel? How much will a month traveling cost you?”

“You’re very nosy but that’s all right. I travel on public facilities, buses, trains, subways. I stay in inexpensive pensiones, you know, rooms off the main thoroughfares. I’m budgeting 3,000 Euros for my vacation. But why do you want to know?”

“I’m not sure. I have some ideas but I haven’t thought them out. Do you travel alone?”

“At the moment, yes. But I would be very happy to have someone share the experiences. A pretty girl perhaps?”

I grin. Nothing bashful about him. I don’t think he realizes that the rooms I’m in with Tony probably cost six or seven hundred Euros a day. With meals out in good restaurants and hired limos, Tony might spend this guy’s 3000 Euros in a day. “Is that an offer? I would probably help you run through your Euros much quicker.”

“Oh, I could spend more if I had a good reason,” he comes back with a dirty smile.

“You’re trying to pick me up, aren’t you?”

“Well, you’re very attractive, so, yes, I guess I should admit it. Is there anything wrong with that?

“I should tell you that I’m not interested in any one night stands. I love sex. I don’t want to mislead you. But I prefer ongoing relationships. The sex is much better that way, I think. For instance, from what you’ve said, a month or more together could be pleasant and it could be horrible if the two weren’t compatible.” I was getting a little horny. I was also a little envious that he managed to do whatever he wanted and I was sort of trapped.

His grin was even bigger and dirtier. “Compatibility would be easy to establish, wouldn’t it? The afternoon is young and my room is only minutes away.”

“You don’t waste any time, do you? Well, why not? I think I’m in the mood. Let’s go. But remember, I warned you. If you’re as good as I hope, you may be stuck with me for awhile.”

I think he’s surprised that he’s succeeded. I get up and then, he realizes what I’ve said and jumps up and puts his hand on my waist to lead me away. I go along with him. “I’m Diane,” I tell him. “American. And you?”

“Oscar, from Denmark.”

“Oscar,” I say out loud. “I’ve never been with an Oscar. And maybe I should say that I’m in Rome with someone and in a couple hours he’ll be returning so I don’t have a whole lot of time right now”

“I’m realizing that you’re not exactly the simple but very attractive young girl I thought I was meeting,” he tells me, “You’re much more complicated and interesting.”

We hiked up to what I would call the third floor but here is the second because the ground floor is not the first floor, the next one up is the first floor. Does that make any sense? The room was minimal, double bed, window, chair, chest of drawers, mirror, sink with hot and cold water. Apparently the bathroom is down the hall. I’m a little out of breath from climbing but Oscar certainly isn’t because he pulls me to him and kisses me. A really sexy kiss showing lots of promise.

As we break the kiss, I say, “No use wasting time, let’s get naked so we can get at each other,” and I start unbuttoning my blouse. Oscar is no slouch. He actually gets out of his things faster than me — boxer shorts, I noted, not briefs.

“You are absolutely the sexiest, best built, most attractive girl I’ve ever been with,” he tells me and kisses me again, his hands running down my back and pulling my butt close against him. I want to get in as much sex as I can and I know I don’t have a lot of time. I’ll need to shower and use the bidet when I get back and be ready for Tony to eat me almost as soon as he sees me. I sure can’t have him slurping out Oscar’s cum. I think that would upset him at the very least. I had got just a glimpse of Oscar’s cock before he held me tight and kissed me and it looked to be what I expected, longer than usual. Now, I needed to find out for sure. So when he finally stopped kissing me, I pretty much just dropped down, sliding through his arms, onto my knees, so I could get at his cock.

I’ve made use of more cocks than I probably should have at my age. I’m 23 and I’ve looked up close like this at maybe a dozen,well, maybe a few more than that. And each one is a little different. They’re all sexy as hell but some are almost beautiful and some almost ugly. türkçe bahis Long ones, short ones, thick ones, clean and firm, some with veins almost popping out, some with weird shaped heads that look almost too big for the shaft to hold. I’ve read that size doesn’t matter it’s how you use it and I agree to some extent. The guy with the smallest cock I’ve been with was actually a very good lover, we lasted several months together. But all other things being equal, bigger gives you different feelings inside, more feelings. I also read where the average size is about six inches. To get an average it would mean some are bigger than that and some smaller. Well, all mine have been on white guys in Southern California that are fairly well built otherwise and my experience would say the average must be a little more than claimed. But then I’ve never been with guys that are over all small or huge and I guess cocks would sort of go along with overall size. Maybe that’s why Walt Chamberlain at over seven feet tall had so many females that wanted to experience his cock. If it matched his overall size it would probably be huge.

Well, any way, here’s Oscar’s. As I expected, it’s long, maybe as long as any I’ve had before and maybe slightly longer. It’s not unusually thick or fat but it’s thick enough. And it’s not circumcised. This is only my second not circumcised. So the head is sort of hiding inside it’s hoodie or whatever that’s called. And it’s not really all the way up yet. I mean, it’s half way there, standing out and not hanging. But as I hold it and feel his balls with my other hand, it grows and gets more and more firm and hard. I look up at him and tell him, “You have a really great cock, Oscar.” It’s true but I have to admit I’ve said that a number of times before. I kiss the end and turn my head to lick along the side.

I’m never going to be able to deep throat this. I’ve learned how and done it before but this thing would go down my throat enough to hit that flap, whatever it’s called, that might aim it into my lungs. I’d suffocate. But let’s give it a whirl and see. I open my mouth wide enough and get the end into my mouth. As it hardens, the head peeks out a little more. I lick around the head and can push the foreskin with my tongue. Interesting. I take more of it into my mouth and grasp the base with my fingers. I start jerking him off a little with my fingers as I slide my lips back and forth, keeping my tongue working on him. I’ve always lover oral sex, love the whole feel of sucking a cock. I think I could suck on one for hours. Well, maybe not, my jaw would probably get tired.

The more I work on his cock, the hotter I get. I move my hand from fondling his balls to reach down between my legs and start playing with myself. I grip him as tight as I can with my lips and work back and forth, also working him with my fingers. So far, he’s just standing there letting me do my thing. Some guys start using their hips to try and fuck my mouth. I’m glad he isn’t because I’d just as soon do it the way I want. I want to get his load, find out what it tastes like. I hope I love it. I usually do, although I’ve had a couple that tasted odd. If the guy stops me it usually means he wants to fuck me. And that’s o.k. but I’d rather he let me finish him because that always means that he’ll then eat me and I love that. He’s starting to moan, make noises, his hips are moving a little but not enough to be a bother. I work him even faster and harder and then I can feel it. It always happens, they actually seem to get even stiffer or bigger just before they shoot. And, wow, does he shoot. Almost forces me off but I hold tight with my lips and swallow. Then more and more. I swallow it all. I almost wish he had lasted longer, I’d like to suck on him longer, but I pull off some and then take him back in and lick him clean and pull out any last drops, a couple passes and then I sit back and just look at his cock. Big and red, the whole head showing now. I start to look up at him but he reaches down and gets his hands under my arms and lifts me up.

“You are the sexiest woman in the world,” Oscar almost growls at me, then hugs me close and kisses me. My feet are off the floor, he’s holding me up against his body. Still holding me, he takes a couple steps and lays us both down onto the bed. Still kissing me, his hands start all over my body, feeling me, caressing me. He slides down some and gets his hands and mouth to my breasts, kisses both and sucks on one as he fondles the other, his spare hand now down between my legs. Then he’s kissing down over my stomach, uses his hands to force my legs apart and gets down between my legs and his face to my pussy. I think he’s trying to suck my whole pussy into his mouth. I’ve done this a lot before and have never had anyone almost attack me like this.

I get my one leg up onto his shoulder and let the other leg drop off to the side, I use my leg on his shoulder to raise my butt enough so he can get his mouth to my pussy even better. His tongue is moving all over me, from my ass hole to güvenilir bahis siteleri my clit and back again, over and over. He slides a finger into me and gets his lips on my clit. Fuck, I love this. So I tell him, “Oscar, I love this.” He doesn’t even mumble a reply, just keeps his attack going on. He gets another finger into me and starts moving them, fast and hard, fucking me with his fingers as he almost chews on my clit. I’m going to cum, I can feel it building. I hope he’s had enough time to get hard again because I want him in me.

I’m cumming. It’s fantastic, feels so great, but I know I’m getting all over his face. “Fuck me, Oscar,” I can tell I’m almost yelling. He’s up over me now and I can feel that cock of his starting into me. Fuck, this is perfect, just what I want. He’s in me, filling me. I love that cock of his. “More,” I almost scream. “Harder. Faster.” That’s what he does. He’s pounding into me. All I can see is his chest but I can feel his whole body slamming into me, fucking me. It goes on and on. I cum again and he continues to pound into me. It’s perfect, I’ve never felt better in my life. And then he’s cumming. I can feel it shooting inside me.

He’s out of me, to my side, kissing me, running his hands over me. “You are the sexiest woman in the world,” he tells me again as he continues to kiss me and feel my body. He puts his arms around me and pulls me close against him. I push with my legs and roll us a little so that I’m laying on top of him. I kiss him and he holds my butt with one hand and my upper back with the other.

“How long are you going to be in Rome?” I ask, looking down ar his face.

“I was going to be here four or five days, seeing everything I wanted. But I can stay longer.”

“No, there’s no need for that. Where after Rome?”

“Well, I’m down here so I might as well go further South to Naples.”

“Why Naples?”

“Well, a long time ago, when Italy wasn’t Italy but a bunch of separate little states or countries, Naples was the richest and most important of all. There’s a lot to see there. And then there’s Pompeii and Herculaneum nearby and it’s also easy to move down to Sorrento and Positano and the Isle of Capri, all beautiful.”

“But isn’t Naples poor now?”

“Yes, I guess it is. It’s pretty much run by organized crime. And no place run by crime mobs ever does very well, the criminals siphon off everything. I mean, nobody can build up a good business and profit from it because the mob takes its share. And if the mob takes over, they can’t run a straight business, they’ve got to cut corners so they never do too well. In fact, Sicily is a lot like that, too. In fact a lot of italy is messed up by corruption. But there’s still so much beauty here. You’d love Positano, it’s lovely.”

“Yeah, I think I would. I’ve read a lot about the, what is it, the Amalfi coast.”

All the time we’re talking, I’m using one hand to play with his cock, trying to get him up again. And I like the way he explains things, I might like spending some time with him. “And then where?” I ask.

“Well at some point, it has to be Florence. All of Tuscany is lovely, Siena and the small hill towns. But for art, there’s no place like Florence. Some of the greatest in the world. The Medici’s were a tough family in many ways but they sure supported the arts. Then, a visit to Italy has to include Venice. At it’s peak, Venice was probably even richer than Naples.”

“It sounds like you’ve been here before.”

“I have, on a student tour where we whizzed through fairly quickly. Now, I can spend more time.”

I can feel his cock starting to respond. “What do you do in Denmark, Oscar, I mean as a living.”

“I’m a curator at the National Art Museum. assistant curator, really, doing photographs now but more can open up.”

I can feel his cock is ready. “Well maybe it’s time for me to open up some more, too,” I tell him as I sit up some and position myself over his cock. I hold it and slowly drop myself down, taking it up inside me, Fuck, this feels so good. I lean forward a little, supporting myself on my arms, letting my breasts fall loose over his chest where he can get a good look at them, and start rotating back and forth, sliding my pussy lips along his cock. moving it out of me and then back in.

“Diane, this is the sexiest moment in my life,” he says as he reaches around to hold onto my ass. “You’re like some sex goddess in a science fiction story. Watching your gorgeous body move above me, fucking me, is unbelievable.”

“Well, you have a gorgeous cock, Oscar, it fills me and feels so scrumptious moving inside me. I almost feel like jumping off and swallowing you again, you’re so delicious.”

“I love being in you but if you want to switch, go ahead. You have a delicious pussy.”

“I thought you liked eating me from the way you attacked me earlier.”

“Eating you? That’s how you say it? Well, then, you are the most edible female I’ve ever seen in my life,”

With that, I sit up, lift up with my legs to slowly slide his cock out of me and then almost jump around into a sixty nine position. I sit my pussy on his face and get my open mouth around the head of his wet cock as I grab the base with my hand, supporting myself with the other one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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