A Bod Made for Sin

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Deanna has a “bod made for sin.” At least that’s what her college professor told her when he got her naked for the first time (which didn’t take too much effort, since she seduced him. It was probably the hand job as they sat together talking biology, that did it.)

She sinned her way through med school, and her internship and residency. Her lust for the male package grew exponentially throughout her medical training, as she learned all the various ways that package can be induced to become bigger and harder and more enjoyable.

Now she’s a practicing urologist – of course. And of course the sinning continues.

Every day, Deanna gets to her office with a dual mission:

Give her patients the best medical care she can;

Make the best use of their packages she can.

She accomplishes both exceedingly well.

Pete M is a handsome, successful guy. An urban planner. He suspects he has a urinary tract infection and needs to see his regular urologist, who happens to be Deanna’s partner in her professional practice – and who happens to be out of town. üçyol escort

A straight-laced kind of guy, he cringes at the idea of seeing a female urologist, but has no choice here, and has to suck it up.

Deanna relishes the opportunity to open a new male package, and dresses for the occasion. She buttons up her white lab coat over a hot outfit that shows lots of cleavage. Which no one can see – yet.

Pete is shown to the exam room, and makes himself as comfortable as he can,. given his discomfort and nervousness. After a short while, Deanna enters the room and introduces herself. She’s warm and gracious, and certainly professional; but Pete notices her eyeing his crotch as she talks – and he has not even taken his pants off. She’s a looker, and has this … “hungry” quality to her. That makes him even more nervous – and a bit excited.

He was in this excited state when she asked him to take his pants off so she could examine him. He was a bit embarrassed for her to see him him semi-erect, but told himself she was a professional urologist, üçyol escort bayan and must have seen this a thousand times.

She appears to ignore his hard-on and gets right down to business. Her gloved fingers gently manipulate his penis and scrotum. Her examination seems very thorough – too thorough. Her fingers seems to linger longer and longer around his shaft and around his balls. To his total embarrassment, he gets really big and hard. With a sweet smile she reassures him that that’s OK, and jokes that he doesn’t need Viagra. They both laugh, and that eases his tension.

But she continues to give loving attention to his growing erection.

It is later in the evening and he is her last patient. There is one other doctor there who will leave before her.

The doctor takes off her gloves to examine his penis further, just for a more sensitive inspection. She also takes off her lab coat to reveal her hot cleavage and bod for sin under her mini skirt.

Pete is beyond stunned, but beyond caring what she does as well. His entire escort üçyol package is now totally hers. She caresses his enormous hard-on, and rubs it against her cheeks. She licks her lips as she does this, and lets her tongue linger outside her mouth. He is dying for her to lick him, but she is waiting and baiting.

She massages the tip of his penis along her breasts and inside her cleavage. At this point he is gigantic. Her look of pure lust for him drives him into a frenzy.

He leaps up, grabs her waist, and places her on her back on the table.

Spreads her legs wide and mounts her. He drives himself deep inside her as he hugs her hard to press those luscious breasts against his chest. She wraps her arms and legs around him so he can penetrate her deeper and deeper. Her whole body is shaking with a mounting climax.

She screams as he explodes inside of her, her body riding his waves of ejaculation. They lie together, heaving, bathing in each other’s sweat. Once he catches his breath he leans down and starts licking the perspiration off those breasts, tonguing and sucking her nipples as he does.

She gets very excited very quickly in spite of herself. He mounts her again.

It is late in the evening when he leaves the office with an antibiotic prescription for his urinary tract infection. He is thinking about changing urologists.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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