A Cabin with a View Ch. 02

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[At last, the next installment has been written. I should have previously advised that this story is fiction but was inspired by an actual relationship.]

I woke the next morning around 7:30 a.m. It was a Saturday morning and although I had no need to wake that early, I did so as a matter of habit, routinely, every day, seven days a week. Most Saturday mornings, I closed my eyes and returned to sleep, but not this Saturday morning.

When I opened my eyes, I was gazing at Miss Sarah. She was beautiful in the morning just as she was beautiful at night. Her clear, soft skin beckoned me to touch her. Her tousled brown hair wanted my fingers in it. Her nipples were created to be looked upon, licked, and sucked until they were hard and firm. Her breasts were two magnificent orbs to be grabbed, to be handles for me as I held the naked skin of her back against my chest, my dick nestled between the cheeks of her ass and my fingers gently encouraging her clit.

I longed to give her an orgasm and I wanted to have an orgasm with her. I wanted to come on her. I wanted to come in her. I wanted to come in her hand, her mouth, between her tits, in her pussy, and in her ass. I wanted her.

All of these thoughts and feelings filled my brain in the instant that I opened my eyes and looked at her. Almost as quickly, my dick began to twitch, to engorge, and to stiffen until I was hard and needed release.

I gazed upon her body and was filled with an overpowering lust. Perhaps having sex with my former step-daughter was wrong. Even though we were no longer related by blood or marriage, I knew that most people would disapprove of this. I had been her step-father at one time and she had looked up to me as an authority figure. If I had a sexual relationship with Miss Sarah, it was undoubtedly because I was taking advantage of her trust in me. Yes, I knew it was wrong.

It was wrong but I didn’t care. I would do whatever was necessary to have sex with her. If she was a whore, I would mortgage my house to pay her for sex. If she was in prison, I would plan a jail break just so I could have an opportunity to come inside her once again. I knew it wrong but it didn’t matter. I wanted her now and I wanted her tomorrow and the next day.

I knew that I lusted for Miss Sarah but I realized that my feelings were deeper than simple animal passion. I enjoyed spending time with Miss Sarah. I loved every minute of taking her to dinner, watching a movie with her, talking with her about her life. When I had still been married to Gretchen, Miss Sarah and I had even had some talks about our dreams and plans. Mostly, we had talked about her dreams and, of course, she was still a teenager so her dreams were not mature, but nonetheless her dreams were sweet, innocent, and delightful. When she talked about her future, it made me wish to be young again, so that I could be the one with whom she would share her future. I never thought that she would want a relationship with me as a lover. How gloriously and delightfully wrong I had been!

I knew now that I was falling in love with Miss Sarah. After the divorce, I truly did not miss Gretchen, but I had missed Miss Sarah. During the marriage, I had not wanted to spend time with Gretchen; it was Miss Sarah whose company I had valued. When I had given Miss Sarah hugs and kisses on the forehead, I know that I had fought an internal struggle to not kiss her with passion and desire and to announce my longing for her. I had restrained myself admirably, because of the circumstances, but I no longer had that motivation. Now, I wanted her to know how I felt.

All of these thoughts and feelings passed through my head and my heart in the twinkling of an eye. As I looked at the naked esenyurt escort Miss Sarah lying next to me, I knew that I did not simply want to fuck her, but I wanted to make love with her. I wanted to arouse in her not just her primitive hormonal desires but I wanted to make her feel wanted, desired, and loved, and I wanted her to love me.

Miss Sarah rolled onto her left side so that her back was towards me. Her cute little ass was like a magnet for my eyes and I could not move my gaze from the small of her back and the crevice between her ass cheeks that disappeared beneath the linens.

She was naked, I was naked, and I wanted her.

I slid over in the bed so that we were spooning. I placed my left arm under her pillow and my right arm around her so that my hand could find a nipple. She was sleeping and her nipples weren’t erect – yet – while my hand perceived the beauty of her firm breast. I simply held her breast with my right hand and focused on its warmth and smooth texture. My head was resting on the pillow next to her and my mouth was close to her ear.

My dick was hard and it had found its way into the crevice between her legs. Her nipples were beginning to fill with her life force, to signal their arousal. I could see her eyelids fluttering and then opening.

“Uhmmm, that feels so nice,” she whispered.

“You feel wonderful,” I replied.

“I thought that I’d probably be waking up on your sofa this morning. But waking up in the bed beside you is much better.” Miss Sarah said this with a tentative voice, as if she wasn’t sure what to make of what happened between us last night.

“Honey,” I said, “you’ve got to know that last night was . . ..”

“Ron, I hope you’re not going to tell me that you think it was a mistake.” She sounded upset and I immediately wanted to reassure her.

“No, no, no, honey. Last night wasn’t a mistake. Last night was beautiful. You felt wonderful, you made me feel wonderful, but it wasn’t just a good time. You stirred some feelings in me that I haven’t felt in quite a while. What I feel for you isn’t what a step-father is supposed to feel for his step-daughter. And it’s not just lust. Miss Sarah, I love you. I love you as a man loves a woman and I want you in my life as my lover, as my girlfriend, my companion, my bed mate, and maybe more. I want you, and I want all of you.”

“Oh, Ron, I love you, too! I’m so relieved to hear you telling me how you feel. I was afraid to tell you that I love you, I was afraid you’d think I was being a silly little girl with a crush, but I do love you. I’m in love with you. I’ve loved you for a long time but I couldn’t say anything or do anything about it but . . . now . . . I want to be with you every day and every night. I want to be your girlfriend and your lover, and . . . if we are meant to be, I want to be more.”

She was still lying on her side, facing away from me but, as soon as the last words left her lips, she rolled over so that she was facing me. We looked into each other’s eyes and I knew, at that moment, that I would eventually marry Miss Sarah.

Our lips met, very tenderly, and I allowed my lips to caress hers for a moment and then my tongue slid into her mouth. Her tongue danced with mine and I could feel the passion and desire mounting within her.

“I am SO horny for you now,” she uttered with desperation, “but . . . my pussy is still sore from last night. That was my first time and I think it needs to rest.”

She paused and I was preparing to tell her that we could wait but she continued. “I’ve never made love with anyone else and playing with a vibrator really doesn’t prepare you to be a lover. I want you to teach me how to be avrupa yakası escort the best lover in the world for you. I’ll do anything to make you happy; just show me what to do and I’ll do it.”

“Honey,” I replied, “the best thing you can do to be a good lover is to love me with all of your heart and soul. The rest of that stuff just comes with experience and trying new things. And of course I’ll show you whatever you want to know. You’ve already made me the happiest man in the world.”

“You’re so sweet,” she said. “And you’re obviously very horny, too. I don’t think I can handle having you in my pussy now, but show me and I’ll do something else to make you come.”

“Baby, your wonderful. In my fantasies, I have come in your hand, in your mouth, your tits, your pussy . . . I even came in your ass. Any of those things would make me come.”

“I want you to show me something different this morning. Will you show me anal sex?”

“Are you sure that’s something you want, Honey?” I asked, but, of course, I was hoping and praying that the answer would be ‘yes.’

“Well, last night, when you were going down on me and you stuck your finger in my butt, it felt a little weird at first, ’cause I’ve never had that done to me before. But, when I started coming, it felt like I was coming even harder because you had your finger in me back there. So, if you want, show me more.”

“Roll over on your stomach,” I instructed her. She replied like an obedient and eager pupil.

I placed my hand on her inner thigh and began stroking her leg. I gradually moved my hand higher until my fingers were brushing against her pussy. As my fingers grazed her female lips, her quiet moans told me I had started something good.

“Lift up a little so I can reach your clit,” I said. She raised her torso slightly so that her mons was maybe an inch above the bed. I reached under her and began massaging her clit. Within seconds, she was doing most of the work, humping my hand as if it was a toy for her masturbation pleasure.

I leaned over her and brought my lips to rest on the small of her back. I kissed her gently and licked her with the extreme tip of my tongue so that the wetness of my mouth barely tickled her skin. As her moaning began to get louder, I moved my mouth towards her ass, placing gentle kisses on every inch of her skin that passed below my lips.

When my mouth was directly above her anus, I used my free hand to pull her ass cheek to the side, exposing her forbidden entrance.

“Are you looking at my ass now?” she asked. “This feels so nasty!”

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked, my tone of voice clearly indicating that I wanted to continue.

“No, don’t stop. It just feels so naughty, like I’m being a bad girl.”

“Oh, Honey, you’re the best little bad girl in the whole wide world,” I reassured her. With that, I licked her ass cheek about an inch from her puckered orifice, tracing a circle from one ass cheek to the other. The volume of her moaning told me that she enjoyed these new sensations and that I should continue.

I lowered my tongue into the sweet fold of her derriere and licked its length until I felt the pucker of her asshole. As soon as my tongue had found its target, Miss Sarah’s moans became yet louder.

“Oh, gawd, Ron, lick me. Lick my ass. Fuck my ass with your tongue,” she begged. I wondered how such a sweet and innocent young girl could say such things but it didn’t matter. Her urgent request for a tongue fucking made me even harder and more desperate to please her.

“You’re ass is so sweet,” I responded. “I’ll fuck it with my tongue and then I’ll fuck it with anadolu yakası escort my dick!”

As I finished making this promise, she began to have an orgasm. My hand on her pussy had become considerably damp and even wet, and her ass was frantically moving up and down as her body convulsed in paroxysms of delight.

I removed my tongue from her anal orifice and replaced it with my finger. I placed the tip of my index finger at her asshole and gently applied pressure. She continued to writhe in bliss and she reached back with her hands to pull her cheeks apart. When she did so, I slid my finger into her ass and began making small strokes in and out of her heavenly hole.

“Oh, fuck me, I’m coming! Oh, Ron, fuck my ass now. Please fuck my ass!”

How could I deny such a plaintive petition? I had a bottle of K-Y in the bedside table and quickly retrieved it. I straddled her hips with my knees and applied an ample amount of the slippery liquid.

I used both hands to part her ass cheeks and I got a visual lock on my target. Her little asshole was pink and it looked just perfect. I leaned forward and my dick slid into her butt crack. I placed the tip of my dick at her backdoor and pushed forward.

As soon as my dick was inside her ass, I exclaimed “I’m fucking your ass. . . . Oh, so tight! So hot! I don’t care if I burn in hell, I’ve never felt anything this good my entire life!”

As I continue to stroke in and out of her ass, my strokes became longer and I went deeper into her forbidden entrance. When the full length of my dick was buried in her ass, I leaned forward and reached underneath her to grab her breasts. I found both nipples and they were as hard as steel. I began to roll her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers as I continued to explore her deepest hidden pleasure.

“I want this every night the rest of my life,” she said with longing.

“Baby, I’m not gonna last much longer inside you. You’re ass is so tight and hot, I feel it building inside me.”

“Ron, I’m gonna come. Come in my ass when I come!” She wanted it as much as I did and I was amazed.

I felt my seed boiling within me and then I knew that an eruption was inevitable.

“Ron, I’m coming!” she screamed in a voice loud enough that the neighbors heard it . . . and were jealous, I’m sure. That was all it took for me to go over the edge.

I began to spurt my cum into her ass and I could feel her ass become even tighter as I deposited my sperm in her naughty place. She was so tight that, as I started to become flaccid, her sphincter ejected me from this blessed place.

I rolled off of her and onto my side and she rolled over to face me.

“Oh, damn, that was good!” She was almost breathless and it took effort for her to form her words. “I never thought that a dick in my ass would make me come, but . . . oh, damn, that was good!”

“Baby, that was magnificent but, you know, this is only Saturday morning and we have the rest of the weekend to go exploring.”

“I don’t know how much more I can do, Ron, but there’s only one way to find out. Why don’t you go make some coffee and bring two cups into the bathroom. You can join me in the tub for a nice warm soak.”

The remainder of the weekend was spent inside. I had some food on hand for lunch and we ordered pizza delivery on Saturday night. We ate pepperoni slices as we watched a soft porn movie, followed by an “instructional” session about mutual oral sex. The soak in the tub apparently relieved the soreness in Miss Sarah’s pussy because we had vaginal sex at last three more times that weekend.

When 5:00 p.m. came on Sunday, Miss Sarah was packed and ready to return to her home with Gretchen.

“I don’t wanna leave,” she said, almost crying, and then the tears did begin to flow.

“Honey, come to my office tomorrow and we’ll talk about the future. If you love me as much as I love you, we’ll find a way to make it happen for us.”

“I’m all yours,” she replied. “Forever.”

I only hoped that we would be able to make it last. Forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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