A Day in the Life…

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How did we let the laundry pile up like this? Ugh, we so need a cleaning lady. Filling the laundry basket, I haul it over to the laundry room. Leaning over the basket, I’m filling the washing machine when Victor comes up behind me rubbing what feels like a very hard cock into my ass. “What are you doing sweetie?” he asks. I can’t help myself and offer this smartass response “If you look really closely I think you can figure it out.” I quickly get a swat across my ass for my saucy attitude. I try to stand up but Victor has his hand on my back keeping me bent over, my ass against his cock. Taking the hint I continue to fill the washer as Victor grinds into me. He tells me that he’ll waiting for me in the bedroom when I’m done, then he slaps my ass once again and leaves. Smirking, I think, “Oh he wants to play does he…”

Walking into the bedroom I find Victor sitting on the bed, his back against the headboard, his legs laying straight out in front him and his cock sticking through the slit in his Budweiser pj bottoms. I lean against the door jam crossing my arms and we stare into each other’s eyes for a few minutes both of us with smirks on our faces. I slowly remove my clothes as I saunter towards him. Naked I crawl onto the bed on all fours towards him. I smile and lick my lips when I notice his cock twitch. My tongue darts out and quickly licks the tip. A low moan escapes his lips. Victor’s eyes are dark with lust and it’s making my pussy cream. I’m still feeling a little saucy so I slowly and deliberately lick his cock from the base to the tip. Victor reaches out his hands and I know what he’s trying to do so I move my head out of his grasp. His eyes get dangerously dark then I hear that sexy growl that he knows drives me wild. I’m not ready to give up my little game yet so I jump off the bed and run from eryaman rus escort the room giggling. I think he’s surprised at my actions so it takes him a minute or two to react. Running through the halls I slam doors along the way hoping that it will distract him.

I run into the laundry room hoping the noise from the washing machine will cover any noise I might make. I listen as he opens several doors along the way, checking each closet and room and calling out to me. I can’t help but giggle a little. I quickly cover my mouth hoping he didn’t hear that. I silently listen, not hearing anything I lean closer to the door concentrating on trying to determine where Victor is within the house. I scream and practically jump out of my skin as two hands come up behind me grabbing my tits hard pushing me up against the door in front of me then I hear Victor whisper “that giggle gets you into trouble every time”. I laugh out loud at that comment but Victor is no longer playing, I think I’ve pushed my luck a little too far this time. Using his leg he pushes mine further apart and I think regretfully “I probably should have grabbed some clothes to put on”.

Victor’s arms are holding mine tightly, his body firmly bracing mine against the wall. I can’t take the silence anymore and begin to ask him what he’s going to do when I suddenly feel at least 3 fingers being rammed into my pussy. Moaning loudly Victor’s fingers piston in and out of me. I feel my orgasm building, my breathing increases and just as he’s about to take me over the edge the fingers disappear. Confused I turn my head to look at him and he’s looking at me with a huge grin as he slowly sucks each one of the fingers that had just been in my pussy. As the last finger leaves his mouth he says, “two can play that game”. He pinches both of nipples causing ankara escort bayan me to moan then chuckles as he turns and walks away. My breath is still ragged as I take a moment to compose myself.

I reach down to my pussy running my finger through my lips and dipping it inside, I am so fucking wet. Like a heat seeking missile I practically stomp to the bedroom determined to get what I want. Victor will finish what he started damn it! I can’t help but laugh when I enter our room and find him laying naked on the bed his beautiful round ass on display. He shakes it at me and I giggle. Climbing onto the bed once again I slide my body up against Victor’s, my hard nipples scraping against his rock hard ass. I make my way up to his neck kissing and licking, nibbling on his ear my hips rocking into his.

I once again dip my finger into my pussy coating it with my juices then run my middle finger between his ass cheeks, pushing it against his rosebud. I feel him clench his cheeks and I whisper into his ear, “shhhh baby, it’s okay, I’ll be gentle”. I feel him relax a little. Meeting a little resistance I push a little harder when suddenly my finger slips in and Victor grunts loudly. Slowly I pull my finger out and slide it back in over and over again. I smile as I notice his hands tightly grip the sheets and I hear a low moan.

Without any warning Victor growls loudly, pushes me onto my back and like a wild animal mounts me driving his cock deep inside. My back arches as I take every inch, I cry out “fuck me hard baby, I love that rock hard cock driving into me”. Victor’s hands are entwined with mine as he continues to pound his cock into me. We stare into each other’s lust filled eyes and I realize how grateful I am to have him in my life. I close my eyes to enjoy every feeling my body elvankent escort bayan is experiencing then Victor suddenly takes my nipple between his teeth and bites it just enough bringing my orgasm cascading through me. My pussy clamps down on his cock and I feel him explode inside me. He collapses on top of me. After a few minutes he rolls off me onto the bed and I curl up in his arms my body tight against his and we fall asleep.

As I slowly wake up, I smile as I feel Victor’s arms around me, he is gently snoring and his face is nuzzled into my hair. I lie there luxuriating in the warmth of his body and as usual, when I am in his presence my thoughts turn naughty. Gently slipping out of his embrace I move down the bed towards his cock. Clearly he is having a nice sweet innocent dream because his cock is not hard at all. Mmmmm I love that feeling of his cock growing inside my hot wet mouth. Once assured that he is still asleep I take his cock in my mouth swirling my tongue around it I recognize the taste of my pussy and moan a little. Slowly sucking I can feel it increasing in size so I double my efforts. My hand cups, squeezes and pulls on his balls before I envelop them with my mouth.

My hand stroking the shaft briefly until my lips wrap around his cock once again. I feel him stirring a little and start to suck harder. Victor opens his eyes and looks at me, a smile forming on his lips he takes hold of my head and I feel his hips begin to move as he holds my head while he fucks my mouth. He begins to moan and grunt, getting louder as his orgasm approaches. I love watching that look of euphoria on his face as he revels in the pure joy of a mouth wrapped around his cock. I grab his balls and feel them tighten. Victor warns me that he’s cumming a split second before I feel spurt after spurt hit my tongue. I take every drop he gives me swishing it around in mouth. Crawling up the bed toward him, I kiss Victor, his cum dripping from my mouth to his, our tongues mingling and swirling his cock cream except for that little bit that escaped and dripped down his chin. Yum!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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