A Dutiful Daughter

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It was looking like another long night for Keith as he settled in front of the tv, clicking from one station to the next. After a hard, long day at the office, he was really missing his wife Danielle who had gone off for the week to visit her sister Tanya who had just suffered a heartbreaking breakup from her long-term boyfriend.

His wife had left on Saturday, and now it was Thursday and he really missed the way she would relieve the stress of his work day in always fun, unique and pleasurable ways. Leaning back in his plush soft recliner, he closed his eyes for a moment and thought back to the morning she left and how she had left him with a goodbye blowjob. His wife really was amazing and as he thought about her, his arousal was presenting itself in his slacks. Keith thought about how good it felt when she slipped her mouth over his erection, and the way her tongue expertly curled around his stiff rod as she looked up at him with those gorgeous sapphire eyes beneath the flashes of her flashes.

Groaning softly at the memories, he let his hand wander down to rub and caress his throbbing and aching cock through his black pleated slacks. God, he missed her, and couldn’t wait for her to get back. He thought about sending her a text telling her how much he missed her and that he couldn’t wait for her to get back home.

However, his reverie was suddenly interrupted by a soft cough. Opening his dark eyes quickly, he pulled his hand away from his crotch as he saw his gorgeous daughter Alexandria (Lexi for short) standing there in front of the recliner with a sexy dress.

Standing there before him with her hand on her hip, she had a small smirk on her face as she had caught her father in an arousing and compromising position. Having just turned 19, and being a freshman at the local college, her body had developed into an amazingly sexy woman. Shorter than her mother, she nonetheless had inherited her mother’s amazing curves, and stunning legs. Not to mention the silky long raven mane that snaked behind her shoulders and upper back. His daughter had a more rounded face, that he always found cute, but now he was beginning to see her in a much different light. The twinkle in her eyes and the mischievous glint in her dark eyes made him really wish his wife was there more than ever.

“Oh, hey there, Lexi,” stammered Keith as he shifted in his seat in an attempt to hide his growing erection from his grown daughter. His erection did not abate as she stood there looking incredibly hot. The dress she kartal escort was wearing left little to the imagination, with her tanned arms bare and her stomach showing slightly in between the parted top. One bare leg exposed up to her firm and fit thigh, the other one barely concealed by a sheer piece of fabric dangling from her hip. Her jet-black hair fanned out behind her. Her dark eyes glinting in mischief as she looked down at her reclining father.

“Brad will be here soon, dad” she said softly, her eyes glancing down at the handsome man’s crotch. It was obvious that she knew that he was aroused despite his efforts to conceal it from her.

“Oh, right… for the dance. Wow, you really look amazing, Lexi” he said with a smile and a soft blush against his cheeks, allowing his greedy eyes to wander her fabulous curves despite his better judgment. It was tough for him having such a beautiful and sexy young woman standing there in front of him, while his wife was away for the week.

Lexi gracefully stepped closer to her father, and smiled with a seductive smirk which made Keith’s throbbing cock ache for release from his pants. She whispered softly to her father as she leaned in, allowing the sweetness of her perfume to get noticed by him. It was the same fragrance that her mother often wore and he attempted to stifle a moan as he inhaled the scent. “I know you’re missing mom, and I don’t have a lot of time before Brad gets here… but I can see that you need some stress relief.”

Her words shocked Keith, but he was mesmerized by the sight of her voluptuous, firm breasts swaying through the tightness of the top of her black dress. Her golden tanned skin looking even more tantalizing than usual. “Ummm… I don’t think that’s proper, Lexi..” he protested weakly as his curvy, petite daughter slipped down to her knees and ran her well-manicured fingers over the stiff bulge in his slacks.

“Proper? When have you known me to be proper, daddy?” she giggled as she run her fingers over his bulge and then worked at the buckle of his belt, deftly getting it undone and unzipping his slacks. Keith was amazed by the forwardness of his own daughter, but was enthralled by the vision of beauty sitting there before him. He reached out to take her arm and instead ended up holding her shoulder.

It wasn’t enough to stop the bewitching young woman as she undid her own father’s pants, lowering the zipper and slipping her slim fingers into the slacks and fishing bostancı escort his aching cock out into the open. A shiver of pleasure traveled through his entire body as the cool air and the warmth of her fingers against his cock mixed together. “Lex… baby..” he whispered softly.

Lexi gave her father a warm, smile as she began to stroke her father’s hard stiff cock in her warm hand. “Mmmm…daddy…you sure do have a nice cock…it’s so much bigger than Brad’s” she let out a giggle as her soft hand ran up and down the rigid length of her father’s bare cock.

Keith was delirious with arousal, after having gone almost an entire week without his wife around to keep him satisfied. He let out an involuntary moan and caressed the soft skin of his daughter’s bare shoulder and upper arm as she continued to stroke his cock.

“Oh god baby,” he whispered, “this is so wrong Lex..”

“Why is it wrong, daddy? I’m just helping you while mom’s away with auntie Tanya,” she smiled as she lowered her head and placed her lips against the head of his cock. Her soft breath sending shivers of excitement through her father.

“Because…I’m your father…baby..” he let out a deep groan as he felt her soft lips against his erection. As she took him deeper into her mouth, and looked up at him with her bewitching eyes, he knew he was lost to her attentions and finally fully allowed himself to relax and enjoy the pleasure of a blowjob from a hot teen, even if it was his very own daughter.

Lexi moaned against his cock as she took his entire length inside of her hot mouth, and began to bob her head up and down between his thighs, occasionally looking up and winking at her father. The softness of the bare skin of her shoulder and arm feeling amazing on his hand as he watched and felt his daughter giving him the most amazing blowjob of his life. Not even his wife was this good and she was quite an accomplished cocksucker.

Her other hand snaked between them and massaged his balls, which were full of the same sperm that created her, loving the insane sounds of pleasure coming from her own father. Pulling her lips up off his cock, she whispered to him, “I’ve been dreaming of this for so long daddy… your cock is even better than I imagined,” before resuming her oral ministrations.

She bobbed her hand faster, taking her father deeply down her throat, her slim fingers grasping his full balls and throbbing cock. He wasn’t going to last long with her forbidden maltepe escort mouth and hands on him. He warned her in a strangled groan, “Oh fuck, Lexi…shit… you’re amazing… I’m gonna cum…my sweet…sexy…baby girl…”

The compliments pleased Lexi and her heart thudded beneath her voluptuous breasts, eliciting an increase in pace of her forbidden movements. She sucked for all she was worth, her tongue circling around her fathers’ engorged prick. Not wanting to stop until she had a belly full of her own fathers hot cum.

His frame shuddered as he lay on the chair and gripped Lexi’s arm as his cock throbbed inside the hot depths of her mouth. The sensation of her soft, supple skin making him think increasingly improper thoughts of being buried deep inside of his grown daughter. “Fuck…LEXI!!” he groaned loudly as his cock quivered and exploded hard, forcing Lexi to gobble up her daddy’s hot spunk.

Once she was sure that she had all of her handsome fathers’ spunk in her mouth, she slipped her glossy lips off him and raised up to stare sultrily into his eyes. Keith was enraptured by the dark, husky gaze of his gorgeous daughter and was helpless to resist as she kissed him deeply right on the mouth. Her tongue entwining with his, sharing the musky scent of his cock.

Leaning back up and adjusting her beautiful dress, she gave him a sultry smile, “Feel better, daddy?” she said as the doorbell rang. “Oh! that must be Brad!” She turned and headed towards the door as her father got up from the chair, tucking his spent cock back into his pants. Zipping his slacks and redoing his belt. “That was amazing sweetheart,” he said with a smile as he released her arm reluctantly.

“I hope you have a great time baby girl,” he said with a smile. She returned his smile before turning to open the door. Brad was standing there on the doorstep, oblivious to the illicit nature of what had just transpired between father and daughter.

“Hey babe,” said Brad as he saw Lexi in her breathtaking dress. Keith was taken aback as he witnessed his daughter, who had just given him an expert blowjob press up against Brad, placing her hand on his chest as she kissed her boyfriend deeply. He had a twinge of jealousy as he watched them make out before she took her boyfriend’s hand and went out the door. Before the young couple made it to Brad’s car, Lexi happened to look back over her shoulder and gave her father a flirty smile and wink and he knew that they’d share more intimate pleasures at another time, despite both of them having significant others.

His phone which was on the kitchen table, gave off a ding. Walking over, he picked it up and smiled as he saw his wife’s text, “Miss you, my darling.” He went about responding to her and even as his mind wandered to the next meeting with their beautiful daughter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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