A French Honeymoon

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When Karl and his wife Lenny arrived in Paris, they spent about ten days at a good hotel. Lenny was short for Eleonora, a family name foisted on her by her mother. Karl’s family had money, so there was no need to skimp. They ate at good restaurants, visited the Louvre, went to the Folies Bergeres, in fact did all the things tourists must do in “The City of Lights.”

Lenny wanted to see the country side: the Pyrenees; Provence; the Cote d’Azure. She wanted to stay in Cannes and Nice, maybe do something daring, like lie topless on the beach.

Lenny was 25, a blond with a nice body who’d been a cheer leader at UCLA. Her family was from the San Francisco Bay Area, El Sobrante to be exact, a small community near Richmond. Her father worked for an oil corporation, so they were comfortable, but not rich.

She was almost a virgin when she met Karl, having had a boyfriend in her senior year at High School. She’d tried to avoid sex because of her mother’s warnings about disease and pregnancy. There’d been hand jobs, blowjobs, but she never gave in.

There had been another boyfriend in college, and again she avoided sex. That had lasted for two years, until her senior year. She and Ed, her boyfriend, had sex using condoms once every couple of weeks until he graduated and moved back to the East Coast, then she met Karl.

Now Karl was a different story, a good student who was going places when he finished grad school. He came from a strict Lutheran family who came by their wealth honestly, well, if you could count mining and despoiling the earth as honest. Now,HE was a virgin. A very good engineering student, he studied a lot, and for entertainment he masturbated.

They’d met at the University of Colorado where Karl was looking at grad school, and Lenny was cheerleading at a football game. There was a party, and Lenny had seen this tall good-looking guy with glasses, who was sort of shy, but obviously well off. For Karl it was love at first sight, but while Lenny liked him, especially his money, she didn’t love him.

There was virtually no sex until they married, just some “heavy necking” and groping. They had a huge wedding financed by Karl’s parents with a reception at their house in Pacific Heights in San Francisco. Lenny wanted to go to France for their honeymoon, so right after the wedding they left and it wasn’t until they were in the hotel in Paris that they had proper sex for the first time.

Lenny was astounded at how little Karl knew about sex, and she had to guide him through it, trying not to appear too experienced. After he caught on however, he was insatiable for two or three days.

For Karl, everything about Lenny was perfect, from her beautiful legs, to her soft inner thighs, her lovely pink vagina, her flat stomach, her perfect breasts, her mouth. When they kissed he literally drank in her saliva avidly.

When she had her first period he was disconsolate, and masturbated the first day, then Lenny felt sorry for him, and gave him a blow job twice a day until she was “well again” as he put it.

They rented a car, and drove south through Orleans to Bordeaux where they spent the night. Then south again through the Pyrenees, through Rousillon where they stayed in a tiny village called Coucugnon. Then on to Perpignan and along the coast road to Nice.

There Lenny did indeed sunbathe topless, and while her breasts weren’t very big their shape was beautiful, and she enjoyed the admiring glances of the men. Nice, however disappointed her, because that the beach was shingle, not sand.

They visited St Tropez, Cannes, and rode the train to Monte Carlo. Karl had a small French phrase book, and had had a couple of years of French in high school, so he used the language as often as possible, with varying success.

One day they drove up to Grasse from Nice, to a restaurant that had been highly recommended. On the way back Karl decided to take a shorter route rather than drive down to Cannes, and then along the coast to Nice.

After a few kilometers the engine started to run rough, and gradually got worse until they were barely crawly along. The road was deserted and it was starting to get dark. No other cars and hardly any houses until, going through a village Karl saw a sign “Garage” and beneath it a small sign that read “Chambre d’hôte”. He stopped the car and fished out his French dictionary.

“Here’s a garage.” He said, “And I think a place to stay. Like a bed and breakfast.”

There was a light in the window of the house but the garage looked shut up tight. Clutching his phrase book he got out of the car.

“Even if the garage is closed maybe we can stay the night.”

Lenny wasn’t too enthusiastic, she was dressed in heels and a short skirt, not panty hose, she found them too uncomfortable, restricting, but thigh high stockings. But she had no pajamas or nightgown, so this would have to do.

Karl knocked on the door and after several minutes a hall light came on and there stood a young man.

“Vous voulez?” He asked.

“Ma esenyurt escort voiture est en panne, Monsieur.” Karl read.

“Ah, compris, mais malheureusement le garage est ferme.”

What a perfect Frenchman, Lenny thought. Slim, tall, darkly good-looking, and with a cigarette held between his lips which moved up and down as he spoke.

“Shit! The garage is closed.” Karl said to Lenny.

“You didn’t think it would be open this late did you?” Lenny asked him. “How about the B and B?”

The Frenchman looked over at her as if he’d just noticed her, and their eyes met.

“Just a minute.” Karl was searching his phrase book without success.

Karl gave up his search, he’d wing it. “Je vous offre double si vous fixez…regarder l’auto……la voiture cette nuit.”

“Vous avez tellement d’argent?” He answered with surprise.

“Non, mais j’ai Visa, et autre, American Express.”

The Frenchman was silent, then glanced back over at Lenny.

“Je suis.. eeeeeh….desole, mais on n’accepte pas Visa ou les autres plastiques.”

Karl was aghast. They wouldn’t accept his credit cards?

The man went over to the rental car, where Lenny was sitting, opened the door and said.

“Please – come – in.” In faltering English. And as Lenny swung around to get out he eyed her legs as she stepped out, and she was sure he could see up her skirt. This actually didn’t bother her, she liked the way he was looking at her.

He waved to both of them “Vas-y. Come in.”

They followed him into the house and into the living room where he switched off the television.

“Un verre du vin?” He asked them, and after they said yes.

“Rouge ou blanc?”

“Alors, vous n’avez pas d’argent mais vous avez les cartes plastiques. Mais je n’accepte pas Visa. C’est difficile, n’est ce pas?”

He paused and they wondered what he was going to propose. He looked over at Lenny,

“Votre femme est tres belle, monsieur.”

There was a long pause again, and Karl looked long and hard at him.

Then, “You..vous proposez que je vous donne….? Non! C’est pas possible.” Karl looked astounded.

“Pourquoi non?” The man asked him.

“Vous voulez dormir avec ma femme pour……pour..sex? Non! Jamais.”

Gil, for that was the man’s name, short for Gilbert, shrugged. “D’accord, dormez a la bagnole, a moi c’est egale.”

He wondered though, if he was pushing this too hard. He knew that he couldn’t let that sweet girl sleep outside in the car, and in the end would let them have a room. The way she had looked at him, though, still gave him hope.

Lenny didn’t realize what was going on except that Karl seemed very angry.

“What’s the matter dear?” She asked him.

“You couldn’t understand?” He answered her. “This man is making a proposal that I could never accept. I don’t even know if I can tell you what it is, it’s so disgusting.”

She looked over at Gil, who looked back at her and smiled.

“Come on, we’re going.” Karl stood up and turned toward the door.

“Wait, wait. Tell me what this is all about.” Lenny sat looking up at him.

“No. We’re going. We’ll sleep in the car and decide what to do in the morning.”

“No!” Lenny was adamant. “Tell me what this is about.”

This was fascinating Gil thought as he tried to understand what they were arguing about. How much farther should he push this? He knew that he could negotiate the Visa for cash at the grocery store in the village, and overcharge these people so that he’d make some good money, but he’d rather have the lovely American, cette belle americaine, in his bed.

“Okay, you want to know? Remember, you asked for it! You really want to know? This man, this bastard, wants me to exchange YOU for the price of us staying here tonight and for fixing the car. I’m sorry, I didn’t want to tell you, but you pushed me.”

There was silence for a couple of minutes while Lenny thought this over. Gil was getting interested, at least she was thinking it over. He understood some of what Karl said, but objected to being called a bastard, un batard. He looked at Lenny, and she looked back at him, crossed her legs – what beautiful legs, he thought, she picked up her glass and had a sip of wine, she smiled.

“Calm down, Karl. That’s not so bad. Yes he is impertinent, but surely there are worse things than my sleeping with him. Did you ever think that I might enjoy it? I certainly wouldn’t enjoy sleeping in the car all night, it’s cold and uncomfortable.”

Karl was incredulous. “You mean you’d actually sleep with this man? You’d give yourself to this man so that we wouldn’t have to sleep in an uncomfortable car?”

He stared at her.

“Well, why don’t you sleep in the car, and I’ll sleep with him.” She said but when she saw the look on Karl’s face she quickly backtracked. “Just joking, sweetheart. No, I don’t mind doing what he wants.”

More silence as Gil smiled at Lenny, but she looked at Karl. Karl, meanwhile, avrupa yakası escort was starting to feel a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. In his crotch, to be precise, he was starting to get an erection. He couldn’t believe it, but this whole thing was turning him on, but he mustn’t let this damned Frenchman know.

“Ou est notre chambre?” He said to him.

“Bien, venez.”

They both got up and followed him.

Lenny’s heart was beating with excitement and she started to feel wetness in her panties. She was going to have sex with this beautiful man, a handsome Frenchman. Gil showed them into a small clean, cozy, room.

“Venez a moi, ma chambre est la, quand tu es prêt.” He told her softly, pointing to a door across the hall. “Je t’attendrai.”

As he left Karl closed the door. “You’re really going through with this, aren’t you? I can’t believe it.”

“I’ll be back with you very soon, then WE’LL have some fun. This won’t change me, and I’ll love you just as much. And you should love me more, for sacrificing myself for your, for our comfort.”

Karl didn’t know what to say. They kissed, long and hard, then Lenny walked out the door into the corridor.

She knocked on the door opposite, and Gil opened it and let her in. He was still dressed, for some reason Lenny thought he might have been undressed, naked. They kissed. Lenny pulled back from him.

“Sorry, cigarette breath.” Putting her hand over her mouth.

“Cigarette? Ah, pardon, m’excuse.” Gil left.

She heard him gargling in the bathroom, then he came back and closed the door.

They kissed again, and Gil ran his hands over her body. They kissed more, deeper, all tongue. He started to unbutton her blouse and took it off, then Lenny undid and took off her bra.

“Belle, si belle.” Gil murmured, as he touched as her breasts.

He fondled her breasts, then kissed and sucked on one of her nipples as she sighed with the pleasure it was giving her. He gently pushed her back on the bed, and with his mouth again on her nipple, ran his hand under her skirt. His fingers found her inner thigh.

“Douce, douce.” He said at the softness he found.

Then slowly his fingers explored under the leg of her panties. He felt her damp pubic hair, then worked his fingers further and found her vagina.

He pulled at the waist of her panties. Lenny complied by raising her hips and taking them off. Then he started to use his fingers, stroking, inserting them into her vagina, rubbing her clitoris.

She gave a deep sigh. “Oooh so good. Bon, tres, tres bon.”

Before she could get the rest of her clothes off Gil was on top of her, and she spread her legs for him to insert his rock hard penis into her vagina,

“Aaah….ah yes.” She sighed as it slipped all the way home, deep into her body.

Then after a few tentative, deep, strokes he started fucking her hard. After a few minutes there was a pause while they both got up and finished undressing. Then they were off again, fucking, fucking, fucking. They twisted and turned as Lenny turned from her back to her knees and Gil took her from behind. Then she was sitting on top of him and so it went on and on. Lenny was delirious with pleasure, as she seemed to go from one orgasm to another, until, as he held her legs wide open and over her head, she felt him ejaculate his warm sperm deep into her vagina.

They lay together, and Lenny felt his penis gradually softening as they kissed again.

“I wish I could tell you how wonderful that was.” Lenny told him.

“Ne dite rien. Pour moi c’était merveilleux.” Gil went on in halting English. “I..want…I want – you stay….all night. Toute la nuit.” And he kissed her again.

“I can’t, I’m sorry. I would like to stay. You must understand. My husband would kill me. Mon mari me tuer.” She smiled as she drew her hand across her throat.

She pulled away from him, saw his semi-hard penis and bent over and kissed it. Then gathering up her clothes went back to her own room and Karl.

And Karl, what of Karl while this was going on? He’d undressed, got into bed naked and started to read the French phrase book, which was all he had with him to read. Then he heard the noise start from across the hall. First there was rhythmic knocking, and he heard their voices. He put the book down and got up and opened the door.

The door across the hall was slightly ajar, and while he couldn’t really see much, he could hear them. He could hear Lenny, who was always very talkative during sex, and she was saying things that he’d thought were just for him. Things like:

“Oh yeah, oh yes…fuck me…fuck me. I love you ……….uh…uh…Harder. Harder. I love you……love..your…cock..Oh sweety…Aaaah yes”

His cock was hard, and as he listened he looked through the crack in the door, imagining what they were doing, as he could see the indistinct movement of their bodies. He wanted to push anadolu yakası escort the door open and watch them fucking, and he could imagine Lenny with her legs wrapped around Gil as they fucked. Karl slowly stroked his penis, wanting to masturbate, but afraid that if he did he wouldn’t be able to get it up when she came back to the room, because he intended to have her as soon as Gil was finished.

Then, when they were through, he was just going to go back to their room to wait for Lenny, when he heard their last words to each other. He was startled, because he never imagined that she wouldn’t come back. When he realized she was leaving Gil, he slipped back to the room, to their bed, quickly.

Karl looked up from the bed as Lenny came back in naked, carrying her clothes. She laid them on a chair neatly, and as she did he thought, “What a woman, what a body.” She turned and saw him watching her.

She quickly slipped under the sheet and they kissed as her hand sought out his penis.

“Oh my, you are glad to see me.” She laughed as she felt his hard cock.

“Well, do you think you can handle any more sex?” He said sulkily. “You’ve been in there nearly an hour.”

Lenny didn’t answer, but kissed him and gently stroked him. His hands caressed her breasts, her nipples, then down her stomach and his fingers penetrated her vagina. He felt the thick slippery sperm that Gil had just shot into her, and pushing her back on to the bed looked at her open slit.

He saw the glob of white leaking from her and without realizing what he was doing bent down and kissed her pinkness. Then his tongue was on her, and he was licking, licking her come-filled hole. She responded with moans of pleasure, her body lurching as he touched her clitoris and sensitive places.

He pulled away, moved up and kissed her, and he thought how disgusting this was, she for kissing him after where his mouth had just been, and him for licking where her lover had just deposited his load.

Then he roughly opened her with his fingers shoved his penis in her slippery vagina and started fucking her hard, bang, bang, bang. He wanted to hurt her, to punish her for letting someone else fuck her, but even though there was some hurt to his wild thrusting, it was mostly pleasure for her.

Again she was talking wildly, saying the same things she’d said to Gil, which made him bang her harder. When he finally ejaculated he was sweating. Lenny held him tight and said, “Karl, my love, that was wonderful.”

“Is that what you told that Frenchman?”

“Don’t ask that, I say all sorts of things when a man is fucking me.”

“I wanted to hurt you.” He went on, “For being such a slut and enjoying him.”

“You knew what we were going to do, and anyway you didn’t hurt me, or perhaps a little, but mostly it was good.”

They kissed, and were soon asleep, locked in each others arms.

Lenny woke early, it was just getting light. She had to pee, but she also had a tingly itch in her crotch. She stoked herself lightly and felt the need for more sex. As she came back from the toilet she passed Gil’s door and saw that it was ajar. She pushed it open and looked at him. Karl was asleep, he’d never know, she thought. She closed the door and got into bed beside Gil.

He stirred, opened his eyes, saw her and smiled.

“Tu est revenue.” He muttered as he reached for her, but Lenny pushed his arms away and went down to kiss his penis. Then she took it in her mouth and started suck it. He groaned with pleasure.

When it was fully hard and standing tall, Lenny lifted her leg over his body and straddling him, carefully put it in her. They groaned in unison as it went deep inside her vagina. Then she started to bounce up and down, as Gil raised his hands to fondle her breasts and especially the nipples that stood out so prettily.

After several minutes she stopped. “Vous aimez ca?” She asked him.

“J’aime toi et ta chatte.”

“My cat? You love my cat?”

“In English, you pussy.”

“But you want my pussy or my mouth?” And when she realized he didn’t understand, stuck her thumb in her mouth, “This? Or that?” Bouncing up and down.

In reply he just moved his hips up and down, so she went back to bouncing on his cock.

Karl woke up and found Lenny gone. Maybe she’d gone to take a pee, so he shut his eyes again.

Meanwhile Gil and Lenny had rolled over and he was banging away at her while she orgasmed at least once. Then he too came and they held each other until his alarm went off. Lenny realized it would have woken Karl, and after a long loving kiss she left Gil.

Karl heard the alarm too, found Lenny wasn’t there still and started to get up when Lenny came into the room.

“Where’ve you been?” he demanded.

“I just went to take a pee.” She said.

He looked at her crotch, “That doesn’t look like pee dripping out of you.” He said. “You needed another go round with that Frenchman, I guess.”

They got up and dressed, going down the hall to the bathroom to shower. Karl found his way to the kitchen where Gil had laid out a French country breakfast, big chunks of baguette, with butter and jam, a couple of croissants, and with two large bowls for coffee.

“Eh bien, monsieur. Assaie-toi. Mais si vous me donnez la clef, je jeterais un coup d’œil a la bagnole. ”

Karl handed him the key to the car and sat down to eat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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