A Good Night

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Kurt was nervous.

She was meant to be there in fifteen minutes, it was quarter to six now and the movie started at six-thirty. She had told him she would be round to pick him up, it would just be easier that way. He had put on his favourite shirt; Navy blue and plain, he wore it everywhere he went and didn’t feel the need to dress up tonight. He was also wearing his oldest pair of jeans, held up by a belt he had just gotten the week before, Kurt despised shopping and even more so when it was for pants. Kurt was expecting it to be a cool night as well and had decided to put on a light grey jacket that he had bought his first week in the city. Something he had begun to enjoy however was shoe shopping, wearing a new pair of grey converses he liked the way they went with his jeans and shirt. Trying to occupy himself, Kurt quickly sprayed some cheap cologne on, the same cologne he always wore, it was the only bottle he had after all. He then moved into his bedroom, propped himself up on the bed and continued reading a book she had demanded he look at a fortnight before, it was a soppy teen drama book, but he could never say no to her and her wishes.

Kurt didn’t understand why he was nervous, she was his best friend, they’d known each other since high school and this wasn’t even a date, just the two of them catching up. Still, he found himself short of breath, his hands sweating and constantly adjusting reviewing his outfit mentally, wondering if maybe he did need to put on a flashier shirt. Pre date flutters but it wasn’t a date and that un-eased him even more so.

The beep of a jeep horn sent him spinning from the book. Throwing it on to the floor and leaping out of the bed, he dashed to the front door and stopped toe check himself. Quickly patting his pockets, assuring himself of all the things he would need; wallet to pay for the tickets, his phone and the keys to his tiny flat. Hurrying out the of the flat and slamming the door behind him, Kurt made the short dash to her car, opened the passenger door, jumped in and shut it behind him.

The car was an eclectic mess, but that suited her personality, she could find order in this chaos where no one else could, the interior was filled with old make-up bottles, school books and CD’s, he shifted his feet until they were resting somewhere they wouldn’t crush anything. He looked at Polly for the first time that night, she was wearing a blouse with flannel patterning, she must of bought it at an op-shop or some other charity store, Polly always said she couldn’t justify spending too much money on a blouse. Kurt secretly knew she just enjoyed looking through all the retro clothing that people throw away. Looking down to her legs, a skirt he had never seen her wear before; Black with a low hem, past the knees and a pair of matching shoes. On her head was an extremely cute headband tied above her brown bangs. Kurt liked it better when she wore her hair like that, it framed her face better.

Polly smiled as she greeted him

“Hey man, ready to go?”

“Yeah no worries, lets head off,” Kurt began saying as he slipped his seatbelt on, turning to her he continued ” I like that head band thing, and the way you’ve done you’re hair” as they pulled out of the narrow drive way of her building complex

“Thanks yo, Joop again?” she sniffed the air and smiled at him again, tilting her head as she did. As she always did.

“Of course” Kurt laughed, she always teased him about his lack of cologne choices.

They drove for about half an hour to the cinemas, chatting and laughing the whole way there. The conversation was rarely forced between the two of them, despite all the time they had known each other, the pair found something to talk about. The fact they both loved to talk always helped as well. They discussed what had been happening with mutual friends, whose life was worse, what their plans were for the rest of the week and the books they were reading.

“So are you going to be coming to the concert?” Kurt asked, he had wondered earlier whether he could convince her to come to one of the metal gigs he was heading to later in the year, despite all the common interests they had, musical tastes rarely crossed over, except for a few select bands.

“Mmm, I don’t know, I won’t really like the music will I?” Polly spoke back to him, pulling into the cinema parking lot.

“Still, it would be good to spend the day with ya and you might be able to enjoy your first mosh pit!” They both laughed at that.

Arriving at the cinema just in time, they still hadn’t picked out a movie. Polly was infamously indecisive and Kurt too polite to force someone else to see something they didn’t choose. It came down to a choice between two movies.

“So which is it then” Polly began “The one where the girl falls in love with the best friend, or the one where the best friend falls in love with the girl” she finished gazing back up to the showing board.

“Tough choice, we might have to take a POLL-y.” Kurt said, barely able to contain his smirk “What do you want to see?”

Polly smiled disapprovingly pendik escort of his terrible joke, she always laughed at Kurt’s puns, out of pity or sincerity he still hadn’t figured out. Still, she always laughed and that’s all Kurt wanted.

“I think the second movie sounds best” Kurt finally decided, “Might get to see some poor bloke get his heart ripped out” Kurt bought tickets for the pair as well as snacks for them to share inside.

Entering the dimly lit theatre, Kurt gazed across the floor, spotting a few other pairs sitting away from each other. Polly quickly lead Kurt to the seats, the previews began and the pair would continuously decide on which trailers looked good, which ones they wanted to see and which they would avoid entirely. Once the movie really kicked Kurt extended his legs over the seat in front of them, there was never enough space for him to sit comfortably otherwise and no one was nearby so Kurt took the opportunity as it came. As he leant over to grab some snacks, Polly grabbed his hand and held it between the two. It wasn’t in a romantic way, just a comfort thing, Polly liked to be held and the two were comfortable sitting this way. It was comforting for Kurt as well; he could never explain why but he was always more relaxed when he was with Polly, especially in situations like this, just enjoying each others company.

The movie ended, Kurt and Polly followed the small crowd of fellow movie-goers file out of the door and out of the cinema.

“Smoke?” Polly asked, as if Kurt’s answer ever changed.

“Of course” he said smiling back at her.

Smoking was something they shared, almost none of Kurt’s or Polly’s friends smoked cigarettes and always tried to convince the two to stop, but as long as the other smoked they had no chance of slowing down.

Polly paced away from Kurt, as she always did. Kurt leaned up against the wall and watched her. The way she took three or four steps and turned, walking back another few steps and turning again. Looking at the ground with such amazing intensity you would think she was solving the issues in the Middle East, when she could just as easily be thinking about when to next buy a pack of cigarettes so she didn’t run out.

They moved away from the cinema to find some food, Kurt led Polly around the corner, since he bought the tickets and snacks she had to pay for dinner. They got fish and chips and headed off to a small grassy area nearby, watching other people pass them, making stories about their lives from assumptions and judgements of their appearance, sharing cigarettes as they did so. It was a nice quiet evening, again, Kurt felt content just to be near her and enjoying themselves with the games they played.

Once the food was finished and they realized the time, Polly and Kurt headed back to the car and started the drive home. The traffic was built up around this time of night and it looked like rain was going to come down on them as well.

Kurt looked at her as she drove the car and just admired her. She always carried herself well, even in the car, with just him; she had that air of elegance and confidence that always got second turns from other people and the occasional nod of respect when people thought she was with him. He looked at how she occasionally flicked her fringe from her eyes. The way her nails were a different colour every time Kurt saw her; she seemingly had an endless supply of nail polish to surprise him with. Kurt knew she was beautiful, she always was, but tonight she looked something special. Her eyes too, so focused on driving he doubted he could of really gotten her attention if he had wanted too, she always put so much effort into the simplest things, always a perfectionist.

Polly pulled into his driveway and hopped out of the car to walk Kurt to his flat, they could feel the light droplets of rain beginning to cascade around them and hurried to the overhand of his front door.

“Kurt, this was fun, thanks for the movie” she leaned in to hug him

“Yeah it was wicked, thanks for the food” he replied as they embraced.

They broke the hug and she took a step back into the light that hung above his door. She was smiling, the same smile she always wore on her face. Her nose crinkled when she smiled in the most adorable way. He looked her up and down once more. Her shoes were some sort of eclectic Amazon style that he never understood could be comfortable, he knew she preferred barefoot anyway. Her skirt hung past the knee, tied in with the rest of her outfit with a wide belt that wrapped around her midsection. The blouse reminded him of a grunge band they were both into and was an unusual choice for her, generally she wore patterned shirts, but not ones like this, it was looked like a flannel shirt, but it suited her well, he couldn’t remember her looking any prettier before. He looked at her face again, still smiling, the nose crinkled. Her eyes looking back at him, a few stray strands of hair hanging about them.

Polly began to turn away, wishing him a good night and muttering something about seeing him tomorrow. maltepe escort Kurt found himself not wanting to wait till then, he couldn’t wait till then. He didn’t want her to leave, he wanted her to stay, he wanted to hold her and kiss her. He realized right there that there was no one else he could think of he wanted to talk to or see. He knew that he had to do something, so she knew how much she meant to him.

As Polly moved away from him, Kurt moved forward.

“Wait” Kurt said softly.

Polly turned to him with a confused look on her face. Kurt moved in quick, grabbing the right side of her face with his right hand and moving her body closer to him with his left, he pushed her hair behind her ear and looked into her eyes. Polly looked back at him, confused and shocked at his boldness. Before she could say anything their lips met.

Polly’s lips were as soft as they looked, his lips were lightly pressed against hers, not forcing his way into her mouth like he did as a drunken teenager. The kiss lasted a few moments, but felt like an eternity to Kurt, millions of thoughts about what this kiss meant, why she wasn’t responding, why she wasn’t protesting, why she wasn’t pushing back. His hand roamed down her curvy frame, resting lightly on her hips as the right hand held her cheek, rubbing it in a circle lightly with his thumb.

Wordless, Kurt began to pull away, the kiss still lingering on his lips even after being apart for a few seconds. As Kurt opened his eyes he saw Polly looking at him again, this time with a different look than before. A look of clarity and understanding, of what was about to happen and how it should of happened long before. Kurt found himself unsure of how to proceed, luckily, Polly knew.

Polly pushed Kurt up against the wall, the two embracing now, tongues dancing over and under each other, wrestling for control. Their hands roaming, he seized her ass and pulled them up, squeezing them. She ran her hands through his hair and threw both her arms over his shoulder, wrapping himself around his neck. Kurt lifted Polly up as she wrapped her legs around his waist. The pair entangled, staggered into the flat, almost tumbling over the couch in the living room. He put her on top of the back of the couch and continued to kiss her there for a few minutes. It felt electric, to embrace her like this, already he could feel an erection brewing in his pants, but even this could keep him happy, to just be with her. Kurt’s hand was running hard up and down her thigh as they kissed, even brushing against her crotch, she gasped every time he did this, he loved to tease, but knew she couldn’t possibly wait any longer.

Stumbling into his bedroom, Kurt threw Polly onto the bed. Without a seconds hesitation, like an animal he moved down in between her thighs, hoisting up her black skirt, not wanting to wait for her to take it off and moving aside the zebra striped panties she had worn. Gazing at the clean shaven beauty before him, he breathed in her smell and looked up to her. She was taking off her blouse and bra, her hair was becoming a mess and he couldn’t believe how sexy it looked like that. She flung the bra and blouse across the room, landing on the floor behind him; she leaned back as he began to attack her pussy.

Licking and kissing and probing at her folds, he could feel the waves of heat and pleasure emanate out of her. He had never had such primal sexual energy when performing this act before and he was getting as much out of this as she was. Finally exposing the clitoris he began to flick at it with his tongue and then change tacts with long, broad strokes of the outer lips. His hands were moving from between her breasts and stomach, trying to touch and hold the entirety of her wonderful body. Twisting and tugging on her nipples as he ate her out, Polly was squealing with pleasure. The mixture of pain and pure ecstasy was almost too much to handle for her and Kurt could feel her breathes getting shorter and shorter as he continued playing with her. His right hand came down to her pussy again, he pushed two fingers deep into her as he sucked on the head of her clitoris. He could feel her getting wetter and wetter by the second and loved knowing how horny she was getting because of him. As he did this, his left hand searched behind her back, running down her skin until he found her ass. Continually eating her out and pushing his fingers in and out of her, his left hand also began to push. Kurt used his left hand to lightly rub the outer area of her asshole, probing and teasing, hinting at what was yet to come.

Polly was on the edge of climax and she wasn’t being quiet about it either. Gasping and screaming out, she could barely contain herself, praying that nobody thought someone was being attacked. Feeling his fingers rub the outer edge of her asshole, she let it all go. She came, shoving his face deeper into her thighs, trying to get him as deep as possible to get the most out of what would soon be one of many orgasms. Kurt stuck one finger knuckle deep into her ass as she came, pushing deeper and deeper kartal escort into her and filling all the holes of her body. He could feel every single contraction and pressure on both his finger in her ass and the two in her pussy as she moaned so loud even he was shocked. Squeezing out every last contraction, shaking with the remnants of the amazing orgasm she just had, Polly finally exhaled with relief.

Looking down at him she smiled the widest grin he had ever seen and said

“Fuck…that was beyond…fuck”

Kurt had to laugh at that, for someone who was so full of words and conversation the fact that she was speechless spoke wonders about his skills at giving head.

“My turn” she slyly said, patting the bed sheet next to her.

Kurt hopped up from where he was onto the bed, still fully clothed but highly sexually charged, his underwear was straining against his erection. Unzipping his jeans, Polly pulled them own to his ankles and got a first look at what she would be playing with tonight. Kurt had never considered himself big, average at best, but the smile and reaction her got from her washed away all doubts he had. She tugged at his underwear, his cock popping out from underneath the fabric; he shivered as she breathed over it. She smiled again, quickly rubbing it once, then again with her hand. Pre cum dripped from the head of his cock as her mouth sank lower and lower on to him.

Lightly sucking the tip, Kurt let out a small groan of pleasure, looking down; he saw her looking directly back at him, smiling at him with her eyes, he always enjoyed head more if the girl made eye contact and she seemed to know this out of instinct. She moved further and further down the shaft until her nose was in his lightly trimmed pubic hair, showing off her impressive skills at cock sucking, he had always thought she would be good. She pulled back, letting go of all pressure and spitting into her hand to give it more lubricant, she began to stroke his cock. She twisted her nipple while she did this and Kurt ran his hand down her shoulders, trying to hold her as she gave him one of the best feelings a guy can experience. She bent down again and licked the underside of his cock, tasting the pre cum as the tip of her tongue ran over his throbbing head. She sucked lightly at the end again, teasing him some more. He moved her hair so he could get a good look at what she was doing, he could see her lips part as she moved down and back up on his cock slowly with her mouth, applying more pressure as she went up then down. It was driving Kurt insane he wanted more, but she was in total control of what was happening. That is, until he could stand it no more. After only getting head for around two minutes Kurt sits up and grabs Polly by the hips. Turning her around and lifting her up he bends her over the bed; Kurt stands up behind her and rubs the head of his cock on the lips of her pussy. She exhales, waiting for him to go in.

“Do you want to do this, we can stop here” Kurt asks, making sure this is what she wants

“Don’t you fucking dare stop” Polly snapped back and with that, pushed into him. The warmth and tightness of her pussy pulls him in further and further, he starts slowly at first, thrusting in and out at a slow pace, but he is just filled with such lust for her that he can no longer control himself. At full pace he slaps his hips against her ass checks, balls deep in her pussy. He raises his hand and slaps it hard onto her ass checks, she lets out a loud moan, again, Kurt raises his hand and brings it down even harder, and this time the moan is louder. Once more he raises his hand, constantly moving in and out as he does this, rubbing against the inner fold of his pussy with his cock, he brings his hand down this time as hard as he dares, slapping her beautiful round ass, Polly yells out in pleasure. Taking his right hand again, he moves it up her body and grabs a fist full of hair. Tugging and pulling it back, forcing her back to arch, allowing him to enter deeper into her. She moans with the pleasure of it, feeling him pull back on her hair as his cock runs in and out of her wet pussy feels too good to even think about the noise she was making. The bed was squeaking and Kurt swore the room was spinning he was that close to Euphoria.

Nearing the edge of explosion, Kurt begins to slow down, he leans forward, still inside of her and whispers.

“Do you trust me?” he breathes on to her as he pulls back.

“Yes, of course” Polly breathes out her reply, shivering as his breathe catches the back of her neck.

“Good girl” Kurt says back and grabs her again.

Moving onto the bed, he lays down on his back, motioning for her to sit on top him. Kurt faces her away, he holds onto her ass checks as she lowers her pussy onto him, feeling the warm and the wetness envelop his cock is indescribable. Down she goes, breathing out as she does, all the way down until she is as deep as he can go. Back up now, getting her rhythm Polly increases the pace. The feeling is amazing on his shaft and head; tight and wet he still can’t believe he is with her, his best friend and now his best lover. She can feel him, throbbing inside of her. He grabs her hair again, this time with the left hand, pulling lightly own so she can feel it. She bites her lip; she loves it when he grabs her hair like that.

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