A Lost Daughter Ch. 14

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Driving home with the two nearly comatose women in the car was a more harrowing experience than I might’ve anticipated. I actually had to almost carry them one-by-one to the car—quite a feat considering we’d parked a few blocks away and there was also a series of onlookers to boot. I helped Amber to the car first and she waited for me to return while I went back for Sienna.

I acknowledged the potential danger of leaving her alone in the car in a less-than-safe neighborhood in her compromised state—but also acknowledged the excitement I felt at the thought of someone actually trying something. I knew that whatever part of Amber’s consciousness remained intact would be more than open to being ‘taken advantage of’ by an opportunistic passerby. I let the fantasies of coming back to find Amber bobbing her head on a stranger’s cock fill my mind as I made the walk back to Kevin’s house.

Once there I shouldn’t have been surprised to find Kevin humping away. Sienna was hunched over, drooling uncontrollably with wandering, unfocused eyes, while Kevin humped her from behind. He had both arms around her waist, holding her up as he sprinted for the finish line. In truth, I didn’t blame him at all. After watching back-to-back fuck-fests take place in his living room it was only natural for him to want to relieve himself.

He smiled sheepishly at me as I stepped in and gave a begrudging nod which prompted him to continue. I didn’t really care one way or another, this was part of the price we had agreed to pay, but I was ready to be home. I resisted the urge to tap my foot in a display of building impatience as Kevin continued plumbing the depths of my daughter’s absolutely brutalized cunt and thanked my lucky stars as I noticed his breathing become ragged.

A few subdued moans later and it was over. I walked over and took Sienna in my arms, which allowed Kevin to release her safely and subsequently allow his cock to slip from her. I looked down to see a few fresh globs of cum drip noisily from between her legs and plop onto the floor unceremoniously. I resisted the urge to kneel down and peer up her skirt to appreciate what must have been an incredible sight and relented to my desire to be headed home at long last.

I didn’t even bother trying to stabilize her—she was too far gone—I just scooped her up as I had done before with one arm under her knees and the other under her shoulders and carried her out the door. I angled her strategically, so her head rested on my shoulder instead of drooping uncomfortably. Unfortunately, I had never gotten to hold her as a baby, but this was a pretty damn close second.

I was only a little bit disappointed when I returned to the car to find Amber sitting in the passenger seat undisturbed and nodding off alone. I tucked Sienna into the back seat and clasped her seat-belt, giving her a soft kiss on the forehead before closing the door. After seating myself behind the steering wheel and clasping my own belt I peered over at Amber lovingly.

She was completely unaware of my very existence. I could have been anyone and it wouldn’t have mattered at all to her—given her current state. Even still, I felt indescribably close to her in that moment after everything we’d just been through. I leaned over and kissed her drooping lips, suckling a drop of her stupor-induced drool into my mouth an enjoying the perpetual ashiness of its essence.

Once we’d begun driving home, I became intently aware of the optics of my particular circumstance. An otherwise humdrum drive became more anxiety inducing than I was anticipating as I imagined what kind of conversation would arise between me and a cop if I were to get pulled over. I set the cruise control to 2MPH under the speed limit and scanned any cars that came into view for indications of them being law enforcement as I put ‘tinted windows’ on the list of ‘must-have’ items in my mind.

Pulling into the driveway brought with it a heavy sigh of relief and luckily a slightly more alert Amber. She was able to help Sienna as we tried to enter the home as inconspicuously as possible without alerting any rubbernecking neighbors in our quiet little pocket of suburbia.

Finally, the door closed behind us and we were able to retire to relative privacy of our bedroom. There were no longer any attempts at drawing a distinction between ‘Sienna’s’ room and the master bedroom I shared with Amber. It was now our bedroom—the incestuous love-triangle and my unforeseen role in—and beneficiary of—a polygamist lifestyle now fully established.

Amber and Sienna passed out expectedly the moment we’d reached the soft embrace of our bedding, leaving me to undress them down to appropriate sleepwear. Sienna hadn’t been wearing panties and I finally had the pleasure of observing her leaky cunt once I’d slipped her skirt off. I proceeded to lick my lips as I removed her fishnet stockings. I gave in to my temptations and let her continue to sleep peacefully as I knelt between her ataşehir escort bayan legs.

Laying on my stomach with my feet off the edge of the bed, I appraised my meal. Her smoothly shaven pussy was now laid bare in front of me, the neatly tucked lips of her labia presenting a delicious appearance of youth and health despite her recent activities. I noticed the semi-dried drips of cum adhered to the skin below the entrance to her pussy and visually traced the slit of her cunt up towards her clit. As I did, I took note of the faintly ‘glazed’ appearance of her labia, and noticed that each and every inch of flesh was adorned with some whitish tint of cum.

I resisted the urge to poke my finger inside to see what gooey contents I was able to coax out and decided that my tongue would be a better tool for that particular job. My heart pounded in my chest as I scooted a little closer to prepare for my first sample, a mix of excitement and anxiety swirling in my stomach. I had never experienced any form of homosexual urge or attraction to another man, but there was something enticing about the ‘dirtiness’ and ‘sluttiness’ of a cum-filled cunt that turned me on.

I realized at some point that my attraction to ‘bad girls’ was not reserved for specific ‘bad’ habits or addictions, it included all manner of hedonistic pursuits. A slut and a junkie occupied similar spaces in the realm of my fantasies, both of them representing a woman who would recklessly and selfishly pursue pleasure at any cost. I loved the point at which a woman stopped doing something because it was part of a tradition or phase of life—like partying, experimenting, or self-discovery—and did it for themselves impulsively and unapologetically.

The point where she isn’t drinking or getting high for ‘fun’ but because she’s now identified herself with the substance and views its absence in her life as a missing piece of herself. The point where she isn’t fucking around on her husband or sleeping around because she’s horny or wants attention but because she’s a ‘slut’ and on some level accepts that her sexual appetite is insatiable. The dirty, cum-filled cunt of a woman who is still hungering for more is a perfect, physical representation of that very ideal that I simply could not resist tasting it at that moment.

I leaned in the remained few inches and lightly licked the length of her slit, starting at the base and tracing all the way up to the fleshy expression of her clit. I paused there, taking it into my mouth and rolling the hardened bit of pink flesh between my lips and suckling it. Sienna only barely reacted—an almost imperceptible ripple of reaction flashing through her muscles involuntarily before being swallowed up by the combined might of opiates and exhaustion.

She would not awaken at any point of this—I was now quite certain of that.

And while I was somewhat disappointed at not being able to coax her toward yet another orgasm that she no doubt would have been gracious to accept, I let that disappointment fade as I turned my attention back to the main course.

Releasing the hood of her clitoris I began licking more intently along the length of her labia and briefly dipping the tip of my tongue into her vaginal opening as I reached the base of her pussy. I watched passively as the whitish glaze of cum began to soften and then disappear and only partially registered the reality of my having ‘cleaned’ her. My erection pressed painfully against the mattress as I angled my tongue toward the entrance to her vagina.

I pressed the tip of my flexed tongue into the warmth of Sienna’s hole and allowed it to explore for a few moments before I fell into a rhythm of ‘tongue fucking’ her in earnest. I scooted even closer to allow myself more depth and stopped penetrating her and instead dug my tongue as deeply into her cunt as I could manage. I felt the base of my tongue strain as I swirled it around inside of her, lapping at her insides uninhibitedly.

I finally removed my tongue slowly and let the aching of its overextension subside as I analyzed the flavors I was experiencing. Nothing screamed out as being off-putting and I chalked it up to Sienna’s youth and my own heightened sense of arousal blocking out anything that might’ve caused me to hesitate in continuing. I continued sucking, slurping, and tongue-spelunking until my cock yearned so painfully for release that it could no longer be ignored.

I adjusted my position on the bed to upright on my knees and quickly unbuttoned the fly to my jeans. I jerked the waistband of my boxers down and let my cock spring free, wrapping my hand around the shaft almost immediately. It really only took a few pumps before my orgasm was on the precipice of causing my third ejaculation of the day to rocket forth from my manhood.

I scanned my mind for what I was most interested in cumming in or on and decided to just spray Sienna down as totally as I could. I crab walked a few inches escort kadıöy forward so I was between her legs, peering down at her sleeping and unaware of her role in this situation—although she no doubt would be aroused once I explained it to her when she awoke. I tried flexing my cock as I came in an attempt to shoot my seed all along her body and hopefully land a few splashes on her face.

My anatomy, however, didn’t possess the requisite virility and my load was paltry in comparison to my ideals. I managed to get as high as her cleavage before the final 5-6 ejaculations pooled between her belly button and her crotch. There were certain realities about being a man in his mid-30’s and experiencing his third orgasm of the day that just couldn’t be helped.

I wiped the leaking head of my cock on Sienna’s thigh, leaving a streak of sticky wetness in its wake. I finished undressing Amber and threw my shirt on the floor next to all the other clothes and joined my lovely fallen angels in peaceful slumber.

Transitioning back to work was a challenging experience. There were now so many things vying for attention in my mind that the tedium of my daily job for the last decade was finding it hard to break through. Not only was I intently aware of the amazing sensory experiences I was missing out on by being at work, but I was also now contending with my new role as sole guardian of two burgeoning junkies.

I had stuck to my rule that neither woman was permitted to be sober while I was around unless I granted it—but I surprised myself by also making it clear that tolerance breaks and a slice of normal life was perfectly acceptable for the 8-10hrs each weekday that I would be gone. Secretly, I hoped they would heed my call for temperance—if only so I could be there if an overdose or something were to occur. At the same time, I doubted heavily that either woman was interested in moderation at this stage of the game.

I made sure there were some emergency doses of Narcan available, but even that didn’t feel like enough precaution—I needed to be there.

I was sitting idly at my desk, thinking of any and every possibility at altering my life to accommodate some other working situation when a knock interrupted my thoughts.

“Yeah,” I called out without even thinking about it.

“It’s Kayla, can I come in?” came the soft response from the other side of the door.

Kayla was a 19-year-old bagger that had come on-board about a year ago when she was fresh out of high-school. She worked part-time to pay for gas and the weed she always seemed to smell like while attending community college.

“Sure, you can open it,” I replied casually, trying not to let my distracted mind impact my usually breezy attitude.

The door squeaked open and Kayla’s thin, 5’4″ frame stepped in. Her bleached and straightened blonde hair reached just barely to her shoulders and her thick lips trembled a bit as she averted my gaze. Kayla was a cute girl, and I had always liked her and appreciated her quirky sense of humor. She had unusually alert green eyes, a thin nose, and slightly chubby cheeks for as thin as she was.

Her lips were her best feature though—not just full but thick and they seemed to jut out from her face with a plumpness that gave her profile an appetizing allure. They were so thick, in fact, that her top lip didn’t touch her bottom one naturally. It arched up and parted away from her bottom lip in a way that made the top 3-4 of her front teeth visible at all times.

She flattened the green apron that all floor employees were required to wear against the short-sleeve white Polo underneath and stared down at her all-black anti-slip shoes pensively.

Kayla had always been a bit awkward—in a cute stoner-girl kind of way—but this was a new level that I couldn’t make heads-or-tails of.

“Umm, so this is gonna sound kinda weird but, I don’t really have anyone else I can ask,” she stammered, still staring at her feet and anywhere else that wasn’t my face.

I knew that I was a bit of a ‘father figure’ to a lot of the kids who ended up working for me. I always knew that it was a displacement of my paternal instincts borne of the fact that I would never have children of my own with Amber—aside from my recently rediscovered lost daughter of course.

I would casually offer a supportive hand on a shoulder, words of encouragement or sage advice and it seemed that this situation would require that version of managerial expertise.

“So, my parents kicked me out last night, well technically this morning but, yeah. I was gonna stay with my boyfriend, but he lives with a bunch of gross weirdos in the city and I wouldn’t have my own room or anything and I just think it’s a super bad idea. So, do you like, know of any place I could stay for like a week or less? Just until I can, like, figure something else out? I know this is weird but, I don’t know, I guess I’m just asking anyways,” she explained, finally maltepe escort looking up at me with a goofy grin.

Her eyes were faintly glassy and red, but I couldn’t be sure if that was as a result of emotion or weed. I also couldn’t be sure if I was actually this lucky. Truth be told, I’d noticed Kayla for a while. I’d occasionally catch her outside on a smoke break and enjoy the sight of her thick lips wrapped around a Camel Crush or finishing an exhale while heading back to work. The thought of having her stay over for a few days and the implications of that arrangement buzzed in my head like a surging electrical current.

I ignored the screams of my conscience warning me about the incredibly inappropriate arrangement of having one of my youngest subordinate females live with me in favor of the flashes of possibility for carnal hijinks instead.

“Don’t worry about it, I don’t think it’s weird at all,” I stifled my nervous excitement as best I could, but I was still aware of the almost boisterous tone of my words.

Kayla, thankfully, didn’t seem to notice.

“Okay, rad, I was super nervous,” she admitted through a heavy sigh of relief.

“But honestly, I don’t really know anyone with an empty room or anything. I’m old and boring, I barely know anyone outside of the people I work with and my wife, er, and my daughter—” I added.

Kayla’s eyes flashed and her eyebrows shot up at that last word.

“You have a daughter? I had no idea,” she mused, rolling it over in her mind.

I smiled, both at her response and the fact that everything was going to plan.

“Yep, she’s actually about to head to college in a couple months. We’ve been having a blast and making the most of our time before she leaves, I bet you’d really like her. I think you’re about the same age actually,” I pretended to remember.

“Really? What’s her name? Does she go to school around here? Maybe I know her,” she pressed.

“Her name is Sienna, but she didn’t go to school around here actually. She was homeschooled,” I lied.

“Oh wow, that’s crazy. I feel like I’m just learning this huge thing about you right now and I feel so stupid for having no idea,” she said exasperatedly.

“No, no, don’t feel stupid. I really don’t talk about my life outside work very much. I didn’t expect you to know,” I covered expertly.

“Hmph, crazy, well thanks anyways. I’m sure I’ll figure something out; I better get back out there. Later Matt,” she said, turning back toward the door to leave.

“Crazy thought,” I blurted, stopping Kayla in her tracks.

She turned back to me with a weird look on her face somewhere between ‘amused’ and ‘stoned.’

“We have a big couch. If you don’t think it’d be too strange to be crashing at your bosses’ house, you’re free to use it. It seems like it’s sort of an emergency or I wouldn’t even suggest it,” I baited.

Kayla’s mouth stuttered momentarily, her juicy lips briefly making contact while she pursed them and then released—perhaps changing her mind about whatever she was going to say.

“I don’t have any problem with it, like none. I was gonna be sleeping in my car tonight probably so, your place sounds fucking amazing,” she swore, immediately snorting and covering her mouth in embarrassment.

“Sorry,” she apologized, trying to keep her giggle from erupting into a laugh.

I did her the service of laughing myself, letting her off the hook and allowing us to share a moment of brevity.

“Great, I’m off at 4 today and I can lead the way?” I offered.

“Sure, I’m off at 2:45 but I’ll just chill and smoke a couple cigarettes or something while I’m waiting,” she explained nonchalantly, unknowingly sending a jolt to my cock.

My mind blanked for a moment as I imagined having her smoking in my house in a few short hours before I regained my composure.

“Sounds good. And hey, keep this between you and me if you could. We know that nothing is going on, but it might not look great from certain perspectives, you know?” I smiled disarmingly.

“Oh, yeah, I wasn’t going to tell anyone, trust me. People are so fucking uptight and gossipy, I hate that,” she swore again, this time seemingly unaware of it.

I just smiled and nodded, which prompted her back to the main floor.

For a few moments after she left, I just sat at my desk in a trance.

Did that really just happen? Am I lucky or stupid?

I decided not to dwell on that last question too much as I began working out the logistics of this arrangement in my mind.

My house wasn’t huge, but it was plenty big enough to accommodate 4 people—but it wasn’t really the space or the physical limitations that were going to be the hard part. The hard part revolved around being able to present ourselves and our lives in a way that would fall in line with something approaching normalcy instead of the drug-fueled debauchery of the reality.

Add the fact that both Amber and Sienna had recently begun their foray into opiate addiction by diving headfirst into daily intravenous heroin use—and that was going to be hard to hide.

I doubted they were so deep into it this soon that they couldn’t slow their roll, but it was going to take some explaining.

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