A Maid’s Tail Ch. 14: The Next Week

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Volume 3: The Dancing Kitten

1 — Monday

Kim woke up to a pleasant soreness that brought flashes of the previous night into her muddled mind; feeling the press of her employer’s body against hers as she clutched tight to her mistress’s. Even before she opened her eyes to the unfamiliar bedroom she was blushing hot, the memories fluttering around in her like the butterflies in her stomach.

Elliot and Sylvia snoozed on either side of her with their backs pressing her into a warm, messy sandwich. A chicken sandwhich, Kim decided, lush with breast and thigh meat bathed in the salty brine of shared lust and dressed with the rumpled lettuce of her maid’s uniform. Kim ran a hand down her body finding her panties a long distant memory– oh yes, they’d made a fine sandwich. A very creamy one, too.

She could still feel the specter of Elliot’s essence warm against her inner thighs and the taste of Sylvia’s on the tip of her tongue, a melody that couldn’t have been any more pleasant to wake to if she’d willed it into existence. Kim sighed quietly in the stillness, savoring the feeling as her gaze trailed down her employers.

Kim smiled privately as she danced the tips of her fingers down the younger woman’s curves, trailing to her tight little butt where the sheets were just barely cresting. Even the tide of cotton which would normally have drowned them was afraid to approach her shores, as if the entire universe knew.

They were both a perfect match in so many ways– firm and fit, with skin a soft caramel that begged to be touched and kissed. Sylvia’s Spanish heritage had given her a particular kind of grace and poise that outlined her power in the loosest way her lithe form could. Nothing could ever truly contain the soul of a dragon, but her flesh tried.

God did it try.

Elliot was just as built and powerful, though his was the kind of strength that years of hard physical exertion built, the military had carved him out of stone and sanded him to a marble effigy of Kim’s dreams. He was the light to Sylvia’s fire and Kim. . .

Kim wasn’t sure here she fit into the equation yet, she was there to serve the family and she didn’t have the firm edges the McKennas did. A little heavier, a bit older, curvy and ‘plush’ as they called her. She was an odd fit for this whole affair, really.

Kim reached over her head to stretch, cool metal brushed her bicep– the ring in her collar, she realized. Her hand subconsciously fell to the accessory and she swallowed, running her finger over the embroidery that spelled out ‘Kitten’ across her throat. What she brought to her masters’ relationship wasn’t heat or light, but it was something else. . . .something they clearly wanted.

Kind of like Kim wanted to get up and clean herself off. But did she dare? She shouldn’t have left without informing them, should she? Besides, she couldn’t take off her own collar, could she? It felt wrong somehow to even consider it.

Just as wrong as it felt to be unpresentable in her masters’ presence. Kim carefully went about fixing her uniform first- smoothing down the pleated skirt and re-tying the bodice that pressed her cleavage up and ensuring the frills were all set just so. She made a vain effort to pull up her stockings, if only to hide the rosettes that’d been smeared from sweat the night before. It was no use, though, if she pushed herself to lean down too far she’d risk waking them both up. . .

She couldn’t do it. Not until she was ready to face them. No, she’d earned her collar, she wasn’t about to sacrifice it by being sloppy.

No sloppier than she already was, anyway.

Kim ran her hands through her blonde hair and smoothed it out as best she could over the band that held her cat ears canlı bahis in place. A little closer to their catgirl maid, she then inhaled deeply and clenched her butt– she immediately found the familiar source of resistance that utterly defined her as their catgirl maid. The buttplug with the long furry tail attached to it; the lurid reminder that she was employed, owned and idolized for what she was. It made her stomach flutter all the more as she really began to appreciate what she’d accomplished.

She’d been their maid all day and night, she’d been their good little Kitten all night and satisfied them both. Pride swelled in her chest as she rolled over and kissed Elliot’s shoulder. She gave him a gentle shake and whispered in a purr against his flesh. “Master Mckenna. . .”

“Mmmh. . .?” He didn’t need much cohesion, he rolled over some to look up at her with those bottomless brown eyes. He smiled privately with a faint blush already warming his cheeks. After stealing a quick glance at Sylvia’s sleeping form- something about which seemed to surprise him- he looked up at Kim questioningly.

Maybe she didn’t sleep in much, Kim raised her chin slightly to bear her collar to her master and whispered. “May I be released?”

Elliot looked about to laugh but stopped short. “Since you asked so nicely. . .” He gingerly undid the strap and stroked her hair back, smiling as he cupped her cheek. Then, seeming to reconsider the act he drew back leaving a soft chill where his hand had been. Kim frowned and kissed his bare chest, nuzzling against it until he stroked her hair back.

She could’ve laid like that forever with his strong hand tracing her outline. Briefly she considered doing exactly that, until she felt his body shift a bit to hide his already hardening member. Kim looked up through her bangs and ran her hand down his body, under the sheets, searching– stopped when he took her wrist. Obediently, the older maid kissed his chest and eased back.

“I just wanted to please my master. . .”

Elliot smirked and ran his fingers through her hair, lingering there cradling her skull in the way she wished he would– maybe it was a quiet invitation, maybe it was a reminder that she hadn’t earned the rights she wanted to have with either of them.

The hard warmth poking against the side of her chest told her she was probably on the right track with that idea. But Elliot betrayed nothing as he released her and whispered, “need to take off or did you want to spend the day?”

“Uhm. . . .I should do some of my own housework.” Kim said sheepishly.

“Yeah. Rebeca’d probably have some questions, too,” He mused.

Kim’s heart clenched. She’d forgotten about their guest! Crap! She’d already been careful to keep the family secret, but the girl waking up to find her father’s maid taking a shower or something would’ve put a hell of lot of questions on the table that nobody was ready to answer. Least of all her.

“I- yes, I should go. . .” She whispered pensively.

Elliot let her go until she tried to climb over his body. He gripped her hips firmly. Possessive. Smiling up at her with a kind of twinkle in his eye that said maybe she wasn’t the only one with pleasant images swirling around in their head from last night. He was going to tease her with it to the very end, wasn’t he?

Two could play that game, she decided as she ran her hands up her body and arched to make the swell of her breasts even more pronounced, cupping her chest and balling up her hair over her cat ears. She felt his cock twitch against her thigh with the sheets just barely keeping him contained. A surge of confidence and power swelled in her heart and she laid her hands on his chest and rolled forward in one smooth stroke, dampening the sheets bahis siteleri and him with their mixed moisture. Confident and prowling, the cougar leaned down and kissed his cheek, pushing down against him.

“Master McKennaaah,” she purred hotly in his ear.

His fingers gripped her tighter.

“Meow. . .”

Kim smiled inwardly, assured of her little victory when she felt his fingers slide back to cup her ass. That victory was short lived, though; he wrapped her tail around his fingers and pulled gently. Unconsciously she moaned.

He let go instantly and put a finger to his lips with the cheekiest smile she’d ever seen on his features. “Some people are sleeping, Kim. Don’t be rude.”

Kim chuffed and swatted his chest. “Not fair.” As an afterthought she whispered. “Master.”

“You started it,” he chided.

There was no winning this, Kim decided, and eased off the bed. She turned away from him to bend and fix her stockings, giving him a look at what he’d be missing out on. At least she liked to imagine so. It was a petty thing, but she was the family cat after all, she could get away with a little pettiness.

“Mph.” Elliot smiled privately when she looked back at him. “Don’t forget your pay- it’s on the table.”

“Oh– right. Thank you, master McKenna.” Kim slipped into her heels and curtsied before standing up tall and proud with her chin raised. She could damn well do the ‘walk of shame’ with some pride in herself and she’d do exactly that. She winked at him.

Elliot grinned. “Have a good day, Kim. See you Wednesday.”

Kim cracked the door open and peeked down the hall. Rebeca’s door was shut. She listened for a few seconds and eased out into the hallway. Almost immediately she realized the error of her ways when her heel clicked against the floorboard like a gunshot.

“Stupid. . .” The older maid slipped back out of her shoes and padded downstairs, grabbing the envelope of cash sitting on the dining room table. She’d forgotten the dishes last night and traces of steak and seared peppers clung to the plates, as did a mostly untouched custard cream pie. Kim wanted to laugh at the idea. She’d made a few cream pies, just none that got eaten.

“Tch,” she chided herself for her laziness and quickly scraped the plates clean and set them in the dishwasher before she got out to her Pontiac. The morning was chilly and the gravel was a bastard to walk on but looking up at the Southern style house Kim couldn’t help but feel a warm nostalgia deep in her core.

This was a place she belonged, a place not her own and yet somehow entirely fitting for her. The rest of the world could’ve been going crazy but there was a kind of refuge that everyone here shared. It was the den of a dragon and the man who had calmed her, the child he’d brought into the world and the cat that kept the place.

Maybe. . .

Maybe she was falling in love with the fantasy of it.

Kim looked at her reflection in the door’s glass, her gaze tracing the tips of her ears down the satin uniform that hugged her curves and the apron that cinched around her waist to accent those curves and give her the hourglass figure her masters worshiped. She looked powerful- composed. In control of a life uniquely hers.

Kim smiled to her reflection, “Meow. . .”


Her typical ‘weekend’ ritual started with a small tub of self-congratulatory ice cream and a few hours in front of a word document before running through her own chores and sleeping until the sun set. But those had been days when she’d gotten home at night- this whole getting in early thing was new. Ice cream seemed such a pale treat to the cream she’d gotten anyway. . .

Kim passed one of her neighbors on the way up the steps who bahis şirketleri gave her a weird look which she met with a cheeky smile and a quiet ‘meow’ before slipping her key into her door. She laughed to herself as she stepped into her apartment. Only a couple weeks ago she had been hiding everything about her job and her life. Now, even sweaty and sore as she was she wore it proudly.

Less prideful was the thin layer of dust coating everything in her apartment. Kim frowned as she wandered the place, realizing how insubstantial it felt in the wake of the McKennas’ home– there was none of the plushness, warmth or the light that poured through the living room windows in the middle of the day. Her apartment was a clone of of fifty in a crappy part of town, modeled for efficiency. It was left to rot with only the curtains, desk, computer and rumpled sheets sprawled across her bed for any kind of semblance of life.

She crossed her arms under her breasts, tapping the envelope full of cash against wall trying to infuse some life into the vacuous silence of the apartment. Kim had money now- a lot of it. Why couldn’t she spend some time and dress it up?

“Mmm. . . .yeah, maybe a throw pillow, some potpourri and we’ll just make it a regular cat house.” Kim mused. But then it struck her that there was a possibility that she could do something a bit thematic to her job and maybe. . . .maybe live her fantasies a little bit more. She swallowed when heat welled up on her cheeks, reminding her of the evening’s events. Could she really let herself fall into this family’s fantasy?

More to the point, was it just theirs? Kim swallowed against the lump in her throat, the very notion sent shivers down her spine.

But it didn’t go away.

There was something here. There wasn’t anything to be ashamed of in that, dammit. She wouldn’t be made to feel fear or anxiety in a place she was beginning to master. No. She’d spent her entire life living that way and the McKennas had taught her a way out of that. She wouldn’t go back.

Kim pushed off the wall and prowled over to her computer, grabbing a snack while it powered up. By the time she sat down to check her email she’d resolved herself to getting some damned color in the place. The color would probably be a rich purple or something with yellow accents and–

“Regarding your Cat Maid stories. . .” One of the emails grabbed her attention and broke her day dream.

Opening it revealed a lengthy but polite request for more stories. Kim felt a small stab of guilt as she leaned back, her plug-tail massaged her ass and she sat there caught between the sensual arousal of having something forbidden and something she knew wasn’t ‘right’ by society’s standards.

She’d been careful not to identify her masters by name or even implication, but this whole thing had started from their idea. She was just profiting from her adventures by writing stories about a ‘plucky blonde maid’ was pretty close to betraying that trust- like her, riding the fine line between what was good for business and the quiet fantasy she shared with the McKennas.

She needed to tell them. . .

No, she didn’t.

Kim slumped back and went through the figures quickly. Sales were up, reviews were decent and people were asking for more. Kind of galling that it sold better than her fantasy series, but it wasn’t like she didn’t didn’t enjoy writing it, either. The older maid eased the cursor to the reply button, already knowing she was probably breaking the ‘Codex Madicus’ by doing so.

She’d be careful, she promised as she started a reply.

“I’ll need to discuss this with the masters before I can commit to another story, but I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the tail of my growth. Wishing you a purrfect day!

-The Family Cat”

Careful, considered. Discrete. Yes, she wasn’t exposing the McKennas to anything. Kim was being a good caretaker of the family honor, she could handle it.

She could handle it. . .

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