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Welcome, I had a difficult time deciding where to put this story. It is a love story but I felt it had too much BDSM to be a traditional Romance story. Likewise, it had too much romance to be a true BDSM story. Loving Wives seemed to be a possibility but I wasn’t sure if it was because the story fit the category or I was just being lazy since all my other stories were in that category. So by default I choose Erotic Couplings because it is an erotic coupling.

Please play close attention to the tags for this story. The story has lots of sex, especially the second half, and much of the sex would be considered ‘kinky sex’ for lack of a better word.

If you enjoy this story, all the credit goes to Detroit Dave. The story was sitting complete on my computer for over three months. I was extremely hesitant about publishing it for reasons I still don’t understand. His offer to help is the reason you see it on this site. His encouragement allowed me to publish the story. His expert proofreading and then story suggestions are the reason you can comprehend the story.

If you don’t like the story I can take all the credit for that one. Additionally, I could not resist making more changes after his though review. Any grammar errors are most likely the result of my last minute changes.

I do need to put in one disclaimer. As this story sat on my computer I was amazed at the number of similarities that occurred in other author’s stories. The name Bruce Davis was used in another author’s story. Likewise, the name Donna Davis was used in a second author’s story. Then even the name of the restaurant, Captain Tony’s, was used in yet another story (Where Buster, Redux). Then the term “the look” was just used in yet another story. I guess I would’ve had to rewrite the entire story if I waited much longer.

It’s a long story but I hope you consider the story worth your time.




I sat in the restaurant nursing my beer, waiting and praying. You see, I was waiting for my wife and praying she wouldn’t come.

As I waited I looked around Captain Tony’s Restaurant. The place hadn’t changed very much in the 30 years I have been coming here. The large aquarium that fascinated me as a child still sat in the corner, and judging by the crowd in front of it, still drew the attention of children today. Marty the Marlin covered the main wall, my High School baseball hat sat atop him, a trophy from our regional championship game 25 years ago. Popeye and Olive Oyl symbols designated which restroom to use.

My best friend Al and his wife Cindy were nervously watching, there to support me, and maybe Donna at this most difficult time. Why had she said to meet here, of all places? I felt my anger rise as I thought how ironic, that the place we began might be where we would end.

I worked at Captain Tony’s for six years, my first job, and to be honest still my favorite. I started washing dishes, then bussing tables, then serving, and a little time in the kitchen, but not too much. Big John, the owner of Captain Tony’s, was the chef and liked me too much to have me suffer his outbursts. Big John would cuss like a sailor at you one minute and then hug you like his child the next.

The table I sat at was the very table that I remembered meeting 20-year-old Donna Mayton. I had seen her in the restaurant several times with her friends. Donna was the real deal: 5′ 9″ tall, lean, fit, and tan with long toned legs, a cute heart-shaped ass, and a nice set of, well you know. Shoulder length light brown hair with sun-bleached blonde highlights topped off the package. She was beautiful but it was her smile that captured me. She smiled with her whole face, God her whole body. A smile that warmed and lit up the whole restaurant. Yep, I had a crush on her you wouldn’t believe. My best friend Al worked as the bartender at Captain Tony’s and rode me mercilessly every time she came in.

The hostess was Big John’s wife, Cara, and the real boss of the place. She always seated Donna and her friends in a different section, knowing I would fall to pieces if I actually had to speak to this vision. But that night Cara was not at the hostess stand when Donna and her friends came in and were seated in my section. Al laughed at the hostess who looked back at him, not understanding what was so funny.

I first met her when I went to the table and took their drink order. She looked down and ordered a Pina Colada. I asked for her ID and for the first time learned her name, Katrina Sissiki. Well, not really, I’ve seen my share of fake IDs in my time at Captain Tony’s and this had to rank as one of the worst ever. I went to the bar and gave Al the adjusted drink order. She might be my crush, my one and only, my true love, but I was not going to risk my job or Captain Tony’s liquor license.

I brought the table their drinks and her canlı bahis a Shirley Temple. As she tasted the drink a look of confusion came to her face and then one of realization, and finally a look of shame and embarrassment.

She said, “I guess the ID didn’t work, I am so embarrassed.”

I could only smile at her and shake my head. I would have said more. God, I wish I had said something witty or smart, but to be honest, the best I could muster was a shake of my head. Al’s laughter now could be heard throughout the restaurant.

Later that summer I did buy her first legal drink at Captain Tony’s. We had many other wonderful firsts at the lake, at Captain Tony’s, and in the small lakefront cottages that were part of the restaurant operation. We have come here as a couple, and as a family, for 20 years.

How could she do this to me, to us, to Al and Cindy, to Evan, Liza, and Sabrina?

Evan was our 17-year-old son, Liza our 16-year-old daughter, and Sabrina our 14-year-old miracle. Donna had sailed through our first two pregnancies. OK, I know am a man and I know no one sails through pregnancy, so I’ll just say there were no major complications. Sabrina was different, at 25 weeks Donna was forced to bed, first with joint swelling, then she developed blood pressure issues, and finally with the onset of diabetes. At 32 weeks she was admitted to the hospital when Donna’s heart started to act up. I was so worried about her. Who am I kidding, I was scared to death, but I tried not to let her see my fear. I knew I could not live without her. I knew it the moment I saw her at Captain Tony’s and every day since.

One rainy Sunday I went with Al, a devout Catholic, to mass. I prayed and cried for the life of my daughter and my wife. I knew Al would ride me forever for crying in front of him but as I looked up I realized I was not alone in my tears. Al just looked at me and sobbed through tear-filled eyes that it was in God’s hands now.

As we exited the church Al pointed to the double rainbow and said it was a good sign. Donna and Sabrina made it to 38 weeks when the doctors said Sabrina was in “distress.” They scheduled a C section for that afternoon and went in and got her. For all the problems, all the complications, all the fear, Sabrina Anne Davis came into this world with a healthy pair of lungs and kicking her legs like she had somewhere to be.

Donna’s health issues disappeared seemly overnight, her heart rate returned to normal and her diabetes disappeared. Within six months she was back to the beautiful sexy woman I saw at Captain Tony’s. I don’t think Donna ever understood why my favorite part of her body came to be that five-inch “bikini cut” scar low on her stomach. I kissed it every chance I got, even in the heat of making love. To me, it was a physical reminder of the pain and suffering my Donna had endured for Sabina, the entry to this world of my Sabrina, and the power of love.

Again I returned to the present, my life was dissolving, and while I cursed Donna for our problems I knew I had been at least partially to blame.

It started three months ago with the introduction of a personal computer and AOL in our home. The Gateway computer was a fun way to explore the internet. It was also a gateway to the world of AOL chat rooms. At the time Donna, a high school teacher, was at home for the summer recess. She started with rooms about teaching and English Lit, sharing stories and picking up teaching tips with other colleagues. Soon she was in gardening rooms, cooking rooms, and anything that seemed to be interesting.

She showed me the wide wonderful world of AOL and spoke of the many things she had learned. I loved to hear her talk about all the things she was so passionate about, but after a little exploring, I realized that this really was not part of my world: I managed people. My job as a Vice President at an HR consulting firm was to develop people. At work, I emailed and read computerized reports, but being a little old-fashioned, thought a computer to simply be a tool, no different than a phone, or desk. While my job made me read these reports, I made my living by reading people. I studied body language, people’s eyes, habits, mannerisms, their voices, what they said, what they didn’t say. My Dad had been a cop and told me I would have made a good one. I took it as a compliment.

Donna lived for the computer, to talk with people throughout the world, all at the same time. Many of the topics that she loved to discuss could now be handled from her home with a screen and a keyboard.

I would come home with Donna often on the computer. I watched her, sometimes serious, sometimes puzzled, sometimes smiling, and even laughing out loud at whatever she had discovered. She seemed to spend a whole lot of time on the computer, but the house was clean, dinner was always ready, and the kids chauffeured to all their different activities.

Then one afternoon I came home early, nothing really unusual, just a slow day at work. My lunch meeting at a bahis siteleri nearby restaurant had gone long, and since I was close to home, decided to just call it a day. Donna was at the computer, typing away furiously, waiting a moment, and then typing furiously again. I stood in the hallway unseen as she continued her computer project; the look on her face worried me. You see, she wasn’t mad, or puzzled or happy or sad. No, it was that look I had only seen when she was looking at me. I saw that look when we left a restaurant before finishing our meal because of desire. I saw that look when the kids were down for the night and I sat on our bed with two glasses of wine. I saw that look the first time I got a key to one of the empty cottages at the lake.

She looked up and saw me, without saying a word, she took a sip of her wine, walked to me, grabbed my hand, and took me to bed. For the next three hours, she rocked my world in a way that ranked near the top of our sexual lives.

As we laid on the bed, too tired to even move I said, “Wow that was incredible.”

She smiled and said, “Thank you and you are welcome.”

I asked her, “What brought this on?”

She just said, “You can learn all kinds of fun things on AOL.”

Then she got up and told me to get up and get dressed, the kids were going to be home soon. Evan had a date, Liza and Sabrina had a soccer game tonight and needed a good meal to fuel them up. Walking by me she kissed me on my head and said, “Thank you, Tiger.”

Later that night after dinner, and the girl’s victory in their game, Donna and I sat at the dinner table. The Gateway computer was located on a small desk in the kitchen. As we talked, I saw Donna glance at the computer several times. It appeared she wanted to get back on it. I asked her if she had some task she needed to do on the computer. This seemed to break the spell and she came back to me. “Oh no, I’m done with the computer for today. Just thinking about some errands I need to do tomorrow.”

I asked, “Donna can I ask you what happened this afternoon? I mean, I want to make sure whatever it was, it happens again tomorrow.”

Donna looked at me with a look I had seen before, but not sure where, and then smiled saying, “Tiger, we can make sure it happens again, right now.” She took my hand and this 42-year-old managed to rise to the task once again that evening.

Driving to work the next day I remembered what a wild day it had been. We had always been passionate, making love four or five times a week, and sometimes even more. But yesterday was definitely a red-letter day in our sex life. I looked in the rear view mirror and realized I had better wipe that shit-eating grin off my face if I was going to get anything done at work today. I also made a mental note to come home early more often.

The morning flew by and I took my first break at almost two in the afternoon. Donna had always made our lunches and I looked forward to what is always a delicious lunch from my delicious wife.

Opening my lunch bag I found a meal of tuna salad, carrots, apple juice, and an envelope with a permission slip and five dollars for Sabrina’s field trip to the Museum of Art. Now I know tuna salad is good for you, but I hate it, and Donna knows it. I called the deli located on the ground floor of our building and ordered a BLT. While eating the carrots I called Sabrina’s camp making sure it would be OK to turn in the money and permission slip tomorrow.

I then smiled to myself and called home. Donna didn’t answer and I left a message. I was really disappointed that I hadn’t had the chance to tease Donna a little bit. As I ate my BLT I thought about last night again, priding myself at performing so well that she couldn’t even get our lunches in the right boxes. But as I thought about last night I remembered the look, the look I had only seen once before and I realized what the look was. It was shame and embarrassment, but more shame. She had given me that look before when she tried to pass herself off as Katrina Sissiki.

That night at dinner I tried to watch her, to see if there was any sign. What did her body language say, did her eyes give away that she had a secret? But a dinner table with three active involved teenagers is not the time for such an exercise. Donna looked at me a couple of times and I could tell she sensed something. The highlight of the evening was when the kids and I compared notes and determined that no one got the correct lunch, and Evan brought the house down as he asked what he was supposed to do with a tampon.

Donna took the good-natured teasing in the way it was intended, but warned that enough was enough, and we should stop if we didn’t want the same thing, or worse, to happen tomorrow. I studied Donna’s face as we teased her, she was embarrassed, but it was not the same face I saw yesterday. I knew now for sure that look was shame.

Donna and Liza had kitchen duty and I came up behind Donna, wrapped my arms around her, and kissed her neck. I whispered, bahis şirketleri “Its ok Hon, I hope we didn’t go too far”.

She shook her head and said that she couldn’t believe she had made that mistake, “I guess I was distracted.”

The next day was Saturday and for a change, it was going to be a fairly easy day. The girls had a soccer game but not until the afternoon. Evan and I worked on what was going to be Liza’s car in three months when she got her license. Evan was a great kid: good grades, he excelled in almost everything he did, but I was most impressed by his heart. He was loyal and cared for people. His core friends had been with him since preschool days and he never hesitated to help or do the right thing. A teenager who could stand up to peer pressure and do the right thing is a blessing. I was most proud of how he interacted with his sisters. He loved them and was not afraid to show it. There was good-mannered teasing among my three, but I knew and more importantly, they knew, they loved each other and would always be there for each other.

Liza once complained to Donna that some of the boys she liked were afraid to ask her out because of Evan. When Donna and Liza asked him he simply said, “The right boys are not scared, only the wrong ones are.” That is one of the reasons Evan found himself being kissed on the cheek when Liza brought us sweet tea to drink.

I said “What no kiss for your old man?” Liza turned back and kissed my cheek too.

Evan shook his head and said, “She sure can distract a man.”

I agreed, telling her, “You are going to distract a lot of guys with your beauty and brains.”

She kissed me on the cheek again and said, “No Dad, I am only going to distract one man just like Mom.” God, was I am a lucky man.

The whole family watched the girls’ game. Life had become so much simpler when Sabrina aged up into Liza’s age group and they started playing on the same team. Evan watched another victory for Team Davis and then headed out for the evening. Sabrina and Liza were in a hurry to get home and cleaned up. The team had a sleepover scheduled for tonight at the Team Mother’s house. I drove them over and wished Judy Simmons, the team Mom, all the luck. I made sure she had our number in case she needed reinforcements.

She simply shook her head and said, “I never have any problems with your angels.”

I kissed Liza and Sabrina and told them, “Try to behave like angels.”

Liza smiled at me and said, “Make sure you and Mom behave tonight too. ‘What a smart ass, must come from her Mom’ I thought to myself as I drove home.

But my mood changed as I neared my home. Donna and I needed to have a discussion tonight, a discussion about AOL. Our back door opened into the kitchen and looking in I saw Donna furiously typing away on the computer. I watched for a few minutes and saw much of the same emotion I had witnessed earlier. As I entered Donna quickly looked at me and shut down the computer.

“Donna, can we talk for a minute?” I asked.

Donna seemed to take a moment to gather herself and said, “Sure Bruce, let me get something to drink and we can sit on the deck and talk. Can I get you a drink?”

I nodded and soon we walked onto the deck with our drinks. I have always found direct straightforward action to be the best, and while Donna started in with chit chat, I quickly changed the subject, “Donna I have some concerns about what is on AOL, and more importantly, about what you are doing online.”

She asked, “Does this have anything to do with the lunch meal mix up?” Adding, “It was a simple mistake.”

I replied, “I agree that this has nothing to do with the lunches. It’s amazing that something like this hadn’t happened in the hundreds of times we had left with our lunches. This has to do with me watching you on the computer. You were so involved in the computer that you didn’t hear me enter the house on two occasions.”

I told her, “I watched you, the excitement, the emotion, but I am worried about the look.”

“The look?” she replied.

“Yes, the look. You see there is a look you give me when you are excited, when you are aroused. I saw that look in your eyes yesterday and the problem is you did not realize I was there.”

Donna looked down and said, “I think I might be getting carried away a little bit with the AOL chat rooms.”

I asked Donna, “How can you be ‘getting carried away’ with chat rooms about teaching English Lit and gardening?”

She told me, “There were other rooms you can chat in.”

“Are you willing to show me what you are doing online,” I asked?

Donna agreed and we walked into the kitchen and booted up the computer. In moments we were in an AOL chat room about gardening. I watched as she was welcomed into the room and the discussion continued about when and how to properly trim Crepe Myrtles. I asked her who TeachU was. Donna replied that to get on AOL you had to have a user name and her user name was TeachU. We moved into a teachers’ chat room and a couple of other rooms with the same results. Welcomes to the rooms, discussion of some topic and friendly chit chat among online friends. I learned a lot about how AOL worked and thanked Donna for showing me the rooms and how AOL worked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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