Becoming the Best Ch. 01

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I’m trying something new with this one, so let me know if you’d like me to keep going. The fun part doesn’t really start until halfway through, so skip to about there if that’s all you’re here for. If you’ve got ideas or suggestions as to what you want story wise (or sex wise), put ’em below and I’ll consider it. Enjoy!


The five of them were sitting around the coffee table, drinks in hand and smiles on faces. The group was as tight knit as they’d ever been. They’d grown together, moved together, lived together. They were in their second year of college, and life was good. By now, they were a single unit. They couldn’t live without each other.

Kai looked out at his four closest friends in the world. Lucas was headstrong, with a stronger jawline. It was a miracle he hung out with them at all, the group just lucked into befriending their school’s breakout rugby star before he had his growth spurt. Now, he was a 5’10, buff as fuck adonis (at least, that’s how he’d tell it). Even if you hated the guy, you’d have to give it to him, he had a body to die for. By senior year, he had the intimidating look, and in the two years since, he gained the ego to go with it. His dark hair was in a near perpetual buzz cut, connected to a neat, short beard. Needless to say, he definitely got around the most. A steady stream of women maintained his ego, and his friends were there to keep him humble.

Iris was to his left, her high laughter cutting through everyone else’s. She was definitely the heart, the one who made sure they stayed together, the one who made the plans. Her calm, level headed demeanor was always there to reassure, to comfort. She was the shoulder (or lap, or chest) to cry on. They’d never get anything done without her, their certified mom friend. Her soft brunette hair bordered on blonde, framing pale chubby cheeks that made her face all the more inviting. Her soft personality and incessant neatness was complimented well by her appearance. At 5’9, she was the definition of a thick hourglass figure. Her soft stomach gave way to thick thighs and a thicker ass, with truly distracting DD cups to match. Any part of her could smother someone —- and they’d thank her. She’d been joking with her friends about being a ‘milf in training’ for years, and there was a crowd of men (and women) begging to help her achieve that goal. Still, the beautiful girl kept mostly to herself and her group, only interacting with those outside it in fleeting flings and short relationships she describes with excruciating detail. Every sexual encounter she had was shared to the group with waiting ears.

Jake sat to Lucas’ right with the same lacking confidence as always. His sandy blonde hair stretched down to his green eyes, the same haircut he had as the little nerd he was when they met. He was growing more and more sure of himself as school went on. Finally, his 5’8 frame wasn’t hidden by his slouching. He was smart, pretty damn charismatic —- but as thin as a twig. Despite all that soccer practice he watched every day in high school (according to him, definitely not to stare at the women’s team captain), he hadn’t gained a pound of muscle since freshman gym. No one would guess he’d study Business, but he had a mind for Econ and Accounting like no one else.

And then there was Gwen. Mean Gwen, funny Gwen, hot-as-shit Gwen. She was by far the shortest of the bunch at 5’2. She had a flat stomach, but a tight, round ass that drew the attention of even her closest friends. Her C cups were restrained enough by sports bras to get in plenty of cardio —- thankfully, cause she couldn’t lift for shit. She was lithe, strong, but nowhere near physically imposing. Try as she might, she remained the same petite girl she’s always been. Anyone who reminded her of this fun fact got a swift reminder that despite her size, she was plenty strong and willing enough to sock them in the stomach —- don’t fuck with the girl who took after school MMA classes for fun.

The petite fighter worked as hard as possible to counteract her small stature with a big personality. She slept around as much as the next girl, but was always chased, never the chaser. She knew her worth. If someone wanted to fuck her, they’d need to put the work in. It made her abrasive to most, but nicest to those who were already in her life (well, relatively). She was competitive as hell, she never did anything she thought she couldn’t win —- and she always won because of it. Her natural blonde hair had been dyed the same shade of pastel pink since they’d all met. She knew she was never really gonna beat the dumb blonde stereotype —- she wasn’t one, just not smart enough to offset it —- but she could damn sure avoid it. Blondes were bubbly, she was sarcastic. Blondes giggled, she made the jokes. Blondes were nice, her, not as much. She was no bully, but poking fun at her friends —- that’s fair game.

And then there was Kai himself. His tanned skin paired well with ataşehir escort bayan black hair and hazel eyes. He was an attractive enough guy, and smart enough to gain the scholarships that let him go to college. He was the tallest, 6’1. If he was dumber, he’d make light of how much he towered over Gwen, but he had learned better over the years. As the group dynamic developed, he became Gwen’s butt of every joke. Iris was too sweet to make fun of, Jake was too easy, and Lucas was no fun —- there’s always that threat that he’d pin you —- which left Kai as her best target. She still doled out her insults to everyone —- Lucas was stupid, Jake was the little nerd pining over the impossibly popular girl, and Iris deserved no ridicule —- so Kai could handle it best.

He was strong, stronger than her, and big, but nice enough to let her poke her fun anyways. He rarely dished it back, but was the only one who really could. Everyone else either lacked the resolve or the wit. Still, years and years of her ridicule made their relationship what it was. They had a joking rivalry, they were the ones at odds. She gave him his birthday punches, she checked his ego, he tested the limits of her patience. Despite all the jokes, the same as any of them, they had that special bond, that kind of love.

“You’re a fuckin pussyyyyyyy.” Gwen yelled at Kai across the room.

Yep, he felt the love.

“I’m not a pussy for not wanting to play Truth or Dare, Gwen.” He replied.

“Puuuuuussyyyyyyy.” She hollered, throwing her head back.

“C’mon Gwen, that’s not nice.” Iris interjected.

“Yeah Gwen.” Lucas interjected. He started to snicker. “Even if he is being a quivering, quivering pussy.”

“Guys.” Kai shouted. “We’re not 14 anymore, we don’t need to play Truth or Dare. We’re adults.” He held up his beer. “With adult drinks! I’m sure we can do better than every middle schooler’s go to party game.”

“He’s right guys.” Gwen relented. “We should play Truth or Drink instead!”

The group let out a cheer of agreement, drowning out Kai’s ‘no’. The girls, both clad in their pajamas, walked across the room to the kitchen area to grab drinks. Their pajamas reflected their personalities. Iris wore skin-tight grey joggers to keep her legs warm paired with a low cut tank top to not overheat, a perfect plan to balance out her temperature. Gwen wore shorts and an old school t-shirt —- the text stretched across tits that had grown significantly since she’d got it —- to keep as cold as possible, preferring that over the hassle of growing too hot and too cold in the same night. Iris’ massive ass made any pajama pants, those included, skin tight, which bothered absolutely no one, and Gwen’s booty shorts were pulled high enough to perfectly frame her bubble butt. Gwen reached toward the cabinet for plastic cups, her tight t-shirt riding up and exposing the skin of her back. She jumped at the shelf and waved her arms, unable to reach it. She heard snickers come from the guys, whipping her head around to give a silencing death glare. Iris playfully hip bumped her to the side and managed to snag the prize. The girls poured cool beers into the cups —-the group insisted it gave their nights a more ‘party feel’—- brought them over, and the game commenced. They’d known each other so long that they didn’t have tiny secrets to let out anymore. They went straight for the throat.

“Lucas!” Gwen yelled. “Have you thought of anyone in this room while pulling your pud?”

He opened his mouth as if he was going to respond, closed it, and took a big swig instead.

“That’s a definite yes! I bet it’s Iris huh? Big stud wants to fuck the group mom?”

“Awww” Iris teased. She leaned over in her low cut tank top and shook her chest at him. “You don’t have to be ashamed Lucas.” She teased in a patronizing voice that bordered on sultry.

He let out a laugh and tried to pretend he wasn’t looking. “I took my drink, I keep my silence. Next!”

They went on for hours. The questions got more personal, secrets and admissions they didn’t want getting out, which led to them all getting piss drunk.

“Okay o-o-kay” Lucas said through his laughs. They were an hour into the game now, and well past sober. “One last round. I’ll give us a softball, ’cause I don’t think any of us can take another drink. What were your guys’ best times?”

“Best times?” Jake asked.

“You knoow. Clapping cheeks. Makin’ looove. Fucking!” Lucas replied.

“Alright, alright, me first.” Iris said. She gave her answer with nearly no hesitation, always happy to brag about her conquests. “It was definitely Chase, that guy from last spring? I treated that asshole better than he deserved, but he knew just how to treat mine.” She said with a sly smile, biting her lip like she was re-experiencing the memory right there.

“Niiiiice Iris.” Lucas said. “Alright, you’re safe. You next, Jake.”

“Ummm.” He replied, twiddling his fingers. “I guess Lola? I’ve only been with a handful escort kadıöy of girls and I guess she was the nicest? We were together the longest, we got to know each other the best, so Lola.”

“Lame.” Lucas replied. “But acceptable. You avoid your last drink. Gwen, you’re up.”

She pondered for a moment. “Hmmmmm. Who should I pick? Lemme tell you, Max was huge. I mean huge. But the best? I dunno, the guy lacked technique. All about the motion of the ocean yeah? Eliott’s technique was twice as good, but he was half as big, soooo…Ben. Yeah, Ben. A healthy balance. Not perfect, but serviceable. It’s hard to choose, so many guys try to get a piece of this ass”

Iris laughed, the group joining in. “He worked for like a year to get in your pants, didn’t he?”

“Bit more, he tried to shoot his shot a few times over the summer too.” Jake reminded.

“Oh yeah!” Lucas laughed. “Alright alright, Gwen, you definitely don’t have to drink. Kai, it’s all on you.”

“Guys, come on, you already know the answer to this one.” Kai whined.

“You know the rules, Kai” Iris chastised. “We all had to answer, you’re no exception.”

“Or I could drink” he countered.

“Kai.” Iris replied sternly. “We all know your drink is empty, and you’re much too lazy to get up to get more.”

“Fine then. Michelle. My first girlfriend, and might I remind you, my only girlfriend, is the best I’ve had.”

“Wait wait wait” Gwen was stifling laughter. “Are you telling me? That you guys broke up last summer. And you haven’t gotten any pussy since?”

“Gwen, be nice” Iris butted in.

She was cracking herself up. “No no no, this is too goo—-“

She looked up at their faces, seeing Kai’s forced smile and everyone else flicking their eyes between the two of them. Her laughter died out. “Ahhhhh, I’m just bitter, you know that Kai. I might have gotten around before but I’ve been on a dry spell so long I make swimming in the Sahara seem promising”

Grins broke around the group once again. They were drunk enough for the joke to be funny, and smiles turned to giggles turned to laughs.

Lucas got up from his seat and worked his way across the room. “Alright, alright” He smiled and ruffled Kai’s hair, setting his half empty cup on the side table. “I’m sure Kai does just fine. I’m gonna head out, Jake, you comin’?”

He nodded and got up to follow. In his wake, Iris got up too. “I should leave too. I’m getting tired, I’m going to my room. Night guys! Get home safe, okay?” She said as she walked towards her bedroom.

“Always.” Lucas replied.

“Night Iris!” Jake yelled down the hall. “Kai, you coming? We gotta get back to the apartment before we pass out.”

He smiled. “I’m good, guys. I’m not gonna turn in for a while, go on ahead.”

They simply shrugged and said their goodbyes, walking out the door, leaving the room empty except for the two. Gwen laid on the couch staring at the ceiling, Kai on a chair looking straight at her.

“I’m surprised you decided to stay Kai.” She said, looking straight up. “I was a little rough on you tonight.”

He grabbed Lucas’ leftover beer and took a sip. “Ah don’t worry about it. Poking fun at my sex life? That fruit is loooow hanging.”

“I’m drunk, I don’t have my best material ready.” They shared another laugh. As long ago as the relationship was, he was happy she knew when to stop teasing about it. It didn’t hurt, so much as it was an awkward subject.

“Don’t worry about it though. Her and I are ancient history now, I’ve just been shit-outta-luck with girls lately.”

She turned her head to meet his eyes for the first time since everyone left. “So it’s true? You haven’t been with anyone since Michelle? At all?”

He swallowed another sip of beer and considered the question. “I mean, a few drunken kisses here and there, but nah, nothing really since her.”

She looked back towards the ceiling and was silent for a moment. “Alright. I’ve got an idea.”

He cocked his head. “Yeah?”

“So you know I like to be the best.”


“And I am the best”

He laughed. “Yeah.”

“But I’ll admit, I’m a little out of practice with guys.”

He leaned forward, resting his arms on his knees. “Gwen, where are you going with this?”

“Alright, I’ll cut the shit. I know I was the best the guys I’ve been with have ever had. I look like this, I’m fit, and though I hate being as small as I am, I’m tight as fuck because of it. I haven’t seen Max in a year and a half and he still hits me with a ‘u up’ text once a week.”

They laughed before she continued. “So, I’m tight, I’m hot, but I’m rusty. I haven’t been with a guy since the start of the summer, and I gotta leave every guy I fuck knowing that they’ll never ever do better than me. But I can’t do that if I’m trying to get used to doing shit again.”

“Alright, I think I get you. So, your idea?”

“What better way to get my practice in then with my handy-dandy shrimp dick right maltepe escort here?” He cracked a grin as she laughed at her own joke. “You haven’t had a girl in years, and I have no intention of breaking your widdle heart like the last one, so I’d be best by default.”

Kai laughed at the idea. “Very funny” She wast laughing. “You can’t be serious. You’ve spent years making fun of me — hell, you made fun of me while you said that. I’m no Iris, but I’m not Lucas either. I’m not gonna fall for that, get all excited, just for you to laugh in my face and hold it over my head for the next three months.”

She sat up and looked into his eyes, uncharacteristically serious. “I’m not kidding Kai. I’m the best, and that includes being the best at giving head. I give religious experiences and religious experiences only.” Her eyes flitted to his lap and a sly smile crept onto her face. “Plus, you’re already all excited, aren’t you?”

He looked down at his tented pants. He was apprehensive, she couldn’t be serious. “Alright, you got me. But that’s not on me, you’ve been saying all this shit, and I reacted. You’ve got nothing on me.”

Her smile grew wider as she placed her hands at the hem of her shirt. “Oh, I think I do. Cause if I get you this excited just by talking.” She lifted her shirt, her pale blue bra underneath cupping her tits perfectly. “Imagine what else I can do with my mouth.”

Her arms were small and lithe. She was as fit as she claimed, but with no bulk, making her tits seem even bigger against her petite frame. As strong willed as he’d like to seem, he couldn’t help his eyes flitting down to them. “Very funny, Gwen. You’ve committed to the bit, well done. Thing is, I’m not the one with their shirt off. This isn’t a game of chicken you’ll win.”

She let out a soft laugh as she got up and stalked towards him. “Oh I know. But you know I don’t don’t lose, Kai. So you know this isn’t a game.” She got to him and slowly got to her knees, sliding her hands up and down his thighs, careful to avoid any bulges. “I’m going to give you the best head of your fucking life, and you’re going to sit there and be a nice, warm, cock for me to practice on.”

“Uh Gwen I-“

She put her hands on the hem of his sweats and started to pull them down, revealing more of a little by little. “Shhh. It’s alright Kai. I’ll make do with whatever you’ve got.” She did a final yank, only to narrowly avoid a solid, thick, seven and a half inches of cock hitting her square in the chin. “Okay. Well. Forget every shrimp dick joke I’ve ever made.”

Kai let out an awkward laugh. “Thanks.” He tried to seem as calm as possible, but truth be told, he was really, truly, very surprised things had gotten this far. As far as he knew, no one in the group had even kissed, least of all him and Gwen. To have her on her knees, telling him she was about to blow him? The only thing stopping him from losing his mind was how rock hard he was.

Gwen’s eyes were glazing over like she found a meal after days of starving. She locked eyes with him and placed pecks down his cock, lightly pressing her lips on each inch. She smiled up at him as she felt him shudder and heard his breathing grow deeper. She darted her tongue out, small licks leading up his shaft. He groaned at the feeling, but could’ve sworn she did too. It was so quiet he might not have even heard it. Was that for his benefit?

Her teasing grew more serious. Long, slow strokes of her tongue and a deep groan from the both of them after each one. She was bathing his cock in her spit, leaving every bit covered before putting it in her mouth. She placed a kiss on his head and licked her lips.

“Mmm. You’ve already got precum on the tip.” She closed her eyes and slapped his cock against her cheek. She dragged her lips along the side, suckling as she went, occasionally stopping to hold it against her upper lip and breath in deep through her nose, almost as if she was trying to take in the scent of his cock.

Was she putting on a show? He’d be lying if he said this wasn’t doing something for him, but it wasn’t really her style to act or lie to get ahead. She didn’t like to lose, but she certainly wouldn’t go through all this. But could she really like sucking dick this much?

She let the head pop into her mouth and slid down and down his long dock, letting the underside brush against her tongue the whole way down. She slid her head further and further down, sheathing his cock in her throat inch by inch till her lips met the base.

Okay, she might like sucking dick that much.

There she stayed, eyes lightly shut, slightly suckling on what was actually in her mouth. If someone could learn to ignore the cock in her, she would look totally, fully at peace. Her eyes fluttered, she was in total euphoria. In the now six years he had known her, he never saw her look this calm, a special type of happy. Her drool pooled on his skin, dripping and sliding down his balls. Kai looked down, breaths heaving, struggling to focus on anything, as he felt her throat around him, until he realized just how long she had been down there. She’d taken him into her throat for nearly a minute now, and his hands weren’t even holding her down. She needed to stop to take a breath soon or she just might pass speared on his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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