Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 103

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. P.S., we’re almost at the end. Enjoy.

Chapter 103 – Tori At The Club Infinity. Prom Prep


I had two ultra-high priority projects going on inside my company – Worthington Industries: the Gigabyte Cellular Technology (GCT) job and the Lithium Air-Thallium battery project, that we shorted to simply call the Battery Project. I tried to spend a minimum of eight hours a week on each one, shepherding each so they moved as fast as possible to market.

For each project, I went to people associated with the task and asked him or her what they needed to do their job better and faster. I developed a personal rapport with each person too, so they gradually opened up to me, especially when I started to make things happen for them in a fraction of the time it might normally have taken in the company to make something happen.

I created an entirely new lab for each project making sure their R&D space could be infinitely expanded. I got each project highly sought-after engineers and technicians, pirating some from elsewhere in the company and offering hiring incentives to lure those outside into joining us.

When it came time to negotiate with Verizon about developing a test bed in the city for GCT, I went with Tom and the rest of the negotiating crew to the initial meetings. I wasn’t expected, of course, and it struck a slight panic in the Verizon engineers and lawyers that the CEO of Worthington Industries was there – a billionaire to boot. The result was just what I hoped for; the priority of the project on the Verizon side was raised to the highest level possible with their CEO personally involved to grease the skids and get things happening fast.

We did cut a deal with Verizon as a quid pro quo for them basically turning over the city’s metropolitan area cellular service to us to manage for up to two years; they would get first dibs on the technology if and when it went public, and we guaranteed them seventy percent of the production run of the equipment for the first year. With that edge, it would keep them at the forefront and would also help accelerate the introduction of the technology in the country since they were the largest carrier in the country. To prove their sincerity their CEO lent us a four dozen of their best engineers in the area.

For the battery project, we needed to lock up the supply chain for Thallium, since it wasn’t something that was normally found like common iron ore. Nat and his crew of engineers and chemists lucked out too, discovering that we could use the most common isotope and form of the mineral. As a result of all this, Worthington Industries bought a company that extracted Thallium from phosphorus-based minerals in clays and soils, and we created a half-dozen lucrative contracts with an equal number of other companies that extracted the compound in the production of other substances – in one case sulfuric acid. We started to stockpile as much of the compound as we could in a secret location not too far from the city.

Our attorneys submitted a dozen patent applications for the battery to the fast track at the U.S. Patent Office, as we’d done with GCT. So far, the rumor mill had been mute about anybody else chasing after either technology, and I did have investigators out sniffing around the most likely suspects.

As I was busy on these two projects, Andy, my chief operating officer, picked up some of the slack, and so did Sheila, my chief of staff; Melanie, my special projects director; and Izzy, my executive secretary. Without those four, I couldn’t have devoted the time I did.

Did I feel I was having an impact? You bet.

I remember a famous article in the Harvard Business Review a couple of decades earlier that became a classic. It was entitled something like ‘Staple Yourself To An Order.’ The idea was that as a CEO if you followed a regular customer order through the maze in your company you’d find where the bottlenecks were and identify all sorts of ways to improve things. Well, I kind of did that with the two projects. I’d find a loose end, and then follow it around eliminating hold ups, delays, places where purchase orders got put on hold for a weekly or monthly review in my own purchasing department, and so on. I could pick up an order, and just say ‘Do it’ and it would get done. I really did need some business process reengineering projects in my company.

More than anything, my personality underwent a mild change. I was wildly enthusiastic about the two projects; consequently I was ‘juiced’ up about not only those, but about everything going on around me. Some of the girls called it to my attention. I was sleeping ankara yabancı escortlar less, seemed hornier than usual, eagerly sought new ideas and things to do with my lovers, and moved everywhere with an extra spring in my step.

I went out to the Club Infinity more than usual too, even holding some business meetings there. I found the atmosphere exhilarating and upbeat. Part of it was the music, but another part was the erotic entertainment headlined by Kate – or Kat Kitt, her stage name. I’d usually taken some of the men and women in the family with me since they too liked the ambience. We’d have a late dinner, watch part of the show, talk to some of the patrons, and I’d inevitably tease Kate or a couple of the other entertainers.

I took Tori with me when we were sure her mom would be performing. She’d watch every little move and dance step her mother made, watching as she stripped away her clothing, and how she teased specific audience members and got them heated up. She also called my attention to how she seemed to know just the right time to close the deal in terms of getting some of the club’s customers to cough up some money when the stuck some large denomination bills in her stockings or garter belt, or simply tossed it on the stage at her feet.

Kate had told me that she was averaging five hundred a night in ‘tips.’ I wasn’t surprised, as we did seem to be appealing to an upscale crowd. She told me that in the old ‘joint’ if she made fifty in a night it was a rarity.

When Kate was sitting at the table enjoying a glass of wine with us between her performances, Tori asked her mother and me, “Could I dance here some time – do a strip? I’m of legal age, plus I know you do amateur nights and that some of your friends have been here for those. I’d love to try.”

Kate looked worried. She told her daughter, “Tori, the short answer is yes, but it comes with a whole bunch of discussion.”

“Oh, Mom!” Tori exclaimed, her shoulder shrug communicating many more words.

Kate held her hand up. “This may not be what you think. First, I don’t want you to ever even think of this as a career, as it has become for me. I have few qualifications beyond my looks and ability to dance seductively. I am smart and intellectually curious about a lot of things, but I never put those traits into any kind of career. I want you to finish college and get a good high paying job in whatever field you choose, unlike the rocky start I had as an adult. Further, you know that some time my looks will fade and I’ll no longer be the star performer at the Club Infinity, or any place else.

“Second, you need to be prepared for some serious groping,” she laughed. “I’ve learned how to spot the ones most likely to go over the top with it and I cleverly avoid them if I can. If having your ass pinched really hard or having your tit almost pulled off your body excites you, then at least you’ll be in the right frame of mind.”

Tori protested, “I am going to college, and Deke has talked me into focusing on electrical engineering and computer science. I haven’t been an almost straight A student, and I have a good grade point average and I did some sports. To you concern about the molesters in the audience, I remind you that I’ve been a good student of the martial arts with Wan Suh, Elsa, Marcia, and Cindy. Elsa showed me how she handled a few of her situations, including one time when she was molested after performing in a strip club in Vegas.”

There was obviously a lot of love between the pair and after reassuring each other they hugged, and Kate went back to prepare for her next onstage performance. Tori turned to me, and said, “My mom loves me … and she is such a sex machine. I mean she even makes me wet when I watch her or even think about her. It makes me just want to experiment a little to see what it’s like to turn on a whole bunch of men and a few other women to the point where you just know they’d like to fuck your lights out right on the stage.” She laughed and added, “THEN I can start my freshman year in college on a high point.”

Tori had heard about the VIP sex room at the club, but she’d never seen it. She’d never even been upstairs to the open part of the VIP area. I got us refills on our drinks – a wine for me and a tall evil-looking diet coke with a cherry for Tori, and I escorted her upstairs. Ity was a weeknight. The area was almost empty, but I saw a few of the regulars there and nodded to them. I felt flattered that they’d chosen the club as their frequent hangout. Stacy had given them special cards that they used for discounts and special treats from time to time.

Tori said, “Oh, this is really nice up here. Two people could actually make love in one of the booths and no one would know. I bet that happens all the time.”

I smirked, “It does, but I have something even better to show you.”

I nudged Tori ahead of me. She was wearing four-inch heels that did wonders for her long and hot teenage legs and the short dress she wore that almost revealed her bare pussy. ankara yeni escortlar The men gawked as we walked by them.

At the door to the VVIP room – the sex room – I paused and entered our secret code. I then opened the door and held it while Tori entered. I gave a slight touch to the mood lighting switch by the door, and some indirect lighting subtly appeared here and there in the room.

“Oh, Mark. This is really nice. Can anybody use this?”

“Only the family, although I have it on authority that a few of the dancers have used it on occasion – even your mother when she’s extra horny and has a friend visiting her performances.”

Tori turned and took in the photographs from Brite Reber. There were six in the room displayed in pairs. In each, a couple could be seen in various acts of copulating, only the lighting was subdued and contrast high. Enough detail stood out to leave nothing to the imagination. Brite had called them ‘Porn for Women.’

“The wall art is … fabulous. I’m wet just looking at it.” She turned and looked in the other direction. “The view of the stage is … oh, look. Kate is just coming on.” I noticed she used her mother first name instead of the more colloquial ‘Mom.’ I wondered why, but pushed the questions aside.

I came up behind Tori as she stood in front of the large one-way glass. I kissed her neck up to her ear and then moved to the other side. I could hear her breathing intensify.

The tight and revealing cocktail dress that Tori wore had a zipper along the back, and I took hold of the slider and very slowly pulled down, allowing one finger to trace along the skin revealed until I reached the small of her back. I noticed that in keeping with the dress code her new sisters had adopted, Tori wasn’t wearing any undergarments.

After about a foot or so of open skin, I leaned down and started to run little kisses onto the newly revealed skin along her sexy back, covering the territory I’d already revealed and the new skin as it appeared. Tori moaned. “Oh, God, Mark. You are turning me on something fierce; is what you’re doing legal?”

I just moaned as I kissed into the small of her back. I then slipped my hands around her sides inside the dress that was mostly just hanging from her shoulders by the thin straps of cloth over her shoulders. I palmed her breasts and caught each nipple between two of my fingers. They were both erect before I got there. She was indeed in heat.

As I nuzzled into her neck again with more little kisses and teased her breasts with my hands, I peeked at Kate coming on stage. She was doing her briefcase and business suit strip, only I had heard she’d made some refinements to it. Since it was the later show, I also expected she’d be a little more blatant about the sex in her act.

I tuned out Kate and focused on Tori – mother and daughter. I loved them both, and they loved me. I was so lucky. I had sisters too: Elsa and Cindy, and KC and June. We all played together happily, although I hadn’t seen any sexual interaction between Kate and Tori. Watching the pair that day for the first time, I thought that something might develop along those lines.

I nudged the dress down Tori’s arms and the top fell forward. She dropped her arms. The fabric hung for about ten seconds on her hips, and then after a little shimmy by the sexy teen dropped down those long legs to the floor. Tori stood in nude splendor, lit in the blues and reds coming from the stage spotlights that reached the room in a few cases. Her hair shimmered in the reflected lights from the stage.

Tori turned in my arms and we kissed. Those tall heels made her just the right height. She whispered to me, “I assume you’re going to make love to me here.”

“That was my plan; any objections?”

“Oh, none whatsoever, and great disappointment if you don’t”.

Tori knelt in front of me, and soon had my pants unbuckled and around my ankles as she sucked my tumescent cock into her teenage mouth. God, she was hot. She made love to me, focusing on just that one area for a well: the head, the crown, the shaft, and my scrotum. Her hands were as involved as well as her mouth. The entire time she stared up at me with her smiling eyes. I could feel the love and the lust at the same time, and reflected it back to her with my own.

When I glanced up for a brief second, there was Kate on the stage about fifty feet away nearly nude and swaying in a sexy way to the music. I think my cock pulsed in Tori’s mouth at that scene and the combination of erotic stimulations that I enjoyed.

I coaxed Tori to stand and turned her so she could watch ‘Kate’ – her choice of words. I dropped a hand to the vee between her legs and gently wormed two fingers into her cunt. Tori leaned against the one-way glass, moaned as I twisted two fingers in her snatch, and watched the performance onstage. She pushed back against me and squirmed to let me know she relished every nuance of what I was doing to her.

“God, Mark. Fuck me. Make love to me right here, right ankara oral yapan escortlar now.” Tori broke away from me and turned to kiss me. She lay back on the sofa nearest the large glass. A slight turn of her head and she could watch the stripper – her sexy mother – shedding the last vestiges of clothing before she started in the climax of her performance, a mock masturbation scene that often brought the house down with applause and accolades.

I squatted on my knees between her legs, pulling them over my hips, so I could move my cock for maximum penetration of her quim. Two seconds later and one strong push, our pubes came together. We were joined in a lovers coupling bounded by lust on one side and pure love on the other.

Tori and I kissed and made love. Our passion knew no bounds. I got her to ride me as Kate started to do lewd things with some adult toys on the stage. She was an expert at commanding the attention of everyone in the audience, and then at arousing them to heights they hadn’t known before.

Tori watched her mentor and mother as she rode me. I stroked her clit bringing her to yet another orgasm. Six or seven, I think; so far. As the performance climax was reached onstage, I reached my own glancing between the pair.

I blasted my semen deep inside Tori as she fell into my arms and we pledged our eternal love to one another.

Later, as we lay together enjoying the feel of skin on skin, and the afterglow, another female joined the two of us, kneeling on the plush carpeting next to the sofa we were on.

“I love the two of you so much,” Kate whispered. “I’m so glad the two of you love each other as well. I have discovered the best heaven in the entire universe.”

Tori leaned forward and kissed Kate as her hand extended to fondle her breasts. The kiss was anything but filial, and as the seconds ticked by I watched it turn into a really passionate sapphic kiss loaded with promise and mutual invitation. I could feel Tori’s vaginal clench around my somewhat flaccid cock as she did.

Tori turned back to me, gave me a tender kiss, and said, “I need you to make love to my mother now, only this time I’m going to help – a lot.”


There was a further drawing to attend the graduation prom that Tori orchestrated in her own cute way. Of course, Tori was again wearing her little thong and the crop top that almost revealed her gorgeous breasts.

Carter won a slot as another prom date, except in this case it wasn’t ‘officially’ with Tori. It was with Darby, one of Tori’s best friends. Darby had been secretly getting it on with her father, with her mother’s blessing, encouragement, and participation, but the family didn’t want that knowledge or speculation to go public. Darby thought that having her father at the Prom would seem a little strange after having just been at the daddy-daughter dance with him, so she asked Tori to set her up with one of ‘her guys.’ Darby on a date wouldn’t attract that kind of attention. Carter looked young, and could perhaps pass as a college guy.

Skye, her other good friend, as it turned out planned to go to the prom with her older bother. Tori had already mentioned that Skye had sexual relations within her family, and her brother was one of her lovers. I love families that are close knit.

I had it on good authority from Tori that there’d be a small orgy after the graduation prom. I’d been to one after my own graduation that went on for three days after the prom. I still have fond memories of what went on at that one, so I knew Tori would have a hot time. I resolved to try to watch the party after the prom, if I could.

Tori was learning how to be a great sexual tease, and make it part of foreplay. She told Carter, Ryan, and Mike that she was off limits to them until the prom. She even asked that they not have sex with anyone else, unless that person propositioned them. Of course, we were all on Tori’s side so kept the three men isolated from pussy despite whining and pleas for mercy.

Further, Tori continued to engage in sex – even wilder and hotter sex than she’d already demonstrated. Her public ‘performances’ in the living room were especially attention getting when any of those three men were present. Since Ryan and Deke had created a suite with a living room between their two bedrooms, Tori started to hang out with Deke and whomever else she could entice into being in a threesome with the two of them.

She told me what she was planning, and I made sure to visit their living area that evening. Tori had Deke and Tom in Deke’s bedroom with the door open so that Ryan would be sure to hear everything. She was shrieking through her orgasms, and extremely loud and prolific with her dirty talk with the two men, urging them on and on. Eventually, they DPed her.

Carter came down the hall from his room to visit Ryan. Mike was already there. The three of them took turns looking into Deke’s bedroom and reporting to the others what Tori had the two men doing to her. Tori even had Julie come and join in the small party, and she too got in the spirit of teasing the men, even coming out of the bedroom and flopping down on the sofa nude and rubbing her pussy complaining that the hot ex was ‘getting to her’ and that she needed more cock. She’d then get up and return to the bedroom.

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