Bisexual Black Folks

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It’s Saturday night and the gang is all here to have their weekly meeting. The place where they meet is Nick Angelo’s crib. Nick is the founder of the group known as the Reformers. A group of young people who gather to discuss issues of relevance to their communities and try to find solutions to them. In today’s age of apathy, corruption and greed, they seem to be living echoes of a bygone age. An age where ordinary men and women went out there, trying to make a difference. These are their stories.

First among these dedicated advocates for change is Nicolas Angelo. Nick is a tall, somewhat large Black man with dark brown skin and curly hair. He’s a rookie cop with the Boston police department, a recent graduate of the Massachusetts State Police Academy in New Braintree. He has always been interested in social issues. His father, Luke Angelo once ran the Young Men of Tomorrow Club or YMTC. An organization that tried to help young men succeed in college. It has chapters in Boston, New York and Los Angeles. Nick’s second-in-command is Lily Brenner.

Lily Brenner is a tall, somewhat thick and curvy Black female with short hair and strong features. She’s a corrections officer with the Plymouth County Department of Corrections. A long time ago, she watched her parents die. This gave her a strong sense of justice. That’s why she worked as a corrections officer. Also, Lily was Nick’s best friend and they have known each other for a long time. Like him, she believes in helping young men and women improve their standards of living through education. She’s determined to make a difference in the lives of the people of the Black community.

Ken Sparrow is another member of the group. He’s a social worker who tries to help minority males since many men are in need of help in today’s society. Ken is a tall, good-looking young man with caramel-colored skin. He is the son of a Puerto Rican lawyer and a Black female sports star. Ken saw many young men suffer unnecessarily throughout his life, that’s why he decided to focus on helping young men with issues. His agenda was to help male victims of domestic abuse, men at risk for suicide and men in need of health care. It’s not that Ken doesn’t care about women. He’s a good man who believes in people. He focuses on men because no one else does.

Amelia Dwight is Ken’s girlfriend. A tall, slim girl with short blonde hair and gray eyes. Amelia is a member of the Gay and Lesbian Civil Caucus. She’s also the first openly bisexual woman to run for state representative in the state of Massachusetts. She lost to Adam Brown, a conservative Irish Republican who was the regular Joe with the lovely wife and all-American family. Amelia and Ken met while both of them worked for openly gay congressman Joseph Stewart. They were helping him run for governor. He failed tragically but continued to work for the advancement of GLBT people everywhere. Amelia and Ken fell in love and currently live together in a house in Chelsea. Amelia is the only white member of the Reformers but they accept her because she’s a good person and her heart is in the right place.

Also present was Nancy Slade. Nancy Slade was a tall and chubby black girl with soft features and a shaved head. Nancy Slade was a teacher in the ankarada yeni escortlar Boston area. Not the prettiest woman in the world but she had a certain sexual appeal. Nancy had a forty-inch round black ass and large breasts. Men and women couldn’t help but notice her. She got stares wherever she went. Nancy Slade was a thick black girl and she was proud of her shape. In her mind, she was just as good as everyone else and she acted like it.

The five of them sat down to have the meeting. Many members of the group were absent. Mike’s friend Lionel Rock, a former professional boxer had recently started a boxing club in South Boston. He and his business partners, Josh Belmont and Ruth Flanders, were actively recruiting people and spreading the word. They were quite busy. Compelling circumstances prevented Lionel from making it tonight. Also absent was Steve McGee, a Black executive who worked in Boston’s Financial District. He was currently traveling with his boss.

The Reformers sat and discussed what was happening. There were many things on the agenda. Ken had recently started a support group for male victims of domestic abuse. There were twenty men in the group and he was rather proud of the work he was doing. Helping those who needed it the most. Lily was helping garner funds for the YMCA. Amelia was helping a gay student start a Gay Straight Alliance on his campus. Nancy volunteered at an after school program aimed at helping young men improve their education. All of them were doing okay with their projects, though they were having some difficulties across the board. Nick decided to celebrate and the rest of them agreed.

Bottles of alcohol were passed around the room. Nick didn’t normally encourage drinking but damn it, they deserve to celebrate! the following is what happens when a group of horny young people get involved with alcohol and decide to have themselves a little fun. The results of this fantastic and extremely sexual interlude can and will surprise you. Nick walked around with his pint of beer. He suddenly felt hot and took off his shirt. He encouraged his friends to do the same and surely enough, they all did as he said. He was their fearless leader after all. First to get naked was his friend and ally, the lovely Lily Brenner. Nick admired Lily Brenner’s curvy, sexy body and plump booty. Yeah, the girl definitely had it going on. Still, Nick was in the mood for something different. You see, Nick was bisexual. Yes, bisexual Black men weren’t exactly rare in Boston. Although he liked women most of the time, he felt like having a man at the moment.

Ken sat on the couch and looked at Nick. Nick grinned, reading the desire in Ken’s intense gaze. The two young men kissed. Nick traced his hands over Ken’s naked body. The dude had a nice body. Hard and muscular. Nick kissed a path down from Ken’s lips to his chest and further down to his groin. He breathed in the smell of Ken’s sex. He noticed that Ken had a big dick, nice and thick. He took Ken’s cock in hand, and gasped when he got a surprise. Ken’s dick was uncircumcised. Nick smiled. He had played around with an uncut guy before, a sexy Mexican stud. Uncircumcised dicks were a lot of fun. Nick began sucking on Ken’s cock. Ken leaned back and bayan escort ankara relaxed, trying to enjoy what Nick was doing to him.

Lily watched as Nick sucked on Ken’s dick. The dude obviously loved wood since he seemed to be enjoying himself so much. Lily looked at Nick’s sexy behind. A naughty idea formed in her mind. Reaching for her purse, she grabbed a certain sex toy that she had been dying to use on somebody for the longest time. Lily looked at the strap on dildo. It was black and shiny, with a very realistic and life-like black cock made of plastic. She put it on and stroked its length confidently. Oh, yeah. She couldn’t wait to fuck somebody. From where she was standing, Nick’s fine behind looked pretty tempting.

Lily came up behind Nick and asked him if he was down for what she had in mind. Nick turned around, saw the dildo and nodded, with Ken’s dick still in his mouth. Smiling, Lily positioned herself behind Nick. The leader of the Reformers was busy sucking on Ken’s thick cock and balls. Lily spread Nick’s butt cheeks wide open and pressed the dildo against his ass. Nick stiffened when he felt her dildo against his back door. Lily held him by the hips and pushed, thrusting the dildo into him. Nick grunted when he felt Lily’s dildo thrusting into him. It felt nice and thick, just the way he liked them. Lily thrust into him, loving what she was doing to him and how he responded.

Amelia was walking around Nick’s house when she ran into a very naked Nancy. Amelia’s eyes went wide when she saw that thick black girl’s large breasts and big booty. Amelia licked her lips. Nancy looked at her. The big girl felt sexually adventurous and was definitely willing to try something new. When Amelia kissed her, she didn’t resist. The two women kissed passionately. Amelia took Nancy’s hand and led her into the bedroom. There, she kissed every inch of Nancy’s thick body and sucked on her breasts while fingering her pussy. Nancy gasped at the intrusion but was soon squealing in delight as Amelia’s magic fingers and wicked tongue worked wonders on her plump and sexy body.

Nancy lay there, closing her eyes and trying to enjoy what Amelia was doing to her. Amelia was fingering her and eating her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Nancy moaned in pleasure. Amelia looked into her face as she pleasured her. The bisexual girl smiled. If she had known that doing it with big girls could be this fun, she would have tried one a long time ago. Suddenly, Nancy’s eyes snapped open. Her mouth widened, unleashing an orgasmic scream. Amelia smiled as Nancy’s large and sexy body shook with pleasure. The fun was just beginning.

Meanwhile, Lily was having some fun with Nick and Ken. They changed positions. Now, Lily was sucking on Nick’s cock while Ken returned the favor by taking on Lily’s thick, nine-inch black dildo. Lily sucked on Nick’s huge cock and tennis-sized hairy balls. The dude had a big one and it was a challenge for Ken to take it all down. Meanwhile, Ken sucked on Lily’s big plastic tool. Nick groaned in pleasure as Lily sucked him. He wasn’t far from exploding. He soon came, and Lily drank his seed eagerly. Ken came and Lily drank his cum and sucked his balls too. When she was done, she looked up at Nick. What did escort bayan ankara he have in mind?

Nick looked at Lily. Now, the brother felt like fucking a tight hole. Any hole would do. He pulled Lily down on her hands and knees and spread her butt cheeks wide open. Lily smiled, she loved it when Nick was dominant. He pressed his hard cock against her back door, and pushed. Lily gasped when she felt Nick’s huge cock invade her asshole. Lily had been fucked in the ass before but Nick’s cock was huge. He held her by the hips and slammed his cock into her. Lily screamed. Ken came up in front of her and it became clear to her what he wanted. Lily took his cock into her mouth and sucked it while Nick fucked her in the ass. Nick winked at Ken as he pumped his huge black monster cock into Lily’s tight ass. He smacked that ass of hers and Lily moaned. It stung. Nick laughed. It was almost as if he were making her pay, both for having such a tempting ass and also for using the dildo on him earlier. Yeah, that ass of hers was going to pay.

Amelia took Nancy to dyke heaven many times over a relatively brief period of time. Hand in hand, they decided to rejoin the rest of the group. When Nancy walked into the room, she saw Nick and Ken having their way with Lily, who clearly seemed to be enjoying herself. She was on all fours, sucking Ken’s dick while Nick slammed his huge cock up her ass. Nancy licked her lips. Although she had a lot of fun with Nancy, Amelia still had a craving for cock. She winked at Ken. Ken smiled at her, and removed his cock from Lily’s mouth. He walked toward her, hard as hell and eager.

Amelia and Ken kissed. She pulled him down on the floor and he didn’t resist. Amelia looked up at the man she loved. They were truly two of a kind. A bisexual Black man in a romantic relationship with a bisexual white woman. Stranger things have happened! Amelia took Ken’s cock and pressed it against her pussy. With one swift thrust, he entered her. Amelia gasped. Yeah, this was still the best fuck she’d ever had. Having her man plowing her pussy with his thick cock was still one of the best sensations in the world. That’s why she could never tire of him.

Nancy watched as her friends and fellow Reformers had sex. The plump girl fingered herself excitedly as all of it played around her. Nick was now on the floor and Lily was impaled on his cock, riding him for all she was worth. Ken and Amelia were rolling around, entwined in sex, and it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began. Nancy picked up Lily’s discarded dildo and inserted it into herself. Nancy gasped in delight as she felt the dildo slide into her anal cavity. This was the only spot in her body which had yet to be probed by man. Using the plastic phallus, she surrendered her anal virginity…to herself.

Later, the Reformers went into various rooms to spend the night. Nick lay in Lily’s arms, fast asleep. The young woman looked at the man she loved. Yes, the fearless leader was now hers. She knew about his bisexuality and tried to accept it. Lily hoped that after tonight, Nick would stay with her. She wasn’t a man and he would always desire men no matter how much she loved him. But she would do her best to be a loving and loyal girlfriend and of course, satisfy him sexually. If he wanted a tight hole to fuck, well, that’s what butt holes are for. That and shitting, of course. If he wanted dick, she had a big life-like dildo. Amelia and Ken slept peacefully. Nancy stayed up watching the Science Fiction Channel.

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