Black Journal Ch. 05

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Duncan Cyrus, age 21, Twins

My birthday is within a few days of Valentines Day. Ever since I came to college I decided to have a week’s worth of my birthday. I planned everyday and executed it without fail. My birthday week when I turned 21 was an awesome time. I’ve learned in my younger years, don’t tell people your birthday because they assume since they know yours, you know theirs, therefore, get each other presents. My parents gave me presents and so did my grandparents, and that was enough. Money and gift cards.

My job knew because you have to put it on your resume. The people there actually bought me a small cookie cake. That same day my co-workers took me out to eat. I had a steak. I told Gretta and my landlord’s sister (Wendy) to give up their throats on the same day at the same time. They had their refusals, but as usual I had to show how little they can resist me. They love my black monster too much. I had them strip to their bra and panties. Gretta wore black and Wendy wore a pink and red combo. Why, I do not know.

The most fun out of that excursion was the constant bickering that the other was getting too much attention. It was all planned. All I did was add just one or two more strokes before switching to the other. They left a mess and I had them clean it up together. If there was a lack of any teamwork, which happened a few times, I would throat fuck them ankara yabancı escortlar again and they would toss their cookies and other sweets onto the floor. They finally got it right and I had them clean my dick and then told them to clean each other up. That included brushing each other’s teeth.

Sorry that it seemed I got off topic. The real story begins the day after my birthday. On my birthday I just went to class and went to work. It was a good day all around. I had to make a delivery to an address from a patron. It was a nice bouquet of flowers. Pretty big for one person too. It was a rush delivery so I did my best keeping it in order on the drive there. I arrived at the address and it is a two-story house.

I rang the doorbell and a thick, rotund, black haired, pale skin, emo chick answered the door. She wore a punk-torn t-shirt and gray panties. Her hair was a bowl cut with different colored ends. She wore these black glasses. I offered her the flowers and read the poem that came with it. She laughed and another female came to the door. She had the same dimensions but maybe some extra curviness. She was brunette, with a bowl cut but black ends; more rocker than emo. She also came to the door in a t-shirt and panties. They were shorter than me and adorable like kittens.

They shared whispered communication as I stood there. I should’ve just left but they ankara yeni escortlar intrigued me. I never met twin plumpers before. They spoke in unison to me to come inside but I had to decline. Job you know. I did tell them it was my birthday and I would like to take them out the next day. I know, they suppose to take me out but I had a plan.

They accepted, and the next day, after work, I picked them up and came back to my place. Georgia (black haired) wore a leather skirt and a blood-red corset with black eyeliner and black licorice gloss. Carolina (brunette) wore also a black leather skirt, but had a turquoise corset with matching eye liner and lip gloss. I took a quick shower and came out on display to show them what they’d have for dessert that night. They were more than a bit excited. They came up to me and kissed me on my lips and rubbed my little guy with fever.

That night I took them out to a club where they played all kinds of music except for country. Pretty much the whole time eyes were on them. As they danced, males and females tried dancing with them. I enjoyed the spectacle. They refused the people and always pointed at me to state the reason. I smiled with pride.

After the club we went back to my place and they tear at me. It was hard trying to get an upper hand to gain some type of control. While one would kiss me the other sucked my dick and ankara oral yapan escortlar played with my balls. Due to the constant movement and switching I couldn’t grasp a handle of the two. After about ten minutes of the switching game I gave up and surrendered to them.

Apparently that was the answer because they showed me to my own bed. They placed me in the middle and they lied down on either side of me. They totally changed their gameplay. It was totally sensual. I kissed Georgia first and our tongues danced harmonically. Carolina stroked me with her sister, but licked on my neck. My hands were on their ass cheeks. I made a move to put a finger in their anuses. They didn’t refuse, but rocked on my fingers. I made them cum, wasn’t explosive, but they hummed with appreciation.

Carolina turned my head to kiss her that time and Georgia licked on my nipples. My penis stood straight up without help. They were too good with rubbing my dick. The double sensation of the twist and feltless jack of my shaft barely allowed me to hold on. Georgia told me not to cum, but Carolina told me to or face the consequences. It was hard trying to please them both. Precum released but I didn’t officially shoot. Back and forth I kissed them and played with their clits or anuses. They moaned and demanded satisfaction and obedience. I couldn’t hold it anymore and I released. Carolina playfully scolded me and Georgia congratulated me with a kiss but tortured me further by stroking my sensitive stalk and mushroom. I hissed in satisfaction. Once they were done they slept on top of me. They silently snored and the cum between us dried up. It was a nice birthday present from them to me.

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