Black Wife Cuckolds Black Hubby

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Watching my Somali Muslim husband Omar Suleiman’s soulful brown eyes, I smiled as I began sucking on Tyson Jacobsen’s long and thick Caribbean dick. Omar Suleiman, a short, slender yet muscular, forty-something Black man of Somali descent with light brown skin and a cool bald pate, watches as I, his darling Somali-American wife, suck off another man. That’s the kind of relationship we have, and it’s delightfully freaky.

My husband Omar Suleiman and I have been married for twenty five years. We’re first-generation Somali immigrants who met at the University of Minneapolis in Minnesota. I studied Nursing and Omar studied civil engineering. He works for a major corporation in the City of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our daughters Khadija and Aisha are visiting their grandparents in the City of Mogadishu, Somalia. That’s why, since we got the house to ourselves, Omar and I are having fun with another man.

That other man is none other than my husband Omar’s best friend and work colleague Tyson Watson, a six-foot-tall, burly young Black man of Jamaican descent. A well-endowed stud I’ve had in my sights for a long time, come to think of it. My name is Amina Kader-Suleiman. I’m five-foot-ten, curvy and sexy, with big tits, wide hips and a big round ass. I typically hide all that womanly goodness under traditional Islamic clothing, like a good Somali sister should.

The problem is that I am not a good Somali sister. I am a freaky bitch who gets off on all kinds of wicked, sinful things, and my husband Omar is actually okay with that. I’m just a devoted Black wife of Somali-American descent trying my hand at Black on Black cuckolding. That’s right, I’m a Black woman cuckolding my Black husband.

Things are getting steamy in our living room ankarada sakso çeken escortlar tonight in Minneapolis, I tell you. It’s a good thing, too, since it’s frosty outside. The Minnesota winter is no joke. I hated it from the moment I moved here from my hometown of Mogadishu, Federal Republic of Somalia. Omar and I got into swinging a while ago, and now, we’re trying our hand at cuckolding. That’s why Omar gets to sit here, with his dick in a chastity device, as I suck his best friend Tyson’s dick in front of him.

Does that surprise you? I bet it does. When most people think of cuckolding, they envision the stereotypical stuff. You know the formula. Black guy with a big dick fucks a slutty white wife in front of her limp-dick white husband or loser white boyfriend. That’s what most people think of when they hear the word cuckolding. Type it on Google and a variety of images supporting what I’ve just described come up.

I, Amina Kader-Suleiman, the kinky Black Muslim wife of a pious yet freaky Somali-American Muslim man, am here to tell you otherwise. Or, rather, show you, since my succulent mouth is otherwise occupied. I am sucking on Tyson’s thick, uncircumcised Jamaican dick with gusto. I love uncut dicks. I think it’s maybe because, as a Muslim woman, they’re a forbidden fruit my lips are never supposed to taste.

Speaking of taste, Tyson’s dick and balls taste absolutely yummy. The manly, funky smell of his junk is also wonderfully intoxicating. When Tyson finally came, squirting his manly seed all over my pretty face, I welcomed the onslaught of hot cum on my illustrious visage. I licked up every last drop of Tyson’s cum, and the Jamaican stud sighed happily.

Awesome, Tyson Jacobsen whispered, and gently ankara prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar caressed my hijab-covered head. That’s right, I didn’t even bother taking off my hijab while sucking another man’s dick while my proper Muslim husband Omar Suleiman watched. I winked at Omar as Tyson pulled me close, hiked up my traditional Islamic skirt, and slid his hand between my legs.

Oh my, I whispered, as Tyson Jacobsen began fingering my pussy. The Jamaican stud pulled me on top of him, and thrust his hard dick into my cunt. Tyson smacked my big butt, hard, even as he slammed his dick into my pussy. I winked at my hubby Omar Suleiman as I rode Tyson’s dick. Gleefully I wrapped my arms around the Jamaican stud, even as Omar watched us, turned on, his erection blocked by the chastity device on his dick.

That’s the essence of cuckolding, folks. The mind fuck is essential to the whole process. Is there anything that can fuck with a man’s mind more than watching his wife getting fucked by another man? That’s why cuckolding is so taboo. Omar and I tried our hand at the swinging scene. Last week, Omar fucked a blonde-haired and big-bottomed white slut named Barbara Connors while her skinny husband Matthew and I got our freak on. Riding the white man’s dick was fun, even though he could barely keep up with my homegrown African Muslim woman’s sensuality.

Swinging was fun, but cuckolding is even more intense. I got the idea from watching a porn video with Omar. In the video, a white dude watched while a Black man fucked his white wife. Well, I wanted to try the same shit but keep it Black on Black. Thankfully, Omar Suleiman was cool with the idea and his buddy Tyson Jacobsen was onboard, so we planned accordingly. ankara gece kalan escortlar Tonight, we finally got our freak on.

I rode Tyson Jacobsen’s thick Jamaican hard, and creamed on it, for it made my pussy gush with hot girly cum. All this my husband Omar Suleiman watched, with his own dick stuck in that chastity device. Can’t have proper cuckolding going on if the cuckold is enjoying himself. Even if he is, his pleasure must be mixed with pain. Otherwise it’s not cuckolding, just plain old voyeurism, or worse, edgy swinging.

I rolled off Tyson’s dick after he fucked me silly, and then told Omar to come closer. I smiled wickedly at my Somali Muslim husband and told him to do what he was supposed to. Omar nodded, and wrapped his lips around Tyson’s thick Jamaican dick. Watching my Black hubby sucking another Black man’s dick right in front of me turned me on like you would not believe. Made my pussy twitch, to tell you the truth.

Suck it bitch, I said harshly, smacking Omar’s face as he sucked on Tyson’s dick. Cuckolding is so much fun. I can’t believe more Black women aren’t into this. When Omar finished sucking on Tyson’s dick, Tyson rewarded him by shooting his cum all over his face. This was so beautiful that I wanted to share in it, so I did.

Happily I knelt beside my husband Omar Suleiman and licked the cum off his handsome face, then together, we licked every last drop of cum from Tyson’s majestic Jamaican dick. I admired our reflections in the living room mirror. A Somali woman and a Somali man kneeling before a well-endowed Jamaican stud and sucking his dick. Is there anything hotter?

Later, the three of us hit the showers. I took the chastity device off of my husband Omar Suleiman’s dick, and then, sandwiched between him and Tyson Jacobsen, I enjoyed the warm shower. Such a delightful way to end the most sexually adventurous evening of our lives, wouldn’t you say? Tyson left our house with our heartfelt thanks, then Omar and I retired to our bedroom. I love you Omar, I sincerely told my hubby, and then we went to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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