Chelsea Disaster Pt. 06

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Chelsea Disaster Pt 6



“I still can’t believe you scored a limo!” said Lisa, marveling at the lavish appointments of the luxury car. Her leg-length cock was still drooling precum like a faucet so, rather than let the stream of fluid leak on the upholstery, she’d stuck the tip out the window. Whenever the car stopped for traffic lights, there was an audible splattering of liquid on asphalt.

“One of the perks of my new job,” said Chelsea, trying not to think too much about how Lisa’s balls were touching her cock. Being in close proximity to Lisa had gotten her package expanding again, and her torso-thick cock took up most of the width of the center aisle.

Both girls sat awkwardly in silence, each of them trying not to get caught looking at the other. Chelsea sat stiffly with her hands on her knees, sweat beading on her forehead as every bump and jostle in the road caused Lisa’s nuts to slosh and rub further against Chelsea’s heavy cock. Lisa busied herself by trying out all the buttons she could reach, opening cabinets and investigating what was inside. The fresh cum that coated her body had begun to harden, and she was extremely self-conscious about it.

Another bump. Another jiggle. Chelsea felt her cock stretch another few inches down the aisle.

Suddenly Chelsea remembered she’d left her size suppressor prescription at the pharmacy.

“Shit!” she exclaimed.

Lisa started, dropping the champagne glass she’d been examining. The glass bounced off her balls and disappeared under the curvature of Chelsea’s cock.

“What?” Lisa started to panic. “What is it?”

“Ohh, nothing I just forgot to pick up my size suppressors. The pharmacy’s probably closed by now,” Chelsea grumbled.

“Oh dear.” Lisa bit the tip of her thumb. “I’d lend you mine but… I already did. Do you think it’ll be a big problem tonight?”

“I dunno.” Chelsea looked down at her cock apprehensively. “I mean, I did just empty my balls properly for the first time in ages but…”

Chelsea blushed. She didn’t want to admit she was already horny again. Not in front of Lisa. It was only her bashfulness that was keeping her from popping a boner right there in the car. Just the thought of getting a boner made her cock swell another several inches. The leather seats creaked as Chelsea’s balls swelled. The huge orbs gurgled threateningly, loud enough for even Lisa to hear.

It wasn’t just Chelsea’s cock that was growing, either. The hot, rubbery lips of Chelsea’s labia were swelling up like inner tubes. She could feel herself being lifted incrementally off the seat by the force of her arousal. A glistening trail of pungent cunt honey dripped off the edge of the seat to splatter on the floor mats.

Lisa looked around nervously, biting her nail. Outside, the splashing of precum grew louder. The atmosphere in the car was affecting her as well. Chelsea’s pheromones were extremely potent, especially in the enclosed space.

“There’s nobody else you know on size suppressors?” asked Chelsea.

“All my friends are on size suppressors,” answered Lisa. “But if I ask for help, they uh… might ask questions.”

Chelsea nodded. Of course. Lisa was still an active Hypers Anonymous. If they knew she was off her meds this would be a major setback for her. Chelsea hadn’t even been an active participant long enough to get any chips, but Lisa had been a regular and faithful member for years.

Chelsea looked down at the envelope full of money on the seat next to her. The corner of a hundred dollar bill peeked out at her from the opening.

“Well if we can’t get size suppressors, there’s always… you know… the traditional option,” said Chelsea.

“You mean getting drunk?” Lisa looked scared. “Ooh, I don’t know. HyAnon discourages using alcohol as a coping mechanism…”

Before size suppressors were readily available to the general public, extreme hypers often resorted to excessive drinking to dull their sexual desires and quell their throbbing erections. It might have kept their assets—mostly—in check, but it wasn’t healthy and led to a lot of collateral damage. For a hyper like Chelsea, whiskey dick only means their cock is the size of a bus instead of a skyscraper.

But it was better than nothing. If Chelsea was going to sleep indoors tonight (without waking up in a building with no roof) she needed to do something!

Chelsea sensed Lisa’s discomfort and said, “You don’t have to drink with me.”

Lisa fidgeted nervously.

“Just promise you won’t take advantage of me when I’m vulnerable,” Chelsea added in a mock-sexy tone.

SPLUUUURT! Lisa’s balls rumbled and about three gallons of precum spewed from the tip of her cock onto the driver’s side window of a passing car, causing it to swerve.

“M-maybe just one drink,” said Lisa.

“One drink,” agreed Chelsea.


Glen, ataşehir escort bayan the cashier at the Smokey Point Liquor Store And Gas Station was reading a magazine when the customer bell chimed.

“Welcome to Smokey Point Liquor,” he droned without looking up.


The doors rattled loudly, starting the cashier from his stupor. His jaw almost dropped when he saw the customer wedged in the doorway. A dark-haired girl with thick-rimmed glasses was struggling to stuff what looked like a giant pink tube and a wrinkly beanbag chair through the opening. At this late hour it took the cashier several seconds of watching the heavy pink trunk flail around before he realized what he was looking at.

“Hey…” he objected.

The customer was too busy fighting to squeeze her beachball-sized nuts through the door to hear the cashier trying to get her attention.

“Lisa, could you give me a push? I’m almost in,” said the girl over her shoulder.

Through the locked side of the double door, Glen saw a skinny blonde girl waddle forward to try and push Chelsea through the door. Like her friend, the blonde sported a thick cock long enough to drag on the ground. Her nuts were slightly smaller, but still the size of pumpkins. A neatly-trimmed triangle of blonde pubic hair above the girl’s cock shone like gold under the light of the fluorescent sign over the door.

“Hey!” Glen objected more loudly. “You can’t come in here.”

“I can I just need to—” the girl grunted loudly with the effort of the final push. “Rrrraah!”

She popped through the door, stumbling forward several steps and crashing cock-first into a shelf full of vodka bottles. The shelf rattled dangerously and several bottles toppled from the top. The girl actually caught one of them, but two more fell through her outstretched arms and bounced off her enormous nuts. One of the bottles landed unscathed, but the other did a triple flip and smashed loudly on the linoleum.

The girl winced. A pungent odor of vodka filled the room.

“I’ll pay for that,” she said.

“Yeah you will,” said the cashier. “And then you’re gonna leave!”

“What? For breaking one little bottle?” the girl huffed. “I said I’d pay for it!”

“Hypers aren’t allowed in here unless they can keep covered!” Glen pointed to a sign near the door depicting the crossed-out silhouette profile of a man with a huge cock and balls.


“There’s no one else in here!” objected the girl, stomping her foot. The motion sent a quiver of jiggling through her scrotum.

“Chelsea, maybe we should just go.” The blonde, Lisa, had come inside. Her long, pale cock left a thick trail of slime behind her wherever she went.

“We’ll leave after we get what we came for,” said Chelsea.

“You’ll leave now or I’ll call the cops,” threatened Glen.

“Sorry for bothering you,” Lisa turned to leave but Chelsea grabbed the girl by the strap of her sports top and pulled her back.

“We’re staying.” Chelsea put her foot down.

Glen reached across the counter for the phone. No sooner did he have the receiver off the hook than Chelsea’s cock slammed down on the base.


The impact of her titanic cock set every bottle in the store shaking. A blob of pungent precum the size of a baseball fell from the gaping cumslit and splattered heavily across the desk behind the counter.

Glen stared at the massive beast resting on the counter in front of him. Chelsea’s cockhead was the size of a thirty five pound frozen turkey all by itself. A steady stream of milky, pungent liquid poured out, filling Glen’s nostrils with the humid stench of Chelsea’s pre.

Glen found himself getting rock hard despite his irritation with the unwelcome customers.

Before Glen could gather his wits, Chelsea had his collar bunched up in her fist. The girl was shockingly strong despite her skinny arms. She lifted him up with one arm and pulled him across the counter so that the two of them were nose to nose.

“Listen here, bub, my friend and I have just had a hell of a day and want to forget it all by getting shitfaced,” she growled.

Glen felt a warm stain spreading across his chest as more of Chelsea’s precum soaked his shirt.

With her free hand, Chelsea pulled out a manila envelope and plopped it on the counter. Stacks of hundred dollar bills spilled out.

“We’ve got enough here to cover the broken bottle and the phone and still buy enough liquor to kill a house full of fratboys,” she said. “So instead of worrying about my tip, maybe think a little more about your tip.”

Glen nodded slowly and Chelsea eased him back down to the ground.

Lisa’s eyes were as wide as saucers. Her floor-length cock stood partially on its own now, growing steadily longer escort kadıöy and thicker as she stared at Chelsea with color rising in her cheeks.

BLORRRRP! Lisa’s cock belched up a hoselike stream of translucent precum and she blushed even deeper.

In the end, Chelsea and Lisa walked out of the store with three thousand dollars’ worth of liquor. Glen even loaned the girls the use of the pallet jack from the stockroom to haul case after case of every kind of alcohol out to their waiting limo.

They had a limo!

Who were these girls? Rich sorority chicks from some kind of hyper sorority? Drug dealers?

He had plenty of time to ponder as he spent the rest of the night mopping slimy precum off the floor, but it was hard to stay mad with a sheaf of hundred dollar bills poking out of the tip jar.


Chelsea laughed wildly as the limo cruised down the streets of Seattle toward home. Something had awakened inside her that had been asleep so long she’d forgotten she ever had it. She felt confident and powerful again, just like she used to.

“Chelsea I had no idea you could be so… so forceful!” Lisa beamed at the dark-haired hyper as she sipped on a celebratory glass of wine. She had to take the back seat since her cock was almost fully hard and she couldn’t fit any other way. Chelsea sat squished up beside her, her own member now nearly as long as the entire interior of the limo. Between the two girls’ mammoth cocks and three grand worth of alcohol, Damien Jr.’s stretch limo was getting pretty cozy.

“I’d forgotten how much fun it is to be hyper!” laughed Chelsea, throwing back a bottle of vodka. She emptied the entire bottle in a few gulps and let it roll down the curvature of her balls until it clattered into the pile of empties rattling around the edges of her nutsack. Of course to a hyper like Chelsea, an entire bottle of Vodka was like less than a shot of vodka to a non-hyper. The bigger the hyper, the greater their capacity for alcohol.

Lisa watched as Chelsea snatched up another bottle and downed it just as quickly as the last one.

“Confidence is good, just be careful—”

“You know,” Chelsea cut Lisa off mid-sentence, “that’s the problem with you Hyphranon types.”

Chelsea paused to take another swig. Warmth spread across her nose and cheeks as the whiskey did its work.

“You guys hate fun.” Chelsea jabbed Lisa right in the boob with an accusing fingertip. “What’s the point of being hyper if you can’t cut loose once in a while?”

“I don’t hate fun!” objected Lisa.

“Oh yeah?” Chelsea grabbed a bottle of vodka from the case next to her and poured it right into Lisa’s wine until the liquid threatened to overflow the glass.

Lisa tried to squeak out an objection, but Chelsea had already grabbed another bottle from the case and clinked it against Lisa’s overflowing glass.

“Cheers!” said Chelsea, upending the bottle and chugging the contents.

Lisa gave her wine glass full of vodka a despairing look, took a deep breath, and swallowed the whole thing in one gulp.


“No no no, it goes ‘wuh uh uhnderwhaaaaal!'” Chelsea sang off-key, belting out the mangled tune into the night.

“Wawawandawaaaaaallll!” Lisa tried to sing along, but broke out laughing partway through.

The hyper-endowed pair stumbled down the sidewalk together, leaning on each other for support as they weaved back and forth, stumbling periodically over their own (or each other’s) cocks. The liquor had done its work to shrink the two. Chelsea’s cock was almost the same size as Lisa’s, though both girls still had to carry their members tossed over their shoulders to keep them from dragging.

Somewhere along the way they’d lost the limo. Chelsea couldn’t remember how she’d even gotten out of the thing. They’d gotten out to go… talk to someone? No! There was a guy with a parrot on each shoulder and they’d gotten out because Lisa wanted to “pet the birds.” It must have taken longer than they’d thought because by the time they decided to get back into the limo, it was gone.

Luckily, there was a bar right across the street and against all odds, it was open. The “socially distanced” outdoor patio was perfect for a pair of hypers who needed six feet of space around them at all times anyway. Chelsea slapped a stack of hundreds on the table and ordered the waitress to “keep the drinks flowing.”

Chelsea and Lis each got pitches of beer to themselves and chugged them down as if they were pints.

They were asked to leave after Chelsea stood up too fast and ended up knocking over the table, then turned too fast and ended up knocking over the table next to her, then two more as she tried to find the exit before remembering they were already outdoors.

They stopped at a 7-Eleven to grab some hotdogs and more drinks and by the time they’d finished the hotdogs, they were blocks away maltepe escort from where they’d lost the limo.

Chelsea knew the way home from where they were though, so it was all good.

Well, mostly all good. They’d been wandering for a while and the neighborhood didn’t look familiar anymore. Worse, they were down to their last case of hard lemonade.

Lisa carried the drinks balanced on top of her head like an Indian washerwoman taking clothes down to the river. Every block or so, Chelsea would pluck a pair of bottles out of the box and the girls would chug them down.

“Ffff—uuurp!” Chelsea belched loudly. She tossed the last empty bottle into the gutter and staggered forward.

“I think we’re lost,” said Lisa.

“We’re not lost,” said Chelsea. “I’m just—hoooo—not sure where we are.”

“I’m calling a Hyber.” Lisa pulled out her cellphone and started fumbling with the hyper rideshare app.

Just then, Chelsea stepped in something gooey.

Chelsea knew that smell anywhere: it was a puddle of congealed cum. Chelsea’s eyes rose to follow the trail of dried cum puddles to the street corner, where a layer of crusted-over spunk still covered the sidewalk and the street. Cars parked along the sidewalk looked like they’d been partially frosted by an incompetent baker, and spiderwebs of glistening, solidified jizz crisscrossed the lightposts.

Chelsea’s tug on her arm almost pulled Lisa over.

“Shit, I found it! We’re right around the corner!” Chelsea exclaimed, pulling Lisa by the sleeve toward the streetcorner. Lisa stumbled along behind, trying to type and walk at the same time.

“Ssssmy apartment,” said Chelsea, pointing at a shabby-looking six-story building catty corner from where they’d come out. “I told you I knew where we were!”

Surprisingly, it actually was Chelsea’s apartment building. Yellow and black caution tape still fluttered from the light posts where the building had been cordoned off. The alley adjacent to the building was still mostly buried in the cum left over from Chelsea’s eruption earlier that day. The alley looked like it had been the epicenter of its own private snowstorm. Dumpsters and trash cans still lay partially buried in drifts of spunk, and even with a strong breeze the whole street smelled like a swamp.

Lisa was still trying to navigate the app. She closed one eye and stuck out her tongue as she once again cleared all the fields to start over.

“Thank fucking God.” Chelsea hurried toward the building. “I gotta pish like a racehorsh.”

Lisa didn’t notice Chelsea had gone until she heard her friend pounding on the glass doors.

“Hey open up!” Chelsea shouted. “Open up, dammit! I gotta pee!”

The lobby inside was dark and there was no response to Chelsea’s pounding.

“Chelsea what are you doing?” Lisa hurried over, almost tripping over her cock as it slipped down off her shoulder.

“Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa,” Chelsea steadied herself on the blonde’s shoulders. “I forgot—I lost my key. Lemme borrow yours.”

“Chels I don’t have a key to your apartment,” said Lisa.

Chelsea started at Lisa, closing first one eye, then the other, alternating them back and forth so she could fully appraise her friend.

“What did you do with it?” asked Chelsea.

“I never had one,” answered Lisa.

Chelsea thought this one over.

“Shit.” she turned back to the door and started hammering again. “Hey! Lemme in I forgot my key and I gotta pissssssssssss!”

When there was still no response Chelsea started to get angry.

“Man fuck this stupid place!” She twisted her hips, and slammed her cock into the glass doors.

“Chelsea stop, I got us a ride, we can just go to my place.” Lisa tried to restrain the drunken hyper, but Chelsea’s strength was too much for her.

Chelsea twisted her hips again to get a real good windup, then slammed her cock hard into the glass with a slap that echoed up and down the street.

“Let! Me! In!” she shouted, punctuating each bellow with a slam from her enormous cock. On the last impact, the glass cracked and a white spiderweb of broken glass exploded out from the point where Chelsea’s cock had dented the metal doorframe.

“Crackers!” exclaimed Lisa. “You broke it!”

“Shit.” Chelsea. “That’s not good.”

“Come on, we should go.” Lisa once more tried to pull Chelsea down from the top of the steps leading up to the door. This time, Chelsea let Lisa guide her back down.

“Fuck I gotta pee so bad!” complained Chelsea.

“Can you hold it until we get to my place?” Lisa was still pulling Chelsea away from the scene of the broken glass. In her mind, she was sure she heard sirens wailing in the distance.

“How far is your place?” asked Chelsea.

“Like, twenty minutes,” said Lisa.

Chelsea shook her head.

“Fuck, I can’t hold it that long.”

With that, Chelsea pulled free of Lisa’s grip and turned back to face the apartment building.

“Chelsea what—” Lisa trailed off as she watched Chelsea reach down and take a hold of her mammoth cock by the folds of her foreskin and peel them back to expose the glistening, purple head of her behemoth member.

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