Cherry Popped Pt. 02

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The Special Plan

“Please, Rob. I need to come.” My hands tried to find my dick, squished and denied between our bodies. “Please… “

“Be my cum pig.”

“Be what?”

He explained that his friends really were coming over for fun, and that I could be the center of that fun.

“Or I can call you a cab,” he said.

My curiosity, lust, or both, overcame my sense of self-preservation. I looked away from him, towards the wall, and said yes.

Rob slowly got up, separating our bodies. Rummaging his dresser, he returned with a black latex hood, a collar, and several other objects.

“Are you sure? Last chance.”

I nodded, and said, “Yes. I want to be your cum pig.”

With a shit-eating grin as if he just won a prize, Rob put a pair of foam earplugs on me, followed by the latex hood. It completely covers the wearer’s head and neck, except for an opening for the nostrils and mouth. The world became dark and silent. I felt the leather collar snap into place.

He walked away for what felt like an hour in the darkness, although it must’ve been closer to 10 minutes. A leash was attached to the collar, and I was lead into the bathroom.

Rob bent me over the sink, and inserted something into my anus. When it was snugly in place, I felt warm liquid rushing in, and realized I was getting an enema. My face turned red as I voided into the toilet in his presence. This was repeated several times, then I was led into the bath and was given a hose down with cold water. How appropriate, I thought, a slave had no right to a warm bath.

The Party

Freshly cleaned, I am brought, shivering from the cold, out into the living room. Rob announces my entrance to loud jeers from the room, although the earplugs make understanding spoken words impossible. I counted two, maybe three voices, one female.

So, the friends are already here, I thought.

Nude except for the hood and collar, I have become a faceless, inhuman, living sex doll. Someone slaps my dick, and I realize that I am also walking around with a hard on. The embarrassment is overwhelming, and for once I’m glad to have the hood on.

An urgent tug on the leash brings me to the couch. I kneel and find a hairy pussy in my face. I need no encouragement, and start working my tongue erotik film izle over, and into it. After a few minutes, she gets up and makes me take her place on the couch. She gives my dick a tug or two, and begins to ride me. What a feeling! Being deprived of sight and hearing makes me super sensitive to her touch, and the warmth of her pussy surrounding me.

Holding my chin up, she starts kissing me in the mouth. It didn’t take long for her to go over the edge, cumming as she bites down on my lower lip. I feel my own orgasm building, and building…

Until Rob stepped in. They have a short conversation, and Hairy Pussy stops moving. She gets off, and sits on my face instead. Cockblocked and frustrated, I lift my knees to my chest and used my hands to spread my legs, hoping to invite some action. Within seconds, a semi erect cock was placed next to mine, its owner rubbing us together. How I wish he would use my mouth instead! Hairy Pussy steps off my face, leaving my mouth with delicious juices.

I wiggled my tongue in the air, hoping to catch a cock. What a manslut, I thought to myself.

Replacing her, someone else straddles my face, but facing away from me. I find my face full of salty scrotum, and opened my mouth to receive his dick. But he has another idea. Instead, he slides his ass down my face, resting his butthole on my nose. His balls hang full and sweaty on my chin, and as I start rimming him, he opens up and takes my tongue in. Yuck. He must’ve been fucked tonight, he was so loose.

He must be disappointed at my lack of commitment, for I soon feel his hand on my balls, squeezing hard. Screaming in pain, I return my tongue into Mr Sweaty Sack’s backdoor, and licked with renewed intensity. Cum drips out as he starts to relax. I spread his cheeks for better access, and dutifully cleaned him up.

The cock near my own ass is now ready for entry. He starts pushing, and the generously lubed head slips in easily. The shaft, however, is easily thicker than the head. I never felt so full as he began thrusting. Sweaty Sack leaves my face, and Thick Shaft starts to hit his rhythm.

The room falls silent aside from a loud, incessant moaning, and his grunting. It took me a while to realize it was my moaning. I hope everyone’s enjoying the show!

Within film izle minutes, Thick Shaft passes the point of no return, and the skin of my stomach received its second load of the night. I wanted, needed to feel cum in my ass so bad. Desperately horny from having my prostate heavily stimulated, I begin to jack off my semi-erect cock, and the previously quiet audience started with jeers.

“No.” It was Rob, pulling my hand off my dick. Overcome with lust, I jumped off the couch at him. I find his flaccid dick, got on my knees, and started licking and sucking like my life depended on it. His dick tasted of cum, and I figured he must’ve fucked Sweaty Sack. I felt cockblocked and cheated. Fuck me, fuck ME!

“Huk me, pweeth. Hukmehukmehukme,” was all I managed to voice around his cock. A female voice says something, and Rob responds with a laugh I could feel through his fresh erection. He pulls out, and I cry out in despair, “fuck me, please… anyone.”

I feel female hands on my back. She guides me to a different spot on the carpeted floor, where I find Rob lying on his back. I straddled him and plunged onto his cock, in one smooth motion. Feeling the satisfying fullness, I started humping. I hated being cockblocked, and I hated myself for being such a cockslave. I was hatefucking myself.

And suddenly, it begins. Just like having my prostate massaged earlier, it feels like his dick was inside my dick, using it like a sock puppet. But this time, it was more intense. A weak tingling sensation starts all over my body. I feel a warm liquid rushing out of the tip of my dick, but I stayed hard. I keep on pumping, moaning like a slut. Despite the cool air, I feel sweat dripping off my chin.

A female hand rubs my dick, scooping my ejaculate and feeds it to me. I suck hungrily on her fingers. It was not cum, but tasted like a thicker precum. She speaks words I can’t understand, and puts her hand on my back.

“Stop.” Oh, that’s what she’s saying. “Stop, luv” she says again, pressing down harder on my back.

I groaned in agony and paused humping. What now? She sits down to my left, next to Rob, pulls my latex-clad head in and hugs me on her chest. Instinctively, I found a nipple and started suckling. Is this Ms Hairy Pussy? She has a great body.

I seks filmi izle feel a male hand in my lower back. And shortly, his dick. Is this Sweaty Sack? He was trying to get in, with Rob still inside me. I shake my head no. Hairy Pussy wouldn’t have it. She hugs my head tighter, and rubs my back to comfort me.

Should I let it happen? I try to remember my safe word, and curse myself for not having one. Looks like it’s going to happen. Sweaty Sack is bearing down on my lower back, looking for an easier angle of entry. I comply, lowering my waist and sticking my butthole up high.

I can feel him starting to push in. I try to relax. My left hand searches for pussy. As Sweaty Sack pops his head in, I shove three fingers into Hairy Pussy, and cry into her boobs.

And we stayed that way for a while. Nobody moves, except her right hand soothing and rubbing my back. And then… Sweaty Sack begins to move. Slowly at first, then together with Rob. Sweaty Sack bears down hard on my waist while thrusting, squashing my balls against Rob’s stomach. It hurts a lot. I take my pain out on Hairy Pussy, fingering her roughly.

After a few minutes, both dicks in my ass start to go deeper. The pressure on my prostate is immense. I feel the ache in my balls getting more intense but duller. The sock-puppet penis sensation returns, and my head grows light. I feel more liquid gushing out of my dick. I feel my skin tingling and my body goes limp.

In the throes of a fully prostate orgasm, I scream, cry, whisper, “yes, fuck me, fuck me, yessss…” many times into Hairy Pussy’s chest. I’ve gone so far into subspace, I did not even notice when one, then both of the cocks exploded in my ass, filling me up with the cum I craved so much.

The Aftermath

I don’t remember what happened next, but Rob says I walked myself off the floor and stumbled into the bathroom. He duly showered me, dried me, and held me until I fell asleep.

I wake up to find the hood, the earplugs and the collar gone. After getting dressed, I say goodbye to Rob with an awkward handshake, walk out of his apartment, down one floor, and straight into a cab. As I crash into the rear seat, I feel cum dripping out of my stretched anus.

Remembering the events of the night, I found my erection returning. In the sunless winter morning, I was basking in the warmth of afterglow. This was no walk of shame. On my phone, a text from my girlfriend said how she missed me. Oh yeah, this is going to be one helluva make-up sex.

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