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The summertime down the New Jersey shore was always a great time for Chris. Him and his friends would go get a house and go to Seaside Heights every year. This year was no exception. They all saved up and got a nice hotel out by the beach.

His friends had gone to lay out on the beach as Chris went to the fitness center and did a chest and arm workout. It was nice day out he decided to go take a jog instead of the rowing machine today. He grabbed his walkman and headed out the door.

It was really hot and about 10 minutes into jogging his shirtless body was covered in sweat. Music was pounding in his head as he was heading down the street and then something diverted his attention. He almost slammed into a tree as his eyes were affixed by something.

He kept going by and then about 5 minutes later he kept telling himself he should have stopped what he was doing. Damn Chris muttered to himself, if I wasn’t so shy I would have said something. Chris then finished his jog, but was almost ready to kick himself. He slowed down and then began the walk back to the gym.

Sweat dripped off his body as he really needed a drink of water. He turned the corner and there she was walking right toward him. Chris almost fell over his 2 feet as she got closer. God how he wanted to say something to her, but he knew he couldn’t get the courage. Come on Chris get some balls he told himself. He couldn’t even look at her she was so beautiful.

“Hi u look like you could use a drink” this female said as she was right next to him. Chris looked up and finally got some balls. “Yes I really could it is hot as hell out here and I think I jogged a bit too long today” Chris said as he was huffing and puffing.

“Well I live right down here come on let me get you a glass of water” this girl said as she turned around and Chris like a puppy dog was right behind her. God she was gorgeous. Long brown hair, nice tanned legs, a nice round ass and not too thin. She was like just perfect.

“By the way my name is Nicole” she said as she went up some steps. “Here sit here, I’ll be right back” she said as she went inside and came back with a glass of water. Chris took it and drank it down like a man coming back from the desert. “Wow you drank that fast let me get you another one” she said as she went back in and returned with another glass.

Nicole sat down and innocently kicked off her sandals and slide her feet across her patio cement. Chris’s eyes were transfixed as she did that and for a few seconds all he was doing was staring at her feet. They were nice and tanned. No polish on the toes, but who cares, they looked natural.

A bulge began to grow in his shorts as he crossed his legs. “So you must work out a lot you got a hell of a body” Nicole said as she tapped her toes on the cement. “Oh thank you Nicole I am Chris by the way” Chris’s face began to turn red as what Nicole was doing with her feet was driving him mad.

“Can I feel your muscles?” Nicole ask as she stood up. Chris hesitated for a second then stood up. His cock was rock hard as it was sticking out like a flagpole güvenilir bahis out of his shorts. Nicole squeezed his biceps and then looked and noticed his hard on. Chris tried to mutter something, but nothing came out. There was nothing to say so Nicole said it for him.

“Chris did I do that to you?” Nicole innocently asked as she was turned on by the fact that

she got Chris hard and

she was into his body big time. Just feeling his big arms sent tingles down her spine. Her fingers slide up to his shoulders and down his back. “Chris if I may ask what did I do to make you this way” Nicole said her interest peaking.

“Was it my” Nicole said as she grabbed a nice firm grip of Chris’s ass. She then smacked it as Chris said “no.”

“Well, then Chris what was it?” Nicole asked as she couldn’t imagine what had gotten Chris so worked up.

Chris couldn’t get the words out so he picked up her sandals. “Wait you mean to tell me that my sandals got you rock hard young man?” Nicole said with almost a laugh. “No actually it is your feet” Chris said with a smile as it got his little fetish out in the open. “Oh really now” Nicole said as she had never met a guy with a foot fetish, but she had heard about them before.

“You man these 2 little things got your dick hard” Nicole said as she watched Chris nod his head yes. “Well that is certainly different” she said as she sat back down and propped up her feet for Chris to see. Chris groaned as Nicole smiled.

“What is the matter Chris see something you like” Nicole whispered as she watched Chris’s cock move about in those pants. Nicole got up and moved over to Chris and began to rub his big back with her nails. “So what it is about my feet you like so much?” she asked. Chris was feeling pretty open minded now and felt comfortable with Nicole so he let it all out.

“Well I like to suck on them. I really prefer when the feet get dirty, I haven’t licked dirty feet all summer and that turns me on more than anything in the world” Chris confessed (hey its the truth in real life too-Chris) as Nicole stopped rubbing him. Chris turned around quickly.

“I hope that doesn’t make you sick or something I was just telling you that turns me on very much” Chris said with a big fear in his voice. Nicole got up. “Come here with me” Nicole said as her and Chris walked off the patio with Chris thinking she was gonna tell him to get the hell away from her.

“You mean if I accidentally did this” Nicole said as she dipped her foot in a puddle of oil and dirt from the driveway “that would turn you on” as Chris looked on his mouth wide open as Nicole slide her foot all in and then the other.

With Chris looking on Nicole went out in the street and began to walk back and forth on the black pavement getting her already black soles just that much blacker. Nicole walked back up to Chris. “Let’s go inside much too hot out here” as they went in Chris’s mouth was still open in shock. Nicole then sat on the couch and propped up her dirty soles so Chris could see and she kinda was getting turned on teasing this big hunk of a man. “

“Well türkçe bahis well what do we have here” Nicole said as she slide her fingers across her soles. “My feet are extremely dirty and I can’t go upstairs like this so I tell you what why don’t you clean them for me” Nicole was about to let Chris do just that and then an idea popped in her head. “I will tell you what you can have my feet if i get to have something you got ok” Nicole snickered as Chris nodded his head yes as he would have done anything to lick those beautiful feet clean.

“Well I’ll be right back” Nicole said as she left the room and quickly returned in only a small black bikini bottom

“Lay down on the floor” Nicole said as she went into a bag she brought and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. She had Chris leave on his clothes and she stood there as she took in and admired his body. God his legs were big as hell as was his back, chest and arms as she had him lay on his back on the couch as she hopped over and joined him. She stroked his hair as she told him how much his body turned her on and that is was ok with her that he had a foot fetish and that she thought it was kinda neat as she then leaned over and they kissed.

Their tongues meat and played twirl around the clock with each other. Salvia was passed back and forth as they locked in a passionate kiss that had both of their hormones running into the fast lane. “My my a good kisser” Nicole said as she opened the bottle of oil and let it drip on Chris’s chest as she got off of him and began to massage it all over his muscular chest and arms.

“Mmmmmmmm god you have one hell of a body Chris” she said as she flicked her tongue on his nipples causing him to squirm. “Ah touchy aren’t we” she said as she watched some oil drip to his stomach as she played with his belly button. “Time to free him” Nicole said as she took 2 fingers and undid his shorts and pushed them to his ankles and off onto the ground they went.

“Turn over” she asked as she hopped up on his back and began to massage his neck as she got the oil and dripped a few drops on his back and then massaged his neck some more as her fingers dug in and then they moved lower to his back as she pushed her fingers in hard and deep into his lat muscles.

“Wow a strong back you have” she said as she moved herself lower till she was right at his lower back. “Chris remember my feet” she said as she took out some more oil and let it drip between Chris’s round ass cheeks. “Got a nice ass Chris” Nicole said as she squeezed his cheeks and watched the oil drip in between them.

“MMMMMMMM…what a great ass baby” she said as she spread his cheeks and took one finger and rubbed it on his asshole and rubbed it in a circle and all around. Spreading his cheeks wide Nicole dove in and began to lick his asshole with her tongue as Chris moaned in pleasure as what she was doing. She shoved her tongue in deep and began to butt fuck his ass with her tongue. In and out she slide her tongue out of his ass. She then spit on his ass and plunged her tongue in one more time deep and then moved her tongue from his butt. güvenilir bahis siteleri She reached over and pulled the final item out of her bag. A strap on dildo.

She stood up and stepped one foot in and then the other as she got the toy up around her hips and slide the toy on as she moved the little thong part between her butt cheeks. She bent over and rubbed her little strap between her cheeks and then said “Time for me to have your ass baby” Nicole said as she had Chris get on his knees.

“Suck my cock baby..suck it and get it wet” Nicole said as she watched Chris take his mouth over the tip and Nicole gasped out loud as Chris took it in and began to suck and deep throat it. “I can take it all in” Nicole said as watched Chris go and take 8 inches in his mouth. “Oh that is so hot Chris” Nicole said as she looked on in astonishment. Pulling the cock away out of his mouth and she moved in behind him.

“Move that butt up” Nicole said as he did just that and she slide the tip against his butthole. “Mmmmmmm this is gonna be hot” she said as she pushed the head and it went in as his ass opened. “Mmmmmm oh that is so hot” she said as she pushed in more and more in the toy went. She pulled out then with a thrust slide all 8 inches in his tight ass. In and out she began to fuck him hard as she actually had an orgasm while fucking him. She slowed down the thrusts and then pulled out and un hooked the toy and let it fall with a thud.

“Wow was that hot” Nicole said as she extended a foot. “Lick em” she said as Chris got on his knees and began to suck her dirty toe. He wrapped his mouth around the dirty toe and sucked on it hard trying to get off the dirt. Nicole watched on as Chris cleaned her toes and slide that hot tongue across her soles. She began to get wet as Chris like an octopus sucked and licked like a madman on her foot. Nicole couldn’t take it as she then went over and wrapped her lips and mouth around his 8 inch cock. She rubbed his balls as she lifted her feet up and nodded letting Chris know it was OK to cum in her mouth. She slide a finger under his balls to his asshole as she stuck a finger in his ass as the first blast of sticky cum hit her throat. Blast after blast of hot cum filled her mouth as she pumped Chris’s balls dry full of cum.

She jerked a few more times getting the last drops out. She jerked his cock on last time and then leaned down and let the cum fall from her mouth down her chin onto her stomach. She slipped out the last few drops as Chris was laying down beside her rubbing her feet. Chris looked up as Nicole pointed at her stomach which had lots of cum on it.

Nicole watched as Chris moved upward and began to lick at her thighs and then up on her stomach.

“Clean off that mess while I watch” Nicole said as she didn’t think Chris would, but he opened his mouth and began to lick and suck the cum off her stomach. “OH MY GOD THAT IS SOOOOO HOT CHRIS” Nicole said as she watche don as Chris like a shovel sucked off all his cum and she watched him suck off every single drop and gulped down the cum down his throat.

Chris even went up to her chin and neck and licked off the last drops as Nicole looked on in amazement.

“Now Chris that was extra hot” Nicole said as Chris fell asleep right next to he feet which he would later lick clean after a nap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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