Cold, Stoned and Creamy

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It’s late. I just got done seeing a feature with some friends. They opted to go to McDonalds, but I said no because I wanted to visit you.

Perhaps not the best idea. But I did promise if I was ever around the mall, I’d say hey. And you always work Saturday nights. So I told my friends goodnight and walked down the mall strip to the Cold Stone Creamery.

I peer into the store, and there you are, serving scoops to a long line of teens, apron covered in chocolate sauce. My heart skips a little. I stand there for a minute, admiring your dexterity as you work some nuts into a scoop of chocolate. Suddenly you look up, and our eyes connect. You smile. Nod. Your face suddenly aglow.

I step in the door and sidle to the register. I stand there awkwardly, collecting dirty looks from the people in line.

Finally, you are there, ringing up a family for their cones. As they walk away, you sneak up next to me, getting very close indeed, the sweet sticky smell of ice cream clinging to you clothes overlaying a hint of cologne. I breathe deep.

You lean in next to me and whisper in my ear.

“Hey there. There’s still an hour til close. But wait around? Here,” he slips something into my hoodie pocket. “A little something for you.”

As he walks away, he winks at me and slips a second something from his pocket into his mouth. Then he picks up the pace and rushes to the end of the counter, where moviegoers are demanding their ice cream.

I steal a messy table nearby before reaching into my pocket. It’s a cookie. I smell it.


Hesitating, I look your way, but you’re completely focused on the task before you.

Now I know this was a bad idea. But I can’t help myself… I slip the cookie into my mouth.

It’s homebaked and would be delicious if not for the dank taste of weed. I swallow, thinking, here goes nothing…

The next 45 minutes, I sit there, people watching (mostly you), waiting for the store to close. Finally, the time comes. Thee last customer leaves and you lock the door behind them. You take my hand.

“Here, come sit back here. My coworker bailed on me, so no one is here, but just in case anybody walks by…”

You pull up a low stool behind the counter. I sit.

You finishing cleaning the store and mopping the floors. As I sit, suddenly the world starts to slow. Uh-oh. Looks like that cookie is taking effect.

Suddenly the lights go off.

Startled, I jump up to my feet and there you are in front of me. I collide with your chest and you catch me, your well-defined arms wrapping around me. You look into my eyes, holding me there.

“All done,” you growl softly.

And then you are kissing me deeply, ataşehir escort full of desire and hunger. Your hands brush over my neck, fingers playing with the bottom of my hair, pulling gently.

My hands are running down the curves of your back. High, I feel my nipples, hard, like an electric pulse, brushing against your chest. Instantly, a gush of arousal warms my crotch.

You squeeze me tight and I can feel your cock rubbing my leg through your pants. I reach down and cup it, caressing the length.

You lower me to the newly mopped floor, body pressing against me as you bite my lip in a kiss.

You remove my shirt and toss it aside, and I take yours off too. Pants and underwear follow.

Stoned, I feel my arousal acutely, and can’t get you in me fast enough. We scramble, trying to get the condom on and get your dick in.

Finally, you are lined up correctly and you plunge in head first. I gasp as you fill me, pumping in and out in a heady frenzy. I work my clit as you fuck me hard. Neither of us lasts long. We both cum, writhing around on the floor of the store.

You collapse on top of me, holding me close.

Finally you get up slowly. “Sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen. I mean, so quickly…”

“It’s okay. I enjoyed it. But I have the munchies something fierce. Any chance of getting an ice cream?

You grin. “Baby, you can have anything you want. Here.” You hold out your hand to me and pull me up.

“Um, won’t people see us naked?”

“Nah. You can’t really see in here well with the lights off. So we’ll just have to make our treats in the dark.”

I giggle, imagining people coming in and being served ice cream by naked people.

Suddenly, I can’t stop laughing.

“Haha. Really feeling that cookie, huh?”

“Yeah,” I say, unable to come up with anything more clever.

You open the cover to the ice cream and toppings. “So… what’ll it be, madam?”

“Mmm. One scoop cake batter. Graham cracker crust. And then, separate, one scoop coffee. Peanut butter and Nutella. Almonds. Reeses. Chocolate shavings…”

“Whoa, slow down there! Let me get it.”

You serve up the ice cream, with extra toppings. We scarf it down like there’s no tomorrow.

As we sit in a slight food coma, you lean in.

“Uh, you’ve got some chocolate fudge there, on your lip.”

You wipe with a finger, brushing my cheek. I turn and take the finger slowly into my mouth, using my tongue to lick it clean. You lean in and kiss me, tasting the chocolate. Lingering.

You pull away. “Here, lay back on the floor. I have an idea.”

I lay back. The floor is cold and slightly sticky. The room spins a bit.

Shhhhhh. kadıköy escort bayan I feel something very cold on my crotch.

Looking down, I see whipped cream.

Taking a bottle in each hand, you then carefully draw a spiral on each boob, from the nipple, outward. One in Nutella. One in peanut butter sauce.

Swapping, you overlay each with another spiral, so now my boobs are a dazzling chocolate-hazelnut-peanut butter swirl. You bring the two streams of sugar together, and go down, tickling my tummy as you draw a line all the way to the whipped cream.

You sit next to me and lean over. I feel your tongue on my left nipple, carefully swirling around to catch all the delicious drizzle. Then you come up and kiss me deeply, so I can taste the mouthwatering flavors. It tastes so good.

You move on to the other nipple, cleaning it off as well. Then you trace down over my belly button, sending shivers up my entire body. You finally reach the whipped cream.

Before you take the plunge, you get up, grabbing a jar off the counter before maneuvering between my legs.

As your hand rummages in the jar, your tongue laps up melting billows of cream, grazing my outer lips. You work up, shaving off the top layer of cream until there’s only a landing strip left. Then you run your tongue in one long stroke, from the bottom to the top, teasing my entrance before landing at my clit. You are careful to get between my flaps and folds, sucking gently at my clit with each pass.

As I gasp and squirm under your attentions, I don’t notice what’s in your hand.

Still licking my clit, you drag a cold digit over my vaginal opening, feeling the absurd amount of wetness pooling there, teasing me. I moan, beg for you to put it in. But you don’t.

Instead, you trail down to my ass. I feel the cold against my anal ring, swirling, lightly pressing, testing.

I go into overdrive as I feel my ass open. Deeper it goes and I push, letting it in. Wanting it.

Suddenly, you press in and something slips completely inside. Confused, I look at you.


You snicker. “It’s a Snickers bar. We have some full size bars we keep in reserve. Thought you might like that.”

“Mmmmm, yes,” I moan, feeling it filling me.

You return to my clit, expertly flicking and sucking. I feel your fingers return to my ass and slip inside. You play with the melting candy bar inside, rubbing it, massaging my inner walls. I moan and gasp, close to cumming again.

As I explode, you eagerly taste me, fingers working quickly at my ass.

Soon I beg you to stop, too sensitive from cumming.

You lean over my body and kiss my flushed face escort maltepe before finding my lips again. I taste the sweetness on them. Our bodies sticky, pressed together.

I feel your cock again, hard already, pressing against me.

I push you off. Grabbing the can of whipped cream, I dispense some onto your cock.

I bend down and slowly lick around the shaft, cream getting on my lips and face. My tongue teases the head of your cock as I lick it clean.

Then I take the entire thing in one long stroke into my mouth, looking up at your face. You watch as my full lips meet the base of your cock. Feel my tongue swirl around your length. Then pull back, sucking, releasing it with a smack.

I kiss you again so you can get a taste of the whipped cream. Finally, you can’t take it anymore.

Grabbing my shoulders, you turn my body away and push me down onto all fours. Sitting behind me, you spread my cheeks.

By now, the chocolate bar in my ass has fully melted from my body temperature, and is leaking out.

Taking a finger, you run it under, catching a dribble of melted chocolate sneaking down to my pussy. You reach around and offer it to me.

I eagerly lick it up, sucking your finger clean.

You spread my cheeks again and then I feel your face pressed into my crack. Your tongue tastes my ring, lapping up any remaining chocolate on the outside before plunging in deep. I moan, my hand furiously working at my clit, turned on beyond belief.

You get as deep as you possibly can, tasting, licking, moaning, sending vibrations through my ass, making me moan in turn.

Finally, you get up. I feel your cock rubbing against my ring.

Yesss, I think briefly, before you plunge in. Your cock lubricated by chocolate and spit.

Gasping, I press back against your cock, so deliciously filling my ass.

“Yes!” I shout, as you bottom out, fucking me hard. “Ugh.”

Suddenly you pull out. You walk around and present your chocolate covered dick.

With a cheeky grin, you have the nerve to say:

“Warning: contains nuts.”

Before I can shake my head, you press your cock against my lips. I open my mouth, and indeed, there are a few peanuts on it, embedded in the chocolate. I lick them off, cleaning your cock thoroughly.

Then you are back to pounding my ass, and this time, you’re not stopping.

I sink down to the floor, my face inadvisably pressed against the tile as I brace myself. I feel my third orgasm building just as you yell that you’re cumming.

As you pump hot cream into my ass, I spasm, convulsing around your cock, completely out of control.

You slip out and fall to the floor next to me. A little bit of cum leaks out. We’re both sticky, cold, stoned, and covered in chocolate and cream.

“Well,” you say, breathing heavily. “Best. Tip. Ever.”

I lie there, thoroughly spent, wondering how we’re going to get clean to go home. And not really minding the mess one bit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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