Exploration of a Darker Side Ch. 00

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Sarah Patterson is a 35 year old mother of two, happily married to Bryan for 11 years, together for 13. He is a hard working carpenter with his own business. A successful business and one that affords them a very comfortable lifestyle, a nice 4 bedroom detached house in a leafy rural suburb of Birmingham and a luxury holiday caravan in the Yorkshire Dales.

Sarah is a qualified teacher who lectures at a local teacher training college 2 days a week. She did not have to work but did so to keep busy, to meet people and to maintain a little independence from Bryan. In addition to this and the demands of being a wife and a mother to two wonderful children Sarah loved to keep fit and was a very active member of her local gym, attending at least five times a week. This is her life.

After the birth of their second child, now five, Sarah’s weight had increased and her confidence had suffered as a result. It was Bryan who had bought her the membership to the gym two years ago and encouraged her to go, supporting her all the time.

Despite her initial concerns and lack of confidence Sarah’s commitment to return her body to its pre-motherhood condition proved to be her inspiration. The results were almost immediate and there impact one of total addiction. After the first year she had lost three stone and was bursa escort back to her ideal weight, ten stone dead on and a size 10. As a reward for her efforts Bryan had bought her the car she had always dreamed of, a black Audi A4 convertible. All things considered a very comfortable and now a very confident lifestyle. Perfect.

Sarah had reinvented herself and was no longer the person who always stayed in and used the children as an excuse for not going out and socialising. She was 5 foot 6 inches tall with shoulder length dark brown hair. Her figure was athletic and now very well defined, her bottom pert, legs toned and her breasts, her best feature, 34c with perfect light brown nipples. She now dressed to match, never too revealing, she was a firm believer in leaving it to the imagination yet just showing off enough to attract attention. And attract attention Sarah did, wherever she went men would look, vehicle horns would sound and whistles would echo from building sites. She loved these childish complements and craved them wherever she went, letting them feed her new found confidence. She had now also become very familiar with the term MILF, that is once a male colleague had explained its meaning having overheard a student make the commit. She loved this term more than any other. She was now a mom that a lot of people would bursa escort bayan like to fuck.

To the outsider looking in all appears perfect for Sarah, but no, her life lacked one thing, sexual excitement. Passion and lust is what she now craved more than anything else. It filled her daydreams and her thoughts whenever she was alone and increasingly when she was with others.

Her sex life with Bryan was ok. He was physically fit and had a good body with a nice Mr Average cock. Sex was two or threes times a month fitted around the demands of parenthood and his increasingly demanding work commitments. He often had to travel and stay away whilst working on big jobs. It was ok she always told herself, two or three positions, some oral sex for both and usually the guarantee of being able to make herself orgasm. Nothing kinky, nothing really naughty. Bryan liked to cum in her mouth or on her face, Sarah always obliged and always asked for it because she knew it really turned him on. She never really made any requests although did like it when he fucked her hard and fast from behind and pulled her hair a little. Bryan was a very contented lover, happy with this routine and believed Sarah to feel the same. Ok is never enough.

This was no longer the case, ok was not ok. Sarah’s new found confidence had given rise to escort bursa new fantasy’s, new thoughts and had awakened desires that had remained hidden for a long time. Sarah masturbated daily and almost always in the shower at home after the gym, her mind and body on a high. All of this unknown to Bryan.

Prior to meeting Bryan she had seven lovers, including four one night stands and had really enjoyed finding herself sexually during her three years at University. Whilst 19 she had a seven month affair with an older married man. He was 32, a policeman and a very generous and gifted lover. This was the best sex she had ever had and to this day remains the best sex that she has ever had. It was passionate, lustful, spontaneous and driven by true sexual excitement. It was these feelings that she now craved more than ever.

She had no intention of leaving her man, leaving their children and leaving behind their comfortable lifestyle. However, her mind was made up she was going to live out her fantasy’s through whatever means possible, whilst safeguarding the lifestyle that she loved. Bryan must not find out, he must not suspect a thing. In her mind it was clear; the events that were to follow would actually strengthen her marriage, so long as this remained her secret life, her fantasy world. Her exploration of her darker side, as she called it, was to begin.

The chapters that follow are an account of these events, the contacts, the meetings, the sexual excitement, the pure undiluted lust lived out to the full by a lady in full control of her sexual self.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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