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Gemma sat on the train wishing it would hurry up and get there. She couldn’t wait to get to Leeds to meet Neil. They had been waiting for this day for ages, they were finally getting to meet. They had met in an Internet chat room, and had chatted a lot about sex. They had cyber sex often but they wanting to fuck each other more than anything. They had been planning to meet and now it was finally happening. Sitting on the busy train, Gemma wondered if anyone realised how excited she was about this, her pussy was already wet and the text message she had just received from Neil told her his cock was hard for her. She couldn’t wait for it to be inside her!

She was wearing an outfit she hoped Neil would like. It was a short denim skirt, long black boots, a black shirt unbuttoned low enough to show her bra and ample breasts. She didn’t wear any panties, so that there would be easy access to her holes. Thinking about this Gemma slipped to the toilets for a quick play. She didn’t want to make herself cum but she gave her clit one or two strokes, making her moan lightly. She then opened her bag and took out her ass beads and some lube. She lubed up her ass just enough to easily slip a finger in and out and then quickly pushed the beads in. She also took her pussy beads out which were bigger and jiggled inside her with every move she made. These slipped straight into her swollen pussy, as she was so wet. She sucked the juices from her fingers, smiling with the knowing she’d be able to suck her juices from Neil’s cock.

Going back to her seat, she heard the announcer say that they would shortly be arriving at Leeds station. She felt that tingle go through her again, knowing that this was the moment she had been waiting for.

Their eyes met across the station platform and big grins grew across their faces. Gemma felt that familiar tingle spread across her stomach and down to her pussy. She walked up to Neil. Neither of them said anything as they began kissing passionately. Their tongues slipped into each others mouths and they pulled each others bodies closer. Gemma could feel Neil’s hard cock pressing against her. She couldn’t wait to have it inside her.

In fact she couldn’t wait so much that she pulled away from him, smiled and began to lead him away from the platform. Gemma felt the pussy balls inside of her moving around and she felt herself about to cum. She walked faster pulling Neil’s arm to get him to move faster. Neil realised where they were heading when he saw a sign for the toilets. They had talked about this on the Internet and he hoped it was going to be as good as it sounded.

The men’s toilets were closest so they headed in there. Quickly closing the cubicle door behind them, they began kissing hard again. As they did this Gemma slipped her hand to Neil’s trousers and began to remove them as fast as she could. When she was down to his boxers, Gemma slipped her hands inside and began to slowly caress Neil’s cock. It was so hard and she realised that they both were going to cum quickly so she dropped to her knees and began to gently suck on the head.

Neil moaned and held onto the back of her head starting to fuck her mouth. Gemma took the cock as far into her mouth as she could, feeling it touch against the back of her throat. She licked up and down the shaft with her tongue before standing up again. She kissed Neil again and whispered to him, ‘You can cum in my mouth later, I really need your cock up me now’.

She then bent over and lifted up her skirt. Spreading her legs slightly, she slipped her fingers into her pussy and found the beads she had put in earlier. She pulled them out with a ‘plop’ and put one into her mouth to suck the sloppy juices from it. Then she guided Neil’s hard cock to her pussy and he pushed it straight up. Gemma swapped the beads over in her mouth and slipped one hand underneath her and began to rub her clit while Neil started to pump harder and harder into her. He slipped a finger into her ass hole alongside her beads. Taking the pussy beads from her mouth she cried, ‘Pull them out when I cum!’

They both started to moan, Gemma frigged her clit harder and faster and began to shake as she came. Neil quickly moved his finger from her ass and pulled on the pink beads. Her pussy clenched round Neil’s cock, causing him to spurt deep inside her pussy. They both moaned out. Neil pulled his cock out of Gemma’s pussy and she slipped it back into her mouth to clean it up. She could feel his cum begin to drip down her thighs as she sucked and licked on his softening cock. Keeping some of the cum in her mouth pendik escort she lifted her head up to share their cum with Neil. He moaned out as they kissed passionately and they both swallowed the last of their juices. He broke their kiss and they smiled at each other.

‘So was it worth the wait then?’ asked Gemma. ‘Oh yes’ said Neil and began kissing her again.

Gemma began to feel Neil’s cock start to swell again, so she lightly started to caress it until it was almost rock hard again. ‘Hmm, I wonder where we should put that now – any ideas?’ she asked.

Reaching down underneath Gemma’s ass, Neil pushed a finger into her ass hole and began to move it in and out, ‘How about here?’ he said. All Gemma could do was moan. She stood up and Neil’s finger slipped out. ‘Lets find somewhere else,’ Gemma said. They tidied themselves up and walked out of the toilets getting a few strange glances from people. They walked along holding hands and groping each other as much as they could in public. They talked about how much they had wanted to fuck each other since they had began chatting and about how much more fucking they wanted to do.

‘Well we’ve got everything on that list to do yet!’ said Gemma, ‘and we will be doing it all!’ ‘I’ve no problem with that’, said Neil. ‘That’s good then’, Gemma whispered into his ear, ‘because I’ve got a surprise for you’

She opened up her bag and let Neil look inside. She had a variety of sex toys for them to use. She showed him the strap on dildo she had brought.

‘This is going deep up your ass’, she told Neil, ‘and I’ve got a present for you.’

Gemma pulled something else out of her bag and gave it to Neil. It was some ass beads like the ones that Neil had pulled from her ass earlier. Neil leaned in and kissed her.

‘Mmm, I can’t wait to try these, thank you so much,’ said Neil, ‘I want u to put them up me!’ ‘I’d love to, lets do it now!’ Gemma replied looking around.

She saw an alley near by and pointed to it. Neil nodded and they picked up their things and went down the alley. At the bottom they turned a corner and found that they were quite well hidden. Neil undid his trousers while Gemma put a little lube onto the first ball. She put a little into her middle finger too and said to Neil to bend over.

‘But someone might come’ Neil protested.

Gemma pulled her hairbrush out of her bag and slapped it against her hand. Neil’s cock hardened even more knowing that Gemma had fucked her pussy with the handle and loved to spank her ass with the handle.

‘Am I going to have to use this?’ asked Gemma.

Neil bent over and pulled his trousers below his ass. Anyone who walked by would be about to see a girl stick her finger up a guys ass with a hairbrush in her other hand. Gemma felt her juices run down her already sticky thighs with this thought. She pushed her finger up his ass and started to pump it in and out.

‘Do u like that, do u like the thought that anyone could see us right here?’ Gemma asked, still fucking his ass with her finger. Neil just moaned.

Gemma then took the beads and slipped the first into his ass. Quickly she pushed each one into his hole until there was only the little pink stick showing. She slipped her finger back into the entrance to his hole alongside the beads. She bent over on top of Neil and whispered to him:

‘So how does that feel? Do u like it?’ ‘Oh yeh, it feels good!’ said Neil.

Next Neil felt Gemma remove her finger from his hole but still leaning over him, he felt her smooth pussy rub over his ass. He could feel how sticky and wet she was and she was really getting off by rubbing her pussy against him. She quickened her rubbing and felt that familiar feeling spread across her. She gave a little cry of ‘Oh’ and came over Neil’s ass. He felt juices spurt from her pussy and run down the crack of his ass. Moaning, Gemma got up and said to Neil, ‘You were a naughty boy anyway’.

Next Neil felt a sharp pain against his ass as Gemma brought the hairbrush down against his cheek. As she hit him again and again, Neil just moaned and started stroking his cock.

‘So you like that then do u?’ Gemma asked, putting the brush in her bag and taking out her own ass beads. She bent over as Neil stood up and quickly pushed them up her ass. He had a beautiful view of her ass and pussy and moved forward to rub his hard cock against her ass. Standing up, Gemma said ‘That’s for later. Lets go and find somewhere quiet’.

They walked back down the alley and saw that there were people coming towards them. They turned and looked at each escort pendik other and started to laugh. They quickly headed for what looked like a park. They had both had fun in woods before and they both knew that they needed to fuck there. They walked across the busy park and found that their were trees right at the end. They were people near to the edge of this wood but walking through them they found that they was no-one to be seen around them. They found a small clearing where they were surrounded by trees and sat down under a tree. They could still see the people around the edge of the trees so they knew the people could probably see them. This just made it more exciting. Gemma lay down on the ground and pulled Neil on top of her. She could feel his hard cock pushing into her.

She broke from their kiss and said, ‘I want your cum!’

Neil sat back and Gemma pushed him onto the ground. She sat between his legs. Opening her bag she told Neil she had another surprise for him. She pulled out a Polaroid camera and gave him a cheeky grin. I got this so we can have a few memories to look at of today. With that she spread her legs and pushed her skirt up around her waist. She opened her sticky pussy lips and took a photo. She handed it to Neil and said ‘Something to remember me by.’

Gemma then undid Neil’s trousers and pulled them off him. At the same time he took off his top and was soon totally naked. He pulled off her top and looked lovingly at her breasts. He buried his face in them and began to suck and lick them through her bra. He undid her skirt and slipped that from her so she was only wearing the long boots and her bra. Gemma took her boots off while Neil removed her bra. She was now naked too. They rubbed their naked bodies against each other, Neil sucking and biting her nipples until they became as hard as pegs.

They moved into a sixty-nine position, Gemma taking Neil’s cock down her throat in one go. She moaned out as she felt Neil’s tongue start to lap at her pussy. His tongue slipped between her lips and into her hole. He began to tongue fuck her while she was sucking lightly on his cock. She let almost all of his cock slip out and then she took only the head back in and began to suck it like a lollipop. They both moaned with the pleasure they were giving each other. Gemma reached under Neil and pulled on the ass beads slowly just enough so they didn’t pop out. She then pushed them in. Feeling this added pleasure, Neil began to do the same to Gemma’s beads. It made them both moan even more and they both realised they were going to cum. Gemma felt Neil’s cock harden in her mouth as he started to suck on her clit. Gemma started to cum on his tongue and sucked harder on the cock in her mouth.

At the same time they pulled the beads from each others asses and they both screamed in pleasure. While Neil lapped up her juices, she felt his cum spurt to the back of her throat and she had to fight not to swallow all of his lovely juices. She had wanted to share this with him. Holding his cum in her mouth, she sat up and pulled Neil towards her. Just opening her mouth a little (so she wouldn’t lose any) she pressed her lips against Neil’s and let his cum flow in his mouth. She started to frig her clit again as she heard Neil moan as he swallowed his cum. She came over her fingers.

When they had their breath back, Neil said ‘That was so fantastic, you are wonderful’. They lay back on the ground holding each other and whispering into each other’s ears. After a while, Gemma sat up and pulled the vibrator from her bag. She switched it onto the highest speed and said ‘Fuck me with this!’

Neil flipped her onto her hands and knees and started ramming the plastic cock up her pussy from behind. It felt so good Gemma came immediately and at the sight of her cumming on the cock, Neil’s cock had grown to its hardest. Seeing this Gemma begged for the cock to be up her ass.

‘Ok please will you fuck your big cock up my ass. I want it so bad and I know you want to be up there too. Please stick it in my ass hole.’

With that Neil opened her bag and brought out the lube. He lubed her ass hole for a few minutes stretching it with his fingers and getting it ready for the biggest thing she had ever had up it. All this time Gemma was frigging her own clit and begging for Neil to fuck her. He also put some lube on his cock. Finally he removed his fingers. He grabbed the camera and took shots of Gemma from all angles, and close ups of her ass and pussy. Putting the camera down he said:

‘This is it, this is what you’ve been waiting for’. With pendik escort bayan that he pushed his cockhead gently against her asshole. Slowly he pushed forward until his cock began to enter her tight hole. Waiting a few seconds, he slowly pushed a little more until the whole head was inside. Again he waited. This time he grabbed the camera and began to take photos of his cock inside her hole.

He kept doing this until Gemma felt his balls against her ass. She moaned with the wonderful feeling of this cock up her. She reached round and felt her ass hole.

‘I can’t believe it’s in’, she said

Still moving slowly, Neil began to fuck her tight ass hole. He was finding it hard not to cum, feeling how tight she was. As he moved in and out, he reached down to touch her clit. He gently began rubbing it, thinking that he’d never met anyone who could cum so much in one day. And knowing that it was him making her cum, made him so horny.

Gemma was used to the cock being up her now, and she wanted it harder. Telling Neil to fuck her harder, Gemma started to cum on his fingers. Neil rubbed her clit faster as she screamed and he felt her ass grip his cock. He almost came but he held back. With this he began fucking her ass faster and harder, slapping his balls against her ass. When he felt her cumming again, he exploded into her ass. He collapsed on top of her panting, still feeling his cum squirting up her. As his cock began to soften, the cum dripped out of her hole and onto the ground beneath them. Neil pulled his cock out and they both lay down on the ground. Neil remembered some photos he had sent to Gemma on the Internet, of ass holes wide open after they had been fucked. He had to take some of Gemma like that. He got her onto her hands and knees again, and took a few shots of the cum dripping out her gaping hole.

Eventually they realised they would have to be heading back to catch their trains. They made their way back through the trees and the park, still groping and feeling each other. When they reached the station, Neil said how about once more in the toilets. They went in and completely stripped this time. They took lots of photos for them both to enjoy and put them all together with the others. Gemma again went in her bag and said:

‘There’s still something to try,’ pulling out the strap on dildo. Seeing this, Neil was soon standing to attention.

She acted just how Neil had with her ass. She lubed him up and stretched his hole, although he had been fucked by a dildo before. He moaned in pleasure at the feel of her fingers fucking his hole. He gently stroked on his cock. Bending him over, Gemma pushed the cock against his hole. Slowly Neil told her how he wanted to be fucked and she did as he asked. Soon the plastic cock strapped to her was buried to the hilt. She took photos of this, knowing she would get wet just seeing these for a second. Neil asked to be fucked hard and fast so that’s what Gemma did. As she did this, Neil wanked his cock and gave a loud groan. Gemma quickly pulled out and sat on the toilet seat. She told Neil to wank over he pussy and to cum on it. He did. A couple of strokes and he came over her with two spurts and then shoved his cock up her pussy and finished cumming.

Gemma picked up the camera and took a few shots of Neil’s wide-open ass like he had of her. She would love to see cum dripping out of that hole, she hoped that would happen soon. They quickly dressed knowing they had to leave soon. Picking up the photos, Gemma took one of Neil’s cock up her ass and stuck it to the toilet door with chewing gum.

‘That’ll be a nice surprise for someone,’ she said hoping that someone would wank over it.

They walked out of the cubicle, Gemma still feeling very naughty. A guy standing in the toilets gave them a knowing smile, and Gemma lifted her skirt and showed him her pussy dripping with cum. They walked out of the door and left the guy standing with his mouth open in shock.

‘I can’t believe you just did that,’ said Neil. ‘Neither can I,’ said Gemma, ‘I can’t help being a horny bitch!’

Just then Neil’s train arrived. They were both sad to be parting, but knew they would be doing it all again very soon. They kissed and as they did so Neil slipped in hand up her skirt and scooped up some of their cum with his fingers. He lifted them to his mouth and sucked them clean.

‘Thank you,’ he said and kissed her again.

They said their goodbyes and Neil got on his train. Gemma sat on a seat on the platform as his train pulled away. As she saw him go by, the opened her legs to give him one last look at what he’d just fucked. She saw him grin and a text message she received from him, told her he was hard again.

Gemma got on her train as they planned their next meeting and what else they would do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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