First Date

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Walking into the coffee shop, I spot you across the room. I know we have never met in person, but I know right away that it is you. I can just tell by the way you look at me. I am wearing black–you don’t know this, but my thong is sheer material, and the bra is just as sheer.

Covering the bra is a very low cut black T-shirt that hugs my breasts. It goes with the black short jean shorts I am wearing, and I have strappy black heeled sandals on. My nails are painted a hot sultry purple color, my hair is loose, and the curls fall down my back. I sashay across the room knowing that it is not just your eyes watching me, but my eyes are locked on yours so I don’t pay any attention to anyone else. I lean over and kiss your mouth, soft and lingering, only barely touching you. I nip your bottom lip lightly before I pull away.

We make small chitchat–just touching base in reality, cementing all the months of emails, and making sure that we know we want each other. My hand lies on your thigh lightly, softly stroking you as we talk. Then, we know it is time…we get up as one and leave the coffee güvenilir bahis shop. We are on the way to your hotel, so we go out to the parking lot…it was crowded so I had to park on the roof of the lot. The sun’s heat is rising from the ground, making the air very sticky and sultry. We get to my car, and I fumble in my purse for the keys.

I barely manage to click the locks on, when we cant wait any longer…your hand touches my shoulder and I feel as though I am on fire. I turn to you and we kiss deeply, passionately…our tongues finding each other and loving the taste and feel. Our bodies press together, I can feel how hard you are thru my clothes. All of a sudden, my clothes are too tight. I reach behind and open the car door…then with one quick movement I reach down, and pull my T-shirt over my head. I hear you gasp as you see my skin, and how hard my nipples are.

I stay focused on your face, as my hands go to my belt and undo it, then my shorts. I tug at the side of my shorts and they fall to the ground. I am standing there in my thong, bra and black sandals–your breath türkçe bahis is coming faster now. I reach behind my back and undo my bra, shrug my shoulders, and let it land on the ground. Then I take your hand and pull it over to cup my breast. I move forward to kiss you again, and your hand tightens on my nipple…a chill runs through me.

My hands pull at your shirt…lifting it up and over your head…then undoes your belt and pants. I slide my hand down your pants, cupping your balls in my hand, squeezing softly. My mouth is next to your ear and I whisper to you, “fuck me baby, I want to cum with you”. You step out of your clothes and grasp my hips. I put one of my fingers inside my pussy, and then touch your lips, making them wet with my juices. The sun is beating down on us, making us even hotter than we are. I turn and face the car, my hands bracing against the seat. We don’t bother to take off my thong, you just push it aside as you push into me without any warning. Hard, and fast, pumping against me…your cock sliding in and out, so wet, so slippery. My body trembles as you know all I want güvenilir bahis siteleri is to be fucked hard. I moan as you thrust over and over. Then with one quick movement, you pull out of my pussy, and enter my ass.

“Oh god,” I moan. “yessss…my ass is so tight on your cock…god, I love that feeling.” Your hand reaches around to stroke my clit…it is so hard…my hand covers yours and guides you in the way I like. Then your hands go to both my breasts, squeezing my nipples. I continue to rub my clit…so close, hon. The pressure starts to raise…my insides get fiery hot and I know I am close.

I moan again and say “cum with me …nowwww….”, as my body hits the edge and drops off. The orgasm hitting me so strong. Trembling, I squeeze against you as you thrust inside me, and I hear your breath and your moan as you release inside my ass. God, I cum again…and again…spasms that shake my entire body. You slump against my back, which is all dewy with sweat.

You stroke slowly in and out, as our bodies start to calm. We slowly become aware of our surroundings, and giggle together as we realize we are naked and stuck together in a public place. You pull out slowly. I hook my thumbs in the sides of my thong…pulling it down and off. I hand the thong over to you with a kiss…”here, hon, you deserve these.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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