Flatmate Fun

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“Oh baby. Oh fuck yeah. Yes, baby, yes.”

Katy felt Steve’s breath against her ear as he continued to pound away on top of her, his increasing tempo indicating that his climax wasn’t far away.

Her own orgasm, however, was nowhere near. Not even close. This wasn’t a surprise. He never made her cum. His idea of foreplay was a quick rub between her legs before putting on a condom and climbing on top of her. She had tried to spice things up a bit but he wasn’t interested. She had tried going on top but if anything he had cum even quicker.

“Oh baby, you’re so tight. I love how you grip my sword.”

Sword? Really?

Steve was a nice guy. They had been dating a few months and things had been…Okay. He was pleasant and nice looking but he just didn’t excite her the way he probably should.

“Oh, Katy!” He grunted into her ear as he collapsed on top of her.

Her kissed her on her forehead and rolled off her. She glanced over at him lying next to her with his hands behind his head and was ashamed to feel slightly resentful. Look at him, all sated and satisfied. She felt like a coiled spring, aching for her own release but knowing from past experience once he’d cum the battle was already lost.

“Well, I suppose I better be off,” he spoke with slight reluctance. “Early start tomorrow.”

“Oh, ok,” she responded, a bit annoyed he wasn’t even making the effort post orgasm.

He climbed out of bed and pulled on his clothes as she walked naked across her room and pulled on her robe.

They walked past her flatmate’s room to the main door of the apartment. Steve leant down and a dropped a kiss on her lips.

“I’ll call you tomorrow,” he promised, as he gave her a quick wave goodbye.

She closed the door behind him and turned back to her room when she saw her flatmate leaning against the doorframe of his own room.

“Loverboy has gone now then?” Ryan questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“Good detective work Sherlock,” she retorted. They had been flatmates for almost a year and for the most part they got on well. They shared a similar sense of humour and other than being a complete flirt, he really was a nice guy.

He grinned at her sarcasm and then looked her up and down. She was suddenly conscious that she was completely naked beneath her robe.

Ryan raised his eyebrows again and let his eyes rest on her barely covered cleavage.

“Stop looking at me like that!” She chastised him, tightening the belt on her robe.

“Sorry babe, I promise to keep my ‘sword’ to myself,” he retorted with heavy emphasis on the word so embarrassingly used by Steve.

“You heard that?” She exclaimed, mortified. Her hands flew to her face in embarrassment. It was cringeworthy enough that she had to listen to it, never mind Ryan!

“Oh yeah baby,” Ryan replied with a grin, clearly enjoying himself.

She scowled at him.

“Well you shouldn’t have been listening, you pervert,” She countered childishly. God, how much had he heard?

“I couldn’t not. Loverboy is pretty vocal.” He took a step closer to her and leaned in to whisper. “You however, were not.”

“Ryan!” She spluttered, wondering if it was possible to die of embarrassment.

“Don’t be embarrassed babe. Not everyone can be a God in the sack like me.” He winked at her.

She rolled her eyes, wishing she could argue that point but from the cries of pleasure she had heard from women coming from his bedroom he clearly was doing something right.

“Look, sex isn’t all about screaming orgasms. It’s about connection,” she retorted defensively, not even sure she believed herself.

“Bullshit! Yeah connection is great but what’s the point if it doesn’t feel good?”

She couldn’t think of an adequate response and so continued to glare at him.

“You’d probably be less grumpy if you weren’t sexually frustrated,” he continued.

“I am not sexually frustrated!” She shouted. “I can see to myself you know!”

That admission was met with silence, although he looked as surprised as

she felt that she’d actually admitted to it. Alone time with her trusty vibrator had become something of a night time ritual lately.

Ryan’s eyes were dark as his eyes roamed her body again.

“I know,” he murmured, startling her. “I hear that too.”

“You hear me?” She whispered, closing her eyes in embarrassment.

“Oh yeah,” he murmured. “And it’s as hot as hell.”

She opened her eyes and was startled to find him standing in front her, his eyes dark.

“I can hear your soft moans. I know you try and be quiet, but it gets too much doesn’t it? I can hear the buzz of your toy as you hold it against your clit. And then the sound goes faint and I know you’ve taken it inside you. I imagine what you must look like, making yourself feel good like that.”

Katy looked at him wide eyed, her heart pounding.

“And what do you do?” She breathed, unable to take her eyes off his.

“I join you,” he said simply. “I imagine what it would be like to touch you like that, to make you moan like that, bakırköy escort and I cum when you cum.”

“Fuck,” she murmured, the aching throb between her legs intensifying. She had no idea he could hear her, let alone that he was stroking his cock listening to her. She was surprised at how hot she found the image of him cumming for her.

“That’s why it’s a waste,” he continued. “I’ve heard you cum, I’ve heard you moan. You don’t do that for him. You’re wasted on him. You shouldn’t have to make yourself cum. A body like yours deserves a pro, not a fucking amateur.”

Not even able to mock the cheesy line that he had undoubtably used before, Katy just stared at him. Sure, they had flirted in the past, good natured friendly banter, but this was different. She could feel the electricity between them and was surprised by how much she wanted him to touch her.

“Ryan, I…” She started, unsure of what to say or do next.

He smiled at her and took a step back, disappointing her.

“I better let you get back to your room,” he murmured, his eyes still on her face.

She nodded and whispered goodnight as she hurriedly entered her room and shut the door. She leant her head back against the closed door and sighed heavily. What the hell was that? She had felt certain he was going to touch her and he had been saying all those hot things and then… Nothing. Her disappointment was overwhelming. She knew if he had touched her or kissed her she wouldn’t have held back.

“You have a boyfriend,” she scolded herself. Ryan had done the right thing. Still, it did nothing to relieve the disappointment and ache that she felt.

She glanced over at her bed and then at her bedside drawer where she kept her toy. Dare she, now she knew he could hear? She felt her pulse quicken as she imagined him in his own room, taking his cock in his hand as he listened to the buzz of her vibrator.

She removed her robe and walked naked over to her bed. She opened her drawer and took out her rabbit vibrator, and lay back. Feeling bold she turned it on and held the tip against her aching clit. She couldn’t stop the moan that slipped out. She needed this.

She ran her spare hand up her body and over her full breast. She remembered how Ryan had eyes her cleavage in the hallway, as she gently rolled a nipple between her finger and thumb. He had never hidden that he thought she had a good body but she had no idea he had cum listening to her have her own orgasm.

She moved the toy down to her wet opening, lubricating it with her own juices as she moved it back over her clit. Oh it felt good. She moaned again, suddenly spurred on by the thought of him listening. Did he have his cock in his hand?

The image of him stroking himself for her intensified the ache between her legs and she brought the toy back to her opening and slid it deep inside her pussy.

“Oh god,” she breathed, as she felt her rabbit fill her. She positioned the toys ‘ears’ over her clit and luxuriated in the double stimulation.

She lifted her hips off the bed in time with her hand movements, moving the toy in and out of her pussy. She squeezed her nipple harder as she felt the orgasm she so desperately needed become closer.

She closed her eyes and imagined what Ryan may be doing. She was sure his cock would be big, and she imagined him stroking himself quickly, bringing himself off.

That image was enough to push her over the edge as her orgasm racked through her body.

“Ryan…” She moaned loudly, unable to stop herself as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her trembling body.

“Oh fuck!” a deep voice exclaimed from outside her room. She heard a floorboard creak right outside as she realised Ryan must have been stood right outside her door.

Oh god! He must have heard her moan his name as she orgasmed. Had he cum too? Had he been so close to her, right outside her door. stroking his cock?

She stared at her door, her toy still deep inside her as her inner muscles clenched around it. Was he still there?

She slipped the now wet toy out of her, placed it on the bed and tiptoed to the door. She opened it slightly and peered outside. There was nobody there; he had obviously gone back to his own room.

She shut the door quietly and climbed back into her bed.

She didn’t sleep a wink that night.


The next day she had hurriedly got ready for work and left before Ryan got out of bed. She recalled the events of the night before and felt a mix of excitement and embarrassment.

She found it hard to concentrate at work where she was a PA to a lawyer at the local law firm, and she was relieved when it was time to go home.

She looked at her phone and saw a missed call from Steve. She quickly listened to his voicemail where he told her he would be working late that night and they could catch up later in the week.

Katy felt both guilty and relieved as she hung up the call. She couldn’t face him tonight.

It was Friday night and rather than her usual plans to see beşiktaş escort friends, Katy was looking forward to going home and having an early night, since she had barely slept the night before.

It had been a long day and by the time she got home Ryan had already left for the evening. The scent of his aftershave still lingered and she knew she must have only just missed him.

She undressed and pulled on her shorts and a vest top and grabbing a blanket, she curled up on the sofa.

She wasn’t sure how long she had been asleep for when a bang started her awake.

“Fuck,” Ryan’s deep voice growled from the other side of their open plan living room / kitchen.

Katy’s sleepy eyes were drawn to him rubbing his head and frowning at an open kitchen cupboard and it didn’t take a genius to figure out he’d banged his head.

“You ok?” She asked, as he cursed at the cupboard as if it was in some way hoping to hurt him again.

He spun around to face her.

“Ah Katy. Katy Katy Katy,” he drawled as he looked at her.

“How much have you had to drink?” she asked as she climbed off the sofa. He was clearly drunk.

“Not much,” he mumbled, staring at her. His eyes roamed her body and she was conscious that her tiny shorts and vest didn’t cover much.

“Oh Katy, you’re so fucking hot,” he growled. “Your tits are amazing. And your legs. And your arse. And your pretty little face.”

Katy’s eyes widened. She had no idea what to say. She’d seen him after a few too many drinks plenty of times, as he had seen her, but he had never been so brutally honest.

He turned away and started to open and close and cupboards until she took his arm and led him to the sofa.

“You’re drunk,” she told him firmly. “You need to go to bed.”

“I need to go to your bed. I heard you last night, Katy. I heard you cum and say my name. I’ve been hard all day thinking about it.”

She felt his hand on her thigh and they both looked at it.

“Did you…” She started, then cleared her throat. “Um, did you, you know, do it too?”

She flushed with embarrassment but she found she really wanted to know.

“Did I cum, do you mean? Of course I did. You said my name,” he explained as if it were obvious.

Katy could feel her breathing become faster and more erratic. They looked at each other for a long time.

“I want to make you cum, Katy,” he whispered, his eyes locked with her hers. “I want to make you say my name again.”

Before she could answer his hand went to the back of her head and pulled her mouth to his. His kiss was hard and demanding and as she opened her mouth to allow his tongue to tangle with hers, she found Steve couldn’t be further from her thoughts.

With his hands on her hips he dragged her over to him and pulled her onto his lap so she was straddling him. His mouth was on her neck, kissing and licking and she felt how hard his cock was beneath her. She suddenly realised things were getting out of control.

“Ryan, stop,” she murmured as his hands started to slide up her vest top. He groaned in disappointment against her neck but his hands stopped moving.

“Is it because of him? He can’t even make you cum Katy. I could, I know I could. I’d make you cum against my tongue, around my fingers, around my cock. I’d make you scream my name.”

Katy could feel herself trembling. Fuck. She wanted him. But not like this.

“Ryan, we can’t do this while your drunk. If we’re gonna do this, I want you sober. I want you to remember when you wake up.”

“Okay,” he said simply, surprising her. She thought he’d put up a bit more of a fight and unreasonably found herself slightly disappointment.

She climbed of his lap and helped pull him to his feet. He pulled her to him and she could feel how hard he was against her.

“Goodnight Katy,” he murmured before letting go of her and making his way to his room.

Katy sighed and knew she had another sleepless night ahead of her.


She barely saw him over the next few days, between hangovers, social and work commitments they had been like passing ships. Katy thought it was probably for the best. As much as she wanted him, she knew it would over complicate things and there was also the small matter of


Steve was coming over that night. Ryan was meeting friends and so they would have the place to themselves. Determined to spice things up a bit, Katy has bought some sexy underwear in the hope it might inspire him to indulge in a little foreplay.

She had left her long hair down and freshly blow dried and put on her new black lace underwear. Her bra pushed her 32dd breasts up high and the lacy thong didn’t leave much to the imagination. She pulled on some tight fitting jeans and a sheer top that displayed her bra and cleavage to it’s full advantage.

She was just applying a touch of mascara when she heard a knock at the door.

“Wow, you look great!” Steve greeted her as she opened the door. He kissed her cheek and followed her into the kitchen. beylikdüzü escort She was hoping for a more passionate physical display of appreciation but was happy he had at least noticed the effort she had put in.

She had made a basic pasta dish that could be warmed up so rather than rushing to eat she pulled him to the couch. The fleeting image of her straddling Ryan right where they sat popped into her head but she pushed it to the back of her mind.

She leant into him and kissed him, wishing his kisses set her on fire like Ryan’s had.

Steve pulled away and reached behind her. She wondered whether he would unhook her bra before realising he was reaching for the TV remote.

“The football’s on,” he murmured as he flicked through the channels until he found the one he was looking for.

Katy leant over him giving him a full view of her breasts and whispered “I thought we could…you know,” and raised her eyebrows suggestively.

He barley glanced at her as he said “yeah, sure, maybe later.”

Feeling dejected she all but stamped back into the kitchen and stuck the pasta dish in the oven. What was wrong with him? Was it her? She ran her hands through her hair in frustration.

Steve was oblivious to her frustration and barely looked up as they heard keys in the lock. Katy walked to the door, she was expecting Ryan to be out for the night.

“Woah!” Ryan exclaimed as he saw her. “Jesus Katy,” he murmured with her eyes on her breasts.

“I thought you were going out?” She asked, not knowing how to respond to his reaction to her.

“Yeah, Danny’s missus called and had a strop so we called it a night. Am I interrupting something?”

He gestured to their living room where Steve was still sat glued to the television.

“No” she pouted. “He’s watching the football.”

He looked at her incredulously before walking past her and into the living room.

“Alright Steve,” he greeted the man who had now kicked off his shoes and was resting his feet on the coffee table. He tossed him a beer out of the fridge.

“I need to talk to Katy about something. Won’t keep her long,” he told Steve who, without taking his eyes off the tv, nodded.

“Sure, no problem.”

Katy who had been stood at the door watching the exchange, was caught by surprise when Ryan grabbed her hand and pulled her to his room and shut the door behind them.

As she turned to face him she was startled as he pulled her hard against him. His hands tangled in her hair as he brought his mouth crashing down to hers. She opened her mouth greedily, welcoming his tongue into her mouth. Being kissed by Steve never felt like that.

Oh god. Steve.

She reluctantly pulled her head back and looked up at Ryan’s dark lust filled eyed.

“Steve…” She began.

“Is a fucking idiot,” he growled before kissing her again and backing her towards his bed.

He pushed her back so she was lying looking up him as his eyes devoured her body.

“You look like this and he’d rather watch football? What the fuck is wrong with him?”

Without letting her answer he leant over her body and kissed her again, his hand sliding up her top and cupping a breast, kneading it gently.

“If you want me to stop you need to tell me now but I am stone cold sober and I need to make you cum.”

She knew she should tell him to stop. Her boyfriend was in the next room. She shouldn’t do this. She sat up and looked up at Ryan and saw the disappointment on his face. But instead of standing up she simply lifted the hem of her top over her head exposing her bra to him.

“We need to be quiet,” she whispered as he growled and joined her on the bed. The throbbing ache between her legs was intensifying and she was desperate to be touched.

His mouth found her again as his hands went from her breasts, down her flat stomach to the zip of her jeans. He pulled her zip down and peeled them down her legs.

“Jesus Christ,” he hissed as he stared at the tiny triangle barely covering her smooth pussy.

She instinctively parted her legs for him, reveling in the way he looked at her.

He leant down and she could suddenly feel his breath against her thigh. He slowly ran a finger along the leg edge of her thong before pulling it to the side exposing her to him.

“Oh baby,” he groaned. “I’ve wanted to see you like this for so long. Spread your legs for me.”

Katy did as she was told and trembled as she felt a hand on either one of her inner thighs. He had barely touched her and she was already a quivering, wet mess.

Then, when she was just thinking she couldn’t wait any longer she felt his fingers part her lips and his tongue lapped over her clit.

She moaned quietly, conscious Steve was still in the other room but not being able to help herself.

“I hope you’re ready for this Katy,” he murmured against her pussy, looking up at her. “We’ve no time for slow and gentle.”

She nodded and raised her hips, offering her pussy to his face. She didn’t want slow and gentle anyway, she needed to cum!

His mouth went back to her clit, swirling it with his tongue, lapping at it and sucking on it. Her hands found the back of his head and she held him there as his talented mouth brought her closer to the brink. She felt his tongue start to fuck inside her pussy as his thumb kept up the stimulation on her clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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