Forceful Takeover

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I still remember how excited I got when I first saw Victoria. It was the third lecture of the semester; I was in a desk near the entrance of one of the smaller lecture theatres. She came in about halfway through the presentation looking a little frazzled. She was tall and very attractive, her hair was a dark blonde colour, pulled into a high ponytail and her high cheek bones and fair skin screamed some kind of Nordic ancestry. She was wearing a black skirt with nylons and a white blouse that was frilled down the line of buttons running down from the open neck. From her clothes I could tell she worked in an executive job, no doubt part of her degree. Normally an author would include some kind of flaw, but she was perfect. She was gorgeous and sexy, later I would discover she was intelligent but also sexually forceful.

She turned and walked up the stairs to the upper parts of the theatre. As she passed my senses were assaulted by her sweet yet mature perfume. Throughout the lecture I tried to concentrate but she kept crowding my thoughts. My notes were scarce and looked like some ancient language, I couldn’t concentrate. This semester was a hard one and really needed to work, I actually got annoyed at her amazing looks because it stopped me from working. Completely wasn’t her fault but I was just frustrated. It’d been a little while since I was with a girl and maybe knowing she was out of my league ticked me off. It wasn’t that I was unattractive I just lacked confidence. I had a pretty good body, not big but really defined muscles and wide shoulders. I had a strong chin and my heritage left me with smooth olive skin.

At home that night I found myself fantasizing about her. I wanted to rip her business clothes revealing a set of sexy laced underwear with suspenders holding her nylons on her thighs. I dreamed about her stripping for me in my living room; performing on my coffee table slowly peeling her sexy undergarments from her toned body while some slow jazz whined from my stereo. I imagined how her lips and her body found feel pressed against mine. Before I knew it my computer was sitting skewed on my lap, propped up by my erection. I wanted her to tie me to a bed and rub a moist, warm pair of panties into my face as I inhale the scent of her juices. Normally I was the dominant one in bed but I just wanted her to control me. Not in a neck tie and ball gag, fucked in the ass with the handle of a riding crop kind of way; I wasn’t into that kind of thing. I didn’t really have a fetish to entertain my partners with. I’d only done some light bondage stuff with an old girlfriend, just a belt around her wrists and a blindfold. I spank girls sometimes but alot of girls I slept with didn’t like it.

The next day at university I had a tutorial class for the subject that Victoria was in. I always got to tutorials early, alot of the time if the teachers saw you were enthusiastic about the work they slipped you hints about the exam. About ten minutes later the teacher showed up and started the class. We were discussing land tenure when Victoria meekly opened the door. Her hair was down today and she was sweating like she had been running, and in the heels she had on I was impressed.

“What’s your name?” The teacher asked and looked down an attendance list.

“Victoria Moon” She replied breathlessly. This was the first time I’d heard her voice and the first time I’d heard her name. She sat in the desk nearest to the door, which luckily was right next to me. Again her perfume was driving me wild. I keep glancing at her in by peripheral vision. I felt kind of dirty being so obsessive, it was so unlike me; I was normally so good at compartmentalizing but she really got me. After a half an hour the class began to discuss the upcoming group assignment.

“Alright guys” the teacher began “Anyone not have a group for the assignment?” Victoria and I meekly raised our hands.

A group in front of us piped up “We’re in a group but we’re short a member”.

“Right here” Victoria said.

“Mind if I tag along?” I asked.

“No worries” one of the group guys said. I felt a fritter of excitement at working with Victoria for the next 6 weeks.

Over the next few weeks we met regularly to work on the assignment, it was a poster type deal with a presentation to match. Each time we met I would look Victoria up and down, and at night I would masturbate. I never did it regularly but since I met Victoria I was so horny all the time. Her body was just so perfect. She was thin but she still had that curve in her waist that I adored in women. Her breasts were perky and somewhat large. When she wore tighter blouses I often caught glimpses of skin between the buttons being pushed apart by her ample melons. She always wore skirts, her legs were long, tanned and toned. She had a body like a runner, strong legs and a firm round ass. I spent quite a few nights tensed up grunting in the shower thinking of her.

A week before the assignment was due no one had time to meet up during the week so we had to meet over the pendik escort week end. The university was closed during the weekend so Victoria volunteered to have us come to her office in the city and work for a couple hours there. There was internet, professional printers and it was convenient for everyone.

I was early as per usual. It was a big multi-story corporate office with big glass windows on every wall. I talked to the guy at the security desk and he called up to Victoria’s office to check. She was waiting for me on the 12th floor at the elevator doors. She was wearing a bright sun dress that hugged her waist and pair of tights going to her ankles. It was weird seeing her without her business attire. “Jeez you dress different on the weekend” I remarked. She smiled.

“I know but when you have a job like mine sometimes you need to dress like a loser and let your hair down”. I laughed; she led me down a hallway to her office. The place was deserted; the only other sign of life was an older man disappearing into a corner office on the far side of the building. All the walls were half height with frosted glass so when Victoria shut the door behind me my thoughts instantly turned to the privacy we had now.

“You’re early” she said looking at her desk clock.

“I like to be fashionably early”, she laughed. I took that as a sign of success when I could make a girl laugh. She sat in her chair behind her desk and pointed at her computer screen.

“I did a draft of the poster. Have a look” I stood behind her and leant forward over her shoulder and looked over her work. It was actually very professional looking, I was impressed but very quickly my eyes drifted from the desk up her thighs to her cleavage. Over the hum of the computer I heard a gentle sniff under my neck. I stood bolt upright, she was smelling me.

I looked into her eyes “Um wha-. Um what was- um” I swallowed, tongue tied and confused.

“Ok that was weird. I don’t know why I did that. It’s just I see the way you look at me sometimes.” She managed to blurt

“You see that?” I asked; she had busted me.

“Yeah you look down my top sometimes or look at my legs. I really like when guys check me out, it gets me hot” I was flabbergasted, by being a sneaky perv I was turning her on. She stood from her chair and started towards me. “I know you want me and I want you” As she spoke her voice was growing with excitement because she could see I couldn’t resist her. She placed her hands on my chest and gripped my collar. In her ballet flats she was about a half-foot shorter than I was. She jerked my lips down to hers nonetheless and kissed me firmly.

Her tongue found my mouth. During all this I was paralysed, this amazingly sexy woman was kissing me, telling me she wanted me and I was just standing there like a goof. She drew her lips back and she pushed me against the nearest wall, she was so aggressive and I was rock hard at this point. My erection had sprung up instantly against her leg. She ran her hands down my body and gripped my shaft through my jeans.

She growled. “I’d fuck you right here on the floor if we didn’t have this meeting” she said with her face buried against my neck, placing wet kisses and grazing her teeth against my skin. I felt uncomfortable with her holding me against the wall, I grabbed the waist of her dress and spun; pinning her against the wall with my cock throbbing incessantly against her leg

“I wanna fuck you. We can still call off the meeting. No one will see us in here” I said as one hand gripped her chin so her eyes met mine and the other pushed against her hot, moist mound. Through her dress and panties I could feel how wet she was. As quick as I had spun her, she had pushed me back against the wall with one hand on my throat, the other on my raging hard-on.

“You listen to me.” She said sounding angry now “You don’t fuck me. I fuck you. Your dick might be in me but you’re the one getting fucked. Got it?” I almost came when she said that. I’ve never been so turned on by a woman being forceful but I loved this. I nodded obediently. She smiled deviously, she wasn’t angry; I just wasn’t playing the game how she wanted it. I mirrored her smile. “Stay after the meeting” She said.

She pulled me to her and kissed me very roughly. Our tongues flicked each other’s inside of our mouths. She stopped and ran her hands all over my chest and abs, she purred. The phone on her desk lit up. She kissed me quickly and answered it. Two other group members were here. I seriously considered going into the bathroom and masturbating to relieve myself of the iron boner I had but I restrained myself and took a seat. She came to me, with her hands on the chair’s armrests she leant over. I could see almost all of her tanned globes. “After the meeting” She whispered. She kissed me, softer than before and smiled. I smiled back. The other team members arrived and sat down. We worked very quickly, I was incredibly efficient. I just wanted the meeting to be over so I kartal escort could be alone with Victoria. As we mulled over the work and ran through the presentation I kept looking at Victoria’s lips, her eyes, her breasts; knowing now that I could be caught and it’d just make her wetter.

Another hour went by and the group disbanded. I was already getting hard as Victoria crossed the room and closed the door. I smiled at her she took two quick strides and straddled me before throwing her tongue into my mouth again. My hands ran from her ankles up her calves, behind her thighs to the perfect mounds of her toned runners butt. All the while surveying the perfect muscles through her tights, which I realised now were thick cotton stockings. She started kissing my ear and neck, leaving hot slicks of spit on my skin as she unbuttoned my shirt. I reached up her back and began to unzip her dress. She sat up.

“Uh uh uh. Not yet” She ran her hands down my body, enjoying my skin and smelling my hair as she pressed her firm breasts into my near drooling face. I knew what she was waiting for, she wanted to be the woman on top; she wanted to control me.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked muffled by her soft breasts. She purred and pulled away a little, looking into my eyes, knowing I’d figured out her game.

She stood and wriggled out of her panties letting them fall to her feet, they were pink with a black bow on the hemline. She stepped out of them and wafted them by my face before dropping them into my lap. I could smell her perfume and her pussy on them. I lifted them and buried my face in the material and breathed deep, slowly all my fantasies were coming true. She sat on the edge of the desk, propped on her elbows she lifted her feet up and spread her legs. Her pussy looked amazing. Her blonde pubic hair was shaved into a strip and the lips of her inner labia were small and concealed like her clit. I could see her juices glistening on the pink lips.

“Come over here and eat my pussy” she ordered. I got on my knees and crawled towards the warm opening. I lifted her dress and licked up her inner thigh she moaned lightly. The black stockings on her legs looked terrific, framing her pussy. I took to licking the other thigh “I said eat my pussy. Don’t be shy baby” She said gently pulling my head into her smooth, moist, hole.

My tongue pushed past her pursed lips and I began to slowly sweep my wide tongue from her wet vagina up towards her throbbing clit. She breathed deeply and moaned as I took my thumbs to each swollen lip and pulled them apart, opening her juicy flower. My tongue made figure 8’s across her clit, she hummed appreciatively.

“That’s it, that’s good” she gasped, gripping my hair in a bunch in her fist. I increased the pressure of my tongue, one of my hands plunged a finger into her wet pussy. She squealed at the intrusion but then began to grind her hips against my face as her moans increased.

“Oh yes, oh suck my clit” she said breathlessly, I drew the hot lump between my lips, hard and small like a tic-tac I sucked it.

I slipped a second finger into her opening and hooked it against her swollen g-spot. She began to groan and shiver, her second hand gripped into my hair; which was starting to hurt a little but I was too wrapped up in her velvet folds to care. I grazed my teeth over her clit sending her into a frenzy of orgasmic bucking and squealing. Her cum was running down my fingers to my knuckles now. She was still moaning in the aftershock of her orgasm as I was wiping her juice from my chin.

“What do you me to do now?” I asked placing kisses on her swollen love lips.

“Sit in the chair” she said grinning. I could see in her eyes that she had something in mind that extended past sucking my cock. I sat and she stood from the desk and placed one foot on the seat between my legs, I could see her moist slot up her dress. Her eyes on mine she rolled her stocking down her long gorgeous leg, she then took to removing the second stocking. Still staring into my eyes I could see a devious fire, She was in her mid-twenties but she was a dirty adventurous schoolgirl behind those eyes.

Each stocking found my wrist and strapped me to the chair, I could feel my erection beginning to stretch the crotch on my jeans. I wanted to throw her and fuck her against the window but I also wanted to play the submissive game like she wanted. She straightened and unzipped her dress letting it fall to her feet. Her curves were gorgeous, plunging from her slim shoulders past her round breasts and down her hips. Her bra dropped to the floor and she knelt before me. Her nipples were large and pink, pinched up to erection by her orgasm,

She was kissing my abs as she unzipped my pants and let my erection spring up from my underwear.

“oooh” she cooed “I’m gunna have fun with this thing”, she gripped my veiny shaft and squeezed feeling the pulse of my heart. She took her hot tongue and ran it from my balls up the impressive length maltepe escort of my rod to the tip already moist with pre-cum. I was so hard and hot I was waiting for the slick of saliva she left to sizzle into steam. She kissed the tip of my penis, her tongue made circles around my purple head. I was tingling at her touch, this teasing was driving me mad. One last kiss before she looked me in the eye before taking my girth in her mouth and gobbling it down.

A groan escaped me as she began to suck and slurp down my member. She was taking in about half my length with each stroke.

“Oh yes, more, faster, deeper” I demanded. She adjusted herself a little then took my whole length down her throat, her chin was touching my balls. I almost came. She drew back with thick slobber dripping down her face with a long string suspended between her lip and my cock.

“Deep enough for you?” she grinned.

“Oh fuck yes. More, more” I panted. She gulped me down again; I could feel her throat tense around the head of my cock as I plunged into her mouth. Her cold hand cradled my testicles, rolling them gently making me shiver. It was a wild sensation of not being able to control her head or run my fingers through her hair like I normally would when getting blown.

I was straining against the tights around my wrists. I was fighting my urge to just fuck her, I wanted to know what she felt like inside.

“Stop” I gasped in between groans “C’mon just fuck me” She stood and straddled me, satisfied with my wording. She pressed her bare tits into my face and I took to sucking her nipple. She giggled and purred again. I could feel the heat coming from her pussy; both of us were throbbing with anticipation as she lowered her wet cunt onto my member. Slippery with her spit my dick ploughed to the hilt. We were silent for a split second before a satisfied sigh escaped our lips. She began to pump up and down. I wanted to touch her so badly, I wanted to squeeze that great ass of hers or pinch her nipples. She kissed me and our moans of pleasure were muffled through our lips. I could feel her tits bouncing as she rode me.

There was a squishing noise between our bodies as she ground her clit against my firm abs. “Oh shit, you’re deep. Ooh oh I’m so wet”. Her thrusts sped up, she was moaning and huffing. I felt her pussy clamp up around my shaft as she came again. She squealed and her hands nearly ripped a piece of my hair out. The bolt of pain from my hair delayed my orgasm somewhat. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to control her and make her come more. I wriggled my wrists in my restraints as she continued to ride me; I freed one hand then the second. My hands clamped her perfect buns and lifted her to the desk. I started to thrust deep into her dripping cunt, hard deep strokes. They were so aggressive that her computer monitor toppled over. A second later her hand found my throat again.

“No!” she cried. I stopped humping. “No you don’t fuck me remember, you get fucked” she said sternly squeezing my neck lightly. “Now sit. I’m gunna make you come” She ordered. Like the slave I’d become I pulled out and fell back to the chair.

She knelt in front of me and took my near-coming cock in her dainty hands. As she jerked me her hands kept slipping from her cum and her spit. She held the tip of my throbbing rod on her tongue and worked my shaft with one hand while her fingers mashed her dripping slot. She was moaning and staring into my eyes. I was getting close, I was about to come. I kept my hands clamped to the chair arms. The more she worked her pussy the harder she jerked me and the closer I got to exploding in her mouth. “Oh fuck you’re amazing, oh shit. I’m gunna come. I gunna come!” I shouted.

Hearing this she growled as she came for the final time over her fingers. I felt my balls contract and I came. My cock exploded pearly cum into her mouth, every pump blasted the white liquid into her throat. I roared with orgasm and gripped the sides of her face. My body was on fire and my cock felt like I had fucked a battery. Victoria licked her lips and gulped my immense load down. I collapsed in the chair, I felt like I was melting. She sucked me very gently for a minute after, milking the last drops from me. She swallowed finally and sat on my lap, careful of my drooping erection. She licked my ear

“That was so goddamn good. You’re – oh shit you’re good” She panted into my ear. The room stank of cum, wet pussy and sweat.

We got dressed and cleaned up. Leaving the office I spotted the guy from the far office heading back to his office quickly. I think he was listening to our steamy office romp. In the elevator Victoria kissed me.

“Listen” she said, her voice had no fire in it anymore; coming seemed to settle her. “Between work and uni I don’t have much time for a boyfriend but I still need a guy. I like you. How about being my fuck-buddy? You fuck me when and where I tell you” I smiled and nodded. Since then I have serviced the high- powered executive sex goddess on the 12th floor every week for 6 months, sometimes up to 3 times a week. I even went to the length of buying a cheaper business suit so I could come and go as I please (pun intended). I’m still working on getting my hands on a courier driver uniform so can I cut a hole in a box for the ‘dick-in-the-box’ routine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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