Foreplay Goes a Long Way Pt. 01

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There were times I’d questioned myself in the past, constantly asking myself how I’d gotten myself into the mess I always ended up in. If only I could answer that question perfectly, maybe I’d be able to recognize my shortcomings and steer clear of trouble. But I’ve never seen the use of thinking logically until that is, I’m stuck in a predicament I can’t quite comprehend.

Like right now.

I sat across from Mr. Sinclair, the young blond Math teacher that had single-handedly swooned all the girls in the 12th grade. I mean, no one could deny—even the sour and measly guys that hated the man—that he was a handsome lad. He exerted confidence as he spoke, sat, ate, taught, and even stared. There was just something mysterious and sexy about the man that made any girl with good eyes crave him.

Well, with that aside, came the real trouble.

“Excuse me?” I questioned him as he leaned back in his armchair, crossing his legs, his deep blue eyes narrowed in slits as he stared at me. The scrutiny of his piercing gaze made me divert mine elsewhere, my focus on anything but him.

“You want me to repeat myself, Miss Davies?” He asked, a smirk tugging at the corner of his lip as I tried but failed to deflect the effects of his glare.

“For Pete’s sake, it’s Samantha. Sam preferably. Who still calls the younger generation ‘miss or mister’? that’s fucking weird” I retorted, folding my arms defensively as he arched a brow seemingly at my response.

“Language, Miss Davies” He reprimanded gently, his gaze running up and down the frame of my body that was visible to him before fixating his eyes on my lips. Perv.

“As I said before, I called you back to speak with you about your sexual conduct in the class, which I noticed especially today with a fellow student by the name, Zack. Does that ring any bells, Miss Davies?” He asked, slowly running his tongue over his bottom lip while I watched like a thirsty kitten whose craving could only be stifled by the man sitting before me.

“It doesn’t ring any bells I’m afraid” I shrugged dismissively, “Is this meeting finally over now?” I asked, looking tentatively at the wall clock behind him, it had nearly reached an hour since I got in here.

Mr. Sinclair laughed heartily, uncrossing his legs and leaning in so our faces were only inches apart, “I don’t think you understand the predicament you’ve quite fallen into Miss Davies” He tucks a loose strand of red curls behind my ear, our eyes locked on one another’s, “You see, I currently have the power to determine whether you can continue your stay at Bahia High or if you get expelled for misconduct. I’m sure you’d prefer the former if I’m not mistaken, right?”

I narrow my eyes in slits as I stare helplessly at him. He may be handsome sarıyer escort and attractive, but I would have never guessed that “a cunning snake” was also a trait that’d been added to his resume. I wanted to retort back or spit in his face but that would surely piss him off and end his tirade but where’d be the fun in that?

“What do you want?” I asked as calmly as I could, watching ruefully as the corner of his lips broke into a heartwarming smile.

“That’s more like it, Miss Davies. Obedience and submissiveness to a greater power is the smartest choice a person could make” he muttered, leaning in closer till our faces were merely brushing against one another.

“Are you sure you’re ready for what’s yet to come? How far are you willing to go to keep me silent?” he whispered now, his breath tingling against my lips as he slid a hand around my nape, pulling me closer to him.

“As far as possible” I mutter before irrepressible laughter escapes my lips, startling Mr. Sinclair, making him lean back into his seat with a frown.

“I’m so sorry,” I say in between fits as I try but fail to calm my amusement down a notch for the sake of Frank’s-Mr. Sinclair- growing annoyance.

“You broke out of character yet again” He snaps, running a hand over his temple in a bid to calm his nerves, “This is the second retake we’re doing today, Sam. We’ve been on this since you got here. Roleplaying isn’t as hard as it seems to you or funny in any way, especially when it’s technically realistic”

“I apologize” I lie, “I just can’t deal with the assertion of too much dialog, I just want to get to the sex part” I whine, fold my arms and recline back in my seat

“We would have if you hadn’t interrupted the scene”

“We could just retake it from where we left off” I suggest.

“And where would the fun be in that? Miss Davies?”

I cringe at the retort, thinking back to the reason why I’d ever agreed to roleplay in the first place. I thought it was sexy and all but it always took time with Frank, He needed everything to be perfect.

But I, on the contrary, preferred to dabble a bit into my character and stray from it when the roleplay session got quite heated.

“Can we just.” I get up slowly from my seat, taking slow and deliberate steps towards him, “take a raincheck on the roleplay for today and get down to business?”

Before he could retort his reply, I flop into his lap playfully, watching the creases on his forehead deepen with annoyance. We’ll see just how long he’ll last.

I ran my hands over his chest steadily, smirking at his sudden speechlessness, his mouth slightly agape in response to my voluptuous seduction.

I turned briefly, esenyurt escort surveying the scape of the empty classroom in a likely case where a peeping tom was lurking nearby. The shutters of the windows are shut tight and the door to the room locked but I couldn’t help but feel uneasy at the thought of being caught in the middle of what we were about to do.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, running his hand over mine that was still placed on his chest, “Did you hear anything?”

I shake my head, reluctantly turning away from the view of the classroom, focusing on the man of the hour, “No, I just wanted to be sure-“

“It’s safe” He interjected, sliding one hand around my waist while the other worked its way over my thigh, “I made sure of it before you came. I wouldn’t put you in sight of danger, would I?”

“I guess not” I muttered, before getting up from his lap, “I don’t have much time left, can we begin?”

His signature smile is revived as he gets up from his chair, leading me to his desk at the front of the classroom. I take deep breaths, knowing fully well that this would be a tough one to endure.

Unlike his love for roleplay, Frank had the uncanny nature of skipping past foreplay and getting right to it. You don’t have to tell me how bad that sounds. It causes an imbalance of pleasure and pain, making it harder to enjoy than normal but at least I get to be fucked by him. How wonderful.

He leads me to the wooden desk at the front of the class, which is covered by a pile of paperwork, files, and more. I wait as he reaches over and clears the middle of his desk quickly, before guiding me to stand right in front of it, while he stands right behind me.

I obediently bend over the desk, taking deep breaths as he flips the flap of my pleated skirt over, latching his hands onto the waistband of my panties. In less than a second, he rips it off completely, tossing it to the side—I mean, he could have just taken it off gently but oh well—as he quickly undid the strap of his belt.

All I hear is the rustling of cloth and then a fapping sound. I turn back, watching him apply lube—thankfully—over his enormous length that I still wonder to this day how I’m able to take all that in. He strokes his dick for a few more seconds until it’s hard and ready.

With only the warning of his lustful mumbles, he slowly slides into me, filling me gradually as I struggle to adjust to the uncomfortable feeling of his size in me. He wraps his hand around my elbows, steadying himself as he hastens the pace of his movement, quickening with every thrust.

I hold onto the edge of the table, biting down on my bottom lip to prevent the moans that threaten to escape. The sound of our bodies against each other’s avrupa yakası escort reverberates around the empty classroom along with our muffled moans.

“You like it rough, Don’t you?” He asks in between grunts, his hand carefully caressing my ass as he speaks, his other hand now entangled with a fist full of my hair.

I moaned an inaudible reply, earning a smack across the ass from him, “I said, Don’t you?”

“Yes, yes I do” I whimper louder than I expected, earning another smack from him.

“Yes? Yes what?” he asks.

“Yes, Teacher” I reply, my eyes gradually rolling back as I feel the first orgasm of the day unraveling. I jut my ass back, slapping harder against him, slowly coming undone right beneath him.

“Oh fuck” I sputter, whilst he thrusts harder from behind, my legs slowly growing numb as he pounds me mercilessly.

“I’m about to-” he cuts himself off as he humps his hips forward, a final and firm thrust as he spews himself into me, the familiar sensation of warmth running through me before he withdraws himself.

I lay there for a while, our deep breaths the only sound that fills the room as I task myself with regaining the feeling of my legs, the result of our brief tryst dripping down my inner thighs.

“That was good” He finally says, flipping my skirt back in place as he moves to clean his dick with a tissue and composes himself.

“Yeah” Is all I can muster as I stand straight, raking my fingers through my curls, reaching for a tissue afterward to clean myself.

I know we had a limited time but that was really intense and too brief, It had ended before it even began. And we were only able to go for one round only. How unsatisfying.

I wanted to ask for more, but I knew the impossibility of it. Frank had the most annoying quirk ever; once he was done, he was done. He’d never agree to do anything further, especially after regaining his composure. I looked back at him, watching his disdainful expression cloaking his facial features. I guess that was it then.

“Do you need any other thing, Miss Davies?” He asks seriously now, his arms folded over his chest as he stares at me dismissively. He had resumed his role as my math teacher and was certainly no longer in the mood.

“No, Mr. Sinclair” I replied.

“Then you may leave,” He said, waving me off.

I reached for my torn underwear, stuffing it in my handbag before storming off towards the door.

“Same time, Same place tomorrow,” He said just as I left, I slammed the door behind me. The nerve of the asshole.

I stalked down the vacant hallway towards the exit whilst I felt the ping of a message on my cellphone. I reach for it frantically, hoping that he’s calling to apologize for being an arse. A girl can dream, can’t she?

I look down at the notification, a video file from an unknown number.

I click on it, only to reveal my face as the thumbnail cover. A feeling of dread takes over me as I read the message that’s sent right after:

“How far are you willing to go to keep me silent?”

Fucking hell.

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