Freaky Time at “Freddies”

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It was Friday afternoon and as usual, I was extremely bored at work and found myself staring at the clock all too often which only seemed to make it move slower. I hadn’t yet taken my “lunch,” so I figured I could kill an hour at the mall before returning to staring at my computer screen, and clock. It was another hot day so I parked in the covered garage in front of Sears to keep my car cool. Once inside, I strolled through the hardware section, but the tools and gadgets were just not keeping my interest today.

The moment I exited Sears and entered the actual mall, I was reminded that Frederick’s of Hollywood is the first store to my right and the scantily clad mannequins in the window were a surprising treat as I chuckled to myself. I found my feet carrying me toward “Freddie’s” even before my mind had decided to take a look around. I was happy with the action of my feet the moment I crossed the threshold of the store as I was immediately greeted by an attractive woman that was dressed in what appeared to be some of Freddie’s more suggestive evening attire. She seemed thankful for the company as I noticed the store was totally empty. She lingered close and we made small talk as I browsed through the racks, trying not to be too obvious about browsing her very nice rack.

She was wearing a cute one-piece dress that would fit right in at a night club. It was all black, but the top portion consisted of black sequins and it only went over one shoulder, leaving the other exposed all the way down to the top of her breast. The shoulder that was covered also included a sleeve which was slit, allowing the shoulder to still be visible. The skirt portion was jet black and seemed to be made of some kind of polyester and spandex mix as it hugged her curves and I could tell she had it cinched up to show off her nicely tanned legs. She was clearly well put together and didn’t mind letting others know that she thought so too! I didn’t think she noticed me checking her out, but the longer I stayed, the more suggestive she became. The way I moved through the store without paying too close attention to any specific item must have made it obvious that my intentions were more for fun and not for purchase. As we got deeper into the store, she introduced herself and started to pull some very sexy items off their hangers and held them up to her tight little body, showing me how they would look. It reminded me of the scene from Christmas Vacation, “can’t see the line, can ya, Russ?” As we reached the back of the store, the items turned downright slutty and I no longer pretended to not be very interested…the growing bulge in my pants wouldn’t allow it!

She had just put back the second pair of lacy garters after showing me how they’d look when I reached up and grabbed a pair of red crotch-less panties…”These look strange, how do these work?” I asked.

“They’re crotch-less,” she explained. “It still feels like you’re wearing regular panties, but these leave a woman’s pussy exposed and accessible should her date want to do some exploring.”

“How interesting,” I responded. “Do you ever wear anything like these?” I asked as I raised my eyebrows and smiled.

“Well, no…but…” she tried to respond.

“But nothing,” I interrupted. “You can’t possibly sell a product without having tried it yourself.” I continued. “Where are your changing rooms?” ankarada sakso çeken escortlar I asked.

“They’re this way, but…”

I grabbed her wrist with my right hand, keeping the tiny red panties in my left and started making my way to the fitting rooms with her in tow. I quickly scanned the store to confirm it was still empty and although I could barely see out to the mall, it still appeared to be quiet. Once we got around the corner to the rooms, I opened one and the moment she walked stepped in, I knew I had her. I could tell in her eyes that she wanted this…she’s probably always wanted this, but she still played coy.

“Sir, this is very unusual” she replied.

“Nonsense,” I retorted. “You must get to know the product you’re selling, go ahead and give them a try.” I said.

She reached for the door, but I stepped in the way. “I need to see how they work of course…you may proceed.” I said.

With a smile and a slight blush, I watched as she pulled her skirt up to her waist which revealed a very sexy pair of black mesh panties. I could instantly see that her pussy was shaved bare, but still, my cock grew even harder as I watched her peel the mesh away from her body and push them down her thighs until they fell down and rested on top of her black stiletto heels. She made no effort to cover herself as she stood up and looked back at me while coolly stepping out of the mesh panties that had pooled at her feet. Not a word was said as our eyes met and then I watched her slowly turn around, grab the crotch-less panties from the chair I had tossed them on and proceeded to bend over at the waist, totally revealing her ass and what appeared to be a very moist pussy, as she stepped into the red panties and slowly pulled them up her long, smooth legs. As she turned around, I stepped into the little room toward her and quickly pulled her body against mine…

“Shall we take them for a test drive?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yes!” is all she could say before our lips met and we passionately kissed…my hands grasping her back, pulling her close into me…she wrapped her arms around me, one hand reaching up into my hair as the other fell to my ass and pulled me against her. It was then that I knew she could feel the bulge in my pants pressing against her stomach.

“I think I can help you with what’s in your pants, sir.” she said.

“I know you can, and you will, but first I need to see if those panties impede access to your pussy from my tongue in any way. Sit in the chair and spread your legs.” I ordered. I could see the apprehension in her eyes. Clearly, she was on board with a quick blowjob, but she wasn’t sure about being eaten out with the fitting room door open to an empty store. She must have seen the resolve in my eyes and knew that I was getting my mouth on her pussy and that was all there was to it, for she sat down on the gray fabric chair and spread her long legs before me. Her hot mound of sex looked positively delicious when framed by the red panties and I wasted no time getting to my knees in front of her.

I felt my cell vibrate in my pocket indicating you had replied, but I had some immediate business to address…I could only hope that you were on the way from my earlier txt or even better, already here.

The clerk looked down at me as I began to slowly lick ankara prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar and kiss my way up her left thigh to her molten hot crotch. She was practically quivering so I let her have it and let her feel my fat tongue lick from where the panties opened all the way up to her clit, pausing there to suck her engorged pleasure zone into my mouth and flick her lightly. Her eyes were closed and she was beginning to moan softly when I detected movement next to me.

I was overjoyed when I looked out the corner of my eye and saw you standing against the wall, enjoying the sights and sounds of my handiwork. I was so thankful that I had sent you a txt message that I was heading to the mall before I left. You quickly put your fingers to your lips so I knew to keep your arrival a secret a little longer from our new toy.

Between licks, and while her eyes were still tightly shut, I asked her, “Have you even been with a woman?”

I quickly continued my tongue assault on her wet cunt and she didn’t answer right away. I thought that perhaps she didn’t hear me and was about to repeat the question when she finally responded…apparently after giving the question some thought.

“Keep…doing…that…and I’ll tell you.” she answered breathlessly; eyes still shut. “There was one time when a close girlfriend and I experimented…we kissed and licked each other…even played with a few of our toys on each other. I really enjoyed it, but the opportunity has never presented itself again.” She stammered out before moaning again, clearly being turned on further by recalling those events.

I smiled and shot a quick look your way between slurping her pussy. I didn’t think my cock could get any harder, and maybe it didn’t, but the throbbing increased when in the brief second, I stole a look over at you, I saw you already had your panties off and were fingering your wet little pussy while watching the events unfold. I decided to make our new toy cum before revealing our plans so I started to really fuck her hot cunt with my hard tongue, only briefly stopping to suck her clit. This did the trick and she let out a gasp and started to buck her ass off the chair as she came hard on my tongue.

I could hear you breathing in excitement and knew the clerk would soon open her eyes so I waved at you to exit the room for a moment. No sooner had you stepped right outside the room then did she crack her eyes open and again look down at me between her legs.

“I have a surprise for you.” I say. “How would you like a super hot girl to continue eating that hot little pussy of yours while you suck my rock-hard cock?”

Her eye were wide in surprise, unsure of how to respond. “Scratch that as a question, it’s happening…come in here and and continue eating this hot little pussy for me while I get my dick sucked.” I commanded.

You entered the room, looking hot as ever. The clerk looked shocked, but it didn’t last long as you immediately got to your knees and devoured her delicious cunt. I was momentarily in a daze watching you lap at her dripping sex before I remembered I had a hungry little mouth to fill. I quickly removed my pants and black boxer briefs and promptly walked up to the clerks face, grabbed a handful of her hair and guided my stiff cock between her waiting red lips. I let out sincan gece kalan escortlar a deep sigh as finally I was getting some relief from the throbbing between my legs that started soon after I entered the store. The clerk knew what she was doing and expertly used her tongue to flick all the right spots all while sucking me deep into her mouth. I struggled, as she did too, on deciding where my gaze was drawn…watching a hot girl I’ve only just met devour my hard cock, or watching you suck on the same girl’s sweet pussy as I instructed. Both sights were extremely erotic and I allowed my eyes to ping pong back and forth.

However, as hot as that was and even though I could have done that for an hour, I knew time was short and our luck of the store remaining empty wouldn’t last forever. I had two dripping went cunts to fill with my hot meat so I reluctantly extracted my cock from the clerk’s mouth and told you both to stand up and remove your clothes. In a brief instant, you and the clerk were naked, save for your shoes, and I was now sitting in the chair. The clerk’s rack was as nice as I expected and you remained obedient, awaiting my next instruction.

“I want you to reverse cow girl my cock and she will lick your clit while we fuck.” I said.

I didn’t have to wait long before pleasure washed over my body as your hot wet pussy slid down my tower of flesh until our thighs met. I reached around and grabbed your tits, holding you there a moment to allow the clerk to get in position and begin licking your cock filled cunt. I could feel you wanting to grind, but I held you there…enjoying the feeling of the clerk occasionally licking my balls or what little of my shaft that was not inside of you when she wasn’t tongue lashing your hard clit. I loosened my grasp and you immediately began to ride my cock up and down…slowly at first as you were still enjoying the clerk’s tongue on your clit, but faster and faster as my deep penetration was building a fierce orgasm within you. I again grabbed your tits only to help you slam down harder and harder onto me. At one point, I had to cover your mouth with my hand as you were getting so loud, I feared mall security would arrive in full riot gear! Finally, it hit, a body shaking orgasm and the feeling of your convulsing cunt on my cock was all it took to drive me over the edge too. Of course, things often cum in threes and I could barely perceive the clerk having her own orgasm from fingering herself while she lapped at our joined genitals.

We all stayed where we were for a moment, the only sound being our heavy breathing. After a minute or so, I decided to see just how kinky the clerk might be.

“I’m going to pull my cock out of her and I want you to immediately get your mouth on it and lick and suck as much of my cum out as you can, but don’t swallow.” I said.

She was in a daze and I didn’t wait for a reply…I pulled you up off my softening cock and smiled in erotic delight as she did exactly as I instructed. You simply cooed in pleasure as she executed this dirty deed, but you didn’t know what was “cumming” next.

After we both watched the clerk fill her hot little mouth with my cum from your pussy I said, “Good girl, so ahead and swallow and then you can get back to work.”

Fully satiated, I continued, “Be sure to coordinate with her on when we’ll be doing this again. I know your pussy is aching for some cock so we’ll certainly need to address that soon!”

We all smiled at each other before you gals got to cleaning up, which included the clerk sucking my cock clean of our combined fluids.

Who would have guessed we’d have such a freaky time at Freddie’s…certainly the best mall trip…EVAR!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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