Friendly Delights Ch. 01

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It started out as another day in the monotonous series that I called my life. No idea of the events about to take place. I was in my second year of college, and time was flying. I felt I had no time for anything but work and studies. So I decided today I would take a bit of time for myself. I hadn’t been laid in about 4 months, nor had the time to satisfy myself. One can only imagine how pent up I was. I knew today would be the day I finally got some relief.

I finished up my last bit of homework and decided I’d make some lunch. As I stepped into the kitchen the phone rang. Of course I answered, but to my surprise it was a voice I knew would bring a smile. Her name was Zay, and to me she was the most amazing woman on the planet. Her voice as soft as an angels call. Her smile as bright as a full moon on a cloudless night. Skin as smooth as satin sheets. Her flawless tan as sweet as milk caramel. Her eyes a deep maple brown shining with divine resilience. Every time I looked into them the beauty of the world shown clearly through the mist of reality. She was an angel among the living. Sadly, she had no idea I thought of her this way. My best friend but that’s all I could allow it to be. I was far to shy to ever let her know how I felt. It could ruin everything!!

“Hey Zay, how ya doin?” I asked a bit unsteady.

“Oh my god!! How did you know it was me?” I could hear the excitement in her voice. Something big was planned for the day. “You don’t have caller ID. Do you?” I loved it when her voice took on that quizzical tone. I could picture her face perfectly. She would crack a sweet soft smile and as she asked and her eyes would twinkle in the light. Such perfection in this dull world. If you can’t tell I had a mild obsession with her.

“You’re the only one who calls me anymore, Zay. So wussup?”

“Ohhhhh nothing really. You doing anything tonight?” Zay asked with an innocent tone.

When she asked this my mind registered two things. One: If I told her I was doing nothing then I would get a chance to see her. Two: If I told her this I wouldn’t be able to relieve myself. Seeing her outweighed my carnal desires. So of course I chose the preceding option.

“I’m not doing anything at all. Finished my homework so just hanging out and watching movies. You?”

“Well I was hoping to see you tonight. We haven’t gotten to chill in a while with school and everything.” As the words slipped delicately from her lips my heart began to race. My wishes coming true right in my ear.

“Well come over then. We can go to a movie or something.” I said, already planning what I needed to do to my house before she got here.

“OK!! I’ll be there in about an hour” I heard her giggle just before she hung up and I knew that brilliant smile was being shown to the world.

As soon as I dropped my phone I jumped up. Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and dishes. It all had to be done before she got here. I mean it wasn’t bad or anything I just wanted everything to be perfect for her. I shaved, doused myself in cologne, and changed into fresh clothes even though I had just put these on this morning. As I looked in the mirror I noticed I seemed to be glowing. I hadn’t been so happy since the day I met her.

After what seemed like forever I heard a knock. One quick glance around the room to make sure everything was in place and I opened the door. There stood the girl of my dreams. I stared for a moment taking in her radiance. She was in a tight black tank top and a pair of very short shorts. Legs as smooth as her voice. Her golden necklace outlined magnificently by her tan skin. I was in a trance. Then I heard that voice and jumped.

“Well are you gonna let me in or should I just stand here?” she asked sweetly.

“Oh. Yea. Of course. Come in.” I stumbled through my words. Every time I saw her I got nervous. What if I looked bad? What if I missed a spot shaving? What if I had to much cologne? None of this seemed to matter to her as she pushed her way past me playfully.

As she walked into my living room I couldn’t help but watch her soft ass move. Barely covered by her shorts I could see the soft curves where her ass met her thighs. Such a tantalizing sight. I realized I was getting myself worked up and my face flushed as she turned to me. Embarrassment rushed through me as I opened my arms for a hug. She jumped into my arms and I wrapped them around her. How great it felt to have a beautiful woman in my arms. Only then did I realize I had worked myself farther than I had felt as her waist pressed to my growing bulge. She had to have noticed this but she played it off as if nothing was wrong. She giggled and pressed her lips to my cheek. A tingle ran through my body and I smiled.

Something was different about it this time. It wasn’t unusual that she would kiss me. The spot was new. She kissed me much closer to my lips. I felt her brush the corner of my mouth. Electricity shot through me at that precise moment. It was as istanbul escort if a whole new light had fallen over me. Something told me this night would be one I never forgot.

“Soooo what we gonna do tonight? I don’t really want to go out. I’ve been running all week I just want to relax with you.” she said smiling sweetly.

“Well I can order a pizza and we can go pick up some movies to watch or see what’s on T.V.” I suggested hoping like hell she would choose going out to pick something up. I was trying hard to hide the intense bulge that was growing in my pants but not trying to be to obvious about it.

“I am kinda hungry but I don’t wanna leave again, I just got here. Gotta be something good on.” she said with that sweet smile. There was no way I could tell her no. “Or off” she mumbled under her breath.


“Oh nothing.” She giggled.

So it was a night in. The pizza came and we ate. Talked about life and how we’ve been getting along with it. Once dinner was finished I cleared the table and she went to the living room. I joined her soon after.

She was sitting on the love seat and took my normal spot on the couch. She looked over at me with a look of disappointment barely noticeable to someone who didn’t know her, but I could see it.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her a slight tone of concern. Then it was gone. Her face showed no sign of the hurt I had just seen. She smiled and stood up.

“Nothing hun. I have to use the restroom. Where is it?”

I stood and lead her to the restroom. The light switch was behind the door so I stepped in and turned it on for her. As I went to leave so she could take care of herself I was surprised by her hand firmly pushing me back in the doorway. She had me exactly where she wanted me. I couldn’t leave. I couldn’t stop her. I was stuck. I loved it.

She came in and put my back to the wall. Now understand I am nearly a foot taller than this sweet vixen standing at 5’2”, myself at 6’1”, so in no way is she overpowering me. Then again she may have been overpowering my desires. To this day I couldn’t tell you. I was to drawn up in the events happening to think of anything else. She was surprisingly driven in her endeavors making me realize she was under the assumption she was in charge.

Reaching up she grabbed my hair and made me look into her eyes. A new light shining in those gorgeous maple eyes. A spark of lust, a sexual desire to rip me apart. Pulling my head down she kissed me with a passion so fierce it nearly knocked me off my feet, and as I felt her tongue begin to probe its way into my mouth I knew there was no turning back. My fantasies were becoming reality in a hurry.

Her pouty lips pressed against mine, her tongue diving into my mouth over and over, the way her teeth clamped lightly on my own tongue, the taste of her delicious lips, it was all so overwhelming I barely noticed as she began to unzip my pants. Surprisingly, I was able to let out a few words between kisses.

“I-I guess you n-noticed” I said between short drawn breaths and deliciously enticing kisses. She just giggled and slipped her hand into my pants running her soft palms down my, now pulsing, member through the fabric of my boxers. At this point I realized the first time I would be with her was going to be intensely fast and I wanted to savor every moment. So I dropped all pretense of being controlled, wrapped my hands around both her wrists, and in one smooth quick motion I turned her back to the wall and dropped to a knee in front of her pinning her arms to the walls at her sides. Holding her there as she squirmed I heard the smallest whimper. Shocked, I looked into her eyes and I knew it was a sound of intense satisfaction. She adored how I was now controlling her.

With that I set my sights on her gorgeous body. I leaned in and kissed her thigh softly at first. As my lips touched her skin I wasn’t sure if the shock was from me or her. I felt a surge of energy run through me that seemed to emanate from her. Maybe we had both felt it. All I knew was I couldn’t get enough of her. The taste as sweet as sugar. The touch as soft as feathers. I kissed a bit rougher. Working my way up to the edge of her shorts, which didn’t cover much of her thigh. Merely inches more and I would be causing her to melt into me. As my lips reached the edge of her shorts I pushed them up with my nose just a little and bit down on her thigh. The moan she let out when I bit her sent a wave of lust through me so great I went numb for a few seconds. I continued biting her rolling my mouth to the inside of her thigh. She was trying so hard to get free of my grip and I wanted to feel more of her delicious body. The moment my hands released her wrists they shot to my head. She pushed my head into her thighs and I knew she was dying to be satisfied. My own hands slid up the back of her thighs and into the holes of her shorts. I could feel her avcılar escort panties.

To my surprise it wasn’t a thong. A tiny detail I was all to happy about. I had no real attraction to thongs. So you can understand when I felt the fabric gripping skin tight across her smooth ass I was driven deeper into the ecstasy. If it wasn’t for the velvet feel of her panties I would have never realized she had any on. The texture was minutely different from that of her skin. I felt her hands grip my hair and she pulled my head up to look into her eyes. Her mouth barely open and her chest heaving up and down with each deep breath she took. It was then I realized that sometime among this delicious scene she had taken off her shirt. I stared wondrously at her chest. The plump golden globes suspended by a black lacy bra. I could see her nipples cutting through the fabric. Biting my bottom lip I began to remove her shorts. As they slid off her waist I bit the elastic waistband. I pulled them down her soft silky legs, then proceeding to kiss my way from her ankles to her panties. I noticed they matched her bra with one extra detail. The word ‘Angel’ printed on the crotch of her panties. In my head I heard my own voice over and over, “You have no idea my sweet angel, no idea.”

Now at this point I was tired of being on my knees. I wanted to have her laid out before me. I wanted to have full view of her gorgeous body before I devoured her. I raised up running my hands along the back of her legs, cupping at the back of her knees so I lifted her into the air. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around my waist. My pants fell to the floor as I stood. I kissed her violently, biting her lips. Her hands working the hair of the back of my head. I was lost in passion with no light to show the way out. I was in paradise. As I kissed her lips I began working down her jaw. Kissing her neck sinking my teeth into her flesh. Then I felt it. I heard it. I heard her whimper and moan. I felt the resistance breaking against my bite. I had pierced her skin. I could smell the softest hint of blood now in the air. As the first taste hit my tongue I felt myself slipping into a state of bliss. Pure, delicious, and all to real. I knew now I was not dreaming.

The taste of her blood sent me blindly falling inside. The morally sound me was slipping away quickly. The lust driven animal was being released. I drew back and saw a small trail of blood rolling slowly down her neck. Leaning down my bloodstained lips pressed against her tits. They held shape firmly, but had the softest feel of any part of her body thus far. I pulled her from the wall and carried her to my bedroom tossing her on the bed as if she were my gym bag. She scoot back to the pillows and bit her finger. Her legs crossed , she sat looking at me with her gorgeous eyes. The look of an innocent school girl dawned over her. Laying in my bed in nothing but bra and panties she wiggled her finger at me, taunting me to come closer. Of course I obliged her, jumping over the footboard of my bed and landing just beneath her feet. I dropped to my knees straddling her waist. Leaning down I kissed her soft lips and she lay back into the pillows. Her long hair lay all around framing her shoulders.

I began to work my way down her chest. My lips kissing around the edge of her right breast. Curving along the top edge to the right bra strap following it to her cleavage. I ran my tongue up the space separating her delicious globes. Working my way along the same trail on her left breast. With each kiss I felt her arch her back a bit until I reached around pulling her up to my chest. Kissing her hard I began to remove her bra. First unclasping it in the back, then kissing along her jaw line to her earlobe. Biting down on the lobe softly before tracing over the wound I had given her neck. Licking the blood off her neck feeling the ecstasy run though me again. Struggling to control myself I continued to move down to her shoulder. Taking the right strap into my mouth I tugged it to the side. My left hand pulling the other strap off her shoulder. I left her covered as I bit her hard nipple through the fabric of her bra. It was then I noticed the straps reading the word ‘Angel’ every few inches. I smirked at this knowing now she matched completely. My bite elicited an immense moan from her. The sound sent shivers down my spine. Her hands reached down I felt my shirt quickly rise. In an instant it was off and or the first time I felt the soft skin of her torso against mine.

Her nails dug into my shoulders. A sharp pain shot through me as she did so. Her nails were sharper than I had realized as she clawed at my back. It felt as if she was peeling the flesh from my bones. I leaned back and looked deep into her eyes. Her hands were on my shoulders and I smiled as I whispered.

“Zay, I love you.” Her eyes sparkled and she mouthed the words ‘I love you, too.”

I pulled the bra off exposing her gorgeous tits. şirinevler escort Taking in the magnificence before me I leaned in slowly. My lips quivering the closer I got. Until finally they wrapped around her left nipple. Her back arched dramatically as I kissed her nipple. My lips pressed firmly against the areola. The nipple pushing into my mouth. I bit down on it lightly at first to get a reaction. She jolted and let out a moan so delicious I felt my brain fry.

My hands shaking, I reached for her right breast. Slowly rolling it as I sucked the left. Getting a bit more comfortable with the reality of the situation I gained my composure. I let loose of her left nipple and blew softly on it. I watched it grow right before me as it hardened further. Her repeated moans coupled with the hardness of her nipples there was no doubting she had wanted this for nearly as long as I had.

Her hand snuck down my body and slipped into my boxers. I felt her warm fingers wrap around my engorged shaft and slowly she began to stroke me. Leaning up she whispered in my ear.

“Take me. Take me now!”

However I still wanted to prolong this. To get maximum satisfaction of this first time. So I did just that. As I allowed her to stroke my cock, I slipped out of my boxers and let her hand work wonders on me. She stroked me with such skill I felt as if I were in a porno. My breath began to pick up. Sharper and faster with each long stroke. Her palm closing over the cap of my cock once in a while. Her hand sliding to the base of my cock and back up. I felt her cradle my balls and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. In that moment I wasn’t sure if I had died or if it was just an out of body experience. I knew it was the most amazing thing I had ever felt in my life. When I opened my eyes I was laying down and she hand taken her place on top of me. How this had come about I wasn’t sure.

She dipped her head to my chest. She kissed her way down my stomach. I felt my cock slide between her tits. They hugged my shaft and then I felt something more glorious than anything in my life. Her lips wrapped around my thick member. Her tongue danced around the tip of my cock before she plunged her head down on me. Her gag answered a question I had left only to fantasy before now. Whether or not she had a gag reflex. She stayed down on my dick even through the gagging for a few seconds longer. Then her hand wrapped around the base and began to stoke up to where her lips met her hand. Her head bobbing up and down, sucking deeply with each plunge onto my shaft. Her tits pressed against my thighs. My hands reaching down running through her hair. Pulling and tugging. She dipped deeper and deeper. I couldn’t stand it. I knew I was about to blow my first load.

She must have known as well. About the time I thought it was coming she dipped all the way down on my cock, sucked as hard as she could, gagging on my dick. My thick seed finally shot into her throat. Coating her throat and mouth. She couldn’t take it all and came up and I sprayed all over her face. My breath came in deep short bursts as cum leaked from my dick. She swallowed everything she took then proceeded to lick what dribbled from my tip to my balls off my shaft. Her tongue swiftly swept every drop of my cream up. She licked her lips and looked up at me. The sight of her face covered in my cum instantly refilled my balls. I knew there was a fresh load waiting for her when she wanted it. She began crawling up my body and a bit dripped from her chin onto my chest. She leaned down and licked it off then kissed me hard.

Now tasting my own spunk wasn’t something I had ever though about. Certainly wasn’t something I had wanted to experience, but as she kissed me all pretense of that faded from existence and my own cum slipped from her mouth to mine. She swallowed it and kept kissing me and I felt it getting all over my face. She looked at me and giggled then cleaned my face up with her tongue licking it from my cheeks and forehead. Even got the bit that she left on my eyebrow. She leaned up and using one finger she cleared her face of what was left sucking it all down her throat. Then grabbed hold of my shaft, positioned it directly beneath her lengthwise. She sat down on my shaft and I felt the folds of her pussy close on my rod through her panties.

She began to grind softly and touch her tits. She pinched her nipples and when I went to reach for them she slapped my hand back. This must have been working her hard because she began to moan. Steadily getting louder and louder. I could feel her juices dripping from her thigh to mine. Her panties were now soaked and I decided I had enough of this teasing I wanted to give her something to scream about. I ran a hand up her right side then slipped her onto her back and in one smooth motion I was on top of her again. I looked down grinning devilishly.

I pulled her legs straight up in front of me. Running my left hand up and down her leg from ankle to thigh giving her ass a playful smack. I did this on both sides a few times and she giggled innocently with each spank. She looked directly into my eyes and said.

“I’ve been a naughty naughty angel, . You’re going to have to do something about that.” in a tone so seductive I nearly came again right then and there.

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