Golf Partner/Lover Pt. 01

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(Note to readers: If you like this story, lots of credit goes to my editor, SissyKaty. If you don’t like it, blame it on me.)

I am an active, 60+ year old, retired judge with a reasonably attractive wife that has had, until recently, no interest in sex. I have many hobbies, and I don’t consider myself a good golfer, but I enjoy playing at golf. I say “playing at” because I’m happy if I can shoot a high 90’s score. My wife hates golf, but doesn’t care that I play.

A lifelong friend of mine doesn’t play golf, but his attractive wife does. She’s in her 60’s, but looks like she’s in her late 40’s. When she plays golf she dresses in short skirts and tight, form fitting golf shirts. Her looks are enough to distract the best golfers, male or female.

Our affair started out innocently enough, my friend and his wife were visiting at my house. We often get together for drinks and dinner. I mentioned I had a tee time for a twosome at course difficult to get into, but that a golfing partner had dropped out. Barbara/Barb (not her real name) said, “I’ve always wanted to play that course.” I invited her to join me and she quickly accepted. Our spouses didn’t care, so this was the beginning of a good golf partnership. She’s a good golfer, fun to be with and be seen with and, like I said, really easy to look at.

As we started spending time together playing, I really got to know Barb on what can only be described as an intimate basis. I guess that happens when you spend one day a week with a beautiful woman. And I mean a whole day. We took turns driving to our golf dates, usually leaving early in the morning. We would warm up and practice a few drives and putts, play 18 holes at a leisurely pace, have a bite to eat between the 9th and 10th hole, finally end the day with a couple of drinks.

One rainy day, when I picked her up, she had on a rain slicker. But by the time we reached the course, the rain had ended and she had removed the slicker in the car. She was wearing a white golf shirt that got wet taking off the slicker.

Suddenly I could see though her top at her amazing breasts and dark nipples. As I stared, Barb was not at all bashful and asked me simply, “You like?” Without thinking, I said “Yes, absolutely!”

Barb’s response surprised me when she said, “…at least someone does.” I looked up and realized I should try to lighten the mood and said, “yea, right.” She pulled out a wind breaker, put it on and we played a good round (I shot a 91).

That afternoon over drinks, our morning episode came up. She started out about saying she hoped she hadn’t embarrassed me. I played dumb and asked, “What are you talking about?”

She said, “You know, my wet t-shirt.”

I decided to be bold and replied, “I really like playing (golf) with you and REALLY enjoyed this mornings view.”

She blushed and again said, “That was the most attention I’ve had in a long time.”

I said, “Come on, you don’t notice all the looks you get from other golfers while we’re playing?”

She replied, “What I meant was attention from someone who matters.”

I thought about that and asked, “What about your husband?”

She looked down and said, “We haven’t had sex in a couple of years.” I was speechless. My wife had lost interest in sex, too, since our kids had given us grandbabies. Without thinking (again), I said, “He’s an idiot.” After a few quiet minutes we finished our drinks and I drove her home.

After unloading her clubs, she invited me in. In spite of my friendship with her husband, and a waiting wife at home, I hoped the house was empty. No such luck. Her husband was in his home office reading. I told him not to get up, as I lied and told him I just wanted to say hi.

He went back to reading while Barb walked me through the garage to my car. In the middle of the garage, she stopped and turned to me. Without saying a word, I pulled her into me and kissed her. There was no hesitation on the part of either one of us, as our mouth and tongues collided and her tits crashed into me while my rapidly growing cock ground into her crotch. We breathlessly broke apart and I told her, “Its your turn to set a tee time.”

And I left.

I (we?) had taken a stupid risk and hoped I hadn’t offended her.

The next day I overheard my wife talking on the phone with Barbara. After they hung up, I nervously asked what was up and she said we had been invited to dinner and drinks at Barb’s house later in the day. I said that sounded good and went about the rest of the day anxiously awaiting the evening.

We showed up at their door promptly at 6:00 p.m., Barb greeted us at the door with the usual hug and a kiss, but when she lightly kissed my lips, I thought I could feel an electric shock pass between us that our spouses didn’t notice.

She was dressed in a flowing sundress that hugged her breasts and hips, and she was wearing colorful sandals on her sexy feet. I knew then for sure that I was going to try to fuck her.

The evening passed, for the most part, uneventfully, and, ankara eryaman escort as always, we had an enjoyable time. After dinner I helped Barb with the dishes as our spouses chatted on the patio. Barb asked me , “Do you want to see the new putter I just bought?” I said, “Yes,” and followed her into the garage. As the door closed behind us, she turned to me and stroked my hardening cock through my pants and said, “I can’t wait to play with you.” We shared a wet kiss, took a quick look at her new putter and went back into the house, to the patio.

My dick was so hard, I had to rearrange it and I had to concentrate to not stare at or touch Barb.

I started talking to Barb’s husband to try and distract myself. He told me he was planning a fishing trip and would I like come along? I told him to let me know the dates and I’d get back to him. I tried not to show my excitement because I knew I wasn’t going to go AND I might get a chance to be alone with his wife. Looking at her, I hoped she was feeling the same vibration.

The evening started winding down, so we did the usual departure hugs and kisses, but Barb’s kiss lingered again for just a moment…I looked and saw that neither of our mates had noticed although I could feel my cock pulsing from Barb’s slight touch and kiss.

That evening, for the first time in too long a time, I fucked my wife.

We got home and started getting ready for bed. As I helped her unzip her dress, I still had a hard-on thinking about Barb. I just put my right hand around her and grabbed a tit, while my left hand reached into her pantyhose.

She resisted and struggled against me and asked, “What are you doing? What are you doing?” I didn’t answer as I stroked her pubic mound and pushed a finger into her dry, but quickly getting moist pussy. She started to softly moan as I forced my finger deep into her and started finger fucking her.

She was telling me to stop, but I ignored her, bent her over the bed, pulled down her pantyhose. I pulled out my cock after quickly dropping my jeans, put the head of my dick at the entrance of her now wet love canal and pushed into her with one stroke until my cock was buried in her. She moaned in pain and ecstasy.

She cried out, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, stop!” Very quickly she shouted, “Fuck my pussy, fuck me!” as I pumped in and out of her almost violently and shot my cum deep into her while she had an explosive climax.

As I collapsed onto her back, she milked my dick by contracting her pussy until I shrank and fell out of her. As we laid there panting she asked, “What got into you?”

I told her, “I wanted to fuck you, you looked especially good tonight.” I naturally didn’t tell her how horny Barb had made me. We untangled, got ready for bed, and ended up fucking again as my wife sucked my cock to hardness and climbed on top of me to fuck me cowgirl style while I sucked on her tits.

I was surprised her sexual yearnings had awakened by my practically rapinig her.

The next morning she seemed in a happy mood as she made me one of her great breakfasts. She had gotten up early, showered and made herself up; a rarity when she wasn’t planning on leaving the house.

I realized I had an interesting dilemma, Barb had awoken long forgotten desires in me, and it looked as if I had done the same thing by forcing myself onto my wife. BUT I still wanted Barb.

Later that morning Barb’s husband called and told me the fishing trip was starting the following Tuesday and would return in 7 days. I apologized and said, “I just can’t make it, I have plans that can’t be changed with such short notice.” He said he understood and that next time he would give me more notice.

I didn’t feel guilty for what I was about to try and pull off with Barb and wondered what had suddenly happened to me to make me try to fuck a good friend’s wife.

That afternoon I couldn’t wait any longer, so I texted Barb a quick note asking if she could talk. My phone immediately rang. I asked her how she was and she nervously said she was fine.

Testing the water, I told her, “I’m planning on making multiple tee times while your husband is fishing. Are you good with that?”

She said simply, ” I can’t wait to start playing with you.”

Before I hung up, I asked her, “Are you wet?” After a long silence, she said, “yes.”

I told to be ready early Tuesday and that I’d meet her at her house, and she simply agreed. I knew I was getting reckless, but I ordered her to prove she was ready to play by texting me proof over the next few days and hung up.

While I was on the phone with my “golfing partner,” my wife had been in another part of the house on the phone to a girlfriend who lives in Vegas. She had an extra ticket to see Celine Dion and wanted my wife to go to the show with her. I asked her (hoping) if she wanted to go and she said “yes, if it’s okay with you.” I said “no problem, enjoy yourself.” She said she was a little reluctant to go after last night…as she was talking she kneeled in front of me, opened escort elvankent my cargo pants, freed my growing cock (from thinking again about Barb) and started sucking me off. I enjoyed her cocksucking for a few minutes before I fucked her face until blew my load in her mouth. I was amazed at the sudden sexual hunger in my wife. (The whole time I had alternated thinking about Barb and my cocksucking wife.)

She licked me clean and thanked me for being so trusting to not have a problem with her trip to Vegas and stood up and kissed me with the taste of cum in her mouth. The thought crossed my mind that she might be looking forward to more than just her concert while she was in Vegas…

I asked, as I pulled up my shorts, “When’s your concert?” To add to my good luck, it was the following Thursday, but she was hoping to leave early Tuesday and stay the weekend, if it was okay with me. I paused for a moment before letting her know it would be no problem. I couldn’t believe my luck at how things were falling into line for me.

That evening I received a text from Barb. She asked if I was ready for “some proof.” I quickly replied “Can’t wait!” A few minutes later my phone pinged. I opened the picture to find Barb naked from the waist up, she was in her bathroom and had what looked like a soapy lather covering her nipples (it turned out to be DreamWhip). It was as erotic a picture as I had ever seen. The note attached said I’d receive another picture soon. I started getting hard in spite of myself.

About an hour later a picture of a perfect breast with an engorged nipple arrived at my phone. I started thinking how would I be able to survive until Tuesday morning with Barb on my mind 24/7?

Her next text showed her naked lying on her back with her legs open, her crotch was covered with what I now assumed to be whipping cream rather than soap.

My cock was now at full attention and I did something I would have never thought of doing only the day before, if ever. I sexted a picture of my hard-on to Barb. My 7 inches of cock was hard and purple. As soon as I had hit the send button I was amazed and excited and fearful at the same time. I couldn’t believe what I had done. A few minutes later, she responded, “I am SO anxious to feel your cock inside of me!”

I couldn’t believe what I was about to make happen with Barb.

A little later as I readied for bed, my wife saw my still rigid cock and asked me again, “What the hell has gotten into you?” I responded by pushing her on her back and pulling off her thong panty as I licked my way between her legs to her neatly shaved and shaped pussy. Her pussy lips were swollen from the fucking we had earlier. I probed her pussy, found her hard clit and sucked her until she came, flooding my face. I moved up, positioned my cock at her entrance and fucked her silly until I drained myself in her.

After a few minutes, I crawled onto my side of the bed and passed out.

I had been sucked and fucked more in the last day than the last year and a half combined…and it had started with my golfing partner, Barb, having a wet shirt.

The next few days passed quickly. Barb continued to hold my imagination with photos that were more and more revealing and erotically sexy.

During this time, my wife started dressing up for me during the day and at bed time wore lingerie and outfits I hadn’t seen in a long while. One evening she told me to get into bed naked. I did as ordered as my wife called out to see if I was ready for her appearance. I had been thinking nonstop about Barb and carried a perpetual hard-on, but I was anxious to see what my wife was up to. She dimmed the bedroom lights and came out from her walk-in closet dressed to kill. She was wearing a black short, short miniskirt, see-through shirt (she was braless) and red stilettos. She danced for me while touching herself.

She came to me, slipped two fingers into her wet snatch and put them in my mouth and told me to suck them. She crawled into bed, climbed onto my chest and finally positioned her dripping pussy over my face and ordered me to suck her pussy.

I did as ordered, pushing my tongue as far into her as I could before licking her pungent asshole. I alternated between her asshole and pussy before sucking her engorged clit. She exploded on my face, flooding me with her cummy juices.

After a moment, she moved off my face by sliding down my chest, positioning herself on top of me and grinding her wet pussy down my rock hard dick until she was impaled on me. She paused and started contracting her pelvic floor muscles with kegels. I couldn’t stand her slow pace so I flipped her onto her back. I started thrusting into her and pulling almost all the way out, leaving the tip of my cock in her before pushing in again, over and over, until I shot my load of cum into her.

As we tried to catch our breath, I was again amazed that the near rape of my wife had turned her into a sex machine. As I laid next to her, in a sexually blissful state, I thought etimesgut escort bayan to myself that I still wanted Barbara.

Tuesday finally came.

My wife left for Vegas and I was headed to my rendezvous with Barb at her house. The neighborhood she lived in was one of the nicest in the city, with space and landscaping that provided privacy. I called ahead and had Barb open her garage so I could pull in. I had also packed a “jump kit” with a few toiletries and a couple of changes of clothes.

I pulled into her garage and immediately the garage door dropped behind me. I got out of the car with my heart racing like a jackhammer. She greeted me at the door by wrapping her arms around me and pulling me in to give me a long and probing kiss. It was soft and electric and seductive all at the same time. My cock was instantly hard. She broke the kiss and the tension by grabbing my dick and asking if I was glad to be with her. We laughed and I followed her into the house.

We were getting set to cheat on our spouses and we had zero hesitation.

She dressed in what I can only describe as a ankle length black t-shirt with, I assumed, nothing underneath. I held her hand as she led me to her kitchen where she had Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas already laid out. She told me “pick your poison” as I reached for the pitcher of Bloody Mary. She poured herself a Mimosa and we raised a toast to golf. We were moving slowly, but we both knew that it was about to speed up as I set down my drink and pulled her into my arms. My cock was rock hard and I ground it into her as I roughly kissed her. She responded by trying to force her tongue down my throat.

She broke our embrace and told me she only had one rule, “no bruises or hickeys!” We looked at each other and laughed again because I don’t think we had used that word in the last 40 years. But we agreed on this one rule.

I rubbed my hands all over her body and squeezed her nipples through the fabric of her t-dress. A moan escaped her and she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. I was about to fuck a good friend’s wife in the bed she shared with her husband and it only made me more aroused than I thought possible.

On the edge of her bed I stooped down and grabbed her dress from her ankles and pulled over her head.

Barbara was now fully naked in front of me. She had tan marks from being in the sun that only accentuated a full, beautiful set of breasts with dark areolas and hard nipples, a flat stomach, rounded ass and athletic legs. I admired her sexy feet and pink painted toenails. She was perfect.

I pushed her onto her back, on the bed she shared with her husband, and took her feet into my hands, removed her sandals and sucked a big toe into my mouth. As I sucked her toes in turn, I freed up a hand and touched my way down her delish leg to her neatly trimmed bush. I took her other foot into my mouth and sucked. Barbara was moaning “oh my god, oh my god” over and over again.

I stopped to pull off my clothes, then kneeled and put my face in her crotch. I could see she was dripping wet as I licked around her pussy lips and pushed my tongue into her while her moaning got louder. I pushed her legs up and proceeded to lick her perianal area (look it up) before pushing my tongue as deep into her ass as I could, my fingers were in her pussy and suddenly Barb convulsed with her first orgasm. She was bucking as she screamed “oh fuck oh fuck” over and over.

I immediately got up and practically sat on her chest as I pushed my cock into her mouth. She frantically started sucking my cock as I blew my wet load into her mouth. She sucked me dry and drank it down with no complaint. I fell over to her side and we molded our bodies together.

She looked at me and said, “You’d better be ready to fuck me!”

I told her that would be no problem. I left her arms and the bed, reached into the pocket of my golf shorts, and pulled out a “little blue pill.” She looked happy that I had planned ahead of time. We had both already had an incredible orgasm and hadn’t fucked yet.

I walked naked through Barb’s house to the kitchen, refreshed our drinks, popped my pill, and took our drinks back to Barb and her bed.

As I crawled back beside her, she must have read my mind because she said, “This is where I wanted to fuck you. I wanted sex in my own bed.” I told her, “As long as you’re comfortable, so am I,” and l leaned in and kissed her.

The hand that wasn’t holding her Mimosa, reached and took my somewhat limp cock and started softly stroking. Barb didn’t rush and as I started getting hard, she leaned down and took the helmet of my cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue around my cockhead and started licking the length of my dick. I set our drinks on her nightstand.

I was now hard and I moved so I was on my back as we assumed a “69” position with Barb on top. I knew my stamina was back and I would be hard for a while as I concentrated on eating Barb’s pussy and probed her asshole. As I ate her out, I found her peanut sized clit and took it between my teeth and sucked. Barb was now sucking me harder as she managed to get all 7 inches of my thick cock into her mouth. I shivered as my cock reached into Barb’s throat, then unexpectedly she unloaded her cummy juices into my face as she came again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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