Happy Go Lucky Jackie on Demand

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If you want to know how my holiday brought me to this point, read ‘Happy Go Lucky Jackie’ and ‘Happy Go Lucky Jackie meets Darren.’

It took a few moments to get over the shock of finding that Darren and I were alone. I had to adjust quickly and told Darren he’d better come in.

“But Dom knows we’re home and will be here any moment. So don’t get any foolish ideas.”

I kept out of Darren’s way by going to the kitchen to look for beer. Was I pleased to be alone with Darren? I sent another message to Dom: “We’re back. I need you here at once because I’m having difficulty controlling Darren.”

Darren gave me no chance and came up behind me, hand feeling down my front and pulling me against him. I closed my eyes and pressed my thighs firmly together. This was dangerous play and I was desperate for Dom to arrive. If I didn’t get a grip, he would walk in to find Darren on top of me.

“I don’t need a beer,” said Darren. “I want to kiss your pussy.”

He lifted me up and carried me to the settee. All I could think was that Dom hadn’t come back. It made no sense to me but he hadn’t been joking. He wanted this to happen. I gave up resisting and I lay on my back, knees apart. Darren’s scrubby chin rubbed against my thigh. He dragged my thong to one side, lips catching and pulling my flesh, tongue reaching inside me. Why would I want to stop him? I lay back and spread my legs wider.

“If anyone comes we must stop,” was the best defence I could manage.

He laughed and drew down his zip. “Then we mustn’t waste time.”

His cock sprang into view and there was no point protesting. He was large — as large as Justin, if not larger. I touched it, put my hand round it and examined it closely, remembering the picture of Justin.

“You’re not fucking me so don’t think you are,” I told him.

“Keep doing that.”

He bent forward so that his cock was in front of my face. His balls felt dangerous and heavy and he liked showing off his prize possessions. I pumped his cock hard between my fingers. Could I make him come with my hand or should I use my mouth? Either would be preferable to having him fuck me. The photograph of Maxine which her mouth round a cock was still in my head and I touched the tip of his cock with my lips, then put my mouth round the end, gripping his shaft. He pressed hard against me and I was gasping for air as his length filled my mouth and connected with the back of my throat. This was nothing like with Dom, who was gentle and considerate. I had to tame this cock and make it serve me. I seduced it with my lips, moistening his broad ridge with saliva and pressing against him with my tongue and cheeks. He seemed to expand with every stroke of my lips.

After a minute or two he pulled away despite my efforts.

“Put on your pretty heels and take off your clothes,” he told me.

“I’m happy doing this.”

“Just do it.”

I took off my top and skirt but left my thong. He reached out and snatched it down. I kicked it away and put on my red shoes only to fall back into his arms.

“I’m not your sex toy,” I insisted. “You shouldn’t make me do this.”

“You know you’re mine. A slave to my cock. You want me to fuck you.”

I dropped to my knees meaning to take him back into my mouth but he pushed me down so that I was on the carpet on my back.

“I’m married,” I said.

My legs were spread and he was kneeling between them. “Don’t fuss. This is what you want.”

“Someone might come.”

“Relax.” He was leaning forward caressing my sex, fingers prizing my lips apart. “You want me to fuck you.”


His cock was above me sticking out proudly. Only my pussy would tame his cock. I needed Dom to stop him and he wasn’t there. I closed my eyes and he was above me on his elbows, his face close to mine.

“Tell me.”

“Tell you what? Of course I want you to fuck me.”

So this was it. I had no defences left, no way of stopping him. No wish to stop him. I tensed as his cock pressed against my pussy. With an effort I relaxed and his tip slipped inside me followed by more, his weight on my pubis as every inch filled me. I clutched his shoulders and spread my legs wider as he crushed me into the carpet. When he thrust against me I winced, stretching and opening further until I was comfortable. I was enveloped in his arms and when he moved in me I was gasping for breath and murmuring nonsense to myself: “Bastard. I said don’t fuck me. You’re too big. Fuck me. Dom, what have you done?”

“Shut up and fuck,” said Darren moving faster.

I could think of nothing else but his weight on me, his smell and the rhythmic thrust of his cock. I gripped him with my cunt and he felt good as if I’d been waiting my whole life to be stretched and pummelled by his cock inside me. Before long I was trembling and breathless, gripped by a sharp orgasm.

I had no time to recover because Darren worked himself up to another level, his sweat dripping onto my chest, my red heels kicking in the air, my breath coming in spasms. Another orgasm was building and I wanted him to come with etimesgut duşta veren escortlar me. I was digging my nails into the muscle of his shoulders, my legs spread wider to absorb all of him.

Something must have caught my attention. As I came, I opened my eyes and found that we weren’t alone. Dom stood across the room watching open mouthed. I must have missed the sound of the door. Our eyes met and my orgasm overloaded me so that I closed my eyes and shrieked like a wild thing. Darren tensed and froze mid-thrust, pumping his seed deep into me. It was empty heartless perfect sex.

When I opened my eyes Dom was still watching and I felt a guilty pang when he twisted his lips into a lop-sided grin — something he did when he made a joke. It seemed hardly to matter when I realised that Maxine was there and Justin too. Maxine caught my eye and laughed, high fiving with Dom. We remained clutched in one another’s arms, not knowing what to do. I was breathing hard and trembling. There was no point pretending I hadn’t enjoyed myself. Well husband, this is what you wished for. Don’t blame me.

Eventually Darren lifted himself and jumped to his feet, escaping to the bathroom. I was left spread on the carpet and it seemed that everyone was staring at my sore and gaping sex. With an effort I pulled my knees together and climbed to my feet with only my fine heels for protection. I was covered in sweat, my hair matted, my breasts and belly marked red from the friction of Darren’s body. Semen began to leak down my thigh.

I decided I wasn’t going to look ashamed or guilty and with my head high and a swing to my hips I walked over to Dom. I imagined myself an athlete, proud of myself for winning a race.

“It’s no good complaining Dom. You could have stopped Darren any time. I told you to come home but you took too long.”

Dom’s grin had faded and he was struggling to find words. He stared at my breasts and the semen on my thigh.

“Perfect. What a performance! You were so much into it dear.”

Disgusted, I turned to Maxine who was laughing at me and pretending to look shocked. “You might find me a towel instead of gawping as if you’ve never seen a naked woman.”

“Mum that was so hot! I knew you’d be great at fucking. That’s what I told Darren. You look like a queen. Or at least a pornstar. Poor Darren looks beaten up.”

Dom appeared with a small towel from the kitchen. Suddenly it was too much for me and I fell into Dom’s arms, tears arriving in a storm. In some ways this was relief — relief that I’d managed what Dom seemed to want: I’d fucked Darren and done it well and nothing could change that now. Beneath the emotion was something else — a release of tension, a feeling of satisfaction and bodily contentment that comes from good sex. All through the evening I’d been fighting my desires and now I was fulfilled. And Dom’s arms held me tight so that I was complete.

I was sobbing. “Are you satisfied Dom? It’s what you wanted, isn’t it? You wanted Darren to fuck me. Don’t ask me why.”

“You were wonderful especially when you came. I knew you’d look great with one of Maxine’s young studs driving you to do beautiful things. I’m so proud of you.”

“Don’t get carried away. It was sex. It amused you to see me lose my cool with a pretty boy.”

He laughed and kissed me. “That too. But seeing him, you know, fucking you. That was better than anything I could imagine.”

“Your wife fucking a pretty boy? That’s crude not beautiful. Crude, glorious sex. You make no sense.”

“I know but you’re a star, believe me.”

I couldn’t understand Dom. I used the towel to wipe away the sweat from my breasts and draped it round my shoulders. It didn’t cover much. I glanced at Justin and he gave me a thumbs-up when he saw me looking.

“And you can stop looking so cocky,” I snapped. “There’s no way I’m fucking you.”

Everyone laughed. Maxine said, “Why not mum? Justin’s as good as Darren, if not better.”

“Because I don’t sleep around. In any case, I’m Darren’s.”

Everyone laughed again and Darren appeared from the bathroom with a small towel round his waist and we sat side by side at the table and shared a glass of water. Darren looked round curiously, sensing the electric atmosphere.

What’s the matter? Have I upset someone?” he said.

“Not me,” said Dom. “If I had one to give you’d have a gold medal.”

Maxine sat down the other side of Darren and put an arm round his naked shoulder. “Well mum, marks out of ten. How did you enjoy Darren? Did I choose well?”

I smiled at Darren and kissed him, still vibrating from the pleasure he’d given me. “He’s a good boy. Of course Dom is tops but Darren’s an eight.”

“That’s mean. A nine at least.”

“Are you saying he’s made love to you too?”

Darren looked guilty. Maxine shrugged and smiled. “I had to make sure he was right for you. I like boys who don’t have to try too hard but just keep going. That sums up Darren. Indefatigable.”

“And with a big cock,” said Dom.

“That’s dad’s thing. ankara fetiş yapan escortlar He wants to see you take on a big cock.”

Dom looked uncomfortable and I couldn’t stop myself giggling even though this conversation was embarrassing for me too. “Darren’s big enough for me. He made me come. More than once. I’m sorry Dom but it’s the truth and you can’t blame me for enjoying myself.”

“I’d says that makes him tops and I’d like to see him make you come again.”

“What about me? I deserve some of what Darren’s got,” said Maxine.

“And me,” said Justin. “I’m champion when it comes to size.”

I shouldn’t have said it to my daughter but I did. “I’m sore so you’ll have to look after Darren. He’s all yours.”

“Then you need more practice, not less. And Justin’s waiting. You can’t give him nothing. He’s had a frustrating day since you teased him this morning. Justin can be gentle as well as rough. Tell him to be gentle and let him fuck you Mum. He’ll turn you to jelly.”

“I’m too old for marathons and I’d rather go to bed with Dom.” I tried to catch Dom’s eye and prompt him to get up with me but he was smiling at Maxine.

“You mean leave me to satisfy these boys alone?” she said. “That’s hardly fair.”

“I’ve already made Darren come.”

“Only once. He won’t be satisfied until he’s come at least three times. And I promised Justin he’d be able to fuck you.”

“I decide who I fuck.”

“Come on! You’ve been parading about nude to get him interested. Mum, you’re a shameless cock tease. Hey Daddy, you want to see Justin fuck mum?”

“I think she has to.”

“I’m not cheating on Darren.”

“Much better do what Maxine says,” said Darren.

“Darren doesn’t mind. I’ll keep him happy.”

“I’m sore and exhausted and I’ve had enough extra-marital sex for a lifetime. There won’t be any more.”

Dom put an arm round me and kissed me. “You smell wild and sexy and I like it. And watching you parade around naked in front of everyone is like walking into a wet dream. I want to see another big cock pounding you. I like to see you driven wild with lust.”

“The holiday doesn’t have to be all about sex.”

Everyone laughed. “I don’t see why not,” said Maxine. “Surely you’re not leaving me to entertain both these boys on my own?”

“They can sit down and behave.”

Justin stood behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. I clutched the towel to me but his hands slid down to cup my breasts.

“Dom’s right. You smell of sex. Like a tigress. I’ve been waiting all day and you feel ready for sex to me. I could show you something I’m sure you’d like very much.”

“He means his cock,” said Maxine laughing.

I clutched his hands to stop them roaming, embarrassed by a surge of lust. I must look shameless.

“Don’t give me your sob story,” I retaliated. “I bet you’ve been fucking Maxine all day.”

“No such luck. She’s fickle and kept me on short rations so I’d be primed for you.”

“She can make up for that now. I have principles but she seems to be forever chasing after fresh cock.”

“Did you hear that Daddy? I think Mum’s just called me a slut.” To me, she said, “Admit you’re a slut too. You love cock and can’t say no.”

“I’ve said no.”

“But you don’t mean it, does she Dad?”

“I think she really wants more. Now she’s bitten I don’t see why she should ration herself. How can she ever have had enough of boys like these?”

“Shut up Dom. I’ve had more than I ever intended.”

Justin bent and kissed me. “You’ve not had me and I want you very much.”

“You can’t get round me with flattery. You’re only doing this because Maxine told you to. Why not go to bed with her. I’m sure you’d prefer that.”

“That’s rubbish Mum. You’re a special fuck. Justin, do you want to fuck my mum?”

“I’ve been waiting all day.”

“How many times must he say it? Come on Mum, we’ll take a breather and tidy ourselves up. You need to wash off Darren’s cum. That’s what makes you smell. Then, if you’re really in doubt, we’ll see which of us Justin thinks the sexiest.”

“What do you mean?” I was suspicious.

“Are you intending to walk round naked all evening? We’ll shower and put on some sexy clothes. The boys need to be teased.”

The truth was that I was excited by Justin’s hands on my breasts and talk about fucking these boys. It was embarrassing to admit it so soon after Darren. And Dom, where did he fit in?

“Come on Dom, it would be better if we went to bed and left these young people alone.”

“It’s not that late. I have a sexy wife and I like to see the playgirl she hides so much of the time. I think you should do what Maxine says. I’ll find the boys some beers.”

We showered and I ended up behind the closed door of the bedroom with Maxine. I was busy telling her off but she ignored me and walked naked round the room picking clothes out of the suitcases.

“Shut up Mum and listen to my idea.”

She sketched out a short tableau in which we dressed up as tarts in a brothel. Justin was the client sincan iranlı escort demanding the best girl in the house. We’d parade for him and Justin would choose between us. I thought about it.

“What about Dom?”

“Dad’s our pimp. It will make his day if we put on a show for him. He likes to see us dress up. Our job is to make him proud. Now what sort of tart do you want to be?”

I giggled, knowing I was unable to resist this play.

“I’d be a proud and imperious whore. But I’ve no idea how to dress.”

“Let me show you. At heart I’m an eighteenth-century courtesan. I make my living on my back letting the boys do the work. I’m an expert.”

“Where do you get such ideas?”

She laughed. “It’s practice. I work hard at enjoying myself.”

Then I knew I was going to fuck Justin and it was pointless to resist. The playacting would be a cover for my shamelessness and I could act the whore without admitting that I was one.

I wore a pair of Maxine’s black seamed stockings and her suspender belt. Of course they looked great with my heels. Then there were tiny black panties and a sort of low-cut black bustier with crimson piping. I’m a little bigger than Maxine so I bulged at the top, my nipples partially uncovered even with one of the catches unfastened.. She examined me critically and got her makeup. I sat still while she made me up my face with pillar box red lipstick and blusher.

“The guile of the courtesan,” she explained laughing as she used her blusher brush to add colour to my nipples.

I brushed my hair while she put on fishnet tights and strapped black heels. She was fully shaven and wore nothing underneath the tights so that the broad weave pressed into her sex, emphasising her lips. For her top she had a sort of pink gauze strip which wrapped around her firm breasts and hid nothing. The effect was diabolical — a concentrated mix of sex and power.

“What do you think?”

“I think you win hands down,” I said. “I’ve got a fight on my hands.”

I loved how we looked and felt bold with Maxine beside me. We flung open the door and tripped into the room arm in arm. The boys and Dom were sat at the table and looked up from their beers, mouths dropping open. They began clapping and shouting approval. I let go of Maxine and stalked across the room, eager to keep their eyes on me. I went over to Dom.

“Well husband, do I look good? You want to fuck me?” I bent and kissed him, smearing his lips with my lipstick and wiggling my ass in front of the boys.

“Hey Justin, you should have the best. This girl’s for you,” said pimp-master Dom.

“Not so fast,” said Maxine and copied me with a taunting swagger.

I watched the men’s eyes swivel to follow her and allowed her a moment to enjoy the attention. Then I went over to Justin and leaned over to kiss him, my reddened nipples almost in his face.

“Well which of us is it?” I demanded, bold as anything.

“Now you smell of nothing,” he said. “I’m disappointed.”

“Well lover, what’s it to be? You want me or what?”

He grinned and stroked my nyloned thigh. “I can’t be bothered with cock teasers. I want a girl who’s enthusiastic. Maxine’s always fun.”

He was teasing me. “Of course I’m enthusiastic. I can do anything Maxine can do.”

“Then why did you say no? How much do you want it?”

“I want it a lot.”

“I thought you didn’t like me. You want me to fuck you?”

“I want you to fuck me. I wanted you all along. I was only playing hard to get because I was ashamed of admitting I wanted you so soon after Darren.”

His hand went to my panties and a finger slid underneath, piercing me at once. “Hear that Dom? Your wife’s soaking wet and says she wants to fuck me. She’s begging for it but is she telling the truth?”

“I think she is.”

He pinched my clitoris and I ground against his hand. Then he unzipped his trousers and freed his cock. I glanced up and saw that Maxine had put her hand under Darren’s towel and exposed his cock, which grew as she rubbed it. I was jealous, resenting the idea that Darren was as happy to have Maxine as me. Bending, I took hold of Justin’s cock and copied Maxine. Seeing that Maxine was now on her knees with Darren’s cock in her mouth, head bobbing as she worked on him, I knelt to do the same to Justin. I got my mouth onto his cock and was aware of his size — in fact bigger than Darren. Before I could do more than rub my lips down his length, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up and threw me onto the settee on my front, knees on the carpet. His hand dragged down my panties.

“You’re going to like this,” he said, pressing against me from behind so that I could feel his hardness between the cheeks of my buttocks. I felt limp and feverish and was held in the position Justin wanted me. His cock nudged my lips, an inch spreading me wide. I was jerked forward and almost cried out as he pressed me into the cushions, his broad arms holding my waist. I winced as another inch entered. With difficulty I relaxed, parting my knees a little more and adjusting the tilt of my pelvis to match his thrusts. It was good to feel his cock immersed in me radiating warmth through my body. Another forceful push and he filled me tight. I was sore but this added sensation and I was groaning as his hips drove the air from my lungs. Soon I was gulping air and sweating and wondering when my orgasm would break on me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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