Help Around the House

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Daniel Masters woke in his bed and thought one thing. ‘Today’s the day.’

Rachel his wife, lay beside him.

Their bed had been a little cold lately and the spark was all but out.

Daniel rolled onto his side and coughed as her alarm went off. He coughed heavily as he heard her waken.

“Are you ok?” Rachel asked him.

“I think I’m sick, I may call Paul and see if I can take today off.” Daniel said.

Rachel got up and walked into their ensuite bathroom. Daniel called Paul, his boss.

“Hello.” Paul answered.

“Paul.” Daniel fake wheezed.

“Jesus Dan, you alright?” Paul asked in concern.

Daniel coughed before replying.

“A bit sick, do you need me in?” Daniel asked.

He was nearly on edge during the pause. This was his first obstacle.

“No. Take care of yourself Dan, ok?” Paul answered.

Daniel grinned with satisfaction. “Of course, Paul. Thanks.” he mock rasped and hung up.

His wife had put on the shower. Daniel quietly got up and left the room. He hurried around the house cleaning all the rooms he knew Rachel wouldn’t enter and returned to bed just in time.

Rachel was dressed in a pantsuit, she had a big meeting today.

“I don’t think I’ll be home for lunch.” she said.

“Good luck in your meeting.” Daniel wheezed.

She left the room and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. Daniel got up and set to work on cleaning the bathroom and tidying the bedroom.

He left both doors open, ears straining in case his wife returned to the room.

She didn’t.

He took a shower and gave himself a quick look over.

He cautiously made his way through the house until he knew his wife had left. He cleaned up the kitchen and double checked each room of the house.

Upon his satisfaction, he sat down and put on TV.

As expected, he heard the key turn in the door at 10AM.

He heard heels walking through the house, up and down stairs, never lingering in any one room.

Finally, the door to the sitting room opened and she entered.

It was Emily, their maid. She was 5’10, with curves that most women would kill for. Her black hair cascaded around her shoulders. It framed her pale perfect skin and mesmerising blue eyes. She was wearing a maid’s uniform that hugged her curvaceous form. Her breasts were 34C and were barely contained in her bustier. Her stomach was flat and toned. Her legs, clad in black tights with suspenders stretched for miles.

“The house seems pretty clean today.” she commented to him, with a shadow of a smile.

“Really? So you don’t have much work to do?” Daniel replied.

“Yeah, I’m in no rush to get going though.” she said nonchalantly.

Daniel and Emily had both been aware of the tension between them since the first day she had cleaned the house with him home alone. Rachel had hired her and was oblivious to this fact.

On the days Rachel was home, Emily was dressed in casual, functional clothes, hair tied in a ponytail and went about her work in a diligent, polite manner. However, when only Daniel was home she dressed in her full outfit with her hair hanging loose and make up done.

As the days went by she learned their schedules and soon the difference in her attire came out.

Daniel certainly appreciated this and made no mention to Rachel of it. Emily was friendlier in her manner and not as quick in finishing up.

One of two times a week Daniel was at home alone with her, she stayed after finishing work.

They had started flirting in the last few weeks, even after she became engaged.

Daniel had been biding his time. Rachel’s big meeting and Paul letting him stay home from work were the two opportunities he needed. Cleaning the house was just being thorough and not wasting any time.

“Well actually, I think that Rachel and I’s room may need a look.” Daniel suggested.

Emily smiled almost imperceptibly. “I didn’t think so, but you could show me what you mean?” she asked sarıyer escort innocently.

Daniel stood up and walked out of the room. Her perfume wafted in his nostrils. She smelled sensuous and this excited Daniel. He walked down the hall with Emily following close behind him.

They entered his bedroom. He turned to her. They were inches apart.

He could see the fire in her eyes. Her breathing was tense with barely repressed anticipation. Her breasts heaved with each breath.

“I think I see what you mean, but I’ll need a closer look.” she murmured.

Daniel wrapped his right arm around her, cradling the small of her back. “How long since he proposed?” Daniel asked.

“It’s been a month, since we’ve had any ‘alone time’.” she whispered hoarsely.

“It’s good he’s waiting until your wedding night.” Daniel commented.

“Yeah.” Emily said.

“It means he’ll enjoy it so much more then.” she observed and laid her right hand on Daniel’s chest.

“Well, you know that he’ll think you’re better in bed since.” Daniel murmured, his other hand running up her right leg.

“Really?” Emily asked softly, running her left index finger around the waist of his jeans.

“Of course.” he assured her, his left hand resting on her right hip.

As he pulled her close he added, “It’ll be like you’ve been practicing.”

She grinned at that, yet replied as innocently as she could. “That sounds like my husband would enjoy himself more, so I best do it.”

She was eye to eye with Daniel in her stylish black heels.

He leaned in and kissed her passionately. Instinctively, they both opened their mouths and their tongues met.

Daniel was delighted. He finally had enough time and space with Emily to make her his.

Emily was delighted, she had Rachel’s husband to herself and was determined to make the most of this opportunity.

Spurred on by their mutual desire and the illicit rush of their infidelity they moved together toward Daniel’s marital bed. Their lips separated and they both breathed in deeply.

“God I’ve wanted that.” Emily sighed.

“Same, but I’m just getting started.” Daniel promised.

Emily cocked an eyebrow suggestively at him. “Hmm, I like the sound of that. I best look at these sheets then.” she said.

Daniel gently pushed her back onto the bed. Emily giggled at this, but was cut off when Daniel kissed her again while straddling her. His hands were following the curves of her sides down to her hips. They passed the skirt of her uniform and ran up her skirt. Daniel felt the suspenders and a pair of panties that felt exquisite.

“Those feel fantastic.” Daniel admitted to Emily. She smirked at this.

“Wait until you see all of it.” she teased.

Daniel kissed her deeply again and lifted her chest up until he could unzip the back of her outfit. He unzipped her from the back of her neck down to the small of her back. He leaned back and pulled it down to her thighs. She was wearing a black lacy corset which was practically skin tight.

“Wow.” Daniel breathed, she was stunningly sexy.

Emily smiled at his expression, “That’s what I was going for.” she grinned.

Daniel kissed her again running his hands up and down her flawless skin and over her enticing breasts. Her hands gripped his t-shirt and pulled it over his head in one movement. She flung it away and set to work undoing his belt.

She had been a maid to a number of clients over the last few years but she had never wanted a guy like she did with Daniel. She thought that it was because Rachel had hired her and she was oblivious to her husband’s desire for Emily that made him so tempting.

She had the chance to pleasure her boss’s husband and for him to pleasure her, with his wife none the wiser.

It was her chance to play homewrecker with no consequences.

It was an idea she had toyed with, but never chanced.

She pulled down esenyurt escort his jeans and underwear in one motion, revealing his cock. It was thick and long, she knew she needed him inside her.

Though Daniel had different ideas. He unclasped her suspenders and pulled her panties down.

Her smooth pussy was already damp, so he simply placed his lips on hers and started eating her out.

Emily sighed with relief, she had needed some attention down there for a while. Daniel kissed, licked and sucked her pussy hungrily. He had been imagining this for a long time.

She was sweeter than he thought possible. He could lap up her juices joyfully. He could feel her squirming with pleasure on the king-sized bed.

“Oh god, you are good at that.” she moaned and spread her legs further apart. Daniel placed both hands on her ass and pulled her towards him. Her eyes rolled and she smirked as Daniel ate her out masterfully. She could feel her climax coming and bit her lip. She started moaning softly, slowing increasing in volume. This urged Daniel to increase his speed. Soon she was crying out and clenching the sheets tightly and then her orgasm came.

She felt a wave of pleasure wash over her and her pussy flooded. Daniel set about licking it all up. Once he finished, he straddled her again.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.” Daniel admitted, looking down at his half naked maid, flush from climaxing. He traced his cock around her pussy lips, leaking precum.

Emily looked up at him and seductively whispered. “Well, how about we rechristen this bed then?”

Daniel slowly pushed his cock inside her cunt, inch by inch. Her eyelids fluttered as he pushed himself inside her velvety tightness. Daniel had closed his eyes and savoured her hot, wet cunt. He had reached inside her as deep as she went and as long as he was.

“Mmm, I fit you perfectly.” Emily sighed. “That means this is meant to be.” she giggled.

Daniel pulled almost his entire length out and thrust back inside her. She gasped at this and he sighed.

“I’m very happy Rachel hired you.” Daniel said genuinely. Emily looked up at him lustfully.

“How about you fuck me the way you don’t with her?” she dared him, undoing the lace of her corset and pulling it off. “Alright.” Daniel growled and grasped her hips.

He started pounding her hard, thrusting in and out, her breasts bouncing with each contact of their bodies.

They switched from that to doggy style, him pounding her from behind. She arched her back and moaned loudly. Then she pushed him down and mounted him, sliding his cock into her soaked pussy.

The sweat was rolling off their naked bodies. Daniel rolled over and looked down at Emily.

“God I need you inside me.” she sighed. “I almost wish I had done this earlier.” he said as he thrust inside her again.

He glanced at the clock. 11:04. So much time. He kept fucking her. He could feel his orgasm coming. He knew exactly what he was going to do. Emily looked up at Daniel. She was expecting that he’d try something naughty.

She guessed that he’d probably cum inside her. Even the thought was making her pussy quiver. But she considered it for a moment.

She wasn’t on the pill. He had his bare cock inside her. He had two gorgeous daughters, that she knew didn’t take a great deal of trying to make. If Daniel came inside her she’d almost certainly be pregnant.

She was a month from her wedding day, and Daniel wasn’t too dissimilar to her intended.

She’d just have to make sure her fiancé cracked and fucked her carelessly. Then she could stand in front of her family and his, with Daniel’s baby growing inside her. She liked that idea.

“Mmm, Daniel. Cum inside me.” she moaned. Daniel fucked her deeper, he had been waiting for her to say something. Now he had not just her permission, but her desire. He closed his eyes, buried his cock in her welcoming cunt and filled her with his hot, white seed.

Emily avrupa yakası escort felt him fill her with his thick cum. She looked at her baby’s father and giggled. He rolled off her panting with exertion.

“Well that was the best sex I’ve had in a long time.” he sighed.

“Good.” she replied and wrapped her hand around his still hard cock. She shuffled down the bed and looked up at him. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock.

She started sucking his cock, taking his entire length into her mouth and throat, but she didn’t gag. Her blue eyes were bright looking up at him, with her cheeks caved in.

Daniel gasped with pleasure. She was giving him fantastic head.

His left hand gripped the sheets tightly. His right hand was on the back of her head, pulling her mouth toward him, as he thrust his hips. She took his length eagerly.

He didn’t last as long as he would’ve liked. He came in her mouth and she felt his warm cum flow down her throat. She sucked every drop from his cock and swallowed.

“You even taste fantastic.” she said lustfully.

“What time is it?” she asked.

“11:47.” Daniel said.

“That gives us plenty of time to change these sheets and not arouse any suspicions.” Emily joked.

Daniel looked at her. “What do you want to do then?” he asked her curiously.

She made a face as she thought.

“Well, maybe we could have fun somewhere else?” she asked innocently.

“Like the living room?” Daniel asked.

“Maybe, or we could try something riskier?” Emily said mischievously.

She got up from the bed and took his hand. Daniel got up and followed her through the house.

Her bare ass swayed temptingly as she walked, he could see a drop of his cum running down the inside of her right thigh. She led him downstairs and to the kitchen and to the glass door. She opened it and stepped outside, Daniel followed her into the garden.

She turned to him.

“I want you to fuck me on the grass, I’ve never done it outside before.” she murmured, running her hand down his stomach.

Daniel felt very turned on, but nervous.

“My neighbours could see us.” he said weakly as she began pleasuring him.

She leaned in and whispered seductively in his ear. “I’d rather we were in the park, so you could fuck me in public, but this is the best we can do. Besides the risk makes it hotter.” she added.

Daniel felt unbelievably turned on, she was right.

He just hoped Holly, the teenage girl next door hadn’t stayed home. Her window would give her a damning view.

Daniel lay Emily on the grass and fucked her. Every grunt and moan seemed loud, but it was passionate. The sex was rough but incredible.

He came inside her again. He rolled off her, spent. She was flush and grinning evilly.

“You do know that you’ve almost certainly put a baby in me.” she remarked, mock-indignant.

Daniel felt a primal pride at her comment.

“You better make sure it’s mine before you trick your fiancé into thinking its his.” he urged.

She smirked at his comment.

“Mr. Masters, you’re so brilliantly devious.” she complimented.

She rose to her feet shakily and walked into the house. Daniel rose and followed her in.

He thought he saw the curtain sway in Holly’s window but ultimately, he was mistaken.

He returned to his bedroom to find Emily dressed and finishing up changing the sheets hurriedly.

“What’s wrong?” Daniel asked, momentarily panicked.

She turned to face him, disappointed.

“My boss just called, I have to head onto the next house. Apparently, it’s a big job. I’m so sorry.” she frowned.

“Hey.” Daniel said.

“No need to be sad, you’re back on Friday yeah?” he asked her.

She perked up at this.

“You’re right. And Rachel is leaving for that conference, so I can change after she leaves and greet you when you get home however you like.” she murmured seductively.

“Sounds great to me.” Daniel admitted.

“Ok, I best go. Goodbye Mr. Masters.” she said formally, a smile playing on her lips.

Daniel grasped the top of her arm as she turned away and pulled her in for a deep kiss.

She moaned softly at it and he reluctantly let her go.

“Bye.” she whispered and left.

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