I’ll Spank Your Ass, U Kiss Mine

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You may speak of how the universe has a plan. Of how patterns are repeated or of how it seems as though an intelligence is at work and maybe if you did, you would know that that is how it felt when the arc of Bruce’s right hand rested on the apex of Kate’s right buttock. Curve matching curve precisely.

He took his time. This was the kind of thing that needed to be done correctly. The earlier handprint was entirely gone. That was a good sign. Her buttocks were supple and could absorb punishment. He wanted to make sure that this correction took effect. Kate was willful and he was tired of having to correct her. Their relationship might suffer if she didn’t learn to be a good little girl and mind her Ps and Qs.

With that thought in mind, he quickly brought his hand back and down. The concussion was about a four on a scale of one to ten. He thought it would be a six and was surprised at how hard he would need to contact her bottom. It was something that needed to be done though. Not of his making. He struck a little harder at the other side. Red bloomed on both halves. Kate squirmed and her cheeks slammed together and relaxed a dozen times very quickly. She moaned softly. Bruce had no pity for her. This had to be done. Besides, he knew she was loving it. He considered getting a dildo and sticking it up her butt. If he did that now he was pretty sure he could get his cock up there later. She was determined to suck him off though. What he really canlı bahis wanted was to go all anal though, him in her ass and her sucking his. Boy would he fire a load then.

Her buttocks were starting to show the results of his efforts now. The color was coming up nicely. Bruce asked her politely to spread her cheeks apart and she obliged him. He took his middle three fingers and laid them right against her browneye, the center knuckle of the middle finger right against the midway point of the sphincter of the her asshole and one finger running lengthwise up each side of the pucker. Then he pulled his hand back six inches and smacked.

She had never been smacked directly on her asshole before. The electric pain radiated in shock waves from the exit hole in the center of her body out to each extremity. She would have jumped, but she couldn’t. He smacked her again, harder. Her sphincter quivered, like an antelope in the clutches of a lion, finally caught after a chase across the plain, now his to devour at his leisure and pleasure.

He began to strike her buttocks in a rhythmic fashion. Left, right. Left, right. Each strike a little harder than the one before it. Her cunt flowed with juices. Her cheeks glowed the neon of a well-corrected bottom. He switched his strokes, contacting the left side hard, harder, hard, harder. Then the right side: hard, harder, harder, everything.

She howled and squirted and pleaded and then relaxed.

When bahis siteleri he was satisfied, he allowed her to stand in the corner with her hands behind her head, fingers interlocked. He observed the results of his efforts. “Now,” he thought, “I believe she is ready to receive the bounty of my cock with gratitude and joy.”

Bruce was magnanimous. “Alright, you are released.”

“Thank you, sir.” Kate rubbed her tender bottom with both hands, then she got down slowly onto both knees and shuffled over in front of him again. She knew he liked for her to approach on her knees. “Baaruucee” she said shyly, “may I please have the pleasure of taking you into my mouth?”

“I suppose that would be something I could consider. If I let you suck my cock, will you also lick my asshole?”

“Oh I don’t know. I really don’t want to. Assholes are dirty. There might be some poo back there. I bet it tastes funny.”

“Well, go get a warm washcloth and clean it up.”

But the DOM thing was gone. Now they were negotiating. Bruce could not command her to put her tongue to his ass. She would only be a sub when it suited her.

“No, you come in and take a bath. I want it really clean if I’m going to suck it. This really isn’t very fair. You know I have to feel your meat inside my mouth. I love it when you fill up my mouth. I love your protein injected into my system. It’s like a part of you becomes a part of me. But your asshole just bahis şirketleri doesn’t do it for me.”

“Then do it for me, baby. Lick my ass because I really want to know what it feels like. Do it because you know how much you like it. Please, Sweetie, try to love it.”

“Okay, I’ll try it. Maybe if it’s super clean it’ll look cuter.” So she put him in the bathtub and she soaped him and scrubbed him. She made sure he was very clean even getting a finger up in there an inch, then she had him turn over on his hands and knees and stick his butt up in the air. It was the first time she had really looked at his asshole. She was always focused on cock. Knowing that it was clean made it look different. It glistened. The ridges were strangely interesting in the way they led down to the vertical slit, which was glowing slightly from her stimulation. She touched it with the tip of her finger. It quivered. She took her fingertip and traced the oval of the sphincter muscle. Then she took her finger away and just looked at the composition of parts, at the structure and rhythm and harmony of the whole system and it became beautiful to her.

Kate’s face came down close to Bruce’s anus. She sniffed. It smelled like a rose, well, at least like the body wash she had just been scrubbing him with. She pulled back and looked at the whole thing again. Her tongue rubbed along the roof of her mouth, then the very tip of her tongue came out and touched the bullseye just for a second. Kate rubbed her tongue against the top of her mouth and she smacked her lips. Then she leaned forward, stuck her face into the crack of his ass and sucked with tongue and lips directly on his vibrating hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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