Introduction To Nipple Play

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“Ouch,” I whined as Katherine turned the clamps one notch tighter. I had finally become accustomed to the pressure of the nipple clamps she had applied to my sensitive nubs; now she was turning them to increase the force they exerted. My body tensed and pain seethed through my chest, but somehow it felt erotic. Heat radiated outward from my nipples, my groin pulsed, my breath came in short gasps, and my hands wanted to grab Katherine’s ass…….

This game had started earlier in the week. I asked my lover, Katherine, if she wanted to try nipple pleasure. We had always spent much of our lovemaking playing with her susceptible buds. Often, I would lick, suck, bite, and pinch her nips for a long time before we coupled. She would almost always pull at her reddened tits just before she would reach her climax. Therefore, I was convinced she might enjoy the next level of stimulation created by clamps or other toys.

“Would you like to try some nipple clamps?” I asked while washing up after an energetic lovemaking session. “Not for any S you love to pinch your nips!”

Katherine, didn’t answer right away but clearly had some interest. Later in the evening she asked if I was serious about the clamps, and so began the conversation. She asked me what I knew about nipple clamps and how they looked. I had to admit I really didn’t know much so we went on the web to research the subject. We laughed at our ignorance and became fascinated by all the choices and variations of nipple play and torture.

“OK, I’ll let you buy some clamps,” she finally said. “But, I’m going to go to the shop with you. I’ll choose the clamps, and anything else we use and you have to agree to try them first. Either we both play this game or neither of us will.”

I was completely taken by surprise, but instantly agreed. I knew of a fairly classy shop not too far from work where Katherine wouldn’t be too uncomfortable shopping. We decided on meeting there the next day at lunch time. But again, she set her conditions. We would meet outside and I did not have permission to go in before she was there. We would enter together, and she would make all the selections.

Again, I agreed willingly as I was so excited by what might happen in the shop and afterward. My mind was on fire with ideas, all of them new fantasies I had never imagined before. I truly had ignored my own nipples, despite having enjoyed many hours of toying with women’s nubs.

We met the next day, on the sidewalk as agreed. I kissed Katherine passionately and took her hand to lead her inside. We entered the store to find rows of toys, DVDs, kinky clothes, and novelties. The lighting was soft and the music not too loud, but the real stroke of luck was the salesperson, she was a good looking woman with an inviting smile. When she asked if she could help, Katherine instantly answered.

“We’re looking for some nipple clamps. We really don’t know what to get, what do you recommend? bursa escort In case you hadn’t guessed, we’re new at this.”

“Everything is over here,” the salesgirl pointed. “Are we looking for you, my dear, or for both of you?”

“Both of us please,” answered Katherine. “We need to know how to use them also.”

The girl opened a case and took out a pair of tweezer clamps with a chain between the tweezers. “These are a must; they are completely adjustable and can be worn a few different ways. You can put them across the nipple and tighten until they ache, or you can put them on the end and squeeze until it hurts too much. Also, you can remove the rubber tips and get a lot more intense.” She handed them to Katherine and then took out some more substantial clamps.

“These will bite more, but you can adjust the bite by this screw. You put them on just tight enough to hold, and then slowly make them tighter. Lots of fun once you get the timing.” She demonstrated on her finger to make sure we understood. “As you can see, you can also take off the rubber tips for a more intense sensation. Finally, here are the top of the line,” she said handing me a big heavy pair with a screw cylinder for adjustment. “You can constantly change the tension on these while wearing them. Again they can be used around the nipple or on end, with or without the rubber tips, and they are heavy which can create more sensations.”

Katherine wanted all three pairs but asked for more toys. “What else should we have?”

“You might want some suction cups to make your nips more sensitive,” the salesgirl answered. “Try these,” she said as she handed me what looked like two cylinders of plastic. “Just lift up your shirt, squeeze the suction cups and place them over your nipples. They will suck your nips to attention!”

I was stunned by her proposal and looked at Katherine incredulously.

“Go ahead,” Katherine said daring me. “Try what she says and see if you like the feeling. Remember our deal!”

I knew I could not back down now. I pulled up my shirt and placed the cup over my right nipple as I had been instructed. Instantly I felt the suction and a pleasant pulling feeling on my nipple. I quickly did the same to my left breast with the same results. “How long should I leave them on,” I asked the salesgirl?

“I’ll tell you what,” she answered. “If you guys buy the three sets of clamps, I’ll throw in the suction cups, so leave them on until you’re ready to leave.”

Katherine looked at her and said, “Yes, we’ll take the three clamps, but I want to know how the cups feel. Should we get two sets?”

I was about to answer when the salesgirl pulled up my shirt and told Katherine to take off the cups to see what had happened to my nipples. I was again stunned but stood there as the women looked at my chest.

“You see how the cups make them stand up? Now you can just imagine how they make your nips sensitive and happy.” bursa escort bayan The girl pinched my right nip extracting a cry-moan of obvious pleasure from me.

“Well, I guess we’ll take two sets,” exclaimed Katherine as she pinched my other nipple.

“You had better put some on right now,” ordered the girl. “And he better put those back on. Then we can see what other goodies you two need.” The girl helped Katherine pull up her top and undo her bra. She then placed the two cups in place and asked Katherine if she liked the feeling.

“Oh, my, yes,” she answered. “What a totally new and exciting sensation, what other toys should we have?” She was clearly becoming aroused right there in the shop. Luckily there were no other customers to make her self-conscious.

The salesgirl gave us two more sets of clamps and clear instructions on how to use all of the items she had prepared for us. She recommended a small vibrator to add to the sensations and again explained how and when to use it.

As I paid she removed the cups and instructed me to bite Katherine’s nips before she replaced her bra. I did as I was told and made Katherine jump with each bite.

We left the store laughing and thrilled by the experience. The sales girl had given us her phone number and e-mail in case we had any questions or wanted more toys.

“Oh my, that girl was gutsy,” I said once we were on the street. “But I guess if you work there you aren’t shy. She sure did a great job of helping us. I can’t wait to play tonight. I can’t believe how good my nipples feel now; the touch of my shirt feels awesome!”…………..

So there I was having my nipples pinched by the steel teeth of one of the sets of clamps we had bought. Katherine had the cups on her breasts and was waiting for me to apply some clamps to her as soon as I was securely fastened. We were both naked, lying on my big bed. We were following the salesgirl’s instructions, sucking our nips first, followed by clamping, and then fucking doggie style so the weight of the clamp chains would pull on our nipples.

I couldn’t believe the flashes of pain/pleasure shooting from my chest to my groin. I had never felt so stimulated and so elated. The new feelings were taking me to new places I could not describe, and yet, I had never played with my nipples before. Somehow the bite of the clamps sent vibrations directly to my balls. I could feel the pulsing of my nipples throbbing in my cock.

I had to get clamps on Katherine; I was sure it would electrify her already responsive breasts. I needed her as excited as I was so we could madly fuck to satisfy the hunger created by these sensations.

“Stop squeezing,” I cried. “Now I’ll put the big ones on you.”

She lay back against the pillows and smiled at me. “So you like what’s happening,” she giggled.

“Wait ’till you feel this,” I answered as I removed the cups. I quickly bit each nipple before applying escort bursa the clamps. Katherine moaned and sucked in her breath as the clamps tightened. “Tell me when it hurts too much, but they have to be tight to stay on.” She moaned again as I turned the clamps tighter until she told me to stop. Her breathing deepened and her fingers started moving towards her pussy. I pushed her hands back and told her to stay still.

I slid down her belly and covered her seam with my mouth. I licked her lips and slipped my tongue into the portal of her warmth. Slowly I nuzzled her sex and tasted her nectar as it began to flow. My tongue explored her entire opening until she moaned her desire for me to stay in one place. I wet her and sucked her favorite spot as my desire built. She began to move against my mouth, pushing against my teeth and asking me to suck harder. I could tell she was approaching her climax so I abandoned her inviting sex to screw her clamps a little tighter.

Katherine cried out in surprise and pain against the tightening clamps, but I didn’t back off. My mouth again tasted her sex and licked, sucked, and nibbled her delicious seam. I fastened my mouth over her clit and gently bit her nub as I slid two fingers into her tunnel. As she began to climax I reached for the chain connecting the clamps and gave it a tug. She screamed in surprise and ecstasy and rhythmically compressed my fingers as she came crying out and heaving her hips against my mouth.

I withdrew my soaking fingers and gently backed off the screws on her nipple clamps. Katherine lay panting with her eyes shut for quite a while. Periodically she would try to touch her breasts, but I would stop her hands. I knew the clamps were not too tight as I still had mine attached.

When she opened her eyes, I looked at her and asked her to get on her hands and knees. Before she rolled over I tightened her clamps a bit. As soon as I had finished she reached for mine and gave them a good snug. After that I felt a constant light pain in my nipples sending pulsing vibrations to my cock.

Katherine presented her luscious ass to me asking to be deeply fucked. I obliged and slid into her with joy. We began our mutual dance, finding a rhythm that soon brought us to the brink of climax. As my hips bucked I could feel the swinging chain of the nipple clamps. The motion and the weight of the chain increased the sensations burning through my chest. I knew Katherine was feeling the same for one hand kept trying to steady the chain.

I could feel Katherine’s climax building, so I pushed in deeply and grabbed her chain. I thrust a few more times and then tugged the chain as I emptied my balls deep into her womb. She sat back against me clawing at the clamps as she screamed her release. I quickly undid the clamps and she screamed again as the blood rushed to the tortured nubs. She rolled off me and removed my clamps. The shot of pain surprised me but I shot another spurt into the air confirming the pleasure of the pain and the direct connection between my nipples and my cock.

Our introduction to nipple play had been more extraordinary than we had ever imagined. Oh, yes there would be more!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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